Hi. It has been brought to my attention that I screwed up on the contest ran
in 100. That doesn't mean you lose your prize Leeanna! The problem was with
the question no one got right, as in #9--"Problems with which album release prompted
George to file suit against Sony." According to an article I read in
BillBoard magazine, it was Five Live, but I have been corrected by Elena who
uses George's own words to prove me wrong. **Actually, the last straw was
Sony's failure to promote the Red Hot + Dance
project, as George himself stated in paragraph 90 of his witness statement
(as quoted in the Sony verdict): "It was Sony's behaviour in relation to
'Red Hot & Dance' which finally led me to the conclusion that I could not
make recordings for that company."** (Elena Mavros:
Fortunately, this error does not change the contest winners any. One person
hinted at Red Hot & Dance, but failed to answer the other 9 questions
correctly. Leanna, you're
still the winner, and I will be more leary of what BillBoard week
I'll rifle through the vaults and find the offending article.

Also, a third person has come forth regarding undelivered product. To put
this in perspective, to the best of my knowledge, someone on this list has
taken about $350 US in total from 3 people, all of which I consider myself
friends with. Now I know I can be slow to respond to people, but there's a
difference. I'm dubbing, that takes time. All you have to do is package and
mail the original product. I strongly advise you to show my friends some
results, before I expose you for what you are. You have until Friday.

*************************** (Shawn Light) writes:
Previously in YOGMAEL... (Tom) wrote in issue #94:
>As I write this, I'm listening to the Older EP. This afternoon on
>the pepsi Network Chart (in Britain) we shall find out what position Older
>has jumped into (#1 I hope, but the rest of Britain seems to be going
>through a crap music phase at the moment, so Spice Girls or something worse
>will probably top the charts!) Has GM ever topped the
>American/Canadian/Australian Charts?

I did a little research and found that including all of his work with Wham!
George has had 27 singles hit the Billboard Hot 100. Of the 27 songs,
George/Wham! have had 10 Number Ones for a total of 23 weeks at the top spot.

Here are the number ones: 1)Wake Me Up..., 2)Careless Whisper, 3)Everything
She Wants, 4)I Knew You Were Waiting (w/Aretha), 5)Faith, 6)Father Figure,
7)One More Try, 8)Monkey, 9)Praying For Time, and 10)Don't Let The

Also, of those 27 songs, only six have failed to make the top 10. Those
songs are Bad Boys (#60), Where Did Your Heart Go (#50), Waiting For That
Day (#27), Mothers Pride (b-side of Waiting, #46), Somebody to Love (#30),
Killer/Papa was... (#69).

The rest isn't too shabby either. Two #5s (including w/Deon Estus), Two
#8s, a pair of #3s, Two 7s, and Two #10s, and a single #2 (I Want Your Sex,
which would have been number One if it were given any airplay).

This information comes from Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Singles 1955-1993. Just
one note: This book only contains information about 25 of George's singles,
the other two are JTAC and FastLove, which hit #7 & #8 respectively, making
a grand total of 27 singles to hit the Hot 100. I have seen information
that differs slightly, but Whitburn compiles his information straight from

Also in this book, George is ranked as the #41 charting artist since 1955.
Only a few artists behind him that are active are in immediate reach. By
now, he may have dropped a few places. But no matter how unpopular he seems
in Michael, singing for a cause (I can't remember
what the cause was for).

(It was an AIDS benefit. AG)

If anybody has any information leading to the purchase of this video,
please let me know... I would appreciate it greatly.

(I don't think it was ever put into commerical release, but I taped it from
TV and maybe we can arrange for a dub. BTW, Zoe, your request is not
forgotten. AG)

*************************** (Gil J) writes:
Hi - is it Amanda?
My friend in Japan has been e-mailing me various clippings from your
newsletters, so thought I may as well get on your list. I'm and I'm in San Francisco

(Welcome. AG)

Personal Data: George & I share the same birthday (6/25) - though not the
same year, of course
("Give us a bit 'a vibe here!")

Inquiries: Was the recent 1 hour Unplugged on VH-1 (barely 3/4s of an hour
with commercials) an edited version of a longer concert on MTV? If so,
would be interested in a re-broadcast of the full version on either MTV or
VH-1, if anyone has any idea how to get this info.

(There has been a couple re-broadcasts, but I have no idea when the next one
is. As for what VH1 aired, the full aired Unplugged wasn't more than 45
minutes. AG)

Can we find out if the VH-1 GM Video Collection hour is shown
periodically? Will it be repeated soon?

(No idea. AG)

Is there any way to get or tape a copy of the Fast Love video, without
just hanging around VH-1 until it shows up? Like, do they have a schedule
of individual selections? (I've been to their web site, but only see
programming schedules.)

(Doubtful. AG)

Hey - no sweat if you can't get to individual inquiries like the above ...

(Answers to questions are the basis of YOGMAEL... AG)

I look forward to being on your list!
*************************** (K.) writes:
I have so many questions that I almost don't know where to start!!!

1. In one issue an Alex meintioned that there's a Yogfest in August in L.A.?
Please give me any info you have on this as I'm moving to L.A.!!

(Some details ran in #101, and more will follow once I know what weekend
we're getting together on. AG)

2. From issue #91 about George's wax statue - you said it was modeled during

"the whole Sinatra incident." What incident was that? And is this
at the wax museum in Hollywood?

(The incident involved Sinatra writing an open letter to George and taking
out a page in the Los Angeles Times to run it rather than mailing it to
George. I have the text of the letter somewhere. Basically, it was about
Sinatra's outrage that George wanted to scale down his career. George didn't
take it real seriously, but allegedly got rather pissed off at Sinatra. The
waxwork was created for Madame Tussaude's in London I think, although it
could be the Rock Circus. AG)

3. From issue #92 posted by Rehan who wanted the diet coke ad with George;
what county runs that, and is it on video or in a magazine?

(Back in 1988, George did an ad campaign for North America, it was TV
commercials. It didn't last real long, but George still got paid. AG)

I've never heard anything about these three topics before!!

Also to Stacie (Issue #93) Yes! I wrote elaborate stories of the same kind,
from ages 12 - 16, about GM, and all the members of Duran Duran...they all
wanted me of course...and it was so hard to choose...
One of my friends was so taken by the stories, even through she was one to
like writing--wrote stories herself involving her favorite wrestlers...she
obviously had different interests than I...It was alot of fun
though...unfortunatly I have no idea if all those great stories still exist
somew song, mellow, yet sensual, great words,
and the most beautiful music. I love instrumentals and it even has that.
Thank you great people. I have been playing now for hours.

(You're welcome! AG)
*************************** (Brian) writes:
Previously in YOGMAEL...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Sandra) writes:
>I have a question:
>In 1988, if I'm not wrong, GM won some prizes in the American Music Awards
>"Faith". I don't remember very well but I think in his speech he said
>like "I wanna thank my wife, for being ...." My wife? Why did he say that? I
>this girl Kathy, who was there, was his girlfriend...I know this is a silly
WHAT George really said, rather tongue-in-cheek, I might add, is:
"I'd like to thank my management, Michael Lippman and Rob Kahane... Oh, and
I'd like to thank their wives for being so hospitable to me. (big grin -- the
crowd starts screaming wildly)"

All the best,
Brian in Houston
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
T-SHIRTS FOR SALE - ALL at $10 (or less if noted!)

* George in color doing the Faith stance with guitar, on reverse side says
"George Michael The Faith Tour", white shirt, Size M
* George in black outfit, in bare feet, Faith symbols in gold, on reverse
says "Faith George Michael", white shirt, Size M
* Same as above, but George is in color, pink shirt, Size XL
* Gold heart Faith symbol, says "Faith George Michael", pink shirt Size XL
* Careless Whisper promotional shirt, says "Careless Whisper" with photo of
couple kissing, white shirt Size M
* Black shirt, says "I Want Your Sex George Michael." On back says "Explore

Monagamy" Size L
* Same as above but shirt is worn $8
* Black shirt, says "George Michael" with "Faith" downt the front side, Size
Shirt is worn $8
* Photo of George from inside the LWP album,says "Listen Without Prejudice,
black shirt Size M
* Wham! shirt with photo of George and Andy in sheets, says "Wham!" on the
back, pink color Size L

OTHER ITEMS FOR SALE - (some at reduced prices this week!)

* Older E.P. containing Older, I Can't Make You Love Me, Desafinado, The
Strangest Thing Live UK $12
* Star People US promo 12" vinyl single containing four mixes $8
* Fastlove US promo 12" vinyl single containing four mixes $8
* Spinning The Wheel US promo 12" vinyl single containing four mixes $8
* Jesus To A Child US promo standee $15
* Listen Without Prejudice US promo standee $8
*************************** (Nancy) also writes:
Hi everyone - just wanted to respond to a few things:

Someone had asked what George said at the 1989 American Music Awards
What he said was that he thanked his managers for their hard work, and he
thanked his manager's wives for being so hospitable to him.

Also, I know there has been a lot of talk about how tall George is. I have
him three times, and he is NOT 6 foot. In fact, he is only a few inches
than I (I am 5' 4" tall). My fiance Patrick was with me once when I met him,

and Patrick towered over George (Patrick is 6'2").

Finally, I wanted to thank Amanda for her integrity and ethical values on
her decision to not print any of George's home addresses. I know that George

would be appreciative.
*************************** (Vickie) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Just a quick quick quick question for you. On the CD single 'Older' there
is an entry form for a competition to see George Mi avenue to try
(but you've probably already thought of that!).

(Yes, but I'm being patient... AG)

Speaking of fan clubs, the one I started with two of my friends officially
met for the first time in January--we watched the Unplugged special.
We've picked up 3 more members since then and we're probably meeting again
next Thursday to watch the interview that came with it.

(CONGRATS!! I'm hoping to gather the southern Ontario brigade soon. So if
you're in the London/Hamilton/Toronto area, drop me a line and let's set a
date. AG)

Just thought I'd share. I hope everything is going well with you. Try
not to work too hard :).

(I always try, I am just rarely successful... AG)

To Wrap it Up:

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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