Hi gang! Sorry this issue is late. It really should have gone out Friday,
but I was engaged in George chat pretty much all night Thursday. Then on
Friday I was in serious cleaning mode, so I decided you guys--and gals--could
be patient with me.

Before I get to the George stuff, I have promised to run an ad for a friend.
Here's the deal, she was preparing for an audition and she went out and
bought sheet music books, only to find that she only needed/wanted one of
them. So I offered to put them on here to help her recoup her losses. FOR
SALE she has Annie Lennox's Greatest Hits, and Melissa Etheridge's Little
Secret guitar/paino/vocal notes. Anyone who's interested can drop me a line.
Michelle would really appreciate it. Thanks! : )

Lastly, the posting back log has gotten very out of hand--like try 11
days...--as a result I am going to do daily lists as of Monday. As is
typical, this will only go on until I'm caught up, likely not past Friday.

No wait, one more thing, Classy Artist Award goes to Donna DeLory for
recognizing her online fans and providing us with autographed pictures!

*************************** (H Gotz) writes:
"Live '93" - Does anybody know more about this bootleg?

(Not I. AG)

I don't know if anyone is interested in this but here is what the British
"Guardian" wrote about the Older EP:

"Long-forgotten fact: George is a gingernut. The problem is that ever
since George formed Wham! he's been trying to prove something. First he
grew a beard that made it look like the bottom half of his face was
blurred, then he spent hours under sun lamps and on Caribbean beaches
joining his freckles together, and now he appears to have dipped himself
in creosote and tarmacked his head and chin. The effect is alarming, but
it makes an appalling sort of sense. Gingers aren't taken seriously, and
if there's one thing George wants, it's to be taken seriously. Hence the
word Older in the single's title: like Listen Without Prejudice, it's
George's catastrophically explicit way of explaining that he's not a
ginger tosser. It doesn't work. This sounds like Tony Ferrino, complete
with muscular violins, porno sax and overly delicate inducements to sleep
with him. Take it from me, George: once a ginger, always a ginger."
*************************** (Dave) writes:
Greetings Amanda and fellow Michaelites!


I recently ran across a review of the George Michael "Unplugged" concert in
the December 24th issue of The Advocate. Having seen the recent commentary
in "People" on Older, I thought this review was a little more professionally
objective, and thought I would pass it along for member perusal. And while
not exactly "glowing" in its criticism, the article seems to care a little
more personally about the man and his performance. Note: the parts of the
article appearing in parentheses are original subtext by the author and not
opinions offered by yours truly.

Older and Wiser

"MTV Unplugged" Presents George Michael, directed by Milton Lage

Reviewed by Barry Walters

Dead rock stars put out more product than George Michael. He releases an
album every five years or so, hardly ever tours, and-aside from his videos,
where he tends to take a supporting role-almost never appears on TV. So it's
a major deal for fans of the former Wham! man that Michael has deigned to
actually promote his latest album with an hour-long MTV special.

Although it's become a cliche', the "unplugged" format suits Michael. His
studio approach has become less and less reliant on electronic
instrumentation, and his music has always been about songs and vocal
performances. His most recent album, Older, is particularly low and consider how troubled the man must have been after spending so much time
battling his old record company and losing.

(He's had that one for years... AG)

But the care that went into the new musical arrangements is obvious, and it
makes up for any lack of imagination in the visual department, which has
always been the star's weak point. Starting with "Freedom '90" (a G.M. song
that's had a recent second life as a European hit single recorded by ex-Take
That singer Robbie Williams) and ending with a lively rendition of "Star
People" from the new album. Michael elaborates on familiar melodies and

During "Fastlove" he changes the melody considerably, and a huge mass of
background singers drops all sorts of gospel-influenced vocal doodads. He
revives his most soulful (and misogynist) Wham! classic, "Everything She
Wants," and does a faithful rendition of Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You
Love Me," a sentiment that now comes across as the post-codependent answer to
Madonna's "You Must Love Me."

(HA HA HA!!!! AG)

There's still an unpleasant edge to Michael's hard-won independence, and
although the perky end of his repertoire has suffered, his somber material is
stronger than ever. At least he hasn't gone grunge.

"Reviews," The Advocate, December 24th issue.
Well, like I said, not exactly a gushing piece of complimentary prose, but a
little more on target than some others. And Amanda, did you catch the
yet-another-comparison of G.M.'s and Madonna's careers?

(Thanks for typing this out for us! If you're looking for a George
compliment, you'd best learn to appreciate the subtletly of such reviews...
And yes Dave, I see that "the diva himself" is being compared to Madonna.
Now if those two would just make my decade and get into the studio
together... AG)
*************************** (Anita Patel) writes:

I wanted to "try" to answer Kira's question about the the picture of
George and "Tanja." I believe that's a type or a Spanish phonetic of
Tanya (aka Tanya Cooleridge - daughter of a British Lord or nobleman -
not sure I'll have to check one of the volumes of my George Michael
Archives I have packed away back at my parents place) who was the
female lead in "Father Figure" and "Shake" and I believe she and
George dated for a while. Nice-looking couple is all I can say!!!

(Really...that could offer greater insight into the greatest kiss in
cinematic history...and if you have to ask which one...well then... AG)

Does anyone know where I can pick up/ order the new GM Interview
Disc/Book and the new Older EP? How is Older doing on the charts???
I'm going to try to get it and get a top 40 Station here in the US to
start playing it or "I Can't Make You Love Me If You Don't." We'll see
what happens!

Hope everyone's 1997 is going great! I got drunk for the first and
last time in my life and somewhere along the way hit repeat button on
the "Star People" Track at the party my roomies and I threw and as
everyone got more and more inebriated throughout the night they whole
house started singing it by heart and sang it at the top of their
voices for 3 hours straight!! There was some crazy versions of being
sung and song pretty wild choreography put to it by some people!! So
now whenever we hear "Star People" we think of one of the best
celebrations our friends and I have ever had ringing in the New Year!
1997 - Jeez! - Can you believe it's nearly a decade since the release
of FAITH!!! By the way, did everyone see George's "appearance" during
the American Music Awards? I knew one way or another that he would be
this particular line.

(Jo is credited with the "Forget me nots" on the album, and I'm guessing the
rest to be George, the lad's got quite the falsetto... But as for the stuff
you enquire on, I'm not sure which is right...of my 3 CD players, only the
one that can't rewind and fastforward is currently in operation. Anyone
else? AG)

Email me with your thoughts, or post for the group to see.

*************************** (Melanie) writes:
Hello Amanda! I know you get this a lot, but I want a poster of George
Michael. I know they exist, because if you remember, DJ had one in her
room on full house. Where can I get a hold of one of those?

(Ah...DJ's posters bring back trivia question memories don't they Alicia...
Anyway, old posters I can track down. I know they exist because a number
sit in my personal collection which came down around age 17, and now live in
a mailing tube in my closet. My parents are still refusing to let me convert
one of the guest rooms to a shrine, I tried to argue that we could rent it
out to visiting YOGMAELer's... As for the posters, there is a shop that
stocks them locally, and I think they retail for like $10 Canuck, plus
postage. Anyone else really interested? Drop me a line. AG)

*************************** (Geoffrey) writes:

Just thought Id let you know that a station here in Los Angeles played
"Spinning The Wheel" (Dance Mix) last night. It was the first time Ive heard
it here.

I have a mint copy of "A Different Corner" LP (78), it has a distant shot of
George on the front and lyrics on the back. Any interested parties let me
know. Best offer.
*************************** writes:
I found this address in a book of celb. address they had one in there for
George Michael so I wrote it down and here it is, I havn't had the time to
write but I thought that someone would write and tell us what happens.

George Michael
Inworth Place 1st floor
London, SW1, U.K.
*************************** (Denise) writes:
Does anybody know if GM has a religious affiliation? In what faith was he
christened at birth? Just curious. ;-)

(Not sure. Anyone? AG)

P.S. Amanda, did you get the words to "Desafinado" that I sent you?

(Yup. Thanks! I also recently got them in Portuguese and will eventually
run those too. AG)

*************************** writes:
I have a current George Michael address for his home in Santa Barbara, CA. I
work at UPS and their field office in SB confirmed the address for me. They
have personally delivered to him.

(It was sold a while back so rumour has it. In addition, I WILL NOT AT ANY
deserves his privacy, it's as simple as that. AG)
*************************** (Cheers! Brent) writes:
Hello all,
I just got the Older EP and like the studio version of "I cant make you love
me" but thinking maybe the live version was better because it was so powerful
but I cant decide.

(I too perfer the live. AG)

Anyway, I like the instruments in the Brazilian song GM does on the Older EP
(Also featured on Red Hot & RIO) but does anyone know what the hell he is
singing?? I mean I would love
the song more if I could understand or at least know the words to what he is
singing. Is the English Lyrics in the Red Hot & Rio album? Anyway, if
ANYONE knows the words to tha the
hold up has been, but it hasn't
harmed the sales of it. "Older" is the album's title track and is a slow
late-night jazz-tinged
ballad which I wouldn't have thought have been released as a single, but I'm

glad it has.
Sales of the single have also been helped no doubt by the inclusion of a
previously-unreleased ballad, "I Can't Make You Love Me" which has been
getting more airplay than "Older", and is more the sort of thing I'd expect
to be released as a single, but both tracks are welcome to the chart".

Cheers! Brent
*************************** (Melanie) writes:
Amanda, I thought this was funny. Share it with the rest of the YogMaelers
if you do too. This is from the listing on the VH-1 web site at

George Michael 96 Concert
From his recent "Unplugged" performance. Songs include: "Freedom," "Fast
Love," "I Can't Make You Love Me," "Father Figure," "You Have Been Told,"
"She Wants Everything," "Praying for Time," and "Star People."

I think they need a fact checker! :)


*************************** (Sandra) writes:
Hi Amanda and Everyone:

I have a question:
In 1988, if I'm not wrong, GM won some prizes in the American Music Awards
for "Faith". I don't remember very well but I think in his speech he said
something like "I wanna thank my wife, for being ...." My wife? Why did he
say that? I know this girl Kathy, who was there, was his girlfriend...I know
this is a silly question ,but I'm just courious..maybe it was a joke.

(OK, now even though the 1989--for the year of 1988--American Music Awards
were in the days before I discovered the best way to enjoy an awards show was
with a house full of people and a cooler of beer--that way you don't miss
anything by having to go to the kitchen--I have no recollection of what
George said that night. I have been frantically looking for anyone who has a
copy they are willing to dub for me though... AG)

*************************** (Fiona) writes:
Hi, my names Fiona and Id like to thank you Amanda for the great work your
doing. Ive been reading YOGMAIL for about 2 weeks now and Ive finally
plucked up the courage to send my own message. (Im a very new internet user
as well). Ive been a GM and AR fan ever since they released Bad Boys. In the
early years I was a mad fan collecting every article, records,
video, book etc but as the years went on I got married, had kids but I never
lost interest in GM and AR. I have lots of funny stories to tell you about
when George toured here in Australia with Wham and later when he went solo.
My friend Linda and I went to London in 87 looking for him and Andrew but
ended up with no success so we just hung around doing the things that George
and Andy did (like holidaying in Ibiza).

Ive been very curious about the GM Unplugged and I nearly kicked myself
because on Saturday night here in Australia (late at night) there was a
special called GM Exposed and Unplugged and I Missed it!! So if anyone in
Australia did see it can they email me and Ill pay for a copy. Apparently on
this interview George was actually in Sydney. This does not surprise me
though as George normally holidays here in January. This week marked a
special week for me as not only was in Andrews birthday but it is 12 years
since I seen Wham in Sydney. How sad. I wish I could return to these times.
Anyway Amanda thanks for the great work, keep it up. please note my new
email address above

(You're welcome and I'm looking forward to hearing more from you. AG)

*************************** (Marja-Helena Martikainen) writes:<
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