Hey all! This was supposed to be an intro giving details for YOGMAEL Weekend
'97, but a more pressing matter came up. It would appear that we have a
problem on our hands here...someone is collecting considerable sums of
money--$75 here, $200 there--and not delivering product. Can we please work
this out as soon as possible?

*************************** (Alicia) writes:
To my wonderful YM family--
Firstly, let me start off by giving an emormously huge THANK YOU to AG for my
special YOGMAEL edition(YM 96)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very honoured--beyond
words, but let me try by saying simply "You are forgiven for the 'October
incident'--and I will now ungrudgingly accept my new nickname of Andrew":)
(Hope that is expressive enough for ya!:))

("Of the most increbible rhetoric ever..." AG)

Secondly, I also want to publicly thank those of you who have sent AG
duplicates of Yog items--yes, they were indeed for me--and I'm sure you heard
my shrieks of joy acrossed the oceans!!:)

(Indeed, she wants me to pass a law to that effect... AG)

Thirdly, here is is my unYogly request to members: I am doing a semester
report on Bob Geldof/Live-Aid and I need any & all info. I can get my hands
on!:) Any info. would be good--including getting my hands on a "FEED THE
WORLD" T-shirt!!!:)
Since this is not a Yog-related mission--you can please reply to my personal
email address( I have the Band-Aid promo video, and AG is
kindly going to sort of complete the circle of our friendship by dubbing the
Live-Aid concert for me!!:):)
Anyway--I figure some of you Londoners might be able to help!:)

(She also has Geldof's autobiography in the mail. AG)

*************************** (Brent) writes:
Just wanted to say I will be in the UK from 24th of Febuary (Monday
until the 12th of March) if anyone wants to meet up for lunch or a drink
and have a laugh or two let me know and will meet up at some point
either in London or? Let me know as soon as you can because I leave on
the 24th so e-mail me and will set something up maybe get a bunch of us
together? Also if anyone needs the Fastlove SUmmer Mix on cd single
from USA I will bring some extra copies with me to the UK if anyone is
needing that no problem.
Anyway hope to meet some of you soon!!!
Cheers! Brent
*************************** (laura) writes:
Hi Amanda, it is always me...the italian best yog fan.....
I wanted to ask you if you could give me all the possible web sites related
to Yog.....

(A frequently asked question the great tradition of delegating
tasks, who on here is an avid web surfer with a good web site list? AG)

P.S. I went to the yogmael's just great!!!!!

(Tim and I do so try... AG)

Thaks to you and all the yog fans for existing...."you put the grey skies
out of my way"!!!!!

(But do I make the sun shine brighter than Doris Day? AG)

love LAURA
*************************** (THOMAS B ANDERSEN) writes:
I just thought you'll like to know that when the Grammy awards in Demark
were given (sat.1.feb) GM was nominated in the categories he could be
nominated in. Best international hit (Fastlove), best international album
and best international male artist. Those were the only categories he could
be nominated in and he won'em all. Ohhh what a great day. Fugees wasn't
even nominated.....snicker >:-> That goes for Prodigy too. >:->

If anyone have got any GM CD-singles they wanna sell please mail me with
the specs..

See you

*************************** (Kinga) writes:
Hi Amanda and all Yoggers and Yogettes! *grin*

Someone, I can't quite remember who, asked about putting together an

I-net book of all the interviews, articles or other goodies into a common
document from all the YogMaels. I would be willing to do this, however,
it will have to wait a few weeks, but I do think it's great idea. If
anybody else volunteered before me, then I'm perfectly willing to accept
that and step aside. But if you need me to do it, I'll be glad to help out!
Please let me know, ok?

(No, you were the first, but someone else has since stepped forward--read
below--maybe you two can work together. AG)

*************************** (Rene') writes:
Hello Amanda,

Happy Valentine's Day! (I'm a zealot for any excuse to party!). Seriously
though, I was thinking. Do you still want / need someone to archive
interviews and articles that were posted in YM? I have most of the issues
still on my HD and I thought I could help (or maybe start) that project. :)

(Maybe you and Kinga could share the gig? AG)

I am working in windows 95, but I guess that I could cut and paste them
onto a notepad text doc. And I have plenty of disk space.

So, let me know what you think! Have a good weekend!!


Rene' (wondering if I just made a big mistake being overly enthusiastic ;)

(Hmmm.... AG)
*************************** (Haliska, Julie) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I've been reading the archives and I've seen mention of YogMael '97 in
Los Angeles. What's that all about? Sounds like you're talking about a
conference or something. If that's the case, is LA such a good
location. I've often thought we should change the zip code of LA to 911
!!! :o)

(OK, this was just in the intro, but since I know a lot you skip it, now you
have an excuse to scroll back up... It was LA or San Francisco. The point
of using LA is because there is some legit George history there. YOGMAEL
Weekend 1998 will be somewhere else. Maybe London England, maybe New York
City. We'll see. AG)


Julie Haliska (AKA Jewel)
*************************** (Josh D'Lioncourt) writes:
Well...yeah...I've been out of the loop for a while but I'm back.
OK...I'm never gonna catch up on these YM' could you let me
know if I've got this right...Star People is going to be released in the US
only? The company I ordered my Older single from lost my order, but
said they'd get it out to me as of Feb-5...hope they do...maybe I'll get it
for my B-day on the 11th. :)
Also, "Fantastic" has been re-released with the special versions of
"Ray of Sunshine", "Love Machine", and "Nothing Looks the Same In
the Light", as well as that bar-room type tune tacked onto the end of
"Young Guns" on the LP and cassette. I bought my copy imported
from the UK at Tower Records...definitely go get it.
OK...if there's anything else of major importance I'd love to know...12"
singles that have been released...etc. ThanX and I'm glad to be back.
Take care of yourself Amanda.
Josh D'Lioncourt

The rich declare themselves poor,
But most of us are not sure,
If we have too much,
But we'll take our chances 'cause God stopped keeping score.
--George Michael
*************************** (Eugenia Borisenko) writes:
Hi Amanda,

hope you're doing well at the studies and thanks for running Yogmael. There
were couple of things I wanted to ask, first of all could you please explain
what all those Yogmail awards / honours are ?

(Sure. The YOGMAEL Honours are basically the George Michael music awards. A
"pick your favorite" kind of thing. I set 13 categories, and a committee of
25 people voted for their faves to act as the official nominees. The next
step is the general voting process. Ballots will be distributed and voting
will commence on February 20th. Results will be printed March 1st. AG)

And secondly, I wanted people to write you if they had a GM page - I don't
remember if I posted it's adress here on Yogmail when I opened it so I'll
just write it :

there's not a lot of stuff there, I'd put more but I'm very limited in space
so it can't be compared with Bo's page, but we love to see GM always in all
styles and sizes, don't we ?

Bye and take care.

P.S I'd like to wish Lise good luck in her operation and wish all of Yoggers
who are studying now good luck in exams. Bye again.

Visit me at:

* Never state what you can imply *
* *
* *
*************************** (James Zacny) writes:

Do you know when the Unplugged concert will hit the stores in the U.S.?

(It won't. AG)
*************************** (KOH) writes:
hey fellas

I have an extra copy of Older EP (cd) and would like to exchange for other
Gm singles. And also an extra of Jesus To A Child (with freedom94, older
instru, one more try). Anyone? contact me at

Tata For Now
*************************** (Frank Reyes) writes:
I was packing some of my old stuff in all the same size boxes
and came across an old high school program from 10 years back, don't
laugh, (smile)yes, I am an old fart of only 28 years old, and it
was from our Class of '86 Senior Skit Night. I was listed on there
and I sang a George Michael song which was A Different Corner. I
also had several photos taken of me singing this song and it was so
much fun and brought back a lot of memories. I also got a huge
applause and the crowd loved it. I just really wish that my parents
video taped it because they did tape my graduation. Just a fond
memory that I had to share with all of my YOG PALZ.
I have only 2 more George Michael UK Interview cd's left who
ever is interested, please email me at to put one on
hold for you. Also, you will get a list of other Wham! and George
Michael stuff that I have for sale. Hope to hear from you soon.
I also have one Older UK cd single for sale too. Just let me
know and I will hold it for the first one. First come, first serve.
Thanks for everything and will email you all again.
Keep The Faith,
Frank Reyes
SNAPPING (Carolyn)
I see that Older is #10 in UK album sales - up from #11 last week and on the
list for 40 weeks. It is an album that needs listening to several times
before you become addicted to it and I"m glad so many people in the UK are
listening. Note to Laura from Yogmael #101 - you've met George three times
and provided NO details!!! We need details and plenty of them. PLEASE
GIVE!!!!! Love my Yogmael - Congratulations to all 500 of us insightful
people who recognize talent and genius (and cuteness) when we hear (and see)
it. The thing is - George is ultimately fascinating!!!! And about him
getting high and necking with models - how unusual for a rock star - NOT!!!
Love Carolyn
To Wrap it Up:

"Never state, what you can't imply."


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