Hi, since few of you actually read this part, I can tell by some of the
questions you people ask me, I'll skip intro remarks.

*************************** (lyle...) writes:
Bom Dia, Amanda. I just returned from Rio, where I met a girl who
met George back during Rock in Rio. He was eating in a restaurant in
Buzios, and this girl, who was 13 at the time, asked him for an autograph.
Despite being annoyed, he gave the girl the signing on a napkin. Great
story, huih? Anyway, please add me back on the Yog mailing list...

(I remember how bad I wanted to be down in Rio in January of 1991... AG)

Also, consider this: "I've been in and out of favor with love
because, I gotta tell you, I've been things I never wanted to be" Things
such as heterosexual, right? Oh well, not that I really care about his
sex life, but I realized that from the lyric recently....

(You find what you want to find. AG)

*************************** writes:
Hey people!!(U 2 Amanda!)

It's been a while since my last posting and I just finished reading
about 6 issues of Yogmael(I forgot how to make the symbol, sorry).

(For an Æ, hold down ALT while punching in 0198 on your number key pad. For
an æ hold down ALT while punching in 0230 on you number key pad. AG)

I thought once I got my computer at home I would stay on top of things but
it seems like when I get home from work the last thing I want to do is
get on the net. I work for and ISP (internet service provider) and I'm
on the net ALL DAY LONG!!!

I'd like to wish everyone a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR and I hope eveyone
got what they wanted for Christmas! I'd like to give a special "shout
out" to James Robinson just because.....he knows why...:) and also to
Amanda just because she deserves it!!!!!!! What would we do with out her

(Have a lot more free time... AG)

One last thing before I bid farewell. This is in refernces to something
Sara posted in issue #81 (Sarah Mager) writes:
Hi Yogfans,

I was wandering through my old vinyl and I saw "Forget me not" by
Randy Crawford - CHrist! I go thats the song that george sampled for
"Fastlove" I always WANTED to hear the original and here I had it all
the time (for at least 3 years...)
Correct me if I'm wrong but I do beleive that Patrice Rushin wrote and
sang the original "Forgetme Nots" that George sampled in "FastLove". I'm
not good with release dates but I think that this was a late '70s or
early '80s song. I wish I could give specifics now but part of our
massive LP collection was destroyed back in '88 in a house fire. I'll
research and see what I can come up with but if anyone else knows and
can confirm or correct my belief on this matter feel free to do so.

(I too thought the track was Ms. Rushin's, but I have learned that in a
roundabout way, Sara is almost always right. AG)

P.S. This is totally not related to Yogmael but ......... GO JAGUARS!!!!
Forgive me guys but I LUV football and I was a cheerleader with the
Jacksonville Jaguars in their first season in the NFL! I am so excited that
we made it to the AFC Championship!!

(I just wish they could have pulled it off and made the SuperBowl... AG)
*************************** (Barry) writes:
This information was passed along to me from the Pet Shop Boys mailing list.

Below is a the URL for a George Michæl discography maintained by Mats
Björkman. He has done a nice job... it's the best I've seen! He has asked for
additions, so *PLEASE* take the time to check it against your collection.
This is our chance to have an extensive discography.

*************************** (DALLAS) writes:
Hi Amanda,
Just thought I would drop you a line letting you know I was back and
looking forward to catching up on all the gang.

Missed all of you.
*************************** (Shawn Light) writes:
I saw in the recent RIAA certifications in Billboard Magazine that the
"Faith" album has been certified for 10 million in sales in the U.S. So
does that make it about 20 million worldwide. Last I knew it was about 16
million worldwide.

(20 seems about right. Way to go George! AG)

*************************** (Paula Ryman) writes:

Hello everyone

I have been receiving Yogmael for a few months. It is very interesting
reading. Keep up the good work.
I am very interested in obtaining a copy of the MTV Unplugged concert. I
arranged for it to be taped at work and of course someone switched the
equipment off!!!

(I wish I could help, but I only have one on North American format, can
someone closer to home per chance help you out? AG)

I am willing to pay for it, so if anyone can do this please let me know.

I would also like a cassette copy of the radio one interview same as above
Many Thanks
*************************** (Rich) writes:

I am distressed that in the local listings GM doesn't have a single or an
album in the top 10. Don't know how they can be over looking "Older", or
"You have been loved", they really touch me. Come on all you critics don't
you know talent when you hear and see it? BTW does anybody know how tall GM
is? From watching Unplugged, I'd guess he's some over 6 feet. Doing a good
job Amanda.

(From what I have calculated--it's a long process, involving Paula Abdul,
Shaquille O'Neal, and Andrew Ridgeley--George is indeed the 6 feet he
professes to be. AG)

*************************** (Marti Blesa) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Reading the Yogmail (sorry Yogmael!) issues I've realized of something
strange. For what I see every country has shown different versions of
Unplugged with different interviews. Maybe the Spanish one was the worst
as it showed few of the concert, but I've read in previous issues about
programs of 45 minutes, programs showing Unplugged together with parts
of Cover to Cover concert, others showing the making-off of the
concert... Will any TV company ever release the full interview with the
full concert together with the preparation of the Unplugged as it looks
like the concert won't ever be released on CD. It'd be a huge success on
CD (we only have to remember the successes of the Eric Clapton and
Nirvana Unpluggeds betweeen others like 10,000 maniacs) but it looks
like releasing it would finnish the contract with Dreamworks! Also,
talking about Fony, I know it goes against Yog but I think they could
earn a lot of money and make all Yog fans happy if they released some
live recordings, like The Final concert or any old Wham concert, I'd
love it as I've hardly seen anything live from the Wham era. I know that
George would ask fans not to buy the CD as he did when Club Fantastic
Megamix was released but I think that we all would buy the CD and after
apologize for having bought against Yog's desires.

(I agree with every word you say, but I also know that we believe this in
vain. AG)

*************************** (Shawn Light) writes:

When I said Fully Extended Summer Mix, I meant that it was the Summer Mix,
as you said, with additional lyrics from the other version. I didn't mean
it to sound like he used all of the lyrics from the Fully Extended Mix.


(No need to apologize, just trying to show you that you weren't totally
right. I guess I was in a bit of a bitch mood... AG)

*************************** (Andrew McFadyen) writes:
Hello GM Fans!

Just wondering if any Canadians out there can tell me if Much has played the
Star People at all. I haven't seen it, but then again, I can't stand the
junk they have on 24 hours a day. I have it on and am looking for the Older
video. I'm sure I'll be impressed.

(There is no vid for Star People yet. They do apparently have the Older
vid, but I have yet to come across it. AG)

Also, does anyone have a CD of the Wham! album The Final? If you want to
unload it or have access to another one, please contact me

(I know this is readily available in anywhere but North America, so I'm sure
SOMEONE will be able to help you out. AG)

Thanx for any help!

Just saw the commercial on Much (waiting for 'Older' video) that the best of
the Princes trust is going to be on tonight and GM will be on it! Which
song does he sing? Anyways, just saw a glimpse of him on the commercial and
thought I'd let you know.

(As I told you, he sang Everytime You Go Away with Paul Young, and the lad
looks like he's had one too many something. I have it on tape if anyone has
to urge to see George in a less than sober state. AG)

*************************** (Aidan Padden) writes:

Hello Amanda, how are you?

(Still a touch under the weather, but thanks for asking. You? AG)


I thought that Older should have been out on CD single today, but I've not
able to find anywhere that had it, it looks like it's been delayed again,
probably due to the high sales of White Town and Tori Amos, though I'm not
sure. Also, when they were showing the video for Older the other day, a very
weird widescreen format, they said the

'George had a very productive xmas. He stayed in London and had a
family xmas including a bit of a knees-up. He must have enjoyed
himself because he wrote a handful of songs and on Wednesday booked
himself into a studio to start recording them.'

I seem to get the idea that theres a subtle hint about the drugs in
there somewhere, but at least we're getting some new songs, although I
doubt we'll hear them for a while. They could either be the songs
needed for his greatest hits album, or b-sides for one of the new
singles. Anyway, take care for now, and I'll see you later,

(Thanks as always to my UK correspondant! Just outta curiosity, what is the
non Brit definition of a "knees up"? And yeah, I did kinda think there was a
drug reference there, maybe that's the key to a good family Christmas?
Hmmmmmm.... AG)

103053.627-at-CompuServe.COM (Juan Carlos Tonazzi) writes:
Hi Amanda,
I want to thank you for all the hard work you have put into this YM "
thing". I wanted to know if there is any way I can get the OLDER single.

(There sure is. Try an import shop. Can someone who deals with the online
import companies tell us who's got what? AG)

I know it is not being released here in the US but maybe you know a way to
get it. I am
probably the only Argentine YM but I want to tell everybody that there are
thousands of GM fans in my country, especially in Buenos Aires. Everybody
him and respects him as well.

(Actually, there are a few Argentine on YM. George does very well in South
America. AG)

I would like to find out when are the Brit. Awards because I'm sure GM has
been nominated.

(He has been nominated in 4 categories, and details will follow soon. AG)

Please tell me if there is a legal way to get the Older single.

(Hmm, I do believe my copy will be legal. I have arranged to get mine right
out of England through someone on YOGMAEL. It is legal to trade as long as
the value traded is fair and not for overt profit. Ahem, if anyone in the UK
is feeling ambitous, there is a market for a little private import biz here
on YM. AG)

*************************** (M. Smith) writes:
Hello Amanda and fellow Yogmaeler's,

I have now completed the conversion of all eight songs from the
Unplugged to mp3. The files averaged just under 6.5 MB each. If you
have a 28.8 or 33.6 modem it should only take you around 45-60 mins to
download each of them. They are currently being uploaded to:



The login is mp3 and the password is also mp3 for both sites.

The following files should all be in those site within a few days:

GMU1-F96.mp3 Freedom `96 6.8 MB

GMU2-FL.mp3 FastLove 6.1 MB

GMU3-ICMYLM.mp3 I Can't Make You Love Me 6.5 MB

GMU4-FF.mp3 Father Figure 7.0 MB

GMU5-YHBL.mp3 You Have Been Loved 6.3 MB

GMU6-ESW.mp3 Everything She Wants 5.6 MB

GMU7-PFT.mp3 Praying For Time 6.0 MB

GMU8-SP.mp3 Star People 6.9 MB

Again, the files were compressed using MPEG Layer 3 at 44 kHz, 160
kBit/s. They sound great! The naming convention is as follows:

GMU6 <<--- George Michael - Unplugged Track 6

GMU6-ESW <<--- Everything She Wants

GMU6-ESW.mp3 <<---MPEG Layer 3 Audio file

DISCLAIMER: There are other songs that are kept on this site. Since
this is not my site I have no control over what is put into the site or
what is taken from the site. I do not endorse any material that may be
there (George or non-George) other than what has been put up there by
myself. This was the only site that I was able to find that was
willing to host these files.

Enjoy! Let's get some other good rare stuff in there!

M. Smith - LaserNut
Taken From the AOL MMC Board:
Subj: VH1 Specials
Date: 97-01-15 15:02:02 EST

I have good news for you guys. Vh1 has two specials coming up on George
Michael. Tune in on Thursday, January 30 at 8:00 PM for a 1996 concert (I

think it's clips from his Unplugged show), then at 9:00 PM we'll bring you a
60 minute video collection. The concert will repeat on Sunday, February 2 at
11:00 PM. Hope you can tune in. Look for details on VH1's site on America
Online (keyword: VH1). Enjoy!

(Amanda will be seeking a copy if anyone is willing to help. AG)
TO Wrap it Up:

In issue 85, THE BIG ISSUE!

Did a member count today, and found 426 addresses in the roster.

"Never state, what you can't imply."


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