Hello all, as most of Britain knows, all is not well with George's personal
life at the moment, please read on...and then, if you can, call your mom
and tell her you love her. I called my vacationing mom, "literally just to
say I love you", and made her day.

We're wishing you all the best Mrs. Panayiotou. : )

*************************** (Tom) writes:
I have just heard on TV that GM wasn't at the Brits because his mother
is terminally ill with cancer. Unfortunately she is only expected to last
the week. I know this is a very personal topic, but I think we should all
be thinking and praying for her and the family - not because she is GM's
mother, but because she is another human being and she is in pain, as
well as the rest of the family.

I hope she will not suffer too much pain.

It occurred to me while at college today that I said that Elton John
presented George with his award at the Brits, but of course he didn't
because GM was at home with his Mother. Forgive the error - it was
dud info on the radio!

OK - so this is the full speech GM told Elton to tell the world on the Brits:

"To everybody here and everybody at home, I would like to apologise for
not attending tonight's award show. I would genuinely have loved to have
been there to say a huge thank you to my fans. My love to my family and
friends and to everybody who has helped to make music my life for the
last 15 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Elton added how proud he is of him and to send his love to his family and
to George.

Hope you think this did him proud - I think so!

(I can't think of anyone better to accept the award on his behalf. AG)

Tom Wanless
*************************** writes:
He WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately though he wasn't there as his mum is seriously ill with
cancer - I hadn't heard any rumours about that one - and he was at
her bedside.

Elton John collected his award on his behalf and apparently made some
comment about the organisers (don't know if he was referring in anyway
to George).

My heart goes out to him - somebody came in to me today and said they
had heard that "they" (newspapers etc.) don't expect his mum to last the
week - how anybody knows this I don't know, but no doubt the rumours will
start flying now.

I think we'll all be thinking of George even more at the moment than we
normally do, don't you?

(He is indeed. AG)

Love Denise
*************************** (Elizabeth) writes:
Hi Amanda,
this has already been on a chatboard but I thought maybe some Yogmael
readers might not read it, anyway, according to the tabloids G didn't
attend the Brits because his mother is dying in hospital.
Here's what "The Sun" said:


Heartbroken George Michael stayed away from last night's Brit awards
to nurse his cancer-stricken mum.

George, who was named best male singer, was at the bedside of gravely-
ill Lesley Panayiotu. Pal Elton John accepted the gong on George's
behalf and read a message from the star apologising for his absence. A
close friend of 33 year old George said: "He is devastated. She has been
ill for some time but has suddenly taken a severe turn for the worse. All
our thoughts are with her and George right now."

It is thought Lesley, from Bushey, Herts, is at a private London hospital.
The mum of three, who is in her fifties, went to hospital in December for
treatment for her diabetes.

She was allowed h (Rose Wagner) writes:
Hello from Germany & Austria. if you like to you can take a look at my

There are links to:
"The Official GEORGE MICHAEL WEB CHANNEL" from his new label
aegean & The fantastic GM-Page by BO ANDERSON. More coming soon.

I want to found a fanclub in Germany, but not only for German fans, so if
anybody wants to email me, it would be great.

Great page here nice to visit you.
Take care,
*************************** (Sa'ah) writes:

From the 1st of March (NZ time)/(28th February in the US) I will be
no longer at this email address. Please defer all messages to: (for simple text letters and immediate
response) (for small attached files,
checked less frequently).

Correspondence with large files of graphics or .WAVs should be sent to (response will be sporadic during year).

(Which address would you like your YM delivered to? AG)

All international postal correspondence should now be directed to:
PO Box 8068, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

***"...What your mother don't know, She won't mind, Her good advice
was a waste of time, You wanna live fast, Cutting it fine, Make hay while
the sun shines. No one there to say you're "wrong" or "right", You've
waited a lifetime, Burning all your bridges tonight... No stone left
Jump in the fire you're gonna get burned, You might lose your way,
When you come out to play the wild life... Every time I try to win I lose,
I'm tired of waiting, Now I'm gonna make my own rules..."***

Sarah Mager
Department Of Geography
University of Otago
New Zealand.
*************************** writes:
I have few questions for you all,specially for those who live in U.K.
When I was a kid,I was a big fan of British bands with GM being my
favourite,of course.I suddenly became very curious about what
happened to the bands I once admired.May be you guys could give
me some info.

1. Spandau Ballet:I saw the Kemp brothers in a movie called'The KRAYS'
or something like that,then I saw Gary Kemp in the movie 'The bodyguard'
appearing as a stupid bodyguard of Whitney Houston's,and then I bought
this solo album of Tony Hadley(the band's lead vocal)a few years later.
I can guess that they have split but I wanna know why,when, how.

(I can tell you that Martin Kemp, my personal fave--I've always had this
for bass players...--married and had a daughter with Shirlie Holliman. He's
also done a movie of the week "Murder Between Friends", and an episode
of the Canadian made "Outer Limits" called "Blood Brothers". He's also
done some vampire movie with Alyssa Milano. AG)

2.Breathe: The year 1988 was year of Faith as you all remember.And
it was also a year for this new band called 'Breathe'.They had 3 top
10 hits in the US(Hands to heaven,How can I fall? and Don't tell me
lies.)George Michael once praised the vocal of David Glassper,the lead
vocal of this band.Breathe had their secon album released 1990 and that
was it.What happened to them??? If you like GM's music,I'm sure you
will also like this band's music.Much better than Oasis or Blur.

(As I joke--though with startling sincerity--"there was something other than
Faith released in 1987/8?" AG)

3.Clark Datchiler:He was the lead vocal of 'Johnny hates Jazz'
He had his solo album released in 1990 and I haven't heard any news
of his since then.Anybody Knows what happened to him?

4.Last but not the words. Just go to the site
and click on the button that says "Aegean". It plays in four parts and
runs for about 40 minutes. As always, thanks Amanda!
*************************** (Harris, Fonda E.) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Just want to say how great Yogmael is again. I love it. You are really
doing a great job answering all of these questions. I would like to add
to the MONKEY question by one of the fans. It is about drugs. George
had a girlfriend he really cared about who was addicted and that's why
he wrote the song. The "monkey on your back" is the drug habit.

Thanks for all you do!
*************************** (~Kinga~) write:
Hi Amanda and Yogmaelings! (I've decided to call us that...*g*)

(I've decided you shall be referred to as the camera crew... AG)

I've got two things to say...and actually, one of them is a question:

1.) I've sent two things to you over the past two weeks and I've yet to see
them of them dealt with "Bare 2" (putting together all of the
articles in YMs) and one of them had the lyrics to "I Can't Make You Love
Me". If you haven't received any of these, please let me know and I shall
re-send it. Ok? Just a little paranoid, that's all!

(It's called put it in perspective, this is issue #108, and is
sent for February 26th, but here I sit on Feb 17th compiling the list...
Legit priority postings get posted faster--release dates, air dates, MUST
HAVE NOW, etc. but the rest goes into the queue. AG)

2.) I've created a page that has tid-bits of sounds from George and Andrew
from interviews and remixes of songs. These are all in .wav format for
now, so you may save them and use them as sounds for your computer.
Most are quite big (around 100 KB) and so it may take you some time to
download them and stuff. I have received a suggestion from Strange to
convert these to Real Audio files, to save space and believe me, I need
more space...two MB of space given to me by geocities is no longer
sufficient. So it's either RA or zipping the files. Either way..feel free
visit, check things out and let me know what you think, ok? The url is: .
The rest of my page is totally unrelated to George but you may roam
around and see what kind of a person I really am. *grin* There's also a
link to my portfolio page! Rah! Rah! Rah! *lol* I'm sure all 500 of you
eh? ;-)

Anyhow, I've got no counters, so I'm not trying to drum up some
business at all..I just thought I'd share this with yall. Ok? Or as Simon
Bates said "Are we happy listeners now?" or umm..readers...*grin*

Loads of hugs...
Kinga (listening to all these George and Wham! interviews sure puts
me in a good mood. )

"Drink wet cement, get really stoned"
Kinga "The Multitasking Queen"
*************************** (Gaz the raver) writes:
Hello everyone,
My names gareth, and I am 17 years old.
I live in Cardiff in the U.K. I haven't got any pen pals in the U.S. at the
moment as I've only just joined the net. If anyone who's interested in
george michael, beavis and butt-head, or likes the Washington Redskins
would like to write to a boring fart like me, then please do so.
Love you all,
*************************** (Gerard M. Villongco) writes:
Hello, I would like to join the fan club and be a part of the mailing list.
I'm interested them. I do appreciate humourous ones for my own amusement

Lastly, for those of you in Southern Ontario (Canada), we're looking to
finally get together and meet up, likely in London (Ontario). If you're
interested, let me know, transportation issues can likely be worked out.

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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