HI! Did I promise you a dub? I didn't forget, I just got slammed with more
work in the last 3 weeks than I've had to do in a long time. Bear with me.
It'll be out soon. Did you want something dubbed and not hear back from me
yet? I've got a list, and as soon as time permits, I'll be getting back to
you with the specifics. You know, if I could find someone to pay me for it,
I could conceivably make YOGMAEL a 40 hour a week job... George? Are you
listening? I'd settle for part time even...

Be warned, this is a loooooong beast!

*************************** (Giovanni Mantilla) writes:
Hi Amanda!!!
I wannna say that i live in South America ( Colombia ), so i get Latin
MTV, the Older video is getting GREAT airplay, 2 or 3 times a day, i saw
the Unplugged ( and they re-aired it 2 times last week ) and The ABSOLUTE
George Michael special!!

(I have yet to see it on MuchMusic, but I plan to get together a request for
their request show RSVP, and will indeed include the YOGMAEL gang in my
effort. AG)

I'm so sad, we still don't get singles here ( only LPs ) so i won't be able
to listen to any B-side on the Older or Star People singles. Could anyone
help me on this??

(You want originals or dubs? Let me know. AG)

Looking forward to heard the Unplugged on CD or the Greatest Hits album

*************************** (Stefan Kirchfeld) writes:
Hi Amanda,

(Hi! Long time no post! AG)

I bought the "Older" single several days ago and - I donīt know if
anyone has already talked about that - itīs really fantastic. He put
another version of "I canīt make you love me" on it which I consider
even better than the one he played on the Unplugged. Although itīs
basically the same he stresses certain passages totally different
which creates another atmosphere, i like it very much.

Also "Desafinado" is, after i have listened to it several times, just
great. I know that i have said something totally different some time
ago ---- well, i guess i did not really listen to it that time.

(It's a track that grows on you. I was laughing my ass off the first time I
heard it, but have since mellowed and now enjoy it, especially with a nice
cocktail. AG)

By the way: Does a video exist of "Star People" since thatīs the next
release in the U.S. , isnīt it?

(It is, and there does. It's just going to be off the Unplugged though.
Guess George has realized that the law of diminishing returns--I was
thisclose to being a marketing major--has come into effect here in North
America. AG)

Thatīs all for now
Take Care

To finish it, a bit junkmail :
"I'm not against the blacks and a lot of the good blacks will attest
to that." --Evan Mecham, then governor of Arizona
*************************** (Angelo Sgouros) writes:
Hello Everyone,

I have recently been cleaning-up my record collections and have
come up with quite a few duplicates of my Wham! & G.M. items.
Including Picture 12" of I'm Your Man, Dont Let the Sun Go Down
Video & CD Promo Box, and a dozens of 7" / 12" / CDS / CD / LP's
I also have a few LWP interview CD and a few Careless Whisper 12"
I am open to trade and sale, so if you would like me to e-mail you
a complete list, please send a e-mail to

BTW: I have a extra copy of Bare for sale

And now all I have developed is complex

Possibly in vain, I hope you weaken, oh my love
And forget those rigid rules that undermine my dream of
A life of love and music with someone who'll understand

That even though I may be out of tune when I attempt to say
How much I love you all that matters is the message that I bring,
Which is, my dear, I love you

I have noticed, to change the subject here, that Natalie Merchant and
Sarah McLaughlin, among others, have put PC videos on thier CD singles.
I think it's a great idea,....George?

Just want to let you know that I have 2 extra copies of the Heaven Help
Me single on cassette. I listened to them to make sure they sound O.K.
and they do, they are used, email me if you're interested, I'd like to
trade if possible for singles or other rare stuff (dubbed?), but I would
sell them also.

(Jen keep one for me!!!!! Let's make a deal. AG)

Amanda, I took your advice and got the JTAC import single, I have been
listening to Freedom '94 all day, I think I'm...almost...ready to listen
to something else. It's really great.

(Nahh, give it one more listen. AG)

bye bye for now, Jen
*************************** (George Bielinski) writes:


Here are the lyrics of Desafinado for which you asked in YOGMÆL # 88. Well,
I didn't exactly translate them myself - I just copied them from CD cover
of Red Hot & Rio.

(Thanks George. AG)

If you say my singing is off key, my love
You will hurt my feelings, don't you see my love?
I wish I had an ear like yours, a voice that would behave
All I have is feeling and the voice God gave

You insist my music goes against the rules
Yes, but rules were never made for love sick fools
I wrote this little song for you, but you don't care
It's a crooked song, ah, but all my heart is there

The thing that you would see if you would play your part
Is even if I'm out of tune I have a gentle heart
I took your picture with my trusty Rolleiflex
And now all I have developed is complex

Possibly in vain, I hope you weaken, oh my love
And forget those rigid rules that undermine my dream of
A life of love and music with someone who'll understand

That even though I may be out of tune when I attempt to say
how much I love you
And all that matters is the message that I bring, which is:
My dear one, I love you

*************************** (Jason_Chan) writes:
Hi guys,

I've got this idea that maybe someone can help us out with.
Seeing how YOGMAEL has managed to gather interview segments
from all over the world like the unplugged and Big Issue,
why can't someone assemble them together into a neat
little book and make it available to the fans. I would like
a hard copy so that I can take it out and read instead of
flipping through hundreds of YOGMAEL issues. It would be like
Bare 2 or In His Own Words 2 execept that it would be
more comprehensive. Someone could cut the interviews
from YOGMAEL, paste it in Word (nicely formatted
and typefaced) and place it on the net, from where I
can laser print it. Yeah?

(So get to work already Jason. AG)

Someone else could do the best of Yogmael but that's another story...

(That I'm taking care of. They will likely be available for YOGMAEL weekend.

*************************** writes:
Hey I have two questions : #1 Does anyone have any clue as to when GM is
planning on touring the U.S.?

(Quite frankly, I don't think he is. AG)

#2 {this is a silly question} How tall is GM ????

(OK, this is a frequently asked question...and as I have before said UDel.Edu, in reply to her questions, and thought other
members might like to read my thoughts. Having listened to his Radio 1

Interview many times and actually analyzing his answers, this is how I
think he would answer it.

Firstly, he agrees, formally, with any kind of consenting sex. Secondly, he
has never said what he is, because it is no one else's business and it is
not relevant. He doesn't want people to love him because he's gay, bi or
straight - he wants us to like his music. Although his sexual anonymity
obviously helps boost record sales, etc, he no longer needs it because his
sweet soul voice does that for him. Being someone who is not entirely
certain of my sex myself, listening to his reasoning has made me realize
it's nothing to get stressed about. Just be what you want to be and don't
ever try to be a type you're not!

He will never state what he is, because he thinks the same as me, who the
hell does anyone think they are knowing what sexuality he is when they
haven't even met him?I don't blame him! Hope this has helped, even in the
smallest way!

I know this is not an appreciated area of discussion in Yogmael, but I
think GM himself would be proud of my thoughts and as he says, there is no
harm in talking about it!

(Yes, but that's where George starts to contradict himself...he claims in
once instance--Absolute George Michael--that he doesn't care if we talk, but
in another--the Big Issue--tells us it's no one's "fucking business"--hmmm,
wonder if pun was intended? AG)

Cheers for the brilliant newsletter! Makes my day! Also, I don't know
whether you know this, but in Britain his Virgin Label, Aegean, has
launched a website. It has not been completed yet, but if you go to it, you
give your email address, and then it will email you when it is completed! Let me know if you know of any websites - apart from that
solgate one.

(Well, you could hit Tim's page...

One final point - can you give me any info on that Interview CD and book
you wrote about - a publisher's name, phone number, anything - I have to
get one.

(Read above. AG)

As I write this, I'm listening to the Older EP. This afternoon on
the pepsi Network Chart (in Britain) we shall find out what position Older
has jumped into (#1 I hope, but the rest of Britain seems to be going
through a crap music phase at the moment, so Spice Girls or something worse
will probably top the charts!) Has GM ever topped the
American/Canadian/Australian Charts?

(Believe it or not, YES!!! He has topped them all! But in the case of
Canada and the US, it was back in the Faith days, and once for a week with
Listen Without Prejudice. There was indeed a time when I actively read
Billboard and didn't have to heave them across the room in disgust... The
Australia question I defer to the Aussie brigade. AG)

Tom Wanless
Love my YOGMAEL! I am a long time fan of GM from Rhode Island. Just wanted
you to know that, as I was out shopping yesterday, just about every store I
went into had a GM song playing. It was strange because GM hasn't gotten any
play around here for a long time. It gave me hope that something new of GM's
was going to be released shortly.. also the radio stations here are playing a
lot of GM's Fast Love lately..something they didn't do when it first came
out. Hope something is in the works, but for now I'm enjoying hearing GM's
music frequently.

(I've had a few days like that too. In fact, once, right when FastLove had
been put to radio, I was shopping and heard it coming from a men's shop. I
walked in, looked at some sweaters, and then blatantly told the guy I was
only in here to listen to the song, he laughed, said no problem and told me
he liked the song too. But admi thing, that maybe more appropiate to the list, you may know the
answer to my question. Do you have an address for George's fan club in the
UK,or elsewhere. I have tried to no avail to extract it from writing,

phoning, emailing, various people at Virgin. Who have all decided to
ignore me, so I am a tad annoyed. Is this normal, is it really that difficult

to get hold of, or have a been looking in the wrong places?

(There is no real fan club at the moment. I guess you could call YOGMAEL the
online club, and a friend is encouraging me to get an offline club up and
running too, but as for official clubs, George does not much care for those
anymore. AG)

Oops, and just one more, I got the 'Older' EP this weekend, and apart from
fab-ulo-tastic, there was a web site for George:

Have you or anyone else heard of this, and if so have you managed to access
because I've been trying all day and it keeps telling me that there is no

(I have accessed the "Coming Soon" screen, but it begins proper transmission
on February 10th. AG)

Thats all.....for now!

Thanks very much,
*************************** (Mike) writes:
Wanted to let you know that Older entered the UK chart at #19
this week, and the album is once again climbing there as well ( up from #11
to #7)!!!!

(I take a look at the London Times daily to check George's charting... AG)

I'll keep you posted on the way to #1...

(Cheers! AG)


*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda

I would like to tell all the YOG FANS and
especially to the Australian Fans that I
watched (and taped) the George Michael
interview last Saturday night "GEORGE MICHAEL
He sang 'Everything She Wants' and 'Star

He was absolutely brilliant. He's still a
great performer!!!!

What can I say ...... He's a STAR!!!!!!!!

What did other Australians think? I'd love
to hear your comments!!!

Have lots of faith,

*************************** writes:

Could I get the date of the Radio One Interview/Concert with George? I
haven't been able to find the date in the archives.

(You want the 2 part issue #74. AG)

Also, do you know anyone that has a tape of it who would be willing to sell?

(My copy has not yet come in, I've been promised copies from several people,
but I think this one will come through. You should try Nancy. AG)


*************************** (Nancy) writes:

* Radio One Unplugged concert December 1996
* Current Affair Australian George Michael interview Nov. 1996 video
* Original black and white negative of George from photos session of Jesus
To a Child CD cover. Size is approx. 8 X 10. Comes in a plastic
One of a kind item!
* Original color transparency artwork of George in blue suit. One of a kind
* Columbia Records commemorative award for hot contemporary artists. George

and Elton John with Don't Let The Sun are one of the artists honored.
* George on the cover of the Los Angeles Times. One of his only three 1991
interview to promote LWP
* Fantastic Japanese picture disc, Careless Whisper picture disc, Bad Boys
picture disc.
* Official 1991 calendar.
* Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me promotional box set leave a week from tomorrow and the surgery is Feb 11,
97. It's major surgery, and I will be in the hospital 2 weeks at
least. If there are any YOG fans living in Baltimore I would love to
get in contact with you. My boyfriend and both my parents are coming
down there with me, so I will have support..and I'm bringing my

walkman and my fave GM tapes to help lift my spirits! Here is the
address there if anyone wants to wish me luck--I'll be there Feb 10th
to 21st at least-- Lise Robichaud
Johns Hopkins Hospital
600 North Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD
21287, USA

Thanks for posting this, I really appreciate it. Keep up the incredibly
good work, YOGMAEL rules!

(My thanks for the call! It was a great surprise, and I'm sure all will be
well! Goodies will be on the way to you Friday afternoon. Keep the faith.

To Wrap it Up:

Soon to be posted to Tim's web page: THE YOGMAEL FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION
LIST! I'm just starting to work on it now, so give it a couple weeks.

YOGMAEL Honours Nomination Committee: Get those nominees in soon! General
voting is set to commence on the 20th. Results to be printed March 1st.


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