Hey all. I had an all too familiar experience yesterday... Scenario:
Discussing a project with a teacher--a lady in her early 30's--and because
it involved using you guys and gals as my sampling group, the mailing list
was the topic of discussion. I mentioned that we were currently doing a
George survey, since we were mad he never gets any awards, to which she asks
"Does he have a new album out?" But she soon made up for it by offering me
a job, so I have a question for the HTML users of the world: How fast can I
learn it, and what will the financial outlay be?

Remember the CONTEST in tomorrow's issue will only be open for 24 hours!!!!

And to answer a question I was recently asked, yes, as a matter of fact, you
can just call me and "ask to be my friend". I'm always looking for fellow
George pals, my friends can only handle so much...

*************************** (Fiona) writes:
Hi Amanda

Today I woke up after a fantastic night dreaming about George and Andy and
I couldn't wait to get to work so I could catch up on some great news. I'm
very interested to see if you've met George and if you did what happened.
I'm dying to know. Has any other Yogmael member met George? I'd love to
hear what happened. Waiting patiently.

(I personally have yet to meet the man himself. My closest brush with George
was meeting Duran Duran, but John did have a little stubble... But yes, a
number of people in the YM family have met George. And since it's been a
while, does anyone wish to recount the experience? Or at least tell me what
issue it was posted in so I can go back and grab it for a re-run... AG)

*************************** (Desiree Motamedi) writes:

(So what went wrong? Who can help us here? AG)

*************************** writes:
Hi. I have a question for anyone who has VH-1. I could have sworn they were
going to have this "special" on Thursday night re: George Michael. It was
supposed to be part of a series of stars with sex appeal, etc. Well, on
Thursday night VH-1 didn't have anything on GM, even though the local
TV-Guide said it was supposed to. Does anyone know what happened?
dawnhunt-at-phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Dawn V. Hunt) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I just got back from a week long break from school and just read this
issue--90--of Yogmael. I just had to let you know that January 30 -- the
it was reported that VH1 would devoted to George Michael-- just happened
to be my 21st birthday. Coincidence? I think not. I'm just sorry that I
missed it. (I don't have cable at home)

(It's never just co-incidence! Hope your 21st was as memorable as mine...Did
you have a drag queen perform at your party? AG)

*************************** (Debra Sue Miller) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Glad you are feeling better.

Do you think if we had a major letter writing (or e-mailing) campaign to
Dreamworks or whomever (is that the proper word?) has the most influence
on George's touring decisions -- that George would consider a U.S.

(George has the most influence on George's touring decisions. I guess we
would go after his manager though. It was Rob afterall who convinced George
to do the Whamamerica tour afterall... Can Andy Stevens do the same? Who's
got the address? I've got some stamps burning a whole in my desk...could
just be Spliff's joint though... AG)

We would have tons of letters and e-mails just from Yogmael alone!!
And-- if everyone sent in more than one letter or e-mail.......hmmm..
well, you get my drift!!!!

(I'm more than willing! AG)

Just a thought. (I'm always hoping I'll get my chance to view his
Gorgeousness up close some day).

(Hoping to see him yet again in his Gorgeousness... AG)

Wishing you well -- Debbie
*************************** (Charlotte Raahauge) writes:
Hi all

Guess what: George Michæl got two Danish grammy awards this saturday:
One for Best Male Forreign artist, and one for Best Album of the Year.
Naturally GM wasn't there to accept the award, but he was on the phone
thanking the danes.

Thank you for the list! BTW, It isn't so hard to get information about GM in

Denmark, he is well known!

(That's why we have the list, so those of us stuck in the US can get the
worldwide info... AG)

*************************** (Hatu, Tim) writes:
I can send copies of the Older single for $12 US or $15 Australian. If anyone
is interested email me on this email:

(THIS IS THE WAY TO GO PEOPLE!!! Don't pay import prices! Make a friend in
a far away land... AG)

And finally some great news from Denmark :

Last night (Feb. 1st.) George Micael won three (!) Danish Grammy Awards:

*Older - Best Foreign Album

*Fastlove - Best Foreign Song

* Best Male Singer

So now it's official - Denmark Loves George Michael.

Info supplied by Jasper Loldrup (
*************************** (Kiwamu Sue) writes:
This is my first e-mail to ""

I'm a very big fan of GM, you know!


I heard from someone, GM will come to Japan, for "Older tour",(maybe).
But, I have never heard the news: "GM is coming".

So, if you know his tour & other information, please, "PLEASE" let me know!

(George will likely play anywhere but North America this year. If Older sold
well in Japan, expect to see him! A note: Within 5 minutes of my getting
any tour confirmation, I can have an emergency YOGMAEL out... AG)
*************************** (Melanie) writes:
Amanda, I think I've figured out why there were conflicting dates for the
Brit Awards. I think the "Brat" Awards were the ones in January.

(That was indeed the mix up...thanks for clearing that up Melanie. AG)

Here's an article I found.


The Times
January 29 1997

Simply fine and Dante
The Divine Comedy,
Astoria, London W1

THE Brat shows are supposed to be a radical alternative to the music
industry's cosy Brit awards. Yet this anti-corporate rebellion, boldly
championing the independent and the non-commercial, is brought to us by
the NME, owned by a giant publishing conglomerate, and a well-known
American beer whose corporate sponsorship Neil Young once memorably
derided. Rock is full of such little ironies.
This year the gulf between the rival awards has narrowed. Many of the Brat
performers are already established chart acts, while the Brits have become
more adventurous. Tricky and Underworld are on one list; the Divine
Comedy and the Boo Radleys on the other. Can you spot the difference?
The Divine Comedy headlined one of the Brat shows last weekend, and in
Neil Hannon they are blessed with a frontman destined to become one of the
stars of the late 1990s, full of louche humour with a decadent, world-weary
delivery that is a cross between Jim Morrison and Scott Walker. Hannon's
songs are almost vaudeville in their wit, with titles such as If I Were You
Be Through With Me), and the material from the forthcoming A Short
Album About Love, even without its 30-piece orchestra, sounded
breathtaking in its mock-epic scope.
Earlier Beth Orton had shown that she is much more than a folksinger,
equally at home with modern ambient moods as her latest single, Touch Me
With Your Love, proves. Some find the mix schizophrenic but it is original
and beguiling.
By contrast, the Wannadies' three-minute slices of guitar-led power-pop,
although perfectly enjoyable, elicited only a jaded "so what?" as they
bounced energetically but conservatively down one of pop's best-trodden
*************************** (Bo Andersen) writes:
Hi Yogmail-readers,

just a short notice:

On Saturday George Michæl won the danish Grammy-Awards for best foreign
male singer, Best foreign hit (Fastlove) and of course best foreign
record (Older).

There will shortly be a full featured description on the event on my
George Michael pages. But probably not until the end of this week. Also
new will be a few pages dedicated to MTV-unplugged including an account
of the evening from a very special eyewitness and complete track-set
(incl. the 3 times they had to restart I Can´t make you love me).

(Looking forward to it! AG)

All for now :)

Take care!
*************************** (Alexandra Sweet) writes:
I don't know if this has been posted in Yogmail or not yet, so if it has,
please disregard it. EQS taking preorders on a NEW GEORGE MICHAEL BOOK!!
It is called without Prejudice, it's an 80 page UK photo book and the
release date is Feb. 24th. Their number is (315)252-1999 and their e-mail
address is:

Just thought you would all like to know!
*************************** (Jason) writes:
would someone please e-mail me if they have a copy of George's book, "Bare?"
I would prefer paperback, but will buy hardback if the price is right.
*************************** (Laura) writes:
Hi Amanda!
First off I must thank you for all your hard work and effort you put into
Yogmail! I know that must sound like such an old cliche now but none the less
know you are appreciated!!! I also must tell you how funny your comments are!
You are very clever!

(Thanks Laura! And there's nothing wrong with being cliched... AG)

I just wanted to comment on the message about writing stories about George. I
remember when I was 11 or 12, I was mad at my friend Angela. Over something
as ridiculous as the fact her initials are the same as Andrew's. So I wrote
this story about us being Princesses and George and Andy being these princes
who came to my rescue saving me from the evil Princess Angela! The story
ended with me being fought over by George and Andy and then me choosing
George to be my Prince Charming. If I knew then how much you like Andy
Amanda... I'd have called you up and told you your Prince Charming was
waiting!- Laura : )

(Ha ha ha ha!! There are those moments when I miss the teenbopper years...
*************************** writes:
<< I just found out today from a friend at Geffen that the Star People promo Club
release has been totally scrapped. >>

According to my source, "Star People" is being released as scheduled. It
will be available on cd and cassette in stores, and on vinyl to clubs only.
Btw, the "Star People" video has been added to VH1's new video list this

*************************** (Nancy) writes:


* Jesus To A Child/One More Try (gospel version)/Older (instrumental) flip
box Australian release
* Jesus To A Child (special radio edit) rare US promo release in blue and
white sleeve
* Jesus To A Child (radio edit)/LP Version UD promotional release in black
case with "AE" embossed on cover
* Cowboys and Angels/Something to Save UK release
* Fastlove (radio edit)/Full Version US promotional release
* Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me US promotional release
* Five Live EP picture disc UK release
* Fantastic US album


* St. Paul Civic Center 9/13/88 - satin or laminate
* Honolulu 4/5 and 4/6/88 - satin or laminate
* Landover 8/6 and 8/7/88 - satin
* Faith "Later", red and black satin which George holding guitar
* VIP laminate with George holding guitar


* Capital Centre 8/6/88
* Madison Square Garden 8/14/88
* Irvine Meadows 10/9/88 (Adam Walsh Benefit)
* Madison Square Garden 10/26/91
* The Spectrum 10/29/91
* Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation 10/11/92


* Wham! Fever - Starblitz #13
* Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation Benefit program
* Faith tour program
* International Fan Club Vol. 1 #3
* International Fan Club Vol. 1 #4
* Faith song book
* George Michael Anabas Magazine - all on George Michael


George is on the full cover of all the magazines:

* No. 1, September 28, 1985 - Wham! cover
* No. 1, December 21 - 28, 1985 - Wham! cover
* No. 1, October 24, 1987 - George cover

* Smash Hits, June 3 - 16, 1987 - George cover
* Max Mag, 1984 - George cover
* Rolling Stone, Jan. 28, 1988 - George cover

For details, please contact me at
*************************** (Neda) writes:
Hi Amanda,

How are you doing? Is school going well? I am in high school and we just had
our Finals (those damn exams that go over everything that you didn't pay any
attention to!) and boy am I tired. But anyways, I hope your studies are
going better than mine!

(It gets even worst in university--the more obscure the info, the more likely
you'll see it on an exam... AG)

I was discussing Jo Bryant with a friend of mine and I was wondering if you
had any information on either her up and coming singing career or just her.
She is amazing I must admit, the perfect person for George Michael's (I
forgot how to do the ae thing, sorry) label, wouldn't you say?

(To get the ever-cool Æ, hold down the ALT key while keying in 0198 on you
number key pad. Jo's bio now sits on the AEgean page. I just glanced at it
though, so I can't tell you much off the top of my head. I shall have to go
back and do some serious reading... Suffice it to say, I have a weakness for
backing vocalists who strike out on their own, so let's see if Jo can find a

coveted spot in my CD collection--like never in the CD holder, always
playing... AG)

I am listening to LWP (it's Cowboys and Angels right now) and was just
admiring how soothing Yog's voice can be. His voice is unbelievable! Has he
ever taken singing lessons in his career or does the diversity in his voice
come naturally?

(To the best of my knowledge, he didn't take up with a vocal coach until
after the surgery in 1988 to get his voice back into shape. The voice
training does reflect in LWP. And as vocalists get older they begin to seek
the training they missed in their youth to keep their voice in good shape for
the long haul. But George the chain smoking pot head is going to have to be
careful. AG)

Another question, the VH1 thing that recently aired, did anyone happen to
record it? My damn cable company cancelled it (TCI cable= bastards!). I will
pay shipping for the tape (and any thing else you might want to send me :-)
THANX! Well, enough from me (I know you've got lots to do) I to hear from you

(I don't have VH1, being a Canuck, but I would like a tracklisting--so to
speak--to see if it's worth getting from someone. And speaking of tapes,
THANK YOU CHRISTIE!! I will be forever in your debt if you can provide me
with the 89 AMA's! I'll be in touch when my work load calms down. AG)

Love always,
Neda Hakimi
*************************** (Paul & Robin L. Sweeney) write:
Hi, glad to hear your back to good health. could you tell me how to get
to the Aegean web site? I tried looking it up on my own before I even
knew one existed and I did'nt have any luck.

(Though you must know by now, the URL is: You MUST
have Netscape to view it. AG)

Oh yeah I was wanting to let everyone know if they are looking up an address
to write to George not to use the following address:

(One in Santa Barbara. AG))

All mail is sent back stamped Moved with no forwarding address.

Keep up the good work!!! receiving Yogmael is a highlight to a long and
rough day.
Jpbas1 (John Philip Bas) writes:
I just wanted to inquire whether anyone had a CD or tape recording of George
Michael Unplugged and or acoustic? I believe he has performed in this format
for Radio One on the BBC and for Mtv. An unofficial CD release will be
coming soon, please refer to Check "Coming Soon" No date is yet available.

(REALLY?? I am waiting on a copy of the Radio One Unplugged from a friend in
France, and anyone can make a decent audio of the Unplugged using either a
stereo TV or VCR, a recording deck and some cables. AG)

Also, does anyone know how to order a copy of the "Older" E.P.? How much
would that be in US dollars? Thank-you in advance.

John Philip Bas
*************************** writes:
I have a homemade video of a compilation of George Michael stuff from various
shows. No, I'm not writing to sell or dub it! However, I have made some
pretty cool tape case inlays for VHS Video cases. They aren't that fancy, but
have some good pics and when printed on coloured paper, make your GM Videos
look much classier! I made these on Microsoft Publisher 97. If anyone wants a
copy of the file, send me an email and I can send the file over.

(My fave case inlay was courtesy of Alicia and belongs to my The Final
concert tape. AG)

By the way, the pics were all downloaded from the Different Corner Website
( and Eugenia's George Michael Page
( Eugenia is a member of
YogMael. Thanks for the info, Eugenia!
To Wrap it Up:

CONTEST TOMORROW: To the winner goes a Wham! 12" Remixes CD. Estimated send
time of issue 100 is 8pm EST.

YOGMAEL Honours: Voting to commence on February 20th, keep your eyes open fo
further details.

Sorry for the daily (over)dose, but I just need to get caught up! Hope to
cut down again soon!

And lastly remember: That survey you got from was from me,
so please take a couple minutes and respond to it after you've enjoyed yet
another edition of YOGMAEL...

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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