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The International release of the Best of George Michael which includes "As" (with Mary Blige) and Fantasy is now available, email me (gmarcade-at-gminfopage.com) if you are interested in ordering a copy (CD or cassette)

Great news for the Australian fans, George Michael will be appearing on E!News this Wednesday (11/11) at 8 PM on channel 10. He is also due to present at the European MTV Awards in Milano - Italy. The awards will be broadcast live on MTV from 7 am on Friday the 13th and will be repeated again at 7 pm the same day, don't miss it.

Great news for the US fans, George Michael will be appearing on the David Letterman show on Wednesday (11/11) in the USA, don't miss it.

"OUTSIDE" is performing very well all over the world (except the US), it has debut at Number 1 in Spain, number 2 in the UK, number 4 in Denmark and at number 5 in Finland. It has also become a top 10 hit in Ireland and Italy and a top 20 hit in Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Australia. (week ending the 2nd of November)

The new George Michael single "OUTSIDE" has been released in Europe and Australia, there are 2 CD's, CD I contains the following tracks:

Fantasy 98 
OUTSIDE - Jon Douglas Remix

and CD II contains :

OUTSIDE - Garage Mix
OUTSIDE - House Mix 
OUTSIDE - K-Gee's Mix

Click here if you would like to order a copy from Australia.

A video will be released along with the Best Of Album on November the 9th, it will contain the video for Outside, all the video's from Older and selection of Video's from the earlier albums. Track listing available soon

George Michael will be presenting an award at the MTV Europe music awards on the 12th of November

The new single "OUTSIDE" from the Best of George Michael album will be released worldwide on the 19th of October

The new album will be titled "Ladies and Gentlemen - The Best of George Michael", it is a double CD with CD1 mainly ballads and CD2 containing upbeat songs. The album will be released worldwide on the 9th of November

Here is the track listing for the International release (except USA) :
CD 1CD 2
Jesus To A ChildOutside*
Father FigureAs* with Mary J. Blige
Careless WhisperFastlove
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me with Elton JohnToo Funky
Kissing A FoolFreedom 90
I Can't Make You Love MeStar People 97
Heal The PainKiller/Papa Was A Rolling Stone
A Moment With You*I Want Your Sex (Part 2)
Desfinado with Astrid GilbertoThe Strangest Thing 97'
Cowboys And AngelsFantasy
Praying For TimeSpinning The Wheel
One More TryWaiting For That Day
A Different CornerI Knew You Were Waiting For Me with Aretha Franklin
Somebody To LoveFaith
* New song

The cassette version will have Older, Waltz Away Dreaming and Hard Day in addition.

The US version will be slightly different, the CD will contain You Have Been Loved, Monkey, Hard Day but not Fantasy and The Strangest Thing 97' and As.
The US cassette version will contain Older, Waltz Away Dreaming and The Strangest Thing 97'
I am sure the different track listing in the US and outside will upset a lot of people and the fact that there are more tracks on a cassette is not a good idea, who still buys cassettes !!

George Michael has officially decided to postpone till further notice his tour plans, it is speculated that he will now tour in time for his next album scheduled sometime in the year 2000.George Michael chats with his fans online

On July the 16th, George Michael appeared online answering questions to his fans, here are the highlights of the 2 hour chat:
On June the 25th, George Michael celebrated his 35th birthday. Happy Birthday George and thank you for the music. We look forward to your new album and world tour.

Court fines George Michael for 'lewd' act (taken from the BBC)

The British-born millionaire pop singer George Michael has been fined $810 (500) after being convicted of a "lewd act" in a Los Angeles lavatory.

A Los Angeles court also ordered him to undergo psychological counselling and carry out 80 hours  community service. The offence carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail.

The star did not appear for the hearing at Beverly Hills Municipal Court. His lawyer Ira Reiner entered a "no contest" plea on his behalf. The plea is treated under Californian law as a guilty plea.

During sentencing Judge Charles Rubin said: "The court is concerned he does not get into this situation again."

The judge then ordered him to seek psychiatric help and banned him from Will Rogers State Park where he was found to have committed the offence.

Michael, 34, was arrested on April 7 by an undercover policeman who says he exposed himself.  Mr Reiner, former top prosecutor in LA County, said: "He can choose the counsellor and will have to talk about what happened, obviously with the aim that he should not commit the same offence again.

"We will be looking at how the community service order is carried out, but Mr Michael has obviously close involvement with Aids charity and education work. I think he could well do something in that direction."

After his arrest Michael acknowledged that he was gay and said he was embarrassed by the incident.

George Michael talks to CNN about his incident in Beverly Hills, check it out here

Sony Australia has released The Best of WHAM! - If You Were There Album, this album contains:
If You Were ThereThe Edge Of Heaven
I'm Your ManWham Rap
Everything She WantsYoung Guns (Go For It)
Club TropicanaLast Christmas
Wake Me Up Before You Go GoWhere Did Your Heart Go ?
Like A BabyEverything She Wants '97
FreedomI'm Your Man '96
The video is also available, it contains all the video's of the above tracks (except If You Were There, Like a Baby, Everything She Wants '97 and I'm Your Man '96)

Last Christmas has also been released as a single, it is a re-release of 1984, the CD Single contains:

Last Christmas
Last Christmas (Pudding Mix)
Everything She Wants

A limited number of copies of Waltz Away Dreaming, is available, Click here if you would like to order a copy from Australia.

You Have Been Loved is now available in Australia. The CD Single includes :

You Have Been LovedFather Figure - Unplugged 
The Strangest Thing '97Praying for Time - Unplugged 
Click here if you would like to order a copy from Australia.

You Have Been Loved has been released in the UK and is due to be released in Australia in a couple of weeks, stay tuned

You Have Been Loved is the title to the next release from the Album Older to hit the UK and Europe in September. The CD Single will include :

You Have Been LovedFather Figure - Unplugged 
The Strangest Thing '97Praying for Time - Unplugged 
Unfortunately, this release will not be available in North America. An Australian release has not been confirmed yet.

Star People '97 - The Dance Mixes has been released in Australia. This release is very similar to the Star People Maxi CD release in the US but does not contain the unplugged version which is available on the CD Single, this release contains:

Galaxy MixGalaxy Dub Mix
Forthright Club MixForthright Edit
Click here if you would like to order a copy.

On June the 25th George Michael celebrated his 34th birthday. Here is what the YOGMAEL family had to say.

Star People 97' is now available in Australia, the single also includes live performances of Everything She Wants and Star People from the MTV Unplugged show. Click here if you would like to order a copy.

George Michael has won the award for Best British Male Solo Artist at the Brit Awards 97', the award was accepted by Elton John since George was not present. George was nominated for 4 awards, best Album (Older), best Single (Fastlove) and best Video (Fastlove) in addition to best British Male Solo Artist

The Official George Michael site has opened on February the 10th, check it out here

If you would like to receive and contribute to YOGMAIL, the unofficial George Michael Mailing list, click here - Thanks to Amanda

The album Older contains photos of a JESUS TO A CHILD cover, a FASTLOVE cover, one of GM in a sweater/jacket walking along railroad tracks, looks like he's lighting a cigarette in another, he's sitting cross-legged on a chair (color), wearing shades and a trench, close up, walking away (outdoor shot similar to the railroad one), in a chair w/ a tie (color), behind a screen, similar to the cover, but there is a background, and on the last page, a small one taken from behind with his message "Thank you for waiting". He says "this album is dedicated to Antonio Carlos Jobim, who changed the way I listened to music and to Anselmo Feleppa, who changed the way that I look at my life, may they rest in peace".
All songs were written, arranged and produced by George Michael, except "You have been loved" written by George and David Austin, "Spinning the wheel" written by George and Jon Douglas, and "Fastlove" Produced by George and Jon Douglas.

Press Release: Wham! If You Were There - The BEST Of
info provided by Wooly

For the first time, the definitive collection of Wham! hits is together on one album. George Michael & Andrew Ridgeley rose to fame in the early eighties as Wham! - the archetypal young guns of pop. During a career which went on to produce chart topping singles and albums all over the world, they also received countless awards including Best British Group and Outstanding Contributors to British Music at the Brit Awards, and George became the youngest ever recipient of the Songwriter of the Year award at the prestigious Ivor Novello Awards.

Other notable career highlights included the first ever concert in China by a western pop group and their 'Final' farewell concert in front of 72,000 fans at Wembley Stadium in June of 1986.

Assisted by Pepsi and Shirley, Wham! epitomized pop music in the eighties: the darlings of the teeny market, their whistleable tunes and catchy lyrics, combined with George's immaculate vocals guaranteed their popularity crossed well into the mainstream.

The Star People competition has closed without a winner. After 7 weeks and more than 800 downloads have passed and we don't have a winner for the music clip. Good luck in the next competition. 

So congratulations to Claudia for winning the 34th Birthday Competition, George also gets a mention being the youngest player to enter and reach the tie-break, he wins a copy of Star People 97. And since none of them managed to pick all 6 songs correctly, now is your chance to win, if you can pick all six correctly, you will win a copy of Star People 97'.

Star People 97' has been released in the UK and has entered the UK charts at number 2, here are the comments for the UK site :

2 STAR PEOPLE '97 (George Michael)

Ironically enough denied by the very man who some say he is trying to emulate (talking here about Gary Barlow ex-Take That who is at Number 1), George Michael nonetheless makes an impressive Top 3 entry with this single. The 'Older' album has now proved itself to be far and away his most commercially succesful recording ever. Five singles now lifted and every single one has been a Top 3 hit. Compare this with the two Top 3 hits produced by 'Faith' and 'Listen Without Prejudice's scant total of one Top Tenner and one single which missed the Top 40 altogether. This sustained single success has of course be achieved with a little help from marketing tricks such as remixes - or in this case a new recording of the album track which gives it a much-needed transformation into a deserved commercial smash.

"Waltz Away Dreaming" was played on Capital on Easter Sunday and raised just over 100,000, 35,000 of which was from listeners' pledges and the rest from GM. GM also topped up the total for the 'Help A London Child' charity when it was at 904,000 at the end of the weekend to make it up to 1 million out of his own pocket!

"Kind-hearted superstar GEORGE MICHAEL has recorded a new single just for a charity. Michael is to give new song WALTZ AWAY DREAMING its first airing on London's CAPITAL RADIO this weekend as part of its annual HELP A LONDON CHILD appeal. He revealed the exclusive at the charity event's awards ceremony today, where he picked up awards for best album and best male vocalist.
Michael himself has promised that for every time a donation is made to the record station to get them to play it, he will donate double that amount. But - concerned that one big donation could strip him of his millions - he added, "If ELTON JOHN or RICHARD BRANSON ring up tell them I was only joking." The former WHAM! star recorded the song with TOBY BURKE, the first artist to be signed to George's fledgling record label AEGEAN."

SUPERSTAR George Michael yesterday poured out his grief over the death of his mum. The millionaire singer, who cradled Lesley Panayiotu in his arms when she died from cancer last month, has penned a moving musical tribute to her memory.
The song, Waltz Away Dreaming, will be played on London radio station Capital FM at 3.30pm on Easter Sunday. Listeners will be invited to pledge cash to hear it - and the star has vowed to match every pound given with 1 from his own pocket and another 1 in memory of his mum.
George, 34, whose song Jesus To A Child raised 50,000 on a pound-for-a-pound basis last year, announced his tribute at a London hotel after collecting Best Male Vocalist and Best Album awards at the station's Help A London Child charity lunch. His voice full of emotion, he told the star-studded audience, including Noel Gallagher and the Spice Girls: "My mother was a woman of great compassion. "She was proud to be associated with what I do for Help A London Child. Thousands of children still experience few acts of compassion except through this charity." His new song, due to be released on April 26, is a duet featuring George and unknown singer Toby Burke - the first signing to the star's own record company, Aegean.
George said he thought it would help his father get over the loss of the woman he had loved for more than 40 years, and added: "I would like to donate 1 for each 1 people pledge to hear this song. In memory of my mother I would like to donate another 1. So every 1 you give to hear my song on Sunday is worth 3."
To a standing ovation, he joked: "The only proviso I make is a warning to the girls at Capital who will handle the phone pledges. If Elton or Richard Branson call up, tell them it's a joke."
George's cousin, Andros Georgiou, said: "George added his own lyrics to the words Toby had written. It's the most moving track I've ever heard."
Capital FM said: "This is a fantastic donation and a great tribute to George's mum."
Award winners the Spice Girls also pledged 10,000 to the charity - The Daily Mirror 

The single Star People has been released in North America it contains :
STAR PEOPLE LP Edit 4:11STAR PEOPLE Forthright Radio Edit 4:28

The CD Maxi contains:

STAR PEOPLE Forthright Club Mix 9:16STAR PEOPLE Club Dub Mix 7:15
STAR PEOPLE Forthright Dub Mix 7:27STAR PEOPLE MTV Unplugged Edit 4:31

This is a message from Asem, WEBMASTER of the Different Corner Page :

just wanted to say Hi and..

as you and a couple of others might have noticed my site has gone down.. there are a couple of reasons behind this which I really can't get into.. but it will be coming back even better, bigger, and stronger so please stay tuned. The site has changed locations so please don't bother bugging it's old place of residence..

I am still taking emails from fans out there, those who do remember my site will know what sorta info I appreciated.. so please keep that email coming..

Thank you very much for your support, your patience will be rewarded with a smashing site...

Asem Atta

The Older E.P. has debut in the UK charts at Number 3.

The lyrics for ALL THE TRACKS OF THE ALBUM OLDER are now available here, thanks to Emi in Japan who provided me with all the lyrics.

"George Michael Exposed and Unplugged" was shown on Channel 9 on Saturday the 25th of January at 11:35 PM. The show ran for 30 minutes and George played Everything She Wants and Start People. - 3/2/97

George Michael is the only artist to have 3 hits in the Top 100 songs of the year in Australia (Fastlove, Spinning the Wheel and Jesus to a Child) and is the only artist to have 2 Number One hits in 1996 (Fastlove and Jesus to a Child). The single Fastlove had also achieved platinum status while the album Older is double platinum and is currently at Number 16 in the album charts- 17/1/97

George will be performing at the MTV European Music Awards in November. He was also nominated for two awards, "MTV Amour Award" and "Best Male Artist."
This is GREAT!! Not only will we get an Unplugged, but now this! Virgin says there will probably be an Unplugged cd and video, too, released both in the US and UK. George also gave a special performance for Radio One London Tuesday night as a warmup for the Unplugged. It will air on Radio One December 8th. And don't forget George does a duet on the Red, Hot and Rio CD released on Verve Records.

MTV GOES REMOTE WITH MICHAEL LONDON- "How you all getting home? Lovely area," commented GM to 400 friends, family & fans who gathered to see him perform friday night.(Friday October 11,1996)

They had ventured into a gritty industrial area of East London for the taping of MTV's Unplugged at a recording studio.

Ecstatic to see a rare public appearance, followers seemed unfazed by the venue. A relaxed, joking Michael repaid their loyalty with a 13-song 2 1/2-hour set that spanned his career- from Wham! to his new album, Older.

Dressed in a black suit, black shirt & black tie, he perched on a stool, backed by a nine-member band, eight singers & a string section.

The MTV show wasn't his first outing. A couple of nights earlier, he performed before 200 at the BBC radio studios.

Why was such a remote studio chosen? It was the only soundstage available on short notice, his reps say. Then too, it may have thrown the British media off his trail. No fan of the Brit tabloids, GM insisted no local journalists be invited.

The show should air in the USA in early December.
Info provided by "The Weasel" and Sonia, the article also appears in YOGMAIL.


He's back singing live after five years.. and he's better than ever. George Michael performed his first live solo show for five years last night (8/10) with a secret Radio 1 gig for just 200 people. I was the only journalist allowed into the BBC's Radio Theatre to watch the historic performance. And I can report that winning his recording freedom has transformed the former Wham! star.
The 90-minute show was one of a handful of showbiz events that I'll remember for ever. After years of legal wrangles and frustration with Sony Music, 33-year-old George Michael proved he is out of the pop wilderness and back to his superstar best.
Last night's event, which will be broadcast by Radio 1 in December, was a sharp reminder of how fine a voice he has. Backed by a nine-piece band, an eight-piece orchestra and an eight-piece choir with a gospel feel, he belted out hits like Father Figure, Praying For Time and Freedom '90.
Tracks from the latest multi-platinum selling third album were also featured. These included the title track Older, which will be George's next single, and Star People.
The No 1 Fastlove and Everything She Wants - a fantastic flashback to the Wham! days - raised the roof.
The mood changed dramatically for the touching performance of You've Been Loved, a tribute to friend Anselmo Feleppa who died in 1994 and which was written through his mother's eyes. The audience was made up of 50 Radio 1 contest winners, George's friends and family and BBC and record company workers. They lapped up the show.
George appeared to have lost the ability to grin after the battle to break free of Sony Music. Last night the beaming smile was back. Sporting a goatee beard, Caesar-like haircut, high-collared black suit and white shirt, George looked more relaxed than he has ever done.
He even cracked jokes between songs, remarking: "It's unnerving being able to see all the people in the audience!"
George says his live performance will be even better by the time he hits the road with the Older tour next year.
If that's the case, his fans are in for the time of their lives.

The 90-minute show held at the BBC's Radio Theatre will be broadcast by Radio 1 on December 8 at 12pm.
Article appears in The Sun, written by the only journalist who was at the gig, Andy Coulson.
Info provided by Aidan

Just added the article "Can We Listen Without Prejiduce ?" to the GM Vault. The article is provided by Shelly

Fastlove being nominated as Most Stylish Video. George Michael: "Fastlove"
Director: Vaughan & Anthea
Stylist: Kim Bowen

George Michael has definitely come a long way since his days in a baggy white t-shirt as half of Wham! He's traded in his kiddish grin for a mature, knowing glare and a bad-guy goatee. He's also taken to slick, elegant European fashions, and hanging out with lots of supermodels in his sexy videos. "Fastlove," featuring Michael looking sharp with high-tech accessories and a truly fierce coterie of high-fashion friends, is the perfect soundtrack for a supermodel strut. - VH1 online- October 24, 1996 - Sonia

George is performing his first gig for six years over here in the UK next week. This is an exclusive gig, for which only 50 tickets were available to the public. You could only get these in a competition from Radio One today, and they had 25 pairs up for grabs. All the rest of the attendees are celebrities who were on the guest list. Unfortunately I didn't get any, but the gig is next week in London, and all the info about the location and the exact location is to be kept a secret. They also revealed that he has got plans for a UK tour soon, and more will be revealed later. - Aidan - 2/10/96

The album OLDER has hit Number ONE in 13 countries, 8 of them straight into the top position. "Older" is in the top 10 virtually everywhere. Check out the "OLDER" charts around the world and stay tuned for more chart info on "OLDER" !!

According to the July 6th issue of Billboard, Older has achieved the following Gold/Platinum Status :

3 x Platinum: : Taiwan
2 x Platinum: Hong Kong, Ireland, UK
Platinum : Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Singapore, S. Korea, Spain, USA
Gold : Argentina, Austria, France, Germany, Holland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, S. Africa, Sweden, Switzerland

Additionally, it has hit :

Number 1 in Australia, Austria, Denmark, France, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK
Top 5 in Belgium, Canada, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, S. Africa, Switzerland
Top 10 in the USA.

Chart Update (18/9) : Spinning the Wheel is doing well on the charts all over the world, it has debut at # 8 in Singapore this week and at # 5 in the European Hot 100 chart. The single is also in the UK, Australian, Austrian, Dutch, and Swiss charts. Click here for STW chart details

Older is also doing well , it has jumped back to # 3 in the UK two weeks ago, it has reentered the charts in Singapore and in the top 20 in most parts of the world. Even in the US, it's slide seems to have halted, this week it crawled back to 106 from 113 on the Billboard charts. (this is the first time it has climbed the charts since it's debut). Click here for Older chart details

The single Jesus to a Child has hit number 1 in 13 countries !!, the single has spent 8 weeks at No. 1 in Spain, it is the first International single in Spain to become Gold, check out the weekly chart performance

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