Thanks for your interest in YOGMÆL -- the mailing list formerly known as YOGMAIL, which is also known as The Unofficial George Michael Mailing List!

The list -- which owes it's catchy name to Tim Al Hatu, and a few AmericaOnline friends (Thanks!) -- is a labour of love by fans for fans. While George and his people are not "officially" affiliated with it, I aspire to make sure it will make him proud, despite the nasty YOG reference in the title... He does know we exist however, and Shirlie Kemp (at Ægean -- his record company) keeps in touch.

How does it work? Just like a fan newsletter, the text depends upon the fans! What the subscribers read is what the subscribers post. Consider it a big electronic bulletin board you can post your questions and comments on that's worldwide and available absolutely free to anyone with e mail.

On what is currently a (weekday) daily basis, a new list is sent to all subscribers telling all the latest George info I could get my Pentium chip on -- where's the info coming from you ask? YOU!! Let's hear what you've heard and want to know! Each issue is chock full of fan opinions, questions, anecdotes, and the like. From time to time, there will also be various topics posted for discussion, surveys and trivia. See something you want to comment on? Did you run into the man himself and want to gloat?

OK then, here's how you do that: Send your posting to and it will be added to the posting queue. Please be patient!! The average issue of "YM" is limited to 15KB for an approximate reading time of 15 minutes. As a result there may be a delay between when I receive a post and when it appears in the list -- it's usually only 48 hours, but it has been as long as 2 weeks. Date sensitive posts such as air dates and release dates will be posted immediately if titled "URGENT!!!"

If you like what you hear and think you might want to join the YM family, which I affectionately call "the camera crew" -- watch Wham! in China -- please drop me a line with the subject title SUBSCRIBE. You'll receive a welcome letter and then you'll be a part of the 750 YOGMÆLer's worldwide.

I hope you enjoy YOGMAEL, and that you contribute regularly.

The first issue went out Monday Aug.26th, 1996. Back issues can be accessed at the YOGMÆL Archives site

The YOGMAEL Homepage lives at:

My thanks to Tim and JT for all their help in getting YOGMÆL up and running.

Take care, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Amanda Gardonyi
List Owner/Operator

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