HI ALL!!! ĘGEAN should be online by the end of the day Monday, so let's see
if the pros can set up as good as a site as the fans have already built
themselves...they've got their work cut out for them. To hit the site you'll
need this URL:
Read on for further details.

Next order of business, you may have noticed the sender of this mail was not, but rather THAT'S THE NEW ADDRESS!!!! I am
taking back my personal address! Personal/nonpostings should be sent to, postings to Yogmael to
If my pals the web masters could adjust their pages when they get a couple
minutes, I'd really appreciate it.

Also, I have decided it's time to make ammends with a close friend over a
fiasco that occurred back in mid make a long story short, due to
circumstances totally beyond my control, I was off line the weekend of
Alicia's Birthday, and so she missed her online greeting and the special
YOGMAEL in her honour... I've been thinking about how to make it up to her,
and have come up with only one way TO DEDICATE ISSUE #96 TO ALICIA AGUIRRE!
Why this # you ask? Simple, let us think of all the things that happened in

1. Alicia and I became friends.
2. We got George back.
3. YOGMAEL was born.

But what was the best part of the year? What if the cruel gods of fate told
me I could only keep one? Well then I guess several million people wouldn't
have Older, and several hundred wouldn't have YOGMAEL...

*************************** (George Michael Fan Club) writes:
The George Michael Website is about to be launched at

Aegean is the name of his new record company, formed since the court case
with Sony. It will be a significant new media event, kicking off at the Grand
ballroom of the Carlton Hotel, Cannes, 5pm, 10th February.

Media enquiries: Chris Poole +44 171 436 3633.

Internet enquiries: Nick Rosen +44 171 828 8218, or the Majestic Hotel,

Don't miss it!

(So I guess YOGMAEL's about to become obselete...but one reminder for you
George: I WAS HERE FIRST, and I will not go quietly... AG)
*************************** (S J Stramik) writes:
Hello Amanda and all you Yoggers,
Can anyone please type the lyrics to "I Can't Make You Love Me"? This would
be greatly appreciated, as my friend and I think he says different things in
some places.

(I'm sure someone can help you out there. AG)

*************************** (Jonathon) writes:
Hello Amanda!

I am a new member of YOGMAEL, and I just wanted you to know that I am
enjoying it very much. It is assuring to know that there are other people
in the States that appreciate GM as much as I do. Keep up the good work!

(We are legion! As was once said, though we're not sure by who, "There's
sanity in numbers!"

*************************** (Alli) writes:
Hey there Amanda

I need to remind you that the spice girls kept my darling George out
of the number one spot on the British charts for some time.

(I don't hold it against them though...if I held grudges over who's kept
George off the charts, I think I'd have to part company with the bulk of my
CD collection. AG)

I would also like to ask if anyone knows what George's relationship was with
Mercury if there was one.

(Aside from George being a fan, I don't think there was one. I'm sure (Vickie) writes:
<< I don't know if this has been posted or not, but I thought that you all

might want to read it. It's the OLDER review for TIME mag.

Well, personally, I love Older, and with that said I'll continue. I found the
article from TIME magazine amusing....hysterical each his

(Indeed. I think George may be onto something, you know, not reading the
American reviews... AG)

I know you are busy.....but this british slang is lost on me....what the
devil is a snog?

(This would be a kiss--usually of some length. AG)

*************************** (Nancy) writes:
I have the entire Radio One concert available. Price is $6 plus postage
If anyone is interested, please write.
*************************** (M. Smith) writes:
Due to all the email I'm getting regarding the George Michael mp3 digital
audio files I have decided to post this update on Yogmael.

There is more GM stuff in there now. In addition to Unplugged, I have
uploaded Sexual Healing (live), Love's In Need of Love Today (live), Monkey
(acapella) and Monkey (extra beats).

As always, the login name is mp3 and the password is also mp3. Again, these
are *NOT* my sites. If it is slow, I apologize but there is nothing I can do
about it. If it is too busy and you get a "try again later" message, keep
trying but there is nothing I can do about it. If someone uploads something
in there that you find objectionable...again, there is nothing I can do about
it. If the site closes down forever...well I think you get the idea right?

I am willing to help anyone learn how to encode and decode these files.
Those of you that I have helped get set up may be able to help some others
too. Anyone who asked me for help that didn't get a response? Please email
me again as I thought I had taken care of everyone by now.

There are now about seven different sites that contain the eight Unplugged
tracks! More to come!

M. Smith - LaserNut
*************************** (S M Mager) writes:

>days...besides, I'm still in shock, a week later, that Duran Duran

whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhat? did i miss something?

(Kinda...John was interested in his solo projects and they split. Looking
into getting more details, and will post when I do. AG)

>deal with my grief. This now means that the 80's boy groups are ALL

OMD are still going! and they're an 80s boy band....

(I guess, but they were never a part of my big 5... AG)

>"Star People" will now go to radio on 2/11 instead of 2/20. The release

Hi, "OLDER EP" is just out here (yes I bought two copies instantly!) and I
am interseted in getting a copy of the STARPEOPLE CD and cassette when its
released, I am willing to trade a OLDER single for it, if anyone is
interested. Also, I can get UK CD copies of "The Final" (inc postage) for
$18 US if anyone needs one. I also have a spare LP (vinyl) The Final as
well if anyone is interested.

(Hmmmm. I smell a trade there still looking for that Bananarama
vinyl? Let's make a deal on that Final LP. AG)

E-mail me:

*************************** (Caroyln) writes:
The reviewer for Time obviously has a very small frame-of-reference. You
cannot really appreciate GM unless you can see the big picture and realize
the capability all huma haven't had any questions regarding GM but I can tell you that
I've been a fan since grade school. I remember getting in trouble for
singing, "I want your sex" on the bus ride home in fifth grade!

(REALLY? The first time I saw the video to I Want Your Sex was in a mall in
the farily conservative town of Kingston Ontario, and there were about 30
people hovering outside this TV store. The only song I ever got "in trouble"
for singing was Erotica. I was like 17 or 18, and I was doing dishes in the
kitchen, not aware anyone was home, and my very conservative, older, European
father walked in...the look on his face was priceless... AG)

Thank you so much for having this available to us!!! :)

I'll write again soon and Keep up the good work!

Thanks again!


Kerrie Bailey
*************************** writes:
Hello Everyone !! I'm a little behind on things right now , so if anyone
knows when the "Older" single is going to arrive here in the U.S. I'd love to
know . I over heared that Bonnie Rait's "I Can't Make you love me" will be
on it , is this correct?

(It's available as an import at some shops and can be mail ordered. And a
studio cover of I Can't Make You Love Me is indeed on there. AG)

And also does anyone know if the British Music Awards will air in the U.S. at
all ?

(Not sure yet. Much usually runs them a couple months later, but I don't
know about MTV. AG)

*************************** (Cherylyn Legendre) writes:
Where is my VCR!!!!

I have three videos on GM. Faith, GeorgeMichael, and Red Hot+Dance. I have
the video Like Jesus to a child, but I have yet to see the unplugged show. I
thought I would have to wait and pray that they made it into a video for

(You lucked out then. AG)


p.s. You guys probably saw the behind the scenes shots of the filming of Too

Funky. Was that not SOOO COOOOL!! &I am glad I am not a model though

(I haven't, so then where might I track this down? AG)
*************************** (Elizabeth) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I know that I've never written before, but I wanted to tell you what a
wonderful, amazing, extraodinary job your doing with YOGMAEL!!!!

(You're welcome. AG)

Also I wanted to share with you, one very important reason I love George.

Recently I had surgery on my right shoulder and I had to go to Boston to have
the surgery, while my entire family stayed in Vermont. Anyways, I was unable
to bring my portable cd player and therefore unable to listen to George. I
never realized how much this would affect until I got home 2 weeks later. I
was feeling pretty down until I decided to listen to some music. I just hit
the play button not really caring what was in the cd player. Of course it
was George. Within a few minutes I was smiling and dancing and it felt kind
of like a heavy problem was off my shoulders. I've felt really good since
then. George's music has always helped me through all my surgeries since
'1988. In a small way George has always been for me and he always will.
That's just one reason I love him so.

("Gotta have some faith in the sound." AG)

Thanks for "listening".

(And thank YOU for sharing. AG)

103053.627-at-CompuServe.COM (Sabastian) writes:
hello YMs,
I just wanted the the Older E.P. at Borders . It is excellent. Out of
the four tracks, I believe DESAFINADO is the best. I know portuguese and I
believe GM sang very very very good. I wish he would have recorded
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