Hi ALL! I changed the page on my George calender the other night, and well,
what can I say except I'm glad Feb.'s a short month... Can't wait to get to
April. Did anyone else notice that his Apr. pose is prayer like? Well I
don't know about you, but here at MacDaddy U (as Alicia calls it) we write
finals in April, and God knows I spend a fair amount of that month is
prayer...pretty ironic huh? As my mom joked, "Praying for time huh" I was
so proud to hear that!!! You see, the overwhelming success of YOGMAEL has
forced her to eat her words that my love of George was totally in vain...

*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda,

Ask and ye shall be told. The date of the british music awards is january
28th. Here is a bit more information:

The winners will be announced on January 28th, at the Brit Award Ceremony
held at the London Camden Centre. The event is sponsored by Miller Genuine
Draft. Radio One's Evening Session will also broadcast the ceremony, with DJs
Mark Radcliffe and Marc Riley.

(But I think we have some conflicting info... read next posting. AG)

Oasis, Manic Street Preachers, Kula Shaker, Suede and The Prodigy are
favourites at the moment. The Prodigy have six nominations, Suede have five,
and the Manics have four. Oasis will not necessarily come up trumps, as they
did not release any new material in 1996. Super Furry Animals are in the
running, with three nominations to their name - the same as Kula Shaker.

The best LP nominees are: Ash (1977), Manic Street Preachers (Everything Must
Go), Suede (Coming Up), Kula Shaker (K), and Super Furry Animals (Fuzzy

Best Solo Artist: Paul Weller, Alanis Morissette, Tricky, Beck, Bjork.

Best Single: Charlatans (One to Another), The Prodigy (Firestarter), Suede
(Trash) and Manic Street Preachers (Design For Life).

Best New Band/Artist: Super Furry Animals, Kenickie, Geneva, Tiger (pictured
left), Urusei Yatsura, Spice Girls.

There are plenty of other awards, such as Best Dance Act, Best Musical Event
(will it be the Jarvis Cocker/Michael Jackson fiasco at the Brit Awards?!),
Best Video (nominees include the Spice Girls' 'Say You'll Be There'), Worst
Single of the Year (nominees include Peter Andre's 'Mysterious Girl'), Best
Film, Best TV Show (which include Shooting Stars, Friends, TFI Friday and the

*************************** (Melanie) writes:

The Brits are being held at London's Earl's Court Exhibition Centre on
February 24.

(So my question is, I know that Laece's date was wrong, but what about the
venue? AG)
*************************** writes:
I tried to access the archive copies using the address from your greeting,
however I was informed that the site does not exist.

(OK, I feel like a prat... Up until a couple weeks ago, the archive address
in the welcome letter was indeed wrong. The correct URL for the YOGMAEL
Archives is:
This is the link I use to connect to them. Sorry for the agro. AG)

*************************** (Nancy) writes:
I just found out today from a friend at Geffen that the Star People promo
release has been totally scrapped.

(Can you offer any further info on this? AG)

*************************** (H Gotz) writes:
I'm desperately looking for a recording of the Radio1-concert!!
Can someone PLEASE help me!!!

(I'm sure Nancy can set you up. AG)
renestem-at-e known to salvage many the "That's it! I'm
sticking my head in the toilet and drowning myself!" day... AG)

Much love!


Tina Stem
J.J.CASSWELL-at-SMS.ED.AC.UK (Josh) writes:
Dear Yogmail,

(Wow, that's a new greeting...I don't think we've ever had that one. And I'm
not being a sarcastic snit either, it's the truth. AG)

I would be especially interested if you could tell me any information on the
acoustic version of 'Fastlove' and any possible release info.

(That is a hybrid of the album version and the Summer Mix that was included
on the North American single release. DreamWorks gave us that one, while
Virgin gave the Fully Extended Mix to the rest of the world. AG)

Ta very much
*************************** (Brian Haagh) writes:
Hi Amanda.
Thank U for YOGMAEL #87 !!
I have a question for you : In a recent YOGMAEL,James Robinson is
telling about "Fastlove Summer Mix" !! Can you tell me where I can get that
single ??
I have the Fastlove single where :
Fastlove Part 1
Iīm Your Man
Fastlove Part 2 (Extended mix)
is on,so is it a single wich isnīt released in Europe ?

(Read above. I theorize that North America got the tamer Summer Mix because
it was very Adult Contemporary and suitable for the easy listening stations
that George features prominantly on. I'll look around and see if I can find
you a North American release in my neck of the woods if you'd like. Just let
me know. AG)

Thank You - looking forward to hear from You !!!!

Take care

Brian :-)
*************************** (Sean) writes:

You're doing a great job , thankyou!!!!!

I gave Entertainment Weekly Magazine hell when I heard that they put George
Michael in as one of the disapointments of 1996. I WAS MAD!!!!

If anyone lives in L.A. and they want to buy the single Older, you can buy
it from Pyramid Music.

Do you know when George's Greatest Hits Album is coming out?

(My guess is in time for Chistmas this year. AG)

Love Sean
*************************** (Alexandra Sweet) writes:
Hi All!
I'm so happy to hear that Star People is the next single soon to be
released. I happen to be from Milwaukee and religiously listened to WKTI
and worked closely with several of the dj's there and a lot of them really
like George so they try to play him as much as possible which is good to

I know someone asked where that interview cd was available...well my
friend Franky, who also posts on this board (and is fond of ALL CAPS, so
you can't miss his letter!! :-)) got them at Virgin Records in Hollywood I
believe for only $9.99. So if you guys are out there check to see if they
have any left.

Also, please wish me luck as I may have lined up a summer clerkship at a
lawfirm in California that does entertainment law, so I could possibly be
out there for the Yogfest in August!! I hope I get the job so I can meet
all of you! Take care....

(All together now y'all: "GOOD LUCK ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" AG)

*************************** (Chris Sartor) writes:
How can I get a copy of Bare?

(There are a couple floating around on here. AG)

When is George coming to the US on tour?

(God only's not really looking good. AG)
*************************** (RoadRunner) writes:
Hey there...after GM concert where I
literally ran into Andrew B4 the show began. It was cheesy and funny but I
have thought of typing it all out, adding more pictures and sending it to GM

somehow, though I wouldn't know how. I have begun to type it out many times
but it is a LONG story. Has anyone else have such a thing or is it just me
writing fantasy stories? Just curious.

(OK, I will confess to the fact that in grade 11, I missed the bulk of the
section on Romeo and Juliet due to writing nasty poems and limericks with my
then best friend. They tended to revolve around her and Andrew, and myself
and George. She still covets them, and every once in a while she calls me up
to tell me what she found while riffling through some papers. Some were
better than others--George professing true love among the cows...Andrew
throwing up all over her--but all in all, it really cemented our friendship,
especially since I am the one who got her hooked on Wham! some 5 years after
they split up... AG)

As you can guess, I am a huge GM fan...:) Stacie
*************************** (Frank Reyes) writes:

The Older cd single is now selling at Virgin Megastore in Holly-
wood for $9.99 and it is a great single which consists of four tracks.
The tracks are:
Older E.P.
I Can't Make You Love Me
The Strangest Thing (Live)

It's a must have and I really enjoy it a lot. Just have to keep you
all up to date.
That's All Fellow Yoggers,

Frank Reyes

*************************** (Gina Marie Flores) writes:

Hi GM fans and Amanda,
I just finished watching "Saturday Night Live"(Feb.1) and they had a skit on
the Half goat/Half man guy who hosts the "Hey, Remember the 80's" show.
Anyhow, in the midst of the goat sounds, the host indroduced his guest,
Andrew Ridgely
from WHAM! Tom Hanks played AR. It was funny but I think the impersonation
was really bad. Just wanted to pass that tid bit of info, if any one saw it I
hope you were just as happy to hear WHAM! being talked about on TV.

(I saw and TAPED it. Tom did a passable job, but still to have a 2 time
Oscar winner mock you is really quite the honour if you ask me. AG)

PS. What does W.H.A.M! stand for?

(You mean as in their name? AG)
To Wrap it Up:

Coming soon:
The Listen Without Prejudice Interview!
The YOGMAEL Honours!!!

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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