Hi all! Some notes:

1. I have been processing surveys for most of the last 24 hours, despite the
nasty design flaw of the first version... Again, my sincere apologies for
the screw up, I should have known better, I know enough about e mail to know
that there would be problems... If you have received a survey and not yet
responded, please do, it's only a few minutes of your time. To those of you
who have, you have my eternal gratitude! If you trashed it not knowing it
was mine, and you have the time to fill it out, please tell me so I can
re-send it to you. The sooner this survey is completed, the sooner I can
stop bugging you about it, and move onto the YOGMAEL Honours. (And, no, it
has nothing to do with a looming deadline, the study is not due until mid


3. The address THE "MAIL" AND NOT "MAEL"--has been
decommisioned to make room for a YOGMAEL Honours voting address. Yes, I know
I have a lot of e mail addresses, but if you saw the archives to the address, you'd understand why I've branched out! So yes, the
voting ballot will be coming from yet another address...bureaucracy is great
ain't it? : )

4. Now I promised someone that I would do yet another "in honor of" edition
of YOGMAEL for them, specifically for proof-reading my survey the other
night, and generally for being an all around great guy. And since 100 is a
milestone, I figured it had better be a very important person. And that
person is none other than my personal George Michael guru, the incomparable
ALAN K. HART! I've "known" Alan for about 18 months, from way back in my
days as This man is always in the know, and is always
willing to share. And I know I can speak for all of us when I say THANK YOU
ALAN! When they ask "Who the man?" in I'm Your Man '96, I think they are
referring to you my friend!

5. This is issue #100!!! As Madonna once said--"F*CKING AWESOME!!!!" It's
time for me to thank the people who really make YOGMAEL what it is: THE
PEOPLE WHO POST!!! You know who you are, we all know who you are, we can't
help but get to memorize your addresses! My eternal thanks for giving me
stuff to post and share with the world!

6. I'm taking a long weekend off! That gives you a chance to catch up on
your mail, which I KNOW some of you need to do... : ) So I'll see ya bright
and early Monday morning!

7. This issue is going out to OVER 500 ADDRESSES!!!

WIN A WHAM! 12" REMIXES CD RIGHT NOW!!!! Contest closes Friday February 14th
at 8pm Eastern Standard Time. Submit your entries to me at
titled "ATTN: CONTEST"


This was originally a multiple choice test, but a true George fan should be
able to answer these off the top of his/her head. In the event of my
receiving a number of perfect tests, the winner will be chosen by random
draw. You have 24 hours to answer this, GO!
1. What is George's birth name?

2. What is his birthdate?

3. What are is parents' names?

4. What is his former Wham! partner Andrew Ridgeley's middle name?

5. Who is George's favourite cousin?

6. Name the two record companies that George has had problems with.

7. Which of the manager did George publicly dislike while still under his
8. When and where did Wham! play their final concert?

9. Problems with which album release prompted George to file suit against

10. Name George's childhood musical idol and now close friend?


My thanks to all of you who helped with with the nominees in the YMH's, I'm
still waiting on confirmation from 3 of you before I can hit the stats Michelle...hmmmmm.... AG)

I'm looking forward to reading #100 - Cool!! 900 more issues to go for #

Have you joined the Tim's competition?

(Possessing an Older EP in my collection already, no, I decided not to. BTW,
in the last 12 months, my George collection has gone from 5 CD's to 13. I

like this whole George being prolific thing don't you? AG)

Have a good one.

*************************** writes:
Dear Amanda,

On behalf of your upcoming 100th issue of Yogmael ( I don't know how to
do that fancy little backwards A/E thing that you do) I would just like to
say Congratulations and Way To Go! You are really doing an incredible job on
this and I am getting a lot of enjoyment out of it. Keep up the good work.

(Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying, because I know I am. As for the fancy
and the : It's really easy. For an , hold down the ALT key while typing
in 1098 on the number pad of your keyboard. For an , the code number is
0230. This is just one of many questions that will soon find their way onto
the soon be be completed YOGMAEL FAQ--Frequently Asked Questions--Sheet to be
posted on Tim's page. We'll let you know when it's up. AG)

*************************** (Markjames) writes:
I have a HUGE collection of his earlier stuff and would just like to keep up.
Club Fantastic Fantastic Megamix, Careless demo, A Ray of Sunshine live from
the Tube, and a bootleg Make it Big concert on vinyl. I'm looking to find if
you know anyone who has live videos? Such as Whamamerica--in Philidelphia
preferred--and of course the Final Concert at Wembley Arena.

(Not much to see of the Final at the Arena, considering it was across the
road at the Stadium... AG)

If you know anyone, yourself maybe, I wouldn't mind swapping if I have
anything of interest to someone.

The girl who asked about Jive Talkin', it's by Boogie Box High his cousin

(Or so George let us believe... AG)

If a copy is needed I can tape it.

Awaiting your response,
*************************** (Delina) writes:
Hallo everyone!

Today I'm here to send you the portuguese lyrics of Desafinado. I have to
say that I wasn't able to find the original lyrics anywhere. So these are
basically what I heard. It's possible that some words were misunderstood,
but maybe not--I am portuguese after all.

So here it goes:

Se voce disser que eu desafino amor
Saiba que isso em mim provoca imensa dor
So previlegiados tem ouvido igual ao seu
Eu possuo apenas o que deus me deu

E se voce insiste em classificar
Com o meu comportamento de anti-musical
Nao lhes vou mentir ate vou comentar
Que isso e bossa-nova
Que isso e muito natural
Que voce nao sabe nem sequer pressente
E que os desafinados tambem tem um coracao
Fotografei voce na minha role-flix
Revelou-se a sua enorme engratidao

So nao podera falar assim do meu amor
Que bem maior que voce pode encontrar
Voce passou a musica e esqueceu o principal
Que no peito dos desafinados
No fundo do peito bate calado
No peito dos desafinados tambem bate um coracao

(Antonio Jobim)

This song is from Tony Jobim a famous brazilian singer, which is one of the
best singers of bossa-nova. He also sang Agarota de Ipanema--The girl from
I would also like to add that George's portuguese is very good.

(THANKS A HEAP for taking the time!!! I really do appreciate it, now I can
have a better clue of what I'm trying to sing along to. AG)

Before saying bye, I Just want to say it seems to me that Amanda didn't like
my remark about being t song I ever
Bye bye for now.
*************************** (Ray Khan) writes:
He's simply the best. No other performers songs touch my heart as his do.
*************************** (Jason) writes:
Re: George and Freddie Mercury

actually, i'm pretty sure george has said he didn't know freddie mercury at

*************************** (John Philip Bas) writes:
I just wanted to let you know that an unofficial release of George Michael's
Unplugged or acoustic set will soon be available. KTS is well known for
their superior recording quality, usually nothing less than DDD. While I was
web surfing, I discovered that they plan on releasing the CD sometime soon.
Please check
View Upcoming Releases. With enough interest, possibly the CD will be
processed even faster. I'm not quite sure of this, but an unofficial release
is coming+none-the-less.

(And now for some legalese: The resulting CD's would be illegal, especially
since it is a company profit hunting. YOGMAEL assumes no liability for any
problems you incur. AG)
*************************** (Stefano) writes:
Dear Amanda ,
How many instruments can George Michael play?

(To the best of my knowledge, 4. Drums, electric bass, keyboards, and
acoustic guitar. AG)

My compliments to your work! I do believe that we are practicing the same
Unfortunately I'm only an italian student and I can ' t understand english
very well !
*************************** (Martine) writes:

Hi Amanda,

Its been a while since I last dropped a line to the Yogcrew. I'm the
NYer studying in Geneva, Switzerland, just in case you forgot. And
because I'm such a die-hard fan of George, I find it normal to ask people
if they ever met him. You don't usually hear the answer yes, and you
'Move on'. I love doing that! I ask them So, have you ever met George?
And they look at me baffled, "George who?" I say quite casually GM of
course! Its really funny, because the discussion will usually be about
George since I brought it up.

Anyway, I was in the school cafeteria(cafe), and a friend of mine was
sitting with a couple of her friends. So I asked the 'have you ever met
George' question, with a big smile. And this one girl said yes, about
two months ago in London! I looked at her exclaiming, "what." She said
yeah, I was at this club in London, called "'Equipe Anglaise'; a club
that my British friend told me to go to during my Europe MTV excursion to
meet George. But I was so tired that I opted not to go, thinking that I
wouldn't really bump into George on such a busy weekend.

The rest of the info that I'm going to add may not be music to your ears,
but hear goes. Of course I pleaded with her to give me more details. I
asked her if she walked up to him, to at least say hello..Its George for
goodness sakes! But what I've learned here in Europe is that is really
not such a big deal to most people. Honestly, besides that MTV weekend,
I haven't met any other "die-hard George fans." Its always a yeah I met
him, but I not a fan or anything. I tend to think at those exact
happens! Anyway, this girl tells me, George really looked great, sort of
the 'Star People' Euro MTV look. I'm saying yeah, yeah. Then she tells
me that he walked in with two seventeen year old, drop dead gorgeous
models and that they were making out in the V.I.P. sec mentioned!! But school work leaves my travel time boggled down, so
I am determined; worse case scenario to meet George in St.Tropez in
August, which would be my last month in Europe!

*************************** (Nicole Cherie Jones) writes:
Hi To All the Yogmael Family,
Just a quick question:
What happened between GM and his former manager Rob K. and how did GM

convince Andy Stevens to leave Fony and manage him?

(I have no concrete answer to either, but I think Rob was dismissed over a
comment made by Justice Parker along the lines of the problems with Fony
being the result of too much Rob and not enough George. Rob also owed George
over a hundred grand, and some serious money to Fony as well. As for
Stevens, I think he had already left Fony. AG)

Also the Older EP is now released in Australia.
Thanks for all your hard work Amanda it is much appreciated.
*************************** (Pete) writes:
Dear Amanda,

I received a note from EQS last week stating that an 80-page UK
photo book entitled "Without Prejudice" is slated for release on
February 24th. The price is $19.99 and shipping is $5.00. EQS is
taking advance orders now. You can contact EQS at:

Phone 315-252-1999
fax 315-252-0365
PO Box 323, Auburn, NY 13021

Any news on how we can get a hold of the unaired songs from
unplugged? Also was the unplugged warm-up concert (Radio 1?) aired
and are recordings available?

(No to the first part. There are radio one concerts floating around on

I just received the "Older" single. As a completely biased listerner, I
think it is wonderful. Of course, $13 was a lot to spend for the
advanced listening pleasure of Desafinado, since I bought "Red, Hot
and Rio." But we GM faithfuls spare no expense for new material!
"Older" single noteables: "I can't make you love me" is a studio
version, not the uplugged version, and "The strangest thing" is live.

Thanks for all the hard work. Your efforts are always appreicated.

TO Wrap it UP:


See you on Monday.

"Never state, what you can't imply"


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