A Word From George Michael - "Shoot the Dog"

Firstly, I would like to stress that I am under no illusion that my opinions are of more importance than those of any member of society who may be reading this right now. I am first and foremost a singer/songwriter and lucky sod, and I'm fully aware that people don't really like their pop music and politics mixed these days. Nevertheless, I have strong opinions on Britain's current situation and I fell that in a time when public debate is being suppressed, even something as trivial as a pop song can be a good thing. "Shoot The Dog" is intended as a piece of political satire, no more no less, and I hope that it will make people laugh and dance, and then think a little, that's all.

I am a truly patriotic man. I have been lucky enough to travel the world, and I see Britain for what it is, a great and multiracial nation, one that I have never left and never would. And it is my love for my country that gives me the inclination to defend it right now, in any way I can, regardless of the that fact that I know I will be attacked by some for doing so.

In the past few days, something very positive has happened, in fact it is the very thing that this song hopes to encourage. Mr. Blair seems to have found the strength to challenge the views of President Bush, for the first time since September 11th. I'm delighted and re-assured by this, and I I'm sure that I'm not alone. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely not anti-American, how could I be, I have been in love with a Texan for six years and we are still going strong. My feelings about George W. Bush, however, are a little different. And I know I'm not alone in fearing his politics, and hoping that our man Tony can be a calming and rational influence on him. But I have a question for you, Mr.
Blair. On an issue as enormous as the possible bombing of Iraq, how can you represent us when you haven't asked us what we think. And let's be honest, we haven't even begun to discuss it as a society. SO please Tony, much as we've all loved watching the best team we've had in 40 years at the World Cup, and much as we loved the Jubilee, now that we have some downtime, could we have a little chat about Saddam ?

George Michael

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