The less I ramble, the faster we get the week backlog down to 2
days...besides, I'm still in shock, a week later, that Duran Duran disbanded.
And yes Alicia, we do have to chat about this matter when I get some time to
deal with my grief. This now means that the 80's boy groups are ALL

Also, anyone interested in a GRAMMY pool, please let me know, I'm looking to
expand the kitty a bit from last years of only a couple close friends.

One last note, to those people who were hunting for the tabs--sheet
music--for Kissing a Fool, a friend of mine came across it virtually by
accident, as in, she was reading a book of sheet music she had picked up to
prepare for an audition. Drop me a line for details.

*************************** (making good use of his guru status) writes:
"Star People" will now go to radio on 2/11 instead of 2/20. The release date
is still scheduled for 3/4. It will be available on both cd and cassette,
and have several remixes
of the song, including the one from Unplugged.

(OK, Alan, but I'm willing to bet you cash that this store date changes...

*************************** (Tina Stem) writes:
Hi Amanda!

Sorry if you have already given out this info, but do you or anyone else
know where we poor deprived Americans can get a copy of the Older single
that was release in the UK? I have looked at the CDNow web page but they
don't show it yet. This is where I got my last singles that weren't
released here in the States.

(I have recently taken to importing my stuff directly through friends on
YOGMAEL, but I did get an e mail from Record Runner telling me they had some
new George stuff, try them at: AG)

I was just reading from Tim's page it and it told of all the songs that
to be on it. This is a MUST have in my opinion.

(I can assure you, it is a MUST HAVE! AG)

Thanks for all of your great help!

Tina Stem
*************************** writes:

I don't know if this has been posted or not, but I thought that you all might
want to read it. It's the OLDER review for TIME mag.

(It has, but I'll run it one last time. AG)

By Christopher John Farley

Michael's new CD, OLDER, is hypocritical and dreary. The singer has been
rebelling against his teenybopper past as co-leader of Wham! for some time
now (his last album, which attempted a more serious tone, was titled LISTEN
WITHOUT PREJUDICE Vol. 1), but on his new CD he is not only a rebel without a
cause, he also lacks energy and wit. On the song STAR PEOPLE he actually
sings "Star people/ counting your money till your soul turns green/ Star
people/ counting the cost of your desire to be seen..... How much is enough?"
This from the man who pouted and poutedand demanded to be let out of his Sony
contract and later snapped up a $52 million deal with Dream Works? This from
a manwho wrote these lyrics for his 1987 hit single I WANT YOUR SEX: Sex with
me/ Have sex with me/ C-c-c-c-come on." Now he's the high priest of
Piousness? C-c-c-c-come on!
An even bigger offense: Michael's album is just plain boring. None of the
songs move much faster than a beverage cart down the cramped asile of a
passenger airplane. FAITH, Michael's first solo album, was appealing partly
because he seemed to be working so hard to entertain us--songs like HARD DAY
featured sweaty, muscular dance rrhythms; ballads like ONE MORE TRY had
amusingly earnest vocals. Michael's new songs are too concerned with
seriouness and maturity to break a sweat. In his attempt to make music that's
restrained, adult and timeless, he's instead crafted songs that seem
exhausted and out of date. Listeners looking for laid-back pop-soul that
smolders, intrigues and seems thoroughly contemporary should check out
Everything but the Girl's supple new CG, WALKING WOUNDED.

Now is it just me or does this make you very pissed off?

(Very? No, I'm sorry, Older is a great album, but it's not his best work
ever. Crucify me at your leisure, but I'm 21 years old, and not yet
contented to accept that the only thing a George Michael album is good for is
a listen with a nice glass of California Chardonnay before retiring for the
evening. AG)
*************************** (Paul & Robin L. Sweeney) writes:

Amanda Hi

I am new to the group and I am finding Yogmael interesting.
my question is where does everyone find all their information?

since I have been back in the states (Arizona) I have had a hard
time finding anything on George. I did find out that George modeled for

a wax figure of himself to be made at madame tussaudes. When you walk
into the room it seems as if he is standing there until you get close.

(This would be the same one that appears in U2's "Even Better Than the Real
Thing" video, and yes, it looks fairly real from what I saw in the vid. He
modeled for it back during that whole Sinatra incident in 1991. I have a
little newspaper photo of the sculptor working on it, it's of George in the
infamous Faith pose. AG)

until later bye
*************************** (Marek Bozejko) writes:
Hi there AG and the whole yog crew!

I voted for GM in RolligStone.Yeah! Let's crash their HDD with votes!;)
All for one, one for all.

(I am still having no luck voting, all mail is sent back with a mail box is
full error message... AG)

A few weeks ago in Polish TV I saw first time Unplugged. Divine! but, they
showed only 5 songs (only 35 min:( Why are they doing that!

Why the hell "Older" single is only released in England?!!:((I'm just asking
there are some rumours when it will be released elsewhere?).

How is called this version of "Monkey" that is on video "Faith".
(Why didn't they release this version on "Faith"? It's soooo cooler).

(The video version of Monkey is kinda an extended remix, but not the same one
I have been providing people with. It wasn't on Faith because it didn't
occur to George to remix it that way until Faith was done and completed. I
recall reading an interview about George saying he reworked a couple of
things on the Faith album while prepping for the tour, and he said he wished
he could go back and put them on the album. Besides, as I've found out, you
always get the best ideas when it's too late, like when the curtain goes down
and the perfect concept/line pops into your head... AG)

AG - I heard that you have some vocal/guitar/piano notes for Older album.
Can you send me some distributers' addresses near Poland. Thanks. Have they
some other cool albums?

(The book was a Christmas gift from Alicia--I think I got her a pair of
socks...--so I have no idea. But here's an address in Europe for you:
International Music Publications GmbH
Germany MarstallatraBe 8
D-80539 Munchen
Germany )

B.t.w. : Why A and E is written together in GM surname? (I'm just askin')

(Cuz George wants to be cool? Seriously, this is a topic of debate. We have
been told by some it was because he liked the way it looked when he saw it in
Denmark--where he recorded some of Faith--and thought it would make a neat
logo. Of course, the lad is half Greek, and as anyone who has studied
ancient civilizations knows, the merged AE (Æ) was very common in Greece's
early days. The fact that he named his record label after the AEgean sea is
also a clue. Really though, at the end of the day, he did just want to be
cool. AG)

Does anybody know what's the sale of "Older" album?

(Sonia might. AG)

Greetings to LaserNut(love ya idea (VIVA PIRACY!),but your site's sooo slow),
Aidan, Kinga(hugs) and Marek (from Estonia... naturally;)

And the road that I have walked upon
Well it emptied my pockets
But filled out my soul...

Special thankks to Lasernut
Very special thankks to AG
Love'ya all
*************************** writes:
Thought you might like to hear of my recent George Michael incident! (Not
the real thing though unfortunately).

On Saturday my best friend and I went to see a George Michael tribute band
at a place in New Cross called the "Venue" (note for any Londoners reading).
It's called "Keep the Faith" - a tribute to George Michael and Wham.

The Venue is a really large place (an old cinema or suchlike with loads of
stairs and corridors and bars on three different levels). We were just
coming up the stairs into the main band area and I heard "Freedom" playing
as we walked in and thought they were playing the record to get everybody
warmed up for the gig. I could just about make out the stage and saw people
moving around. As we made our way to the front I realised that this guy was
actually singing. He looked like George in the Faith days - jeans, leather
jacket, stubble, earrings etc. He sounded the absolute exact of the real
George. I couldn't believe it. As he went through song after song, I
completely lost myself (what with the odd lager as well!!) and thought for a
split second it was the real thing!! He even did George's dance style
perfectly. Then I came to and thought maybe he was miming he sounded so
good, but then realised that he WAS actually singing. He disappeared for
about five minutes then came back in the current look - dark suit, shades
etc and continued for about another 20 minutes. He did a couple of encores

and then it finished. My friend said she looked at me half way through and
said I was completely mesmerised! I then had to be dragged off to the bar
as he wasn't coming back anymore.

(I will just take a second to admit, I have never actually had to be dragged
to a bar, I tend to lead the way... AG)

About half an hour or so later my friend told me he had just walked passed
us at the bar and out the door somewhere. Another half an hour later he
walked passed again - this time I did not miss my opportunity. I tapped his
arm as he went passed and he stopped to chat. I tried not to sound too
gushing about him (which Deb said I didn't really manage to do), but I
honestly could not believe how like George he sounded and just had to tell
him. The next thing I knew he was holding my hand and taking me into one of
the corridors by the stage. My friend informed me the next day, that I
apparently whispered into her ear that I was just going for a chat with
George Michael!!! I think my fantasy and reality world started to get a bit
mixed up then. He led me by the hand and we had about a 15 minute chat out
in the corridor. Close up he looked more like the old Faith George, not the
image of him but with the clothes, etc he did. He was a really nice guy.

I told him all about you Amanda and what you've done for the fans and George
with Yogmæl and said I'd mention him to you and say how good he was. He
said he really appreciated it and was really grateful. I asked him if he
thought George knew about him and he said he didn't know. We spoke about
other things I think, but I can't really remember - the lagers had
completely taken over by then! He eventually said he had to go because his
friend was driving him back to Leeds (Yorkshire) that night (3 and a half
hours drive away) and by this time it was around 1.30pm. He was also
playing in Cardiff, Wales the next night and had to get back to Leeds first.

(VERY GOOD practise for the real thing, mentioning me and all... AG)

I was trying to be good and cool though Amanda, and didn't even try for a
snog. I know he wasn't the real thing, but he was still a nice guy - I
wouldn't mind going out with someone who looks like George Michael would

(I still want me an Andrew, but I think, just for kicks, I for one, would
have tried for a snog... AG)

Anyway, I'll be back there again when he plays next. Hope you found this
somewhat interesting.

(Please let the list know so anyone who's in the area can check it out too!

Bye for now - Denise

Any UK Yoggers - have any of you ever seen this guy around the country?
His real name is Rob and he comes from Leeds (I think).
*************************** (Enza) writes:

there is a Radio One Website - maybe you can get some info on how to "tune
worth a try:

*************************** writes:

Hi Amanda

Hope you are well.

here's a small piece of Geofge info from

GEORGE MICHAEL George Michael has been nominated for a Brit Award in
the categories of: Best Male Artiste; Best Video by a British Artiste
for 'Fastlove'; Best Album by a British Artiste for 'Older'; and Best
British Single for 'Fastlove'.

York, UK
*************************** (Ben) writes:
I've started to collect GM.can someone tell me what is promo items on which
we can find exclusive remix, version, sleeve ?
I'm also looking for the promo press pack of the Pet Shop Boys new album
If you can help me , contact me.
*************************** (Christina Safholm) writes:
I have to say that George is looking ULTIMATELY GORGEOUS these days. Man,
he still makes my heart pitter patter. He has really done well with himself.
I saw the UNPLUGGED show and I must say that Bonnie Raitt song he did was
STUNNING and made me cry--I was so touched. He sang that song with such if I could get him to sing that song at my wedding.

(Actually, I don't think I'd want that track sung at my wedding, if you're
having the urge to hear that at your wedding, don't say "I do." I for one
want him to sing Father Figure at mine. AG)

What do you think Amanda?

(I do honestly LOVE George's version though! I have been listening to it
regularly. AG)

:) Are you listening George??? :)

P.S. That Fast Love video is sooooo sexy. He drives me crazy in that one.

(Ooh ooh baby baby indeed. AG)

Christina Safholm

Office Administrator
VeriFone Internet Commerce Division
*************************** (Brian Haagh) writes:
Hi Amanda !! and rest of you hungry GM fans out there !!!!

I have just been reading YOGMAEL Issue #86,and once again thank you for a
great way of learning more about the best singer/songwriter in the world !!!!

Today I have pick´d up a copy of the Brand New !!! GM single,and it is of
course "Older". Here is some facts about it :
The Older E.P.
1.Older - 5.37 min.
(The Cd version).
2.I can´t make you love me - 5.23 min.
(This is a studio version ! - not the MTV Unplugged version,and it is
really good !!!!!)
3.Desafinado - 3.21 min.
(From the Red Hot & Rio album).
4.The Strangest Thing Live - 6.02 min.
(Recorded live at the BBC Radio Theatre,8 Oct.1996).

I think I can help Evgenya, about the "Older" video - the reason he looks
so thin is the way the video is been made, I think it´s a great video with
very good close up´s of him singing directly to the camera.

A last thing before I´m going to eat dinner :

I have some posters of a George Michael Jam here in Denmark, it´s some guys
playing and singing GM/Wham songs and I tell you they are doing a damn good
job !!
So If any one wants one just E-mail me and I will send it to you,for free
!!!! (what about you Amanda ???) (The Poster has the LWP cover as background
and with song titles from GM songs on top)......

(I'd love one! Thanks very much! AG)

Thats all from me, hope you can use the informations, and once again
Amanda,great job you are doing !!!!!

(We can always use the info! Thanks to you too! AG)

Brian :-)
*************************** writes:
Hi Amanda,

In issue 86 you printed an e-mail that I sent to you regarding the BRITS
awards. In that note, I made the comment:

"Speaking of THE BRITS awards here is a little something I picked up today.
While North America may not have any musical taste, you can be sure that the
brits do."

In order to soothe the ruffled feathers of those who have chosen to be
irritated by the comment and have chosen to show this irritation with less
than polite e-mails (not you Christina, I hope to hear from you again!) I
offer up the following:

The comment regarding North America not having any taste was in response to a
previous YOGMAIL where the topic of music awards was mentioned - or more to
the point, the huge probability of George not receiving any here in the U.S.

While George is not being recognized by the American music industry for his
efforts with OLDER, he and his works are being highly regarding in England
and around the rest of the globe. A fact that has been mentioned here in
YOGMAIL numerous times. A fact that George himself made on the MTV special.

(A fact that I think is true also. AG)

I offer no apologies for having made the comment. As I beleive that any fan,
taking the statement in context in which it was written, will know that it
was not directed at him or her, but at those radio stations who don't give
George's current works the airtime that they deserve, the media who have
given OLDER negative publicity simply because it is not the commercial
success that FAITH was, and the award giving industry who are not recognizing
a true talent.

(I don't see how anyone on here could think that was directed at them. But
if we look at the award nominations, George has been virtually snubbed here,
and praised abroad. AG)

Should anyone have anything to say, I welcome the comments. However, I give
fair warning. Anyone directing any comment toward me that is less than polite
will receive responses in kind, should I choose to acknowledge you at all.

*************************** (Nancy) writes:
!!!!!Posters and Tour programs for sale:!!!!
Kissing A Fool promo poster with George standing against brick wall
Make It Big promo poster with George and Andy in sheets
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me promo poster with George and Elton on stage
Faith promo poster with facial picture of George and gold border
I Want Your Sex promo poster
The Edge of Heaven promo poster double set
Club Tropicana commercially released poster with seashell border
Tower Records promo advertising Cover To Cover show
Five Live promo poster
George on stage during Whamamerica Tour
Faith Tour German promo tour poster

Tour Programs:
Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation Benefit

Please e mail me--Nancy-- for details.
*************************** (Cheers! Brent) writes:

Hello everyone,
Just wanted everyone to look at GM new single is number 3 this week in
the UK and here is what the charts have to say:
"#3 OLDER/I CAN'T MAKE YOU LOVE ME (George Michael)
Continuing his slow but steady release schedule, George Michael releases
the fourth single from the 'Older' album in the shape
of the title track. In terms of singles sucess the album is one of the
most successful is ever likely to release, four singles, two
Number One hits and every single one a Top 3 smash. Not even 'Faith'
came close to emulating this feat, of its six singles, only
the title track and 'I Want Your Sex' reached the Top 3".
That info was taken from my favorite Chart web page in the UK you can
check it out this week at
Cheers! Brent
To Wrap it Up:

"Never state what you can't imply."

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