Hi all! I had something really witty to say, but I seem to have forgotten
just what it was...oh well, I'll try again tomorrow. By the way, wish me
luck, I have a job interview Friday morning, I think all should go well,
the bloke stressed it was "informal" a number of think happy
thoughts for me Friday at 11:30am EST.

I can report that an "anonymous" source tells me George is back to
work at the studio, and from another source, there are US tour
rumours floating around...

*************************** (Kelly) writes:
Hi, Amanda-

Thanks for printing my idea. I hope you get a good response.

(I have received a number of notes on this matter since before I posted
yours, so I think we should do OK. AG)

I know that things are tight for some of the YM family out there (I'm
working two jobs to support my 'George habit', so I know), but if
everyone sent in a money order for $5.00. Just five. That would mean
almost $2700.00.

We would have to pick out the charity organization first, of course, so
people would know how to address the money order. And they would
all have to be sent to one individual, who would then send them all to the
organization in his mother's honor.

(DO we go with an AIDS Trust or the British Cancer Society? AG)

I know we live in a world of distrust and cynicism; however, this would be
for a good cause, make us all feel better and let George know that we all
care about him. Besides, we aren't all exactly 'stangers' anymore, are we?

(Since I am "known to all", I would be more than happy to devote a part
of my filing cabinet to the incoming funds and then pass them on in a
registered mail with an appropriate note. AG)

Btw, I'm sorry for the abruptness of my last note to you. Chalk it up to
shock. I feel so bad for the guy. I lost my mother almost two years ago
and it's still very hard to deal with at times. He must be going through
hell. He helped me out with his music. This is the only way I can think of
to return the favor . . .

(Not a problem at all Kel. AG)

'It's a cruel world,
we've so much to lose
And what we have to learn
we rarely choose'

-George Michael, You Have Been Loved
*************************** (Victoria Day) writes:
Dear Amanda

Forgive me if this is not where you wanted this type of mail posted,
only I do not have personal access to the net/website and I should not
really be mailing you (i'm at work and not supposed to use e-mail for
personal use) but I receive yogmael from a friend who is on sick leave
at the moment and sents me all the issues when he receives them. I
would love to join in all the gossip (not that I know that much anyway)
but like all the other yog fans I think you are doing a great job.

Since I heard the bad news I was thinking of George and his family more
than ever. I like many others have lost my mother (3 years ago)
suddenly, but greatfully I was at her bed side to comfort her until what
I believe she slipped into a 'better world'. Then unfortunately in
January this year I lost my Nan (mum's mum) and missed her slip away,
but she is rid of her pain now.

All I would like to say is
'you have not really lost your mother, she will be with you every day,
just be strong George for yourself and your family'.....

Take Care
*************************** (Sanae) writes:
After reading the sad news in YOGMAEL I felt so sorry for George and his
family. At the same time I re wish
the passing of time will ease your pain.

Please do not forget that you are very important to your fans all over the

world. We really care about you and at your time of loss you are in our
thoughts and our prayers.

*************************** (chassagne) writes:
Hi Yoggers,
I would like to address the terrible loss of the Panayiotou
family. I think that the loss of George's mom is something that has
affected every George Michael fan. The fact that we truly are his
"follwers," means that almost everything he does and happens to him
affects us. Someone has said to me upon my facial expression when
reading the terrible news via e-mail, well it doesn't make the case any
different then if it were someone elses mom. I was a bit short with
them, but then realized that I/we tend to take it personally because it
deals with George, but he is a individual just like you and me and that
"Star Status," tends to blind us every now and then. Right now George
and his family is going through a lot of pain. And as I have read in
many other comments, time doesn't always heal the pain. But it will be
necessary to be strong. George has even stated that the main
characteristic that he has, is the strength of his mother. So, this is
something that I know through the support of George's family and friends,
he will try to overcome. I'm sure that we will hear it in his music,
which I find it to be a healthy option for George. This is why when the
"Older" album came out, although it was quite different, I wasn't too
quick to judge. Because George constantly reminds us that he's writing
about things that have happened at some point in his life. So when we
say that such and such song is a drag or even shitty, we are basically
saying we really don't give a shit about what happened to you and what
you've gone through. George has constantly stated that he doesn't have
to explain himself, because how he feels is in his music. Now, I tend to
think that the album was not as funky as some expected because
throughout the course of producing it, he knew that there was a strong
possibility of his mom dying.

Anyway, I want to wish George and his family the courage that they need
to and deal with this terrible loss. My prayers are with them.

"Everybody thinks I'm doing A.O.K., they ought to know by now"
*************************** writes:
I am so sad to hear about George's mother. My prayers and love go out
to him and his family.
*************************** (Alicia) writes:
Hi gang--

Speaking as someone whom has seen George's eyes up close and
personally...I can say with some expertise that they are hazel....

(Alicia, that sounds like a dig at me...not that you and I ever stoop to
that level... AG)

Luv to all,
*************************** (Marti Blesa) writes:
Just a short note to tell that yesterday (Sunday 23rd) Spanish TV (La 2)
aired Unplugged without previous announce, I wasn't able to post it
earlier as I noticed half an hour before reading the newspaper. It looks
like we spaniards will never see the complete Unplugged. First airing
was done by the pay-TV Canal+ in a 45 minutes special based mainly in
the interview with small parts of the concert. This time national TV
showed just 30 mins. without showing Praying for time which I've heard
was the best performance of the concert.
I know that the Unplugged affair has been already quite exploited but
I'd like to point some things I've noticed:

* George was realy sad when he sung You Have Been Loved (we girl, all the others have been working together for
years, give Jo some time and she'll be grooving with the best of them. AG)

Well, that's all folks!
Thank you very much
Good night
Take care

P.S. On which CD was released Fastlove summer mix?

(The DreamWorks (North American) FastLove single.

*************************** (Rob) writes:

Just wanted to write to thank you for the newsletter. Although I am not
the biggest GM fan in the world, I do enjoy his music, and appreciate any
information I can find regarding his music. Thanks for the newsletter.

Regarding GM, I was initially a Duran Duran fan (hence my AOL screen
-name), and from them I started listening to Queen, which eventually led
me to hear the music from the Freddie Mercury tribute album, which had
a staggeringly-good rendition of "somebody to love" by GM. It was
amazing! Compared to some of the laughably-bad performances by the
likes of Liza, Elton John, etc, GM's performance was the highlight of the

(I think that was George's finest day ever. AG)

So I tried some of his other albums: solo works, as well as some of the
frothy-"Wham" stuff. I'd have to nail down "Older," "Listen w/o Prejudice"
and "Music from Edge of Heaven (The BLUE side only)" as some truly
incredible music. "Older" stand out as the best so far. Very cold, very
isolated, very sad in it's sound, yet very well-crafted, and performed with
so much emotion. Especially the trakcs with strings, namely "Older"
and "Free": this also adds to make an album great.

There is alot to admire about George Michael. He has a dynamic
singing voice, as well as a wonderful ability to compose music (I'm also
amazed at works like "Something to Save," composed of nothing more
than 2 guitars, some cellos, and his vocals...incredible!) I look forward
to hearing more music from him.

Thanks for the letters, Amanda, and best wishes for the future,

(Thanks for writing Rob. I too am a Durannie! BTW, did you all know
John Taylor has a new solo album out? AG)
*************************** (Alex) writes:
Hi Amanda, Do you or anybody else know if George will ever release a
Listen Without Prejudice Vol.2 or not? Is this in the works in the future?

Thanks, Alex...

(What was to have been volume 2 has ended up as various B sides. AG)
*************************** (Laura) writes:
What was that interview--the Faith era one--from? I have that some-
where and I recall it being a favorite of mine so now I am curious as to
just where I have it! Do you know where it is from?- Laura : )
*************************** writes:

My friend who gave it to me reckons it was SMASH HITS, if not the next

If you need anything else she say's she can try and find the whole mag
and let me know dates etc.

Hope this helps

*************************** (H Gotz) writes:
There are "loads" of unplugged-bootlegs out right now. One is called
"unplugged" (surprise, surprise!) and is released by "moonraker". It
features the whole unplugged gig, an interview and "star people" (MTV
Awards). Another one is called "unplugged and more" and features the
whole unplugged concert plus some songs of the radio one concert (I
think it was released by "howl 7" or something like that). So have a
look at CD fairs around you!!!

*************************** (Delina) write deserved award!!!!! Way to
Go Brits!
Love, CArolyn
*************************** (Helen) writes:
This is in response to an E-mail I received from Kitty Lounders.

First I would like to suggest that you check for spelling and
grammar mistakes before you E-mail.
You had no basis for such harsh criticsm of me. I was merely
stating an opinion on some quotes I had read, (on Yogmail), about
George's candid admission to drug use. Yes he was smoking pot, not
just cigarettes, as you thought. The comments I made make me no
less a GM fan than anyone on this mailing list, and I am insulted by
your unfounded attack on me, based on no more than a few words. I
am sorry you took what I said so personally. You need to remember
that George is not God, and one does not have to think he is in order
to be a true fan.
In future, Kitty, I suggest that you so some thinking before you
attack fellow fans who enjoy George as much as you do. If you
would like to mail me back, please leave a address I can reach you

Amanda, thanks for printing this, I really had to respond to Kitty's harsh
criticsm of me,and my "faith". You understand.

(I sure do. Now Kittie, Helen sent me the note you sent her, and I think
the problem is that you are new to the list. A good rule of thumb with
mailing lists is to hit the archives and see what you've missed. Tim
doesn't maintain them for the good of his health, but rather to inform.
And if you took offense to what Helen said, then you'd be shocked to
hear what dozens of people have said about George the "god" over the
last couple months, and I am talking die hard fans here, those of us with
thousands of dollars invested in our collections, and even those of us who
spend 20 hours a week on this little hobby I call YOGMAEL... The most
devoted fan is the fan who can see all the faults and still see someone they
admire, not the one who wears blinders. AG)

*************************** writes:
I'm currently in the process of writing the George Michael FAQ. The url

I'd appreciate feedback on what questions other fans would like answered.

(No, this is not the YOGMAEL one... AG)

*************************** (John Berry) writes:
Hi Amanda

Sorry that this is my first post on the mailing list despite having
been a member from inception.

(I forgive you. AG)

Have you changed the mail program that you sent #108 out on ?
The '=20' codes that seem to have plagued previous #'s on my mail
reader (Agent) have suddenly disappeared :)

(Nope, it's all still the same. I know the format changes a lot between what
send on AOL and what others receive. Byte size maybe? But I have made
a few cosmetic changes that cuts down line size, that might be it. AG)

Anyway, a wee bit about myself........

I'm 27 and stay near Glasgow in Scotland and have been a fan of
George's since the early days with Wham! right through till now.

My favourite song is Father Figure, closely followed by Blue.

In fact, most of the music that I really like comes from the 80's, the
likes of Spandau Ballet, Love & Money and Simple Minds.

I'd be really interested in hearing from anyone on the list in the UK
who has any of the 'unofficial CD's' .....perhaps you could help ?

Thanks for devoting so much time to something that I personally look
forward to downloading after a hard day ;)

If you ever need anything sent over which is released in the UK and
not available where you are, please let me know as I'll be only too
happy to help.

(THANKS! A dangerous of
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