HI All. Another dilemma rears it's ugly head... Who all was promised
product by Camille? And what did it cost you?

The YOGMAEL Honours voting officially closes Thursday at midnight, but I'll
be taking ballots until Friday afternoon. Thus far I have received a paltry 28%
of the vote, I expected more ladies and you're getting one last re-send
of the ballot. The winners will comprise a special Saturday issue March 1st.

On the Andrew Ridgeley front: did you know he once was romantically linked
with Patsy Kensit; and that Gary Oldsomething--he played Dracula--married Andy's
ex Donia Fiorentino recently.

Lastly, though I was offially boycotting, I did catch a glimpse of the
Grammy's, and must say that No Doubt were robbed of best new artist.

*************************** (Alicia) writes:
To all,
I just wanted to let George know that my mom and I are thinking of him in
this time of sorrow. Our thoughts and prayers are with him. When I told my mother
the sad news the first thing she did, after she sighed, was say that we
should find a way to send him our sincere wishes. As someone who recently lost a
relative to cancer, I know how hard it is.

I send all my love to him and his family.

Much Love,
*************************** (Sharon Dunn) writes:
Dear All,

I've been hoping desperately that the stories I've heard over the last
couple of days are false, but it seems not.

I can empathize completely as I lost my father to cancer, and I know
nothing anyone can say or do will take away the anguish and all the
platitudes and condolences, no matter how heartfelt, change nothing.

But if by some quirk of fate, George, you ever get to read this, I just
want to say I am thinking of you and your family constantly. Be strong.

*************************** (Karen) writes:
Message for the Panayiotou Family:

Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you now and in the coming months.

Karen Flowers
St. Paul, Minnesota
*************************** (Aidan Padden) writes:
Hi there, Amanda, how are you?

I've just seen this in the paper, and it's probably the reason why GM
couldn't attend the Brit Awards. The article was written by Dominic
Mohan, showbiz reporter for The Sun.

George's tears for ill mum

Brit awards winner George Michael was last night keeping a heartbreaking
vigil at the bedside of his gravely-ill mother.
Pals say the star, voted best male artist at Monday's bash, is
'inconsolable' after being told his mum may not last the week.
Lesley Panayiotu, who is in her 50s, has cancer. George, 34, sisters
Melanie and Yioda and dad Jack have spent hours every day with Lesley at
London's Charing Cross Hospital.

(OK, so you know where, but please, don't be tempted... AG)

A pal said, 'George is extremely upset and spends as much time with her as
possible. He was torn about whether to go to the awards but felt his family
came first.'
Elton John, who received the award on George's behalf, said, 'My love goes
out to George and his family.'

So, this looks like really bad news for them. I suppose all that can be done
is to say that you're thinking of them, and wish Lesley all the best.

Anyway, take care for now,

See you later,

*************************** (James Robinson) writes:
Amanda. Hi!
Hmm, I'm not quite sure how to tell you this, but there is now a newsgroup
regarding you know who, and I swear, I had nothing to do with it:)...

(I believe you totally James, because if you were lying I would hunt you down
and kill making you listen to Milli Vanilli really sing... AG)

There are no entries yet, but this may be due to my ISP's Usenet server
upgrade, which isn't completed yet.

Like you said a while back, once this happens we would have to start
getting used to reading tons of flame mail.

(Which is why I will not likely be signing on... AG)

Well this shouldn't be a problem. There are undoubtedly a few of us who
would welcome the challenge.

The NG address is:

Happy posting everyone!
*************************** (Melanie) writes:
This article appears in this week's DotMusic news


George: the net is the future

George Michael declared the internet to be the future for the music industry,
as he made a rare appearance at last week's Milia conference in Cannes.

Michael appeared at a press conference held by Progressive Networks, the
inventor of the internet's most popular real-time sound delivery application,
RealAudio. The company was introducing its new streaming video application,
RealVideo. But Michael, who was promoting his new Aegean label and its
website (, issued a warning to those in the
industry who fail to see the net's potential. "I come from an industry that
doesn't really like the possibilities of the internet," said Michael,
referring to the net's ability to bypass conventional industry promotion,
distribution and retail systems. "It takes away the middleman, gives the
people exactly what they want and it's an efficient and respectful way for
the artist to communicate with the fans. Little men the world over are losing
sleep right now." Progressive has already signed partnership arrangements
with majors including Sony, Warner, EMI and Virgin to promote RealVideo and
their acts across the internet. The four-day Milia event drew to a close on
Thursday, having attracted more than 1,200 companies from 36 countries. At
the annual Milia awards, the Peter Gabriel CD-Rom Eve won the top prize. The
CD-Rom, which was co-produced by the UK's Real World Multimedia with the US's
Starwave Corporation, was the sole UK victor in the awards
*************************** writes:
This is my first time actually writing in on this wonderful "Maelgroup". I've
been a fan of George Michael's for about two years now... It started the
first time I heard Father Figure,and that lead me to buy Faith....Then I
bought Make it Big. Two great albums! Careless Whisper,Everything She
Wants,Wake Me up...,Heartbeat.... Just some classic material!I was hoping
that George would've played Careless Whisper during his unplugged
performance...but I heard in his interview he wouldn't do it because he
"couldn't relate" to the song anymore..... I was a little disappointed still was good....
The real reason I wrote was to beg of anyone who has any Wham or GM guitar
tabs or chords to please send me a few...I can trade the ones that I
have...(which are mostly Sting/Police)
It would be greatly appreciated!

Keep up the great work with Yogmxxl!!!


ps...what are the background lyrics in Fastlove Summer remix?

(Haven't we been through this already? AG)
*************************** (~Kinga~) writes:
Hi Amanda!

I believe George's eyes were always described as brown and not
hazel. I think hazel is lighter than George's lovely browns. But then
again, this is just mine and my friend's view. We could be wrong.

(I have read both, and I don't see his eyes enough to be totally sure, but I
they are hazel. But I am not admittedly totally sure. AG)

I believe Elena's e-mailed you already about George's reasons over taking
Fony to court. I do believe that he says in the Radio One interview that
it was due to the "mistreatment" of Red, Hot and Dance that George finally
decided to take Fony to court. By the time Five Live was released, he was
already in the middle of his legal wranglings. This is why during the 1993
Radio One interview (which was a promotional piece for Five Live with Simon
Bates) he can say very little about it, but does mention that he was
dissatissfied (sp?) with their treatment of Red, Hot and Dance. Sorry..just
thought I'd add my two cents in!

(Yes, it was releasesd far after, but the work was in motion long before. I
have yet
to dig up that copy of Billboard, but I'll try. AG)


"Drink wet cement, get really stoned"
Kinga "The Multitasking Queen"
*************************** (cworkman) writes:
Dear Amanda:

I was just catching up on some Yogmael that I hadn't read. My schedule has
been work-work-sleep-work, and I had missed a lot of new stuff on YM..
Namely the "on the plane singing with your eyes closed and george taps u
on the shoulder" contest !!! from issue #87!!!!! AYeyeyeyee....

I had a dream like that once...

Here's to more creative writing contests!! Please lets have more of them!!

(Well, someone has stepped forward with a great prize with which to sponsor
next contest, and I think maybe we could make this a creative one... AG)

>eyes peeled<
*************************** writes:
Hey Amanda,
Hope all is well.

Can you let me know where I can find George's version of Stevie Wonder's
"PastTime Paradise". I heard it on an MTV Rockumentary on George during the
Faith Era and it sounded fantastic. PM Dawn and Coolio do it well but
nothing compared to George's version.

(I too have been hunting for it since I first heard it on the Southbank
Show--did I tell you that when I first heard about it, I actually physically attacked my older
brother, shaking him by the shoulders yelling "STUDIO FOOTAGE STEVE!!!
STUDIO FOOTAGE!!!!" But alas, it has yet to fall into my collection. AG)

Also, when is Star People EP coming out in the UK and in the States.

(The North American release date is March 4th methinks. AG)

I am constantly listening to the UK release of Jesus to a Child Single. Its
so mellow. Makes me relax while drawing.

The Aegean web site seems to be great so far. Hope the videos play back
clearly. Who needs MTV after that. Guess thats why George did it. Smart
guy. As all Greeks are. HINT, HINT.

(Then why do they always go into the 18 hour a day restaurant business? Says
a Hungarian voice of experience who now sleeps more than 4 hours a night on
the weekends... AG)

Anyway take care and thanks.
*************************** (Guz) writes:
Does anyone know what is happening with the Agean Web site, I have visited it
a few times but nothing is yet implemented, is there a registration process
or something???

(You need to view it with Netscape. AG)

dawnhunt-at-phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Dawn V. Hunt) writes:
Hi all,

About the wax statue of George, it is at Rock Circus (which is run by
Madame Tussad's). I visited Rock Circus when I was in London last summer
and spent a good ten minutes staring at it. It looks exactly like the
Faith video. It was great.


"Be good to yourself
Because nobody else
Has the power to make you happy"
*************************** (David) writes:
It--the wax work--is at the Rock Circus...

Great... But you can't touch it!! ;)

*************************** (Cheryl) writes:
Hi there

Two questions:

1. What is 'red hot and dance'? Is it recent?

(It's a CD, and no it's not. But I think you want a better answer than that
OK, here's the 12" extended explanation from the CD liner notes: "Red Hot +
Dance is the second major project produced by Red Hot + Blue, an AIDS
organisation dedicated to raising money and awareness to fight the onslaught
HIV, the virus that can lead to AIDS, and the ignorance and prejudice that
to make the AIDS crisis worse than in should be. Since 1990, Red Hot + Blue
has distributed over US$4,000,000 to organisations around the world dedicated
to AIDS research and relief. All of producer and artists' royalties and
record company net
profits from the album will be distributed in a similar manner." It was
released in
1992 by Sony on the Columbia label, and I think if you can get one, you
should definitely pick it up. AG)

2. What label does George record under in the US?

(That would be DreamWorks, and of course AEgean. AG)

Thanks yogmael!!

*************************** (Renee Cidell Samuels) writes:
Hi Amanda,

This is my first time posting. first I want to say Bless you for putting
together this list. Through it, I have already met a GM fan at University of

(I have made contact with some local fans myself. AG)

I would like to know how many videos has George made and to what songs.
I think we could deluge VH1 to do a huge video package of his together, don't
you think? I know most of the major songs, but it would be great if there
was a list to work off of.

(Hmmm, this sounds like my great tradition of delegating, who's got
some free time? AG)

I know everyone asks, but I am also looking for a Older EP. If anyone can
help me to get a hold of it, please e-mail me.

Renee Samuels
*Now everyday I see you with some other face. They crack a smile, talk a
while, and try to take your place. But my memory, serves me far to well.*
*************************** (Zest) writes:
Hi Amanda,

This is the first time that I got mail on George Michael amd I am ecstactic
!!! I saty in Thailand where it is almost impossible to get any information
on George Michael. I am 30 years old, a business man (I am in the CD ROM
GAMES industry) and a family man. But when ever I hear anything about
George Michael, I am worse than a teenager ! I listen to the radio with
only one goal - is there anything new on GM. Can you imagine the 6 years
wait for his this album to come out ? I bought all the singles, the full
album (tape, CD etc).

Now coming to a question - is there any video or laserdisc or Older album ?
Also is there any way of contacting GM by email or fax or phone just to
tell him how much I appreciate huis music ? I love his music and have all
albums, singles (whatever II can find in Thailand or Singapore) etc.

(There is no compliation video for Older. A direct line to George? Not yet,
check the AEgean site. You could also try posting to YOGMAEL... AG)

One last question - LWP said Vol1. Was there a VOL 2 to come out later ?

(There was, but it didn't. It became B sides and stuff. AG)

Take care,
TO Wrap it Up:

"Never state, what you can't imply"

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