Hello hello! I am proud to report than within the 24 hour deadline, there
were 13 reponses to the trivia contest. No one got a perfect score. Not one
person got #9 correct...maybe that one was a bit too obscure... I was forced
to draw the winner's name out of a hat since 3 of you--Leeanna, Melanie, and
Christie--got 9 out of 10. And the the winner of a Wham! 12" Remixes CD is
LEEANNA CUMMINGS (!! Contact George Bielinski (egr to arrange for your prize. And thanks again George
for sponsoring YM's second contest.

Lastly, while flipping through the latest Q magazine, I came up with some
Georgely info. Recall we were discussing the vitrues of George's voice, and
how much training he's had? Well I have to admit I was wrong about when he
started, George has had the same vocal coach--an older lady called
Helena--since the Wham! days. Most lessons are at his home in London, but
she has been limoed in to Birmingham before a concert, and flown into St.

1. What is George's birth name? [12/13 Got this correct.]

Georgios Kyriacos (also accepted Kyriacou) Panayiotou

2. What is his birthdate? [13/13 Got this.]

June 25, 1963

3. What are is parents' names? [13/13]

Kyriacos (Jack) Panayiotou, and Lesley Angold Harrison Panayioutou
(Jack and Lesley were sufficient)

4. What is his former Wham! partner Andrew Ridgeley's middle name? [11/13]


5. Who is George's favourite cousin? [11/13]

Andros or Andreas Georgiou

6. Name the two record companies that George has had problems with.

Sony (also accepted Epic, if mentioned it was bought out by Sony)
and Innervision (also accepted CBS, if mentioned
Innervision was a subsidiary label)

7. Which of the manager did George publicly dislike while still under his

Simon Napier-Bell

8. When and where did Wham! play their final concert? [6/13]

June 28th, 1986 at Wembly Stadium (had to have correct date and

9. Problems with which album release prompted George to file suit against

It was not until trying to release Five Live that George filed
to annul the contract. The poor promotion of LWP pissed him off, but not
enough to file.

10. Name George's childhood musical idol and now close friend? [13/13]

The one and only Elton John
*************************** (Lance Bustrum) writes:

I am very interested in live/rare GM (esp on CD). Any tips on tracking some

(Who's got some recommendations? AG)

=) Lance
*************************** (Laura) writes:
Hi everybody,
Im Italian, my name is Laura and Im a great George Michael fan (as most
of you I suppose). First of all my compliments to Amanda. Great job (but
Id like to know something more about you....for example which part of
Canada are you connecting from?,How old are you? And things like that).

(OK, here's a quick rundown: I was born and still live in Hamilton, Ontario.
I'm 21 years old. I'm in my second year of university double majoring in
Political Science and Sociology.

It is such a pleasure to be in direct contact with so many people devoted to
the man himself...its not that easy here to find a fantastic crew like
this...Im sure Ill keep in touch with you very often....(By the way....are
all of you from Usa or Canada?)

(We are global! From Toronto to Thailand! AG)

I also wanted to give my contribution to yogmael ...I met the man in the
flesh three times (last one at christmas).Well, I thought you would be
interested in knowing...Im usually pretty excited and happy when a someone
tells me that he/she met yog..... A
friend of mine told me that George is going to do a few gigs in london
around May/July (no precise date has been given) and since the only thing
Ive never done in 13 years of loyal support is seeing him performing
live...(shame on me....I know....), and since I dont think hell be touring
like he did for the Faith tour....never again.... I wont miss it!!!!!!!!
I also wanted to know something about the George website (P.S. can anyone
give me the London Capitol fm web site as well?). I went there and I had to
write my name and e-mail address before going into it but then nothing
happened.....whats the matter with that? Do I have to wait for some
password or what?

(It's up and running now. AG)

There was a girl in the yogmael n 93 that was searching for the tape of
the radio one interview and live concert, if shes interested I can help
her. Is there someone that could help me in getting the Fastlove summer mix?
I guess it has not been released at all in Europe and waiting for an
original copy , a tape recording would do!!!!!!!pleaseplease!!!!!!!!
keep on like that Amanda!!!!!!!! :)
Laura (Italy)

(I think I can still get you an original, e me for details. AG)

*************************** (Romano Da Silva) writes:
Hello GM Fans!

I've been a fan pretty much since the Faith album came out. I'm not too
crazy about Wham...although "Careless Whisper" is a classic.

Well, just to give you an idea of what kind of a fan I am: when I was in
primary school, I entered a lip-synching contest and showed off my butt
GM-style while swinging to "Faith" with a guitar, leather jacket, shades and
stubble painted on my face with brown makeup. I came in second place...the
winners were two guys doing a duet of "Time of My Life" from the Dirty
Dancing soundtrack, one guy dressed up as the woman singing.

Anyways, I really loved his second favorite song was "Waiting For
That Day". Like any other real GM fan, I anxiously awaited for the release
of his new album, "Older". I bought it on the first day of it's release.
When I first heard it, I wasn't impressed and kind of disappointed...but
then after listening to it a few more times, I started to really enjoy it,
his songwriting is wonderful and insightful. What I like about this album is
that it hasa lot of truth in it and as a young man, I could relate to a lot
of the songs, especially "Older".

By the way, perhaps someone with more in depth-knowledge of George can answer
a question that has been lingering in my mind whenever I listen to one
particular song in the album. Is George lighting up a
joint--marijuana--before the music begins in "It Doesn't Really Matter" I've
listened to this album stoned also and the music in every track is

My older sister is a big fan too. She gets goosebumps when she hears George
sing "You will always love" from Jesus To A Child. She LOVES the
way he expresses himself vocally when he sings that line. haha!!

When does his tour begin this year? Will he be performing in
Canada--Montreal or Toronto?

(Don't bet on him crossing the Atlantic for any other reason than to vacation
in LA. AG)

Romano "Gotta Get Up 2 Get Down" Da Silva
*************************** (Donatella Casadio) writes:
I am an italian 28-year-old fan who had the luck of being among the 72000 at
Wembley's "The Final". First of all, please mail me asap if you know of
someone who can copy or sell this concert.

(I know of someone on YOGMAEL who can copy, but I'm not sure if they want to.
Let us know will you? AG)

Second, I would like to be updated about George's nearest concerts in Europe.
I'm also interested in exchanging opinions between us fans. George is
really fantastic and is finally back!!!

Thanks, ciaos to everybody.
*************************** writes:
I was just listening to Monkey, and I wondered what the significance of
this song is. Surely GM's smooth voice would not be wasted on a joke song
about a pet monkey. Anyone got any ideas on the symbolism used?

(The monkey represents an addiction, likely drugs, maybe drink. AG)

Also, I view Aegean's site through Microsoft Internet Explorer and I must
say it looks fine - you don't need Netscape! Does anyone else find it
brings up another window and displays the real content in this - I find
this really annoying - or is this perhaps because I use Internet Explorer?

(Netscape did it too, and it annoyed me also! AG)

Thanks for the IM Chat the other evening - my parents were amazed - you
made their day and mine!

(Really? I am IM'd by someone almost every time I log on for more than a
minute--NOT that I'm complaining! God knows how many buddy lists I sit on!
I know mine has a good dozen on it. Anyway, I'm glad I managed to amaze
you! Normally all I provide is a laugh and maybe a YM scoop, but I have been
known to offer technical assistance... AG)

I'm going to London in less than a week's time - does anyone know what
vids/books are available in big stores? I have no official ones. I gather
there's a Faith vid, but is there a LWP one - and any books (e.g. this 80
page photo book everyone is going on about) -
Titles would be helpful!

Finally, what surgery did G have in 88?

(He had a cyst removed from his vocal chords. You will notice that the pre
July 1998 vocals are a lot higher than the George of today. It was quite a
big deal really, not health wise, but rather because he was smack dab in the

middle of the Faith Tour. AG)

Tom Wanless
*************************** (Karen) writes:
I have some questions that may have been previously answered so forgive me.

1. What color are George's eyes? I always thought they were brown, but on
the "OLDER" jacket it looks as though he wants us to think they're green.

(Hazel. The green is an air brush. But he does have typical hazel eyes in
that they vary in colour from time to time. Mine for example go green when
I'm tired, brown when I'm mad, golden when I'm happy. Clothing color also
changes appearance, but since all he seems to wear is black, that's not much
use... AG)

2. Is he left handed? In the"I WANT YOUR SEX" video he appears to be
left-handed, but was that just for sake of the camera angles?

(A southpaw--leftie--he indeed is. If anything, he has played with camera
angles to look right handed, take a good look at the Faith vid... AG)

I'm sure you can answer both of these questions Amanda. Thanks as always,
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
Hi - I have a very small quantity of the George Michael single Star People US
promo 12" on vinyl. It includes 4 mixes:

Galaxy Mix 8:08
Club Dub Mix 7:15
Forthright Club Mix 9:16
Forthright Dub Mix 7:27

Comes in a white DJ sleeve with promo sticker on cover. All singles are mint

in condition and are priced at $8 plus postage. If you would like more
information, please feel free to write.

Hope to hear from you soon!


(Nancy: I sent you a note that came back undelivered, but in answer to the
Maddy vids, the answer is: Cheers! AG)
To Wrap it Up:

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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