Hi, before I get to business, let me just say to the dozen or so people I e
mailed last night, I SWEAR no drugs were involved in my manic state...just
high on anxiety I guess...

And to the other dozen or so I still need to get back to, patience is a
virtue, and my schedule's a bitch...

1. I will be requiring the assistance of about 100 of you in the US and
Canada for academic survey research, you will be contacted, and my thanks in
advance for co-operating.
2. I rarely check any e mail address but good old
3. Since people are asking again, snael mael me at:
(email Amanda on

If you're looking for dubs, enclose a note reminding me what you want to save
me some agro if you please.

*************************** (Brent Pearson) writes:
OK I did see Jeff's post about the radio station in Milwaukee playing the
Star People song and that radio station is about an Hour away from me and I
have e-mailed all the DJ's requesting the song and have asked them all if
they are just playing that song on there own or if it will be released as a
single and they are going to get back to me but if any of you want to e-mail
them to request that they keep playing the song go to: and pick a DJ to e-mail. This address is
actually the official address for that radiso station in Milwaukee that is
playing the Star People song:
I go to Milwaukee often and will keep my ears open but maybe if they get a
lot of e-mails requesting them too keep playing the song then they will get
some more air time for GM and then maybe other stations will see there play
list and jump on the Star People bandwagon and add the song to there station
as well. I already told my Radio station here in Madison that Milwaukee has
one up on them and are playing the song so I hope they will add it as well
since Milwaukee is playing it usually it is the domino effect that if one
station shows that the song is popular then other radio stations will add it
as well so will have to see.

(Let's hope so! AG)

Here is a e-mail I got from the Radio station in Milwaukee that is playing
the Starpeople song:

>Thanks for the nice comments.
>Star People IS going to be a single, but not quite yet. Being impatient,
and in need of >good songs, we jumped the gun and started playing it. We

stuck it on last Friday. >Geffen records is pretty excited about the song,
it's really a return to that George >Michael sound that always does well.


So looks like the Radio Station jumped the GUN GOOD FOR THEM!! Well looks
like USA is finally getting a new single!!!!!!!! Am I correct Alan?? Hmmm
hope so!!
Cheers! Brent
*************************** (H Gotz) writes:
The Older-EP is due to be released in the UK on January 20th.

(And wonder of wonders, it actually WAS! Check it out everyone! It's our
job to buy product so George can chart. AG)
*************************** (KOH) writes:
Hey GM fans

I have a Listen Without prejudice songbook in good condition for clearance.
And also the video of George Michael, interviewed by Melvyn Bragg, it covers
GM's career from Wham! to 1990. WIth Gm's life and chart history and also
a few scenes where George's recording in the studio.
I am looking for Too Funky single with Crazyman Dance , MOnkey single and
Father Figure single, all in CD.
So if anyone would like an exchange or would like to purchase those items
from me, please contact me at (permanent e-mail) or
llkoh-at-pl.jaring.m here in North America and basically was not
considered a successful release for George in the Northwestern hemishpere
that's not too shabby if I do say so myself.
That's all for now guys.....
*************************** (Fiona) writes:
Hi! My names Fiona and Im new (new on the list and a new internet user). You
would probably gather than my first 'search' on the net was GM and I am so
happy that Im now a member of YOGmail. I have been a GM fan ever since WHAM
released Bad Boys in Australia. Ive been to concerts in Australia and London
and travelled around Europe WHAMing it up in places like Ibiza (ala Club
Tropicana) and visiting numerous clubs like the Marquee just trying to get a
piece of GM. I must admit as Ive grown older, got married, had children I
havent been as fanatic but I still follow whats he's up to and
buy all his records.

I have two questions though What is the George Unplugged everyone is talking
about? Have we had this in Australia? I dont think so. Also can someone
give me an address that I could write to GM? Looking forward to hearing from

(Unplugged was a special he did for MTV, basically him live and kinda sorta,
but not really doing the stuff acoustic and stripped down to the basics--the
music, not George. You are about to get it in Australia. Read on for the
air date. As for an address, not that I can think of. He's not much of one
for fan clubs... AG)
*************************** (Hatu, Tim) writes:

Hi, I have finished updating the YOGMEL archives on Friday, it took a while
but I was 40 issues behind, I will try to update the archives every weekend.
I have also added brief comments for some issues and made sure that your
address does not appear anywhere (hopefully!!).

(Me too... Thanks a lot Tim! AG)

Great news for Austrlalian fans, George Michael Exposed and Unplugged will
air on Channel 9 on Saturday the 25th of January at 11:35 pm. This will be
the Australian version of the Interview and the Unplugged. It will be short,
only 35 miniutes plus commercials !! but hey it's better than nothing !!.

(So is Canada the only bloody country that did nothing special? Well except
for buy the rights to air it 10 days after MTV and not months... AG)

*************************** (MR ANGELO A ALEXOPOULOS) writes:

little bit of info. plans for 'Star People' to be released in the U.S. on
March the 4th. It probably applies to all of North America. Remixes

(Canada gets it a day later due to release date protocol actually... Hey
Alicia, was our first telephone call not due to that little 24 hour delay?
*************************** writes:
The tentative US release date for "Star People" is March 4th. There are
currently no plans for a video, but that may change closer to release date.


*************************** (Nancy) writes:
Hi Amanda:

I must have missed the Yogmael that the fan meeting was discussed in, so can
you please give me the details?? Would love to come!!

(It was never really too indepthly--did I just make up a new
word?--discussed. What has been named YOGMAEL Weekend '97 is a gathering of
George fans for 72 hours of Yogly fun in sunny Los Angeles. The arbitrarily
chosen dates are August 1,2,3. If these are deemed problematic for too many
people, they can change. Full details will be announced at the end of
February. An east coast s short term
situation." at the end.
Where he to break into the Fully Extended Mix, you get the really good
lyrics... AG)

I'm your man 96' is another story though. It may take some listening to get
used to this one. It almost seemed as though he put this together in a
hurry. Oh well, you can't win them all.

(This was simply re-recorded with George handling all the vocals, from a song
John Douglas had remixed for a lady called Lisa Moorish last year. Douglas
is not the producer George is...yet. AG)

Thanks Amanda....and talk to you later....James...
*************************** (Karen) writes:
Where do you find the time to do all this and go to school also?

(YOGMAEL really only eats an hour of my time a day, it's all the BS involved
with getting a couple of B.A's--university degrees--that kills my leisure
time... AG)

All 4++ of us are truly indebted to you. Thank you much.

(At last count 430, but we've been getting like 3 new adds a day, so I'll
have to do a recount soon. AG)

Karen Flowers
*************************** (JR) writes:
Is there a George web site out there somewhere? I have never heard of one but
I would be surprised if there wasn't.


(There are several!!! My personal fave--since it houses the YM archives, and
the original link to YOGMAEL--is Tim's:
There are others, including the Bo's, the home of the best photo gallery:
Also worthy of a lookover is The Different Corner page:
Some other fans have run up some too, so if YOU'VE got a George page, let me
know! AG)
*************************** (Cheryl Copelman) writes:
Hi there,

I was just wondering what the new George Michael interview picture disc CD
with 120+ page booklet is that Nancy was advertising in issue #83. Was this
available in England?.

(Not sure, was it? Who can help? AG)

Thanks for your help

To Wrap it Up:

Just to let you know, the current posting back log--number of days between
mail arrival in my in box and publication--is 5 days...but that doesn't mean
you should stop posting! Just remember to subject title air/release dates as
"URGENT!" Fair enough?

There's still time to enter this contest: been kind enough to offer a copy of the Spinning
the Wheel EP for a contest, and so I have attempted to come up with a fair
contest question. A number have been considered, but here's my fave:

You are on a plane, you are wearing your walkman, and of course playing a
George track. You get caught up in the moment, and begin to duet with
George. A few seconds later, you feel a tapping on your shoulder. You
immediately realize you are not in the studio with George, but rather on a
crowded plane. You open your eyes with some trepidation, you see George with
a rather amused look on his face, he's even taken his sunglasses off. You
have 30 seconds to make an impression, what do you say?

Winners to be announced in issue #88--which will be going out on the 25th.
All entries must be received by 7pm EST Thursday Jan 23rd for judging. And
I mean 7pm! Last mail check will be done at 7:15pm, anything received after
that WILL NOT be included in the contest entries.

"Never state what you can't imply."

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