GEORGE MICHAEL ON LIFE, LOVE AND SEX - Courtesy "The Daily Mirror"

Play Grant's boyfriend? No way, he's not my type
SHOCKING, funny and revealing - that was George Michael's frank interview with Mirror editor PIERS MORGAN.

Earlier, the star had vowed to answer every question pitched to him. But yesterday he said that was a "cock-up" and he meant to say he would answer anything on his Net Aid charity.

However, George bravely agreed to stand by his declaration.

Here's every word:

Q: ARE you sure you know what you're doing here?

A: I'm not sure I know what I'm doing putting my head in the lion's mouth. To be honest, I completely cocked this up. I meant to say that you could ask me anything about Net Aid. But I forgot to add the key word Net Aid. So, do your worst.

Q: George, some questions on your sex life. On behalf of every female in The Mirror newsroom and the five million women in Britain under the age of 30 - why, George, why?

A: Why is anybody gay? Because that's the way God made me.

Q: Any hope of a conversion?

A: I think you mean reversion, a hetero-retro. Erm...I think not. I'm very happy with Kenny (lover Kenny Goss).

Q: That beard, what's it all about?

A: It grows naturally, I don't cultivate it. It's not modelled on anybody in particular. I just like facial hair.

Q: When did you last have sex with a girl and do you miss it?

A: About 10 years ago and I don't miss it, no. I replaced it with something that gives me more pleasure.

Q: Geri Halliwell. Is it true that you and Kenny teamed up for a threesome with her?

A: I've heard that one but it's false, very false.

Q: Any semblance of truth?

A: None whatsoever. But if I was going to revert, then I'd say Geri's probably worth it. She's great looking but that's as far as it goes.

Q: Do you maintain that she was the sexiest Spice Girl?

A: By far. Haven't you seen her latest video? She's definitely the sexiest of those girls. I'm a Ginger rather than a Posh any day. I like girls with a bit of meat on them.

Q: The infamous writ - your reaction? Did you choke on your cappuccino when you were served with the writ in that cafe?

A: To be honest, I found it quite funny. If you look at the photos you can see I'm almost smiling. It's something that the lawyers will have to deal with but I don't think it will ever see the light of day - or rather I hope not! I think it's ludicrous . But for now, I'm going to let other people take care of it.

Q: Do you still fancy Detective Marcelo Rodriguez? (who arrested him in a public toilet)

A: (laughs) If anything, if I bent the truth in any way at all with regard to this incident, then it was the fact that I made him out to be better looking than he really is.

I think I flattered him - he should be pleased. This is a classic case of American law at its most craziest.

Q: What does your father make of it all?

A: I think you'd have to ask him that question. But he has been very supportive of me throughout it all.

Q: Do you still use public toilets, and how do people react if you do?

A: No I don't.

Q: Can you envisage using one again in the future?

A: Erm... noooo, I don't think so.

Q: What is the single funniest reaction you've had to the whole business?

A: I think probably, erm... no, I know exactly what it was. The day after, one of my sister's friends was talking about it with her parents and the parent's comment was something like, "Why didn't he just wait until he got home?" I think that person slightly missed the point!

Q: Perhaps I have too, George. Why didn't you?

A: I think I've already answered that...

Q: You've never really said sorry. Are you?

A: I've said I'm sorry for offending any of my fans, if I did. But other than that, I'm not particularly sorry.

Q: The one criticism I have, George, is how you would have felt if you had a six-year-old son, for example, and he had entered that public park urinal at the precise moment you were enjoying yourself. Do you ccept
that in that sense it was wrong?

A: I am totally aware of that angle. And I am totally aware of that argument, and I agree with it. But I'd also say I'm not a complete fool and anyone involved in this kind of situation can normally read it pretty well. I'd never personally take that sort of risk and I did not do so on that day.

Q: What was Kenny's reaction?

A: He's been very supportive. We have a very honest relationship and he's remained supportive to this day.

Q: Did it damage your relationship at all?

A: No, definitely not. If anything, it's strengthened it.

Q: Do you still wear shuttlecocks in your pants?

A: That's a complete lie. I never did, only on stage in the early Wham! days.

Q: Tom Cruise or Nicole Kidman - which would you rather sleep with?

A: Mmm...I'd have to say Tom Cruise. But I wouldn't say no to Nicole under the right circumstances.

Q: If you had to have sex with one woman, who would it be?

A: In history, I'd say Elizabeth Taylor. Right now, Halle Berry.

Q: Returning to your favourite programme, EastEnders, is Bianca a bitch or a victim?

A: Mmm...a glorious victim.

Q: Grant Mitchell - does he need a boyfriend to sort himself out and if so would you play him?

A: You'd have to ask him if he needs a boyfriend. But I certainly wouldn't offer to play him - he's not my type.

Q: How much is a pint of milk?

A: About 48p in the garage round the corner from my London home.

Q: How much are you worth to the pound?

A: Oh, as if I know that.

Q: Just a rough estimate?

A: No, I can't do that.

Q: A ballpark figure to the nearest pounds 20million?

A: No. I can't give you that.

Q: Manchester United - should they be in the FA Cup?

A: I think it's a very sad state of affairs that they are staying out of the FA Cup. Commerce over sport. I think it's disgusting and they should get back in immediately.

Q: Should there be a memorial for Princess Diana?

A: Absolutely. There should have been one by now. I find it very offensive that there isn't. I don't know who to blame for it, but I'm sure her children think there should be one.

Q: Do you know that for a fact?

A: No. But I think that's what they would think.

Q: Why is your house in the South of France called Chez Nobby?

A: Because I like a laugh.

Q: What's the most expensive thing you've bought in the last 12 months?

A: Without a doubt yesterday's public support for Net Aid. The fact that I'm having to talk to everybody today in this manner is very expensive indeed as far as I'm concerned.

Q: Andrew Ridgley - is it really true that he needs pounds 500,000 a year to surf in Cornwall?

A: Mmm...I don't think you'll find it's as expensive as that to go surfing (laughs loudly).

Q: Are you still taking drugs?

A: No, because I'm trying to clean up my act.

Q: Do you want kids, and if so how do you plan to get them?

A: No, I don't want them.

Q: Tony Blair - god or devil?

A: God.

Q: One paper - The Mirror or The Sun?

A: The Mirror.

Q: Thank you. Who would be your artist of the Millennium?

A: Right now for me, there isn't one.

Q: Where will you be on New Year's Eve?

A: I have no idea. I haven't been invited to anything.

Q: Well George, I might be having a party and you can always come to mine...

A: OK. I'm going to have to go now, honestly.

Q: One last important question. Would you shoot Matthew Wright if you had the chance?

A: Oh, no - but only because I wouldn't risk going to prison.

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