Hi all. As you have noticed, I have been including postings to the
Panayiotou family as the lead off posts in the last couple issues, and will continue to
do so, I'm also taking them and copying them to a document I plan to pass onto my
AEgean connection. Anyone who would like to contribute should send in their
message over the next couple days.

*************************** (Babe) writes:
Hi, Amanda!

I am sorry we didn't know sooner that George's mom has terminal cancer.
Nonetheless, I will certainly add George and his family to my daily

Please let George and his family know that his fans are thinking of them.

God Bless them in their time of need.

BMW Babe
*************************** (Rose Wagner) writes:
To the Panayiotou Family,
I just wanted to send my love to George and his family. I'm
thinking all day about his Mum and what he is suffering now.
I lost my Mum 5 years ago on 5th March 1992. I loved
her so much and I had to be very strong. I hope, that
your Mum will get better soon.
My love straight from the heart and prayers for your familiy.

Rose Wagner Salzburg, Austria
bellaj-at-BIOMED.MED.YALE.EDU (April J. Bell) writes:
Dear all,

I was so sad to hear about George's mom. My mom died from heart disease
almost 2 years ago. Not a day passes without me missing her. My
thoughts and prayers go out to him...if he was half as close to his mom as
I was to mine, he'll need all the prayers he can get to get through the

In sadness,
amauta! (Sandra De la Vega) writes:
It's been a sad week since I got to know about Yog's mother and her
pain. I lost my mother because of the cancer two years ago, so I know
how it feels very well. She also had diabetes. I just want George to
know, If he reads this sometime, that his mom is in my prayers and that I
send all my love for him.

*************************** (Haliska, Julie) writes:
I can't help but respond to this very solemn bulletin.

I'm in tears right now. George has brought all of us so much happiness
and joy, and now he is suffering such great pain in losing his beloved
mother at such a young age. We've shared his joy, now we must share his

My most heart-felt condolences go out to George and his family during
their time of grief.

Julie Haliska
*************************** (Claudia Beltran) writes:
Hi Amanda,
I've just get the last Yogmael Bulletin with the sad news about George's
mum, and I hope he could resist this one. I know he's as strong as his
mother was. My thoughts are with him and his family.
*************************** (Cheryl Copelman) writes:
Just to say how awful the news of George's mums death is. It's Mothers
Day in England on Sunday. Don't forget!! Not that we should need
something like Mothers Day to tell them how much we love them.
*************************** (Christina Safholm) writes:
1989 Diet Coke Commercial For Sale. Also includes the 1989 AMA, which
George receives MANY awards, includi
Do you have a job as well?...I admire your dedication to George the great.

(I'm supposed to be studying too? Oops...that explains a lot. AG)
*************************** (Rose Wagner) writes:
Hi all YOGMAEL-Readers,

this is my first email on your list. I'm living in the south of
town to Austria and I want to found an Unofficial or Official, we'll see how
works GM-Fanclub for all German GM-Fans (also for Fans from neighbour
countries, who want to join. It's all in the beginning. So all you German
GEORGE MICHAEL crazy people (like me); seriously , I love his sweet
voice, music, performance a lot. His voice and lyrics touch me so deeply.

You can also check out my GM-Page: ROSE'S GEORGE MICHAEL PAGE

There are some brand new pictures from the Exclusive German Interview for
the magazine AMICA on it, I scanned the photos last weekend and there is
more coming soon.

There is a link on Bo Andersons great GM-Page to my GM-Page. So if
you visit Bo's page you can visit my page too, if you like to.

Take care Rose
*************************** (Joel) writes:
Amanda -

thanks for sending me all the newsletters -- I'm REALLY enjoying catching
up on George !

Is it possible to get a copy of the interview George had with DJ Chris Evans
late in '96 (or early this year)? I noticed on the message board that you
be able to get out a copy. Also, there was an article from Nov.'95 I wanted
read -- are these available somewhere -- I didn't know how to access your
"archives" !

(Both sit in the archives. On AOL, go to keyword and type the URL, it's
The Big Issue was in YM #85, and the Chris Evans interview was a 2 part
YM #74. AG)

There's no hurry, because I know you're busy. Any information would be
appreciated, though.

Thanks again for everything !

Joel (Katana32)
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda and all Yoggers!

I've recently heared from a director of Sony Music that they plan to release
George Michael's Greatest Hits album later this year. Do you know anything
about that?

(Yup. Lots. George has to deliver three new track to Fony by June. We're
guessing it'll be a Christmas release--meaning October. AG)

Tnx, Al
*************************** (KOH) writes:
Fastlove has been picked as the no.1 single in 1996 by a Magazine in

"Who would have thought George could still deliver a classic sounding pop
single after all this time? Fastlove isn't just smooth, slick and memorable,
it feels like it actually brightens up the radio everytime it's played. The
remarkable thing is - it also sounds as if it's effortlessly conceived"

and the Most Underated Album is Older ( what else could it be?)


(I do so enjoy those with such great taste... AG)
*************************** writes:
Last week, a friend of mine bought a CD of Jody Watley. On this CD, there
was a duet with George Michael. The song is called "Learn to say no". It
was recorded in 1987.

(A decent song, but not his best work. AG)

I would like to know if someone has a complete list of George Michael's
Discographie? I've already looked on other G.M. web site but until now I've
found nothing.

(Not sure. AG)

I would like to congratulate you for your weekly contest. It's very funny.

(You must mean Tim's. AG)

* Purchase: The following items are all on sale. Sale prices are

good for 14 days from the date this posting appears in Yogmael.

PICTURE DISCS (all collector's items)

* 7" Bad Boys/Instrumental - UK release. Side A is George and Andrew in
leather, side B is white with song titles $25

* 12" I'm Your Man/ Extended Stimulation/Instrumental/Acapella - UK release.

Side A is a photo of George holding a telephone, side B is Andy next to a
microphone $25

* Make It Big LP - US release. Side A is George and Andrew laying in sheets,

side B is George and Andrew against a black background. Has a clear rim $30

* Freedom (Wham! release) - UK release. Set of two square shaped records.
record has photo of Andrew, the other has a photo of George. Comes in a
plastic protector with sticker. $40

* Fastastic LP - Japanese release. Gorgeous disc with George in white net
and ANdrew in black on front, Fantastic album cover on back. Complete with
stip with contains photo of George and Andrew. $50


* Wham! In China Laser disc $30
*************************** writes:
send me whatever you can on my dear yog through this address. i'm not online
but i do receive mail through this address. thanks and may yog be with us
all. check out my message in the vh1 number one fan area.
*************************** (Kittie Lounders) writes:
Thanks for the info. I do have a question, you said it is based on
us(fans) writing you, then how did you get started??

(I posted on the AOL George board, had my link on Tim's page, and the first
version of the welcome letter asked for postings. The first issue went out a
week later. AG)

Also is there a best time for me to write & talk to you or does it matter?

(Whenever is fine. AG)

Do you know what GM real name is?

(Yup. AG)

Also did you know that he is not from London, he is from Grease.

(You mean like, the musical? AG)

I have plenty more info for you but I need to go for know sorry well send you
more info, pluse the answer to the question later..

Once again thanks see ya for now Kittie.
*************************** (Tom) writes:
Whoever did the nominations for the (YOGMAEL Honours) awards was mad!
Perhaps that was a little harsh, but hey:

(Then 25 of us are mad! AG)

Where was Wake me Up... in the best Wham track?

(It failed to get even one vote actually. AG)

Where was Fastlove in the best overall song category?

(It got a sole vote--mine. AG)

Why no vid awards - my vote would go to Fastlove!

(For the same reason there is no best B side category, not all people have
access to them. AG)

Maybe the nominators have been eating too much British Beef! But seriously,
I think these awards are a great idea - many thank A!!!

Tom Wanless
To Wrap it Up:

See ya Monday with issue #112.

See ya Saturday with #111, THE YOGMAEL HONOURS!! I'll accept votes
until around 6pm EST Friday.

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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