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George Michael will appear on the Parkinson Show for an interview and will be performing 2 songs from his new album Patience. The show will air on BBC1 on Saturday the 13th of March (3 March 2004)

George Michael describes British Prime Minister Tony Blair as dangerous and hopes the Labour party would get rid of him. Speaking to The Big Issue magazine he said "I can't imagine what it feels like for people who lost their kids to hear Tony Blair's pathetic little bleatings that he still thinks the world is a safer place. It's disrespectful.
I wish to God that the Labour Party had the guts to get rid of Blair, because it could survive another election without him. I think it's too important for world affairs that he's gone. I think globally he is a dangerous man. He is an altruist who thinks he's doing everything for the best, but he cannot face up to his own ego."

George Michael is having high hopes for his upcoming album Patience which will be released on the 15th of March and brushed aside any talk of an end to his career. He said ""I always believed I would outlast everyone with the possible exception of Madonna. And I honestly believe that with this record, I will finally be on the same page with everybody else. I think it will be an undeniable year." (1 March 2004)

The new single 'Amazing' was released on the 1st of March 2004 on 2 CD Singles. You can order your copy from the USA, UK, Canada or Australia here 

CD 1

CD 2

USA - UK - Canada - Australia

USA - UK - Canada - Australia

Here is the track listing for each of the CD singles

Freeek! 04

Amazing (Jack 'n' Rory 7" Vocal Mix )
Amazing (Full Intention Club Mix)

Single Review: Having listened to both singles, I would say that the second CD is a MUST HAVE as the 2 mixes are pretty cool. As for the first single, I must say that one could simply wait another 2 weeks for the album as both tracks will be on it unless of course you want to collect all the George Michael releases (like me!)

You can listen to the new George Michael single 'Amazing' here from the Spanish Los40.com website.

The Lyrics to 'Amazing' are now available here (updated 1 March 2004

The new album 'Patience' will be released on the 15th of March. You can pre-order your copy from the USA (import), the UK, Canada (import) or Australia (11 February 2004) 

Here is the track listing

John And Elvis Are Dead
Cars And Trains 
Round Here
Shoot The Dog
My Mother Had A Brother

Flawless (Go To The City)
American Angel 
Precious Box 
Please Send Me Someone (Anselmo's Song)
Freeek! 04
Patience Pt II 

The new single 'Amazing' will be aired to national radio in the UK at 8:15 AM on the 23rd of January (14 January 2004) 

The Mirror review 4 tracks from the forthcoming album 'Patience'. In addition to 'Amazing' which they describe as a "poppy, radio friendly summer anthem", there is John and Elvis which is a tribute to John Lennon and Elvis Presley and was composed on a piano that was owned by Lennon and was bought by George Michael. 'Flawless' is an up-tempo dance track which heavily samples the hit Flawless by The Ones. Also sampled was 'Through' which is a slow track described by the Mirror as "one of the former Wham! singer's most moving songs to date".  (14 January 2004) 
from The Mirror

George Michael and Ronan Keating appeared in a special celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ?. The pair won £32,000 which was donated to charity. George Michael donated his part to Macmillan because one of the charity's nurses looked after his mother when she was dying while Ronan Keating donated his money to his own charity, the Marie Keating Foundation, which was set up in his own mother's memory. 
George Michael said "One of the things Ronan and I have in common is that we both lost our mothers within a year of one another to cancer.
In my case there was a Macmillan nurse who helped my parents throughout. They provide an amazing service and I thought this would be a good way to show my gratitude." (28 December 2003) 
from the Sunday Mirror

Amazing is the title of the first single to be released from George Michael's forthcoming album Patience. It is expected to hit the radio in late January or early February. According to Music Week the track has "strong vocals, an infectious rhythm and a singer who has rediscovered his pop sensibility".
The album is set for release in March.
The Mirror has reported that George Michael will pay tribute to John Lennon and Elvis Presley with a track on the new album called John and Elvis. George did buy John Lennon's Steinway Model Z upright piano back in 2000 to record a song or two before returning it back to the museum he bought it from.  (24 December 2003) 
The Mirror Article

George Michael has signed a worldwide record deal with Sony Music. George returns to Sony despite taking them to court back in 1993 trying to free himself from his contract. His court action failed but Virgin and Dreamworks bought him out of that deal and he released his album Older on those labels.
Sony Music also announced that George is currently finishing recording his latest album which will be called Patience and is expected to be released in early 2004. Commenting on the record deal Rob Stringer the CEO of Sony Music said "We are delighted to be working again with one of the greatest recording artists this country has ever produced, who has made another classic album. In a career spanning more than 20 years, George has been responsible for nearly 75 million record sales." (17 November 2003) 
More articles from the BBC and Ananova

George Michael helps the Rainbow Trust launch their £20m charity campaign alongside actress Julie Waters, TV Chef Gary Rhodes and former athlete Linford Christie. At the launch he said "Rainbow Trust has made such a difference to so many families who are in desperate circumstances. Finding out that your child is seriously ill and may not recover must be one the most devastating events to happen to anyone. 
Rainbow Trust allows families time away from hospitals and doctors to just recharge and relax. Families rely on the care they receive in their own homes and the two houses that Rainbow owns - in Surrey and in Northumberland - are like oases of calm and happiness staffed by angels."
Click here for the Rainbow Trust web site (19 September 2003) 

George Michael visits the set of EastEnders as a surprise present for his 40th Birthday party. The visit was arranged by his boyfriend Kenny Goss, his best friend David Austin and his manager Andy Stephens. (26 June 2003) 


The Grave performed by George Michael appears on the album Warchild: Hope (For the Children of Iraq). The album is aimed at help supporting the child victims of the war in Iraq. Artists contributing to the album include Travis, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Ronan Keating, Moby and Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens). Visit the Arcade pages to purchase the album. (21 April 2003) 

Click here for the lyrics of The Grave. You can also listen to The Grave at the official George Michael web site or at the Listen Without Prejudice site (1 March 2003) 

Don McLean praises George Michael for his courage on performing a cover of The Grave in protest of the looming war on Iraq. He said "I am proud of George Michael for standing up for life and sanity. I am delighted that he chose a song of mine to express these feelings. 
We must remember that the Wizard is really a cowardly old man hiding behind a curtain with a loud microphone. It takes courage and a song to pull the curtain open and expose him. Good luck George." (1 March 2003) 

George Michael records an anti-war song to be aired on Top of The Pops later this month. He is doing a cover of Don McLean's song The Grave which appeared in the popular album American Pie in 1971.
Brent Hansen, chief executive of MTV Europe Chief Executive Brent Hansen said: "George Michael has a history of expressing strong, personal views, with inimitable creativity and conviction that resonates with MTV Europe audiences."

This is George Michael second protest song. He released Shoot the Dog last year protesting Britain's foreign policy with regard to the Iraq situation. (1 March 2003) 

Tim Sebastian of the BBC World's HARDtalk program interviews George Michael about his anti-war stance. Click here for the full transcript. (25 February 2003) 

George Michael performs a duet with Ms Dynamite at the Brit Awards. They performed a re-worded version of Faith in protest of the war plans on Iraq. George Michael wasn't at the awards but recorded a video performance. Click here for the lyrics of the re-worded song. You can listen to performance at the Listen Without Prejudice site. (21 February 2003) 

Michael Bublé performs a cover of George Michael's Kissing a Fool on his self titled album. Visit the Arcade pages to purchase or sample the album. (11 February 2003) 

"Shoot The Dog" debuts at Number 12 in the UK singles charts - Order Your copy using PayPal here. 

(6 August 2002)

"Shoot The Dog" was released as a single on the 5th of August. Here is the track listing:
1. Shoot The Dog - Explicit Album Version
2. Shoot The Dog - Moogymen Mix
3. Shoot The Dog - AlexKid Shoot The Radio Remix
4. Shoot The Dog - Video
Send an email to gmarcade-at-gminfopage.com if you are interested in ordering the Australian Release.
You can also order using PayPal by clicking on this icon. 

(updated on 6 August 2002)

George Michael has been offered by the Athens Olympic Committee to write the theme for the 2004 Olympic games. George Michael whose real name is Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou hasn't decided if he will take that offer. (18 July 2002)

George Michael gave an exclusive interview to Capital FM on the 16th of July. Click here for the Transcript from that interview. (Capital FM)

MTV has partnered up with Internet service provider Tiscali to bring you an exclusive webchat with George Michael on Wednesday, July 10 at 7pm. Click here for the Transcript from the George Michael Chat. (Tiscali)

George Michael's latest single "Shoot The Dog" is making news headlines. Here are a few links:
George Michael shocks in new video. (Anannova)
Controversial singer fires latest shot at Blair. (Anannova)

Here is a statement from George Michael following the release of "Shoot The Dog". 
The lyrics to "Shoot The Dog" can be found here.(3/7/2002)

A "Shoot The Dog" page is now available on Aegean (the Official George Michael site), it includes lyrics, a statement from George Michael and the video. "Shoot The Dog" on Aegean. Click Here. (2/7/2002)

The second single from George Michael's forthcoming album is called "Shoot The Dog". It is expected to be released to radio on the 2nd of July. The song looks at the political situation in the aftermath of September the 11th and in particular, the UK's relationship with the USA.
The video for "Shoot the Dog" is an animation created by the team behind the UK hit show 2DTV.

FREEEK! is now available. There are 2 CD's.

CD 1

CD 2

Explicit Version 
Scumfrogs Mix
Moogymen Mix

Explicit Version 
Max Reich Mix 
The Long and Winding Road - Live (A concert for Linda - 4/99) 

To Order both together using PayPal click here

Send an email to gmarcade-at-gminfopage.com if you are interested in ordering the Australian Release.
You can also order using PayPal by clicking on the icons above. (18/3/2002)

FREEK CD Review: Having heard both CD1 and 2 of FREEEK!. The mixes on CD1 are dance-like with lots of beat and few lyrics while the mix on CD2 is similar to the Fastlove Forthright edit available on the Spinning the Wheel single. As for the live version of the Long and Winding Road, well it is George Michael Live as you would expect. (18/3/2002)

FREEEK! was released to radio on the 5th of February. The single is expected to be released for sale on the 18th of March in the UK. Click here for the lyrics. (5/2/2002)

The release of FREEEK! has been delayed. It is now expected to be released to radio on February the 5th and on sale from the 18th of March. (26/1/2002)

George Michael's long awaited single (FREEEK!) will go to radio on the 29th of January and will be on sale from the 4th of March in Europe. At this stage there is no release date for the USA. A video for the single has been shot and is expected to be available around the middle of February. (12/1/2002)

George Michael signs a one-record deal with Universal to release his long awaited single. He will then decide if he will use Universal to release his forthcoming album. George said "I have made my mind up to go with Universal. It's only for one single and I will see how it goes. I needed to make my mind up pretty fast - it's going to be on the radio in seven weeks. I can't say how much the deal is worth but it has more than covered my costs." (28/11/2001) 


George Michael has written a song dedicated to Princess Diana. The song is expected to appear on his forthcoming album. George Michael used John Lennon's Steinway piano (which he bought last year) for recording the song.
The song is yet untitled and is expected to be released as a single for Christmas. (16/2/2001)

George Michael will be attending the Grammy Awards on the 21st of February. He has been nominated for 'The Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album' for Songs From The Last Century. (27/1/2001)

For those in Australia: George Michael hosts the 'World AIDS Day' program showing on the National Geographic Channel at 9:30 PM on the 31st of January. National Geographic Channel is on FoxTel cable. (20/1/2001)

George Michael underwent back surgery at the St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica on the 5th of January. The operation was successful and he is expected to fully recover in a few days. We wish him a speedy and full recovery. (10/1/2001)

George Michael has been nominated for 'The Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album' Grammy Award for the Album 'Songs From The Last Century'. Other nominees are :
Barbra Streisand -- Timeless--Live In Concert
Bryan Ferry -- As Time Goes By
Joni Mitchell -- Both Sides Now
Rickie Lee Jones -- It's Like This

George Michael has bought John Lennon's Steinway Model Z upright piano for £1.45 million. He will play and record his next record on it and will then take it back to the museum in Liverpool where it rightly belongs.
As for why he bought the Piano, George said "Because I think apart from being the most popular song of the
last century 'Imagine' is the most symbolic piece of music for that period of time, and probably for that whole half of the century and as such is kind of priceless really isn't it?"
And what does Lennon mean to George ? "Probably more than the man himself, I think his music
represents a high point in popular culture that really is very unlikely to be matched again and its as much to do with the world he lived in as anything else. It is difficult for people to ever reach those heights again, our culture just doesn't allow it." (21/10/2000)

'If I Told You That' debuts at number 9 in the UK charts. 
In the USA, you can order an import copy of the single here .
The single has been released all over Europe. The single has not been released in the USA or Australia. Instead Whitney Houston's duet with Enrique Iglesias will be released.

George Michael performs at the Pavarotti and Friends International Benefit concert for Tibetan and Cambodian Children in Modena, Italy on Tuesday the 6th of June. He performed 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me' with Pavarotti, 'Brother Can You Spare Me A Dime' and all the performers sang 'All You Need is Love' at the end of the show. (6/6/2000)

Whitney Houston's greatest hits album has been released in Australia on the 8th of May. The release is a 2 CD set with Disc 1 titled Cool Down and Disc 2 titled Throw Down.
'If I Told You That' is the first track on the second CD. The album will be released in Europe on the 15th of May and in North America on the 16th of May. The albums released in North America and Europe are different in the track listing and the remixes on the second CD.
You can preorder a copy of the Greatest Hits album from the USA by clicking here or from the UK by clicking here . (10/5/2000)

'Faith Interview' will be available from the 16th of May. Click here to order your copy.

'If I Told You That', the duet from George Michael and Whitney Houston will be released as a single in the UK and Europe on the 29th of May while the Greatest Hits album will be released on the 15th of May.

George Michael joins a host of stars at the Equality Rocks concert and performs the songs Father Figure, Fast Love, I Remember You and Freedom (duet with Garth Brooks). (29/4/2000)

'If I Told You That', the duet from George Michael and Whitney Houston will be released to radio in the UK on Thursday the 20th of April to be followed by the single release in May. The single will be released worldwide as the first single from Whitney Houston's Greatest Hits album. However it will be the second single to be released from her album in North America, the first single being Whitney's duet with Enrique Iglesias.
The album will be released on the 16th of May in the USA and the 15th of May in the rest of the world.

George Michael and Garth Brooks will perform a duet at the Equality Rocks concert on the 29th of April. You can listen to it at the Listen Without Prejudice (10/04/2000)

George Michael will be performing with Luciano Pavarrotti at a charity concert in Modena, Italy on the 6th of June. (12/04/2000)

George Michael and Whitney Houston are set to record a duet next month. The song is titled 'If I Told You That' and will be released in April or May . (29/02/2000)

George Michael, Queen Latifah, Garth Brooks, Melissa Etheridge, k.d. Lang and the Pet Shop boys will be performing at the Equality Rocks concert to be held at the RFK stadium in Washington DC on the 29th of April. Tickets are now available from TicketMaster
Click here for the full press announcement  (29/02/2000)

It was reported earlier that Marcelo Rodriguez (The LA policeman) took George to court on the 13th of September 1999 for slander and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

It has been announced today that the court have thrown the case out .  (15/02/2000)

While the album 'Songs from the Last Century' did not make an impact in the USA, it has done reasonably well in other parts of the world. The album has been in the World Beat charts for 4 weeks now and is currently at Number 5  (21/01/00)

Songs from the Last Century has debut at Number 2 in the UK album charts. the album has also debut at number 12 in Australia and 15 in Ireland. More chart info soon. (12/12/99)

Those in the UK, George Michael will be doing an interview with Capital Radio (www.capitalfm.com) on Friday the 10th of December. It will be broadcast on the breakfast show.

Songs from the Last Century has been released worldwide (except US) on the 6th of December. It will be released in the US on the 14th of December.

The Roxanne video has been released worldwide from the 26th of November. There are no current plans to release Roxanne as a single.

Virgin Music group has signed George Michael to a North American recording agreement. This simply means that Virgin will release the music of George Michael worldwide.
This is good news for the fans in North America where in the past they have been deprived of local releases of George Michael's music.
Virgin will be releasing George's latest album 'Songs from the Last Century' in the USA on December the 14th and in Canada on December the 7th.

The DVD version of Ladies and Gentlemen, The Best Of George Michael will be released in the USA on December the 14th. You can preorder a copy by clicking here

Preorder your copy of 'Songs from the Last Century' now from the UK by clicking here or from the USA by clicking here. Official International release date is December the 6th. Canada's release date will be the 7th of December and in the USA the album will be released on the 14th of December.

Here is the track listing for Songs from the Last Century
Brother Can You Spare A Dime
    J.Gorney, E.Y Harburg
Miss Sarajevo
Brian Eno, Bono, Adam C, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jnr.
Gordon Summer
I Remember You 
Jonny Mercer, Victor Schertziner
You've Changed
Bill Carey, Carl Fischer
Secret Love 
P F Webster, S Fain
My Baby Just Cares For Me
Gus Kahn, Walter Donaldson
Wild Is The Wind
Ned Washington, Dimitri Tiomkin
First Time Ever I saw Your Face
Where Or When 
    Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart
Album Produced by Phil Ramone and Recorded by Frank Filipetti

'Songs from the Last Century' will be the title of George Michael 'covers' album. It is expected to be released worldwide on the 6th of December and will contain Brother Can You Spare Me A Dime, Roxanne, My Baby Just Cares For Me in addition to few more classics.

George Michael will be performing with Elton John at the Stonewall concert on November the 28th. Rumours of him pulling out have been denied.

George Michael will be releasing a brand new album in time for Christmas.  The album which all the tracks will be covers of some of the best songs of this century is scheduled for release Internationally early in December. It also appears that the Y2K song that George was working on is to be scrapped.
Stay tuned for more info on this exciting development


In front of a packed Wembley stadium, George Michael performs 4 songs at the NetAid concert on Saturday the 9th of October.  He sang Fastlove, Brother Can You Spare A Dime, Father Figure and Freedom.
George Michael was at his best despite not performing live in a long time. His cover of Brother Can You Spare A Dime was simply stunning.

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties during his time on stage, George Michael decided to withdraw his performance from worldwide TV broadcasts.

Click here to hear the Interview he gave at the event http://play.rbn.com/?url=cisco/cisco/g2demand/b_gm.rm&proto=dual

Click here for a list of the radio stations that are broadcasting the event worldwide http://www.netaid.org/concert/radio.htm

GEORGE MICHAEL ON LIFE, LOVE AND SEX - Courtesy "The Daily Mirror"

Play Grant's boyfriend? No way, he's not my type
SHOCKING, funny and revealing - that was George Michael's frank interview with Mirror editor PIERS MORGAN.

Earlier, the star had vowed to answer every question pitched to him. But yesterday he said that was a "cock-up" and he meant to say he would answer anything on his Net Aid charity.

However, George bravely agreed to stand by his declaration.

Click here for the full interview

Pop idol George Michael today dismissed a £6.25 million claim against him by the police officer who arrested him in Los Angeles last year as a "minor irritation".

However he refused to discuss the issue further as he spoke about the fundraising charity concert NetAid, at which he is to perform next month, for fear it would overshadow the fundraising show.

"Not for any legal reason, not because I don't want to talk about it. But simply because the needs and problems of these people we are here to talk about today are so massive compared to my minor irritations that it wouldn't be very appropriate to talk address that today so I won't
be talking about Mr Rodriguez."

However, he said he would like to strike a deal with the editors of major tabloid newspapers that if they gave sufficient "responsible and compassionate coverage" to the concert he would speak to the editors personally to talk about anything they would like.

The 36-year-old star revealed that he had made a £500,000 donation towards Kosovar refugees as he spoke at a press conference in London's Landmark Hotel. .

Beverly Hills Police Officer Marcelo Rodriguez filed a lawsuit September 13, 1999, in the Los Angeles Superior Court of California against Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, AKA George Michael. Officer Rodriguez arrested Michael more than a a year ago for performing a lewd act in a public place, to which the defendant pleaded no contest in May 1998.

The officer is suing Michael for Slander Per Se for his continued remarks about being entrapped, which have been reported widely in the media and released in a new song and video entitled "Outside." According to the suit, the song and video mock the officer and portray him as the one
violating the law. The police officer is also suing Michaels for Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress and Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress.

Click here for the full press issued by Hodges and Thomas, Attorneys at Law

George Michael will take part in the NetAid concert on October the 9th. NetAid is a CISCO and UNDP Project to help end extreme poverty.

Other performers include Bush, The Corrs,  Counting Crows, Celine Dion, Eurythmics, Wyclef Jean with Bono, Jewel , Michael Kamen and Orchestra, Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, Robbie Williams

Each of the artists will perform a set at one of the three overlapping NetAid concerts on October 9 at Giants Stadium in New York, Wembley Stadium in London and The Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Tickets go on Sale on August  24th for the Wembley Show, September the 8th for the Giants Stadium. The Geneva Show is by Invitation only.

Click here for the full press release from CISCO

FAITH will be re-released in the UK and Europe in a Limited Edition Millennium CD in Late August / Early September. It will have the same tracks as the original release.
No information is available at this stage on whether this Limited Edition CD will be released in the USA or Australia - 5 August 1999

Friday the 25th of June is George Michael's 35th birthday. We all wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Great news for the George Michael fans in North America, "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Best of George Michael" video is NOW available and yes it is IN NTSC (US and Canada) format.  Click here to order

George Michael joined a host of pop stars on Saturday night (10/4/99) to pay tribute to the life and works of Paul McCartney's  wife Linda at a special concert in London's Royal Albert Hall. George performed 2 Beatles songs, "Eleanor Rigby" and "The Long And Winding Road" and his own smash hit "Faith" with Des'Ree, Neil Finn (from Crowded House), Chrissie Hynde, David Lynden Hall, Johnny Marr (from The Smiths), Sinead O'Connor and  Heather Small (from M-People).
George also joined Paul McCartney and the other performs to sing "Let It Be" as the last song of the concert.

In celebration of the new millenium, George Michael is currently working on a brand new song, it is called Y2K. It is expected to be released towards the end of 1999. The song will be written and produced by George Michael.

Ladies and Gentlemen - The Best Of George Michael Album has achieved six times platinum in the UK and sold over 6 million copies world-wide.

On 31st March 1999 George Michael was again crowned London's favourite male vocalist at the Capital Radio London Awards.

The CD single "As" has been released in Australia on the 7th of March, this CD contains "As", "A Different Corner Live" and "As - Full Crew Mix" . The second CD single has also been released it contains "As - Original", "As - Full Crew Mix" and "As Remix" . (23/3/99)

 Email me (gmarcade-at-gminfopage.com) if you are interested in ordering a copy

Ladies and Gentlemen - The Best Of George Michael Album continues to dominate the charts worldwide and in particular in the UK where it has spent it's sixth consecutive week at Number 1. It is also at Number 1 in Denmark, number 2 in Ireland, number 3 in Italy, number 5 in Norway, number 7 in Switzerland, number 8 in Spain and Australia and number 9 in Austria. And the hit single Outside remains at the top of the Spanish charts for the ninth week. (1/1/1999)

 "AS", the duet with Mary J. Blige will be the next single to be released from the Best Of Album, more details soon.

The Best Of George Michael video is now available in Australia (PAL) format, it contains the following tracks:

Spinning the WheelFreedom 90
Killer/Papa Was a Rollin' StoneToo Funky
FaithI Want Your Sex
Jesus To a ChildWaltz Away Dreaming
Father FigureDon't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Kissing a FoolI Knew You Were Waiting
Somebody To LoveMonkey
One More TryStar People 97'
I Can't Make You Love MeA Different Corner
You Have Been LovedCareless Whisper

Email me (gmarcade-at-gminfopage.com) if you are interested in ordering a copy

The Best Of Album has debut at Number 1 in the UK kicking U2 out of that spot, the album also debut at number 2 in Ireland and number 2 in Australia, more chart info as soon as they are available  

There appears to be a bit of confusion regarding the cassette version of the Best Of Album. It seems that in the US the CD and Cassette versions are exactly the same. However in the UK, the cassette contains 2 additional songs which are Waltz Away Dreaming and Hard Day. In addition, the cassette version has not been released worldwide, only a select few !!

Here is what George had to say about not having "As" in the US release of the Best Of Album :
"Mary is thrilled with the track as far as I know," Michael said, "and it's one of the best performances she's ever given. So I think she's kind of really pissed off that it's not going to be out here in the States."

"I'm sure it will be a big hit in the rest of the world," he added, "which [is great, because] actually she's not recognized as much as she should be outside of America. It's kind of the reverse situation to mine. I think it will really break her open in the rest of the world. It's a real shame that it's not going to be out over here."

Apparently Michael and Blige, who met through producer and R&B vocalist Babyface, went into the studio to cut the song before they had received approval from her label, and since Blige's last studio record, "Share My World," went multi-platinum in the U.S. and Michael's ("Older") decidedly did not, MCA didn't feel motivated to allow Blige to appear on Michael's album.

Further negotiations resulted in the compromise allowing the overseas edition of "Ladies & Gentlemen" to include the track, because Michael remains a bigger commercial draw internationally than Blige.

Courtesy MTV Web Site

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