Hey all! I think we should name the Koala Spliff. I've made him a little
DRUG FREE "joint" out of an old "YOGMAIL" business card--I even lit it for a
couple seconds to get the proper effect--and taped it to his mouth.

Anyway, after a long time trying, I managed to access the AEgean experience.
Not too shabby at all, would look better with a YOGMAEL link--Look George,
I'll even change the name--but a good site all the same. A must for the
fans, and decent for anyone with even an interest in the man's music.
Really, it is a great site, and I'm looking forward to it getting even

"I have added a small competition on my WEB page especially
for the people in the US since Older has not been released there :-( .
For the next 2 weeks I will be giving away a copy of the Older EP every
week. What you have to do is to be the first to identify the 6 George
Michael songs in the sound clip. Email me at if you know
the answer. I will announce the results as soon as there is a winner.

Cheers and Good Luck

P.S. This week's hasn't been won yet and there are 2 more clips to go. One
every Sunday.


*************************** (George Bielinski) writes:
Dear Amanda and Yogtribe,

The 10th of February launch of Ægean web page answered number of questions:

Would Ægean's site be as good as it deserves to be?
Well, the answer is definitely YES. the new Ægean web page is just great
(just like the other GM web pages). The design is just great, and it is
very informative.

Would YOGMÆL become obsolete?
The answer is definitely NOT, thanks God! Quite on the contrary - we are
gonna have just one more great source of info for our YOGMÆL discussions.

I strongly believe that Ægean web page perfectly compliments other GM
related material, and it just doesn't get any better than that. And this
very fact is only a testimony that the Man himself must visit other sites
(including YOGMÆL archives) on a regular basis. Therefore: Hi George! :-)
(I just couldn't resist writing this).

Amanda, thanks again for all your hard work. Any plans for YOGMÆL #500?

(Yes, I've got 400 issues to convince Mr. Michael he should grant me an
interview... AG)


OK YOG Crew, YM's second fave George--George Bielinski--has kindly offered to
sponsor our next contest. This one is a purely objective Georgely knowledge
test... The contest will run in issue #100, and just so I know you're doing
your test without too much cheating, I expect answers within 24 hours! That
basically means, STUDY NOW!!! From the official send time of issue
100--sometime Thursday evening--you have 24 hours to submit. Yes, this will
screw some people--those that don't read immediately--out of having a chance,
but will reward the diehards. SO what's up for grabs? A Wham! 12" remixes
CD. Look for the contest to lead off issue 100.
*************************** (Anne Bolen) writes:
just checked out the new Aegean website. It's pretty cool. I love the
history section with the different pictures of George. He was a cute little
boy. If you haven't had a chance to check it out, do it.

*************************** (Diane Randall) writes:
Hi Amanda,
This is my first time writing to Yogmael -- and let me echo all the others by
telling you what a terrific job you're doing. I really enjoy it.

Anyway, I've just taken my first look at the Aegean site -- and I nearly
passed out when of George is greatly appreciated and I personally don't
want them to stop bringing joy and happiness to George fans around the


As good as Aegean might be or can be, it could never take the place of Yog
Mail.....and as soon as I figure out how to e-mail George through the site,
I'm gonna mention your hard work to him.... : )

(I'm always, thanks Mark! AG)

The URL at EQS, for those of you interested in purchasing the 'Older' single
and 80 page photo book, is:
I apologize for the mistake, I don't know if EQS changed their address or
not, but this one works....sorry Lisa Marie

Although it's not typical yog mail, I would like to thank my wife Lisa for
understanding my interest in George's music...although she likes George's
music, she's not as fanatical as I.....and to all those wonderful
spouses/girlfriends/boyfriends who have to put up with the other interests,
thank you....

(Yes, one of the most frequently written introductory personal notes includes
a reference to a long suffering significant other... THANK YOU TO ALL THE
SPOUSES and especially to the wives and girlfriends for letting me steal
their man's attention for a couple minutes each day... AG)

take care

*************************** (Melanie) writes:

I just saw this article, and it mentions the Aegean website. I guess this
explains why they are premiering it in Cannes, France.


By Marcel Michelson CANNES, France, Feb 9 (Reuter) - International show
business stars are making guest appearances at the MILIA multimedia trade
show, trying to cash in on opportunities offered by the Internet and CD-ROM
computer discs.

With an installed base of more than 100 million computers with a CD-ROM
drive and an explosive growth of connections to the Internet, the big names
of more traditional media sectors such as music or film are showing keen

The French Mediterreanean beach resort of Cannes is accustomed to regular
line-ups of limousines and celebrities during its annual film festival.

But the annual MILIA has until now been an event only for egghead
software engineers and visionary -- but virtually unknown -- businessmen.

Dutch model Karen Mulder and an extravagantly dressed porn game starlett
named Kikki were the only two to turn heads at MILIA 1996. But times are

Actor and director Kenneth Branagh is set to unveil a CD-ROM on the
Shakespeare play "Hamlet" on Sunday on the first official day of the four-day
MILIA, taking the Bard into the third milennium.

***Pop star George Michael, freed from contractual obligations to his
former producer, will be going on a tour in to cyberspace on Monday, opening
his "website" where fans can hear his latest tracks, see pictures and read

Yet the opening cocktail party on Palm Beach on Saturday evening, while
hosted by television company Canal Plus , was still a far cry from a
show business extravaganza.

Most of the thousands of people that throng the Palais des Festivals here
remain mainly interested in selling CD-ROM projects, software, games or
computer services to each other.

The biggest exhibitor is Apple Computer Inc , set to build on the
reputation of the Macintosh as the most popular computer for the creative

It will throw a party on Monday night to celebrate the 20th anniversary
of the Macintosh and is showing a sleek new model of the Mac that would not
be misplaced in a modern design collection.

Intel Corp makes a big entree this year with a large stand to
trumpet the virtues of the MMX chip, also called multimedia chip, that will
boost the power of multimedia computers.

Small French Infogrammes will unvei wondering if you have stopped by the Aegean site today! Absolutely
Brilliant!! Very nice site, easy to understand and navigate.

Not a "Fan Page" type. Mostly has to do with A&R. Couldn't help but notice

George's signiture on everything. Although it Tried to be unbiased,
couldn't help but read George's view on everything from the "Time Line" to
the Sony Court Case.

(You mean like "Betrayed..."

It does have some video clips; I didn't have the correct pluggins, so I'm
installing them tonight.

Also has the lyrics to all of the songs on his past three albums; I guess
George got tired of us singing them wrong!

(Well had he just sang the same lyrics on Older that he put on the liner
notes... AG)

Still haven't found the email address to that site. But then again, it's only
the first day.

BTW, do you know how to get Netscape to show the "Tool Bar" [like home,back,
ect]. When I loaded George's site, I got a Netscape window that only has the
Title bar at the top!

Oh Well, Too excited for words!! Take Care!

There's Sanity in Numbers!

*************************** (David Lebois) writes:
(Paris - Monday Feb 10th - 23.55 PM french time)

Dear Amanda,
dear Yogmailers,

They just told on the radio that George was in
Cannes on Sunday nigth at the opening of the 5th
MILIA (marche international de l'edition et des
nouveaux medias, i.e. international editing an new
medias market). The MILIA brings every year 1200
profesional of new medias (CD-ROM, Internet...) from
47 countries in Cannes.
Mr MICHAEL presented a new system called real-video.
It's real time time video for internet, like with
real-audio. The journalist said he presented a great
demo and that the man was very nice with everyone (I
didn't doubt it!!!).

Tonight, there's a party for the launching of
Aegean, but I don't have any detail for the moment.
A friend must be there (if she can) and she will
phone me tuesday. I'll send you any information I
can get as soon as possible.

Keep up the incredibly good work.

PS: infos (in french) on MILIA at and
*************************** (Jacqueline Larcombe) writes:
Hi there. I'm a new member & I would just like to say how amazing &
fantastic Yogmail is - all these George freaks - such Faith!

I recently discovered something about a new acquaintance of mine. ie he
knows George (at least he did - they haven't spoken in about 5 years.) He
told me the whole story over a couple of drinks the other night. This
individual was Pepsi's boyfriend for like YEARS. And George set them up! (I
checked him out and his name does appear in the thank-yous on the Pepsi &
Shirlie album as her man.) In addition, he worked in a bar in London
(Beetroot or something) when George and Andrew were starting out (and even
before that at the time of Exectutive). Because of them being so called
broke & on the dole etc. He used to give George and his friends free
drinks. Hence the line "Club Tropicana drinks are free..." !!!!!!!!! Anyway
- just thought I'd share that as it made me pretty happy, excited, jealous
etc etc

(You probably "Le Beat Route", which is indeed what Club Tropicana is based
on. I guess I'd be a little jealous too! AG)

Looking forward to my next Yogmail update. By the way - do you have heaps of
"subscribers" in Australia?

(Yup. The "aussie.txt" address file has over 20 name on it, and comes in
4th, behind the US, Canada, and the UK. AG)
snider Finchley

(He was born in the PANAYIOTOU's house. I went there in 1991 and took
several pictures of the house and the street. You can email me for a
copy at
2 Name, if any

Georgios Kyriacou

{it's written Kyriacou and not Kyriacos like his father... But in BARE

(1990), he wrote "My name his Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou". In FACTFILE
(1992 photo-album edition of BARE with great new materials and an extra
chapter about the CTC tour), it's also written Kyriacos. Someone knows
the right name?}

(I think AEgean says it's Kyriacos, as is the signature at the front of Bare.
I know of a couple of people who have inaccurate birth certificates, all of
whom have ethnic names. AG)
3 Sex


{that's official now!!! ;) }
4 Name and surname of father

5 Name, surname and maiden surname of mother

Lesley Angold PANAYIOTOU
formerly HARRISON
6 Occupation of father

Restaurant Assistant Manager
7 Signature, description and residence of informant

73 Church Lane

8 When registered

Sixth August 1963

(OK, it was some 12 years before my birth, but my birthday all the same....
9 Signature of registrer

10 Name entered after registration


(So no, he NEVER legally changed his name to George Michael, the Fony
proceedings were filed under Panayiotou. AG)
Keep up the fantastic work, Amanda !!!
David LEBOIS (
*************************** (Elizabeth) writes:
Hi Amanda,

you were asking about GM's birth certificate.
There is a picture of it in an old copy of Smash Hits, or at least a
pic of a copy of it from something like 1984, and it doesn't have the
time of birth on it! I think English birth certificates at that time
didn't need to have time of birth on them, though I might be wrong.

(I know that the Canadian birth certificate cards we carry don't need them,
but our long form contains birthtime I believe, I was just hoping the UK
might be the same... And as we saw above, indeed, we're out of luck. AG)

BTW, have you told Dreamworks or Virgin that you're running this
incredible info service? Maybe they would send you info or promotional
stuff or something?

(I have yet to contact them directly on the matter of YM believe it or not.
Maybe one of these days, but I think I may just wait a while and go straight
to the top--meaning AEgean. AG)

Keep up the fandabbydozy job,

*************************** (Alex) writes:
Hi Amanda, As a new member to YOGMAIL, I 'd like to congratulate you on the
fantastic job you are doing! I also have a stupid question to ask, since I am
new here, I really don't know what YOG stands for?

(Even though he doesn't like anyone but close friends and family to use it,
YOG is George's nickname. A shortform of his Greek name, which is pronounced
Yorgos, Andy picked up on it while hanging 'round the Panayiotou household,
and the rest is history AG)

Also, question # 2 there was a arcticle that somone put out on YOGMAIL about
GM not having able to fi have gotten my messages on your
answering machine! I would love to catch up on happenings since 1989
- I've got lots to share girlfriend!!)

AG - you've done a great job with YOGMAEL!!!!! Thank you from this

(Thanks Anita! We'll miss you. AG)
To Wrap it Up:

NOTE: Tomorrow a few hundred of you in North America will be receiving a
request to complete a survey on "Democracy and the Internet" from As we all know, YOGMAEL isn't my job, being a student is,
and I would really appreciate it if those of you who do receive it could
please take the time and complete it. It's all multiple choice and shouldn't
take more than 5 to 10 minutes to complete. My thanks in advance for helping
me further my academic career.

Also, George, Nancy and Alison: I need confirmation on your nominations for
the YMH's. PLEASE?

Lastly, Alicia, Olderfan, Brent and Denise: I STILL NEED your nominations!

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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