Hi folks. Messages continue to pour in for George and his family. Rather
than do a couple of really downbeat mails, I have decided to keep to only
using a couple to lead off each issue for the time being. There is no
deadline on submitting these, but I will begin forwarding them to AEgean
later this week.

BTW, if you're missing #108, please let me know a.s.a.p and I'll forward
a copy.

*************************** (Robin L. Sweeney) writes:
Amanda hi
I wanted to let George and his family know that we are thinking of him
at this sad time and our prayers are with them. I think there are alot
of us that understand what they are feeling because we have been there.
If George ever reads this I want to say I care and to remember his Mum
will always be with him in his heart.

*************************** (Eugenia) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I've heard on MTV now that GM's mom has died. It's terrible. If you can,
tell him that we all feel sorry for him, his family and his mom.
*************************** (Christina Safholm) writes:
I had such a knot in my stomach when I heard the terrible news. What
tragic news. I had no idea his mother was severely ill (We can be left out
in the cold, here in the US--media is really shallow here).

George will probably clam up for awhile (obviously-I don't blame him). I
must confess...I felt so selfish thinking that maybe he will express his
thoughts through a song--I really regret this thought, so I apologize for
even thinking about it. George is such a private person. Maybe he'll find
some relief in knowing that the physical pain she experienced is now over
and his mum is now in a better, more peaceful place.

"We are definitely with you George...our peace, our love and our thoughts".

It's such an uncomfortable situation to deal with when coping with a
cancer patient. I can understand what George and his family are going
through, for I went through the same situation in November with my
grandfather. I thought about a partial verse from "One More Try" this

'Cos teacher,
There are things that I don't want to learn
And the last one I had
Made me cry
(and death and dying is definitely one of

Death definitely tests your endurance to remain strong.

I wish there was a way we could send him a care package just to let
him know we are thinking about him. Do you think there is a way?


On a lighter note, I am not subscribing to that wannabe newsgroup.
YogMael is the way to go--so much quality in here!!! A GOOD READ.

Ciao Bella and all that good stuff,

*************************** (Elizabeth) writes:
I wish there was more I could do, then just saying a prayer for George
and his family. They're in my thoughts.

At the end of November, I came very, very close to losing my mother, (a
severe stroke and internal bleeding). I still have a difficult time thinking

about it. If I could, I would spare George and his family their pain.
*************************** (Yuri Fernandez) writes:
To George and his beloved family,
I doubt you will see this... but I would like to extend my deepest sorrows
to you and your family. George, please believe in your heart that your
mother, blessed as she is, (I will not use the term, was, for she will
always be alive in you that you will be strong for
yourself and for your siblings and for the rest of your family. George,
if these words ever meant anything to you before, then please allow me
to repeat them now... FAITH, GEORGE, YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH and
believe in that FAITH with all of your heart and every ounce of your soul.

GODSPEED to you all... and George, whether or not this means anything
to you right now... from me and from the families at YOG...


Yuri Fernandez
*************************** (~Kinga~) writes:
Hi everybody!

This is my comparison between Bono and George. Please do keep
reading, I think I actually made sense! *gasp, shock!!* Whether they
realize it or not, they've got quite a bit in common. This one may be
long-winded, but while my e-mail was broken I did loads of surfing
around the net and loads of thinking. So please, try to stick with
me, ok?

(I hope you know that because of this posting I played Achtung Baby
50 times last weekend... AG)

I was listening to an interview with Bono from U2 over RealAudio
yesterday (I'm still amazed by the power of hobby
is now staying up at night and listening to CapitalFm as London
wakes up. Amazing!!). He said a few things, actually, many things,
but one of then really caught my ear. Bono mentioned that while he's
in the studio he's as vulnerable as anyone can be. This is because
in order to write powerful lyrics/music/songs you must be very open
to experiences and ideas; this, he said, makes him a baby during
recording time. He's out of it most of the time and has no clue what
day it is and his work just sort of "possesses him". Now, after the
album is done, you must promote it, he said. To cover up the sincerity
of the songs, you must put on an "armour". (Somebody once said
"Give a man a mask and he'll tell you the truth about himself" and this is
where Bono's coming from.) This armour grabs people's attention and
protects you at the same time so that you are not standing there with
your bleeding heart on your sleeve.

Now what I was thinking is that this comments relates terribly closely to
the quote from Radio One Interview that goes "I don't write like an
arsehole, I just perform like one." So, basically, George is honest in his
songs, his bleedin' heart is out there, etc. Is this true???? Is George as
open to experiences as, let's say, Bono is? Because being this vulnerable
would leave George without much control over his life and himself, and we
all know that he's an absolute control-freak. (btw, that "My cigarette and
pot smoking are under control because I can't roll a joint" theory is
really sucky! George needs to rethink this one! *grin*). Or is he very
vulnerable? Or is he not made from the same artistic "material" as other
artists are? How do others approach the song-writing?

(That can't roll a joint theory may be sucky, but I can tell you that lack of

money in my pocket controls my drinking when I'm at a bar... AG)

As for the armour, I'd say that George does protect himself to a certain
extent...however, he doesn't do it as well as U2 do it. Loads of people
complained that when "Discotheque" came out that U2 were selling out,
they were becoming too commercialized, etc. However, the song does
have a great solid meaning and Bono sings about bubblegum and not
getting into a disco while actually speaking of society's superficiality.
Now, George is not like that at all...he sings what he means using direct
words with no "b.s" around him. There's no flash, no kitsch, no hyperbole...
it's pure and raw George. I think it's a great risk that he's taking..he's
willing to expose himself to people (metaphorically speaking, peo sense of the message he wast trying to send accross

and then watching him in his mirror-tiled (not sequined) car and being
this...well...asshole. But I guess, that's his armour...just like Bono's
got his PopMart tour..George has his silver car. Does that make sense?

Sorry if I got all boring on you guys, but I'd appreciate any comments
and/or flames you may be willing to send my way. What do YOU think???

Kinga (who thinks she should cross-post this to the U2 mailing list...*grin*)
"It's the ones who resist that we most want to kiss"
-George Michæl
Kinga "The Multitasking Queen"
*************************** (Mandana) writes:
hi my name is MANDANA,,
I was wonderin if somebody vcould tell me how to get my hands on the
video of GM's spinning the wheel? i have only seen a part of it. so please
if you any idea about what i just asked email me.

(That video I am still willing to do for a short time more only. E me. AG)

thanks mandana s
*************************** (Melanie) writes:
Hi, Amanda.

This site has pictures and video of George presenting the Aegean site.
If someone else has posted this, then please ignore.

(It ran last week, not that you'd know that with the list compiling being
done a week in advance... But here it is again. AG)

*************************** (Paul Sarab) writes:
I have only listened to George Michael and have never bought any other
CD. Sometimes, I buy a tape, CD, and everything on the same album.

(Now that's committment... AG)
*************************** (Joy Frascinella) writes:
10:09 AM
Dear Amanda and fellow Yogfriends:

Finally made it down to Virgin records to get the Older EP.
Desafinado, I now recognize, is a song that has been around for a long
time. I actually have a tape of Frank Sinatra singing it but George's
voice really is perfect for the bossa nova. I would love a whole CD of
him singing in Portuguese. And I loved the stripped down version of
The Strangest Thing--much more heartrending than the enhanced
version. As I stood there clutching it, I must have had a huge smile on
my face because the sales clerk who was stocking the shelves looked
at me and said, "Guess you like George Michael, huh?" To which I
replied, "That is an understatement." By the way, I was in Paris last
week and met a Reuters reporter who had been to the Milia Conference.
So I very casually (I hope) said to him, "Heard that George Michael was
there. Did you get to see him." And his professional demeanor deserted
him and he said, "Yes I actually got a glimpse of him as he was leaving
the press conference. He's great isn't he!" It just goes to show you that
George can reduce even the most seasoned character to a bowl of jello.
Thanks to British Airways, I spent the entire flight back listening to George
on the in-flight entertainment. Bless the Europeans for having such good
taste. My warmest regards to all the GM fans and to Amanda for making
all this possible. I think GM should be delighted to know he has fans that
don't just mindlessly adore him but really care about him and his music.
Rizvi_Zeba/ (Zeba) writes:
I never thought I'd be so eager to check my mail as I am now, since I


I just wanted to let everyone know that I happened to purchase the
Older EP on CD twice and would like to sell one of them to anyone
who would be interested. I paid $13.99 and am willing to sell for $14.99
including the shipping cost.

you can e-mail me at:

*************************** (Stefan Kirchfeld) writes:
HI Amanda!

I have one question concerning the honours ballot : Did you actually
publish the result as it came out of the votes from the Yogmail
readers or did you just publish how YOU, meaning you and maybe other
organizers of this ballot, would vote ? Because you wrote "here´s how
we decided how George should be awarded. " - who´s that "we" ?

("We" is the 185 people who voted. While not everyone voted in every
category, I can give percentages of each category. AG)

Apart from that I consider those kinda things as a very good idea and
always very interesting. Just a pity that only so little members
voted which actually surprised me a lot!

(These things happen... AG)
To Wrap it Up:

I went online recruiting Saturday evening, I do that sometimes. I go to the
AOL member directory and search some relevent criteria. I do this when
I'm bored and looking to chat. A tip if you're interested in chatting with
online, put YOGMAEL in your AOL member profile.

"Never state, what you can't imply."


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