Hi, since my intro silence is bothering some people, I shall use this study
break to tell you a couple things:

1. Sarah Mager rocks! She sent me some vinyl and an old NME with Wham!
Of course she added some Bananarama dubs to the package, and what can I
say but "MORE MORE MORE!". THANK YOU SARAH! I'll mail Deep Sea
Skiving Thursday. But can you tell me where to mail it to?

2. Listening to Bananarama makes me remember my crap summer job from
last year. I was a painter and spent 10 hours a day up a ladder singing
"Venus". But now I have a question for y'all, do I apply for the same gig
summer too? It's a different manager, but the same company. It paid $7.50
an hour, but it was piece work... HELP me decide please. (Unless anyone
on here needs a summer employee willing to work 12 hours a day 6 days a
week for minimum wage? Assets include: Computer skills and above average
physical strength.)

3. My exam schedule for April looks pretty fair, which means that I won't
to cut off your YM fix at all.

*************************** (Christina Bueno) writes:
Dear Amanda ,
I became very concerned about George Michael's mom. What a pity Mrs
Lesley died in her 50's!!! Too young!!! Oh God!!! God Bless know
what?? She will be in heaven protecting her family, sending flowers for her
way's family and perfumating their hearts with her soul...Like an Angel...As
George Michael is.....I can imagine his hurt heart....

Please my love don't be so sad......She will be in Heaven near
in a paradise waiting for us someday!!!! Think that you had the privilege to

have her as your lovely mom for more than 33 years........So you are
you had her for you, for your family and friends... Be strong!!! You must!!!

Your father will need you now!!! And Melaine and Yioda too.

Darling, I have a suggest for you..Think about write a beautiful song for
your mother....Hummmm, send her your heart, till it fly inside hers in the
She will probabily be very proud of her prince!!!Holding flowers and little
of it on the air....coming from your heart.:)

Hummm, with God, she will bless your song forever...And you will be able to
be more close to her, and make us love her forever!!!! I adore you George
Michael, I can't imagine you with tears in your eyes...Mine is crying for
with love,
And care,
Chris -at-}--;--;--

ps: Love is the secret of the world peace!!!
If everybody holding hands only thinking about love,we would have a great
and magic colorful world!!! Can you imagine this energy???
hummmmmmmmmmm, love would be in the air!!! The smell of love is
incomparable!!!!! I am sure you can smell it!!! I have been trying to do
Guess I have planting flowers inside my heart...and one day, I will
this garden inside my friend's heart forever !!!
Christina Bueno
*************************** (George Bielinski) writes:

Short for words. What can I say... Heartbreaking.

*************************** (Fuentes, James) writes:
Hello Amanda,

My deepest and most heart-felt condolences go out to George and his

George, if you should somehow read this, you have all my sympathies.
There is not really anything anyone can say at a time such as this.
I wish you and your family all the best in these difficult times.

James Fuentes
*************************** (Gil J) writes:
How poignant and pleasing for George Michael to have that opening "Hi,
Mom!" on the Unplugged Concert preserved for posterity. That dazzling
smile says it all!

"... and what we have to learn, we rarely choose..."

*************************** (REHAN FARRUKH) writes:
Dear Friends,

It was very bad to hear that George's mum dead. I was so much in shocked
that I forgot to include my feelings in Yogmael. It's a major setback for
my and for my George. At that time I felt that my own mum is dead, really
and I decided not to go to the job and university for two days. Actually I
wasn't at home when BBC announced that British Pop Star GEORGE
MICHÆL's mother who was fighting with cancer for 1 year DIED! Yes BBC
aired about 5-7 seconds report in which George was sitting near her mum
and Geroge's left hand was in her mum's hand and yes I saw her father and

sisters too. :-(
I don't have words to say sorry. I wish I could call him and tell him.


*************************** (~Kinga~) writes:
Hi everybody!!

This following e-mail deals with the promo of Aegean and RealPlayer that
was put on RealPlayers' homepage. It was GC who put up the link. Thanks
so much to GC!!

Ok..the preview opens with a picture of the Older cover and the camera
begins to zoom in closer and closer into George's face. It finally zooms
into his "green"eyes and then we get to see the Aegean page. And then
George begins to talk:
"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is George Michael {like we
didn't know that!} and I'm here to introduce myself to the Internet
community, the medium that will finally allow the interaction between the
artist and audience without the help of tv, radio and the ever-popular
press. {is that a tone of sarcasm that I hear from you, George?} As a
musician, I feel that my audience will only fully embrace the net when I
give them the speed and quality that they are accustomed to. With the help
of real video and real audio, AegeanNet will be the first Web site to give
music fans exactly what they want. Real time digital quality playback, no
waiting or downloading, just an ever expanding and constantly updated
collection of video and audio information, exclusive whenever possible and
all at the touch of a button."
And then part of the JTAC video was played.
And George then spoke again:
"Our desire to create something special and innovative has lead us to be
best. Partnership so far includes Sun Microssystems, RealVideo, RealAudio,
British Broadcasting Corporation, Interated Systems, Progressive Systems
and Java."
And then part of the Older video was played.
And then George spoke again:
"Of course, there's a real danger that this unprecedented freedom of
communication will be short-lived. Little men the world over are losing
sleep right now. But before international law decides for us what we can
and can't do, we at Aegean Net will be giving our visitors everything we
possibly can. Thank you very much."
And then part of the Fastlove video was played.
Then the camera zoomed out of his green eye (as if the whole thing was
happening inside his eye/mind/whatever) and the credits for the videos were
shown on a black screen. Finally, the AE Net symbol was shown with the url
for the site.

All while George was speaking, they were showing the aegean site's pages
and stuff like that.It's obvious that the spoken parts came from the short
press conference at Milia.

I wanted to describe this for all those who can't access RealPlayer due to
their computers. For those who can see it, go for it!! The link is on the
Music Board from GC posted on February 22, 1997.

The video was sometimes out of synch with the audio portion of the song
videos. But a pretty cool pre-view all in all. I just wish I could save
it to my hard drive!


"It's the ones who resist that we most want to kiss"
-George Michæl
"Will all teenage girls please vacate the building in an orderly fashion.
You've had your fun.You've had your piece of ass. Take it home, press it,
keep it, date it, and move on. The sexy little indie band want the screaming
in their ears to stop. They want to move on too."
-from a Q review of Blur's new album (but could also be applied to George's
Kinga "The Multitasking Queen"
*************************** (Debra Sue Miller) writes:

I read about George B.'s wonderful efforts to let GM know about you and
Yogmael in Yogmael Issue #105.

Wow - I am so excited for you (and Yogmael). Wouldn't it be so cool if
GM/Aegean actually responded to you!!! I can't even imagine what would
go through your head (I could venture a guess, but.....) if he/they did.

(Just the e mail from Elliot caused me to lose the ability to speak for about
5 minutes. George B. tells me he almost fell off his chair. George B--yes
that's your new name George, I had to go through my teenage years as
"Mandy G"--has sent me the letter he sent AEgean and I'll run it in YM
soon. AG)

I hope you'll let us all know what you sent to Aegean so we can "wait
with baded breath" (sp?) for the reply!!

You must feel so proud! Good luck. I hope GM gets to actually read the
issue(s) you send. How exciting!!!

One Small step for Amanda & Yogmael, One giant step for Georgely kind!!!

*************************** (Harmeet Singh) writes:
Hi all you Guys and Gals ...first of all my compliments to amanda for the
great work.
well i am an Indian and a great fan of GM .... find the songs careless

father figure and jesus to a child by GM as one of the best ever
it's 'cause of amanda i am now getting a lot of info about George otherwise
very less abt him is known here in India.

Well one thing about which i do regret is , that he's never been to India
man if ever he comes to India whatever state he performs i am sure to be
well once again thanks to Amanda :)
Harmeet Singh (Harry).

... :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
*************************** (Fiona) writes:
Hi Amanda, can you tell me is the Red Hot & Dance Video a George Michael
video or is it a mixture of song by different artists. Can you tell me
some of the GM videos available? I have all the Wham ones plus a George
Michael one (I cant remember the name though).

(The Red Hot + Dance video contains the Too Funky video and some behind
the scenes footage of the shoot, as well as videos by several other artists.
My George/Wham! commercial release collection houses: Wham! the Video;
Wham! in China; Wham! the Final--videos only; Stand By Me--an AIDS benefit
at which George sang 3 songs; Faith--video compilation; Freedomfest--Nelson
Mandela Birthday tribute, George sings 3 tracks; George Michael--the
show documentary; The Freddie Mercury Tribute--George sings 3 songs. AG)

Hi, Nancy. Thanks for the reply I love to hear great GM stories. Well Im
pretty new to the Yogmael list and I must admit I am so surprised at some
of the fans dedication. I must tell you that over the years my mad
obsession with GM had dropped off only due to the fact that I married, had
children, worked and went to university. However my work hooked up to the
net about 3 months ago and whenever I have a chance I have a bit of a play
around. You would gather that my first search would be GM and I know its
terrible but I was really trying to find out if he was gay (oops!). It was
to my horror that there was so many fans just as obsessed as I was. Deep
down I really didnt want anyone to admire George as much as I had. So the
yogmael has rekindled my obsession as Im asking my husband to hook us
up at home on the net.

My collection is pretty sad although if I had met you 12 years ago then you
would have been really impressed with my collection. I had everything
newspaper article, magazine, book, video, record, etc etc you could lay
your hands on. Due to the expense I probably wont be starting my
collection up again but Im happy to help you out if you need any early Wham
memorabilia. You probably already have it anyway.

Back in January 1985 my and my best friend when to see Wham at the
Entertainment Centre in sydney besides GM faith tour it was the best
concert I have ever been to. Me and my girlfriend had waited for hours for
George and lucky for us we were the only ones who were waiting for him to
arrive. He pulled up in a black limo and (how stupid it was) me and Leanne
were peering through the window at him, however he did not even look at us.
We were pretty disappointed.

The next year I had read in the paper that George was coming to Australia
to holiday. I had this sneaky suspicion that he was in Sydney so I rang me
friend, who lived a 5 hour drive away, that she just had to come up. So me
and my friend went to the Sebel Town House (where George used to stay, I
dont know if he still does) and waited and waited and waited. At about 3
am we heard this car pull up and we were listening to Make it Big at the
time and we heard GM, well we nearly died. He was so drunk, weeing in the
gardens, piggy backing a friend, dancing around etc. He look absolutely
gorgeous wearing white pants and a white shirt. He knew we were there but
me and my friend were so frightened to approach him. So we sat and watched
him for about 2 hours making a fool of himself and of course we took some
photos making sure that he didnt know we were. We kick ourselves now, at
the time we were 18 but at 29 now I would have had no hesitations.

I think it was about a year later around news year I had a funny feeling
again (bizzare I know) that he would be back and he was. This time Andrew
and his then girlfriend Donia Florentio were in tow. It didnt take long
for the newspapers to find out and of course heaps of fans were around
(much to my annoyance). Anyway we camped out again and a guy told us
that he knew what room George was in so me my friend Linda and this guy
snuck up the laundry shoot (sounds like the beatles day dosent it) and went
to his floor. We dared this guy to knock on the door, he did and george
through the door "who is it" I cant remember what was said but the guy
said I want your autograph (We nearly died) and George told us to " he
was taking a bath". I cant say I blame him and hence we never spoke to

that guy again. My friend Linda all dolled up went up his floor again not
really knowing what she was going to do but gm walked out of his room so
Linda walked a bit further pretended she was going through her bag then
turned around. She then rode the lift down with George, right behind him,
very close and checked him right out. He was wearing a green shirt, jeans
and of course his Yog ring. We then followed him to his restaurant and
waited for hours. I said to Linda that we should go and that I would just
run up and see if he was still is the restaurant. As i went up he walked
out and to my horror I tripped over right in front of him. I was so
embarrassed and I just walked off.

A few days later after work I walked around to the Sebel Town House and
George was walking down the street I finally plucked the courage up to
approach him and he gave me a wonderful autograph on my Im your man
picture record personnally to me. He was very nice and yes I got a hug as
well. I even got a photo with him.

I have heaps more to tell you, lots about Andrew, Pepsi and Shirlie but I
have to leave work and pick my kids up. I hope you find this interesting.
It all sounds a bit silly but I had a great time and they are excellent

Talk to you soon.

*************************** (Denise) writes:
Amanda and the Yog Family, You don't need Netscape to access the Aegean
site. I can get to it using AOL's browser. Click the globe, type in the
When you get to the 1st page (pic of George, intro from Andreas) click on the

blue word "Aegean" at the end of the intro and your there. I however, I'm
having trouble with the videos. My computer does the freeze thing! :-( I
I need more memory. can I remedy this problem short
of buying more RAM. Help!!!!!!!!! Denise
*************************** (Rose Wagner) writes:
Hi Amanda,

today I want to thank you a lot for sending Yogmael to me
every day. I really enjoy reading it, because here in Germany
it's not too easy to get information about GEORGE, the UK is
near and still too far away. We can't hear Radio 1, Capital or
see Carlton TV. Yesterday there was a GEORGE MICHAEL
Portrait on VIVA (it's a german Music-TV-Channel in Cologne).
It's too bad, that it isn't much on air here in Germany about
GEORGE. I hope that will change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But fortunately I still have MTV-London on cabel. The UNPLUGGED
was GREAT. GEORGE is better than ever. I think OLDER is the best
album he ever made, although I love all from WHAM! to GEORGE
MICHAEL OLDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He really is a great musician and his voice, music and lyrics touch me
very deeply and his performing, you don't have to mention it, that he
is the best in that kind of thing too.

I really want to do my part in promoting GEORGE MICHAEL in Germany,
as well as it is possible for me, because I really admire his music and (I
must confess) I 'm a little bit GEORGE addicted (my friends say so) but I
can handle that very well and I enjoy it. Often I give GEORGE CD'S to people
who don't know him and tell them about GEORGE. Than afterwards no one
of this people will say a bad word about GEORGE's music or image anymore
(for example after listening to the new OLDER EP) All people love it, some
people prefere OLDER, DESAFINADO , I CAN'T MAKE.......and some
too. In the beginning they "listen with prejudice" and after hearing his
music then they "LISTEN WITHOUT PREJUDICE" (it's one of my favourite

I want to ask you for giving the URL of my homepage in Yogmael, so that
everybody can check it out, that would be great, you can find a link
to my page on Bo Anderson's great page too.


So please check it out. I hope to hear from you soon, Amanda
With admiration for your good work overseas, because I think Sony
made a lot of shit about Yogs career in the USA. I heard from
Florida and Washington, that it should be very hard to buy EP's
and they only can see the Fastlove video sometimes on TV.
So I think I'm lucky to have the MTV-London on my cabel.
This week they have "I can't make you..." on their playlist

Do you know how to buy this new black GEORGE MICHAEL
T- shirts, designed in collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana?
For the people in UK the phone-number: 0891 556 341 but
only until Febr. 25th. Tomorrow, sorry, but I just read it in
Smash-Hits and 10 OLDER EP's are to win too in the
London Magazine "Smash-Hits" but only for people from
the UK. That's too bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(And for some screwed up reason I didn't run this in time...sorry.

How did we manage to let this get by us UK Connection???? AG)

That'a a very long mail, I hope you forgive me Amanda.
Thanks again for being in your Yogmael-Family. Take care Rose
TO Wrap it Up:

"Never state, what you can't imply."


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