So I feel worse than I can remember feeling in a long time, but I shall
persevere, seeing as how all I dreamt about last night was working on
YOGMAEL. And for the record, no Alicia, I don't blame my stomach flu on
seeing a picture of modern day Ange...though when I did show the pic to my
mum, she said "Well, I can see why you almost threw up." But fear not
Andrew, I still adore you all these years, and all that hair later...

A note about back issues, I had planned to get those out over the last couple
days, but all I've been able to do is wallow in my misery while lying in bed,
but Tim has come to my rescue, and I am told the archives will soon be up to
date to issue 80. When all is up and running, I'll let you know.

Also, my thanks to everyone who sent me copies of issue #37, I managed to get
it to my sister before she left.

In addition, I have been made aware that George's Older video has premiered
on Much, so my best friend and I are on alert. I do however fear this
alternacrap is going to cause me further misery though...

Lastly, some notes about reaching me and/or the list: The current posting
back log is 2 days, so bare with me, if I have it, I will post it as soon as
it pops up in the queue. If it's vitally urgent--an air date--put URGENT as
the subject heading, I flaked recently, and as a result, something didn't get
posted in time. Lastly, to contact me on a non-postable matter, just put
PERSONAL in the subject heading, but no Alicia, this does not mean you have
to start getting boring in your titles, you know I adore those.

*************************** (Alicia) writes:
Greetings to all of my wonderful Yogmael family!:) It's been awhile since
I've posted, I've been sick and my town has been on what seems like permanent
floodwatch. Anyway, I have been "urged" by Amanda to tell you all, especially
SNAPPING the story of how Alicia & Amanda met.:)

(I had to beg her over the phone... AG)

I had just gotten AOL and was searching all the bulletin boards. Luckily, I
found the VH1 board and that's how I found out about the GM board, and how I
found out about someone willing to copy the entire Live Aid concert for
me...her name was Amanda Gardonyi.

(A sucker for dubbing from the beginning... AG)

I emailed her and then we sent instant messages for each other. We found out
we had a lot in common--especially on George related subjects:) We continued
to email each other daily, and have continued to do so to the present
day...well, maybe not daily--that stopped as soon as Yogmael was
she has 350 people to email daily--or every other day.:) Now let's not
forget who gave Yogmael the nickname YM, afterall:) I take full credit for
that of course!!!!!!

(We not only admired George's talent, and ability to look stunning in a
Speedo, we also had mutual interests in the theatre and felt the same way
about the monarchy. She got me through final exams, helped me deal with a
dreadful 6 weeks working with Student Jerks/Works Painters, and basically
dealt with my tendency to rattle on... And really, I'm sure she's not that
bitter about the whole YM gang...but it's closer to 400 my dear... And a word
to the wise, never begrudge Alicia her full credit. So now that you've
posted in YM, I expect to hear from you in Donna's Secret Unknown... AG)

So, I didn't really want to take up a lot of time with our little
was mostly for SNAPPING...hope you enjoyed!:)

(Yes, we spared you the really good the infamous 5 hour phone
calls that add up to hundreds of dollars, the time we snapped and got into a
fight during a AOL George chat, the old lady she tried to call collect for an
hour at 3 in the morning when I gave her the wrong number... AG)

OH YEAH--I STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVE McCartney! I explained who they were, and pointed out George

Michael in a picture.
She said, Who's that? I said, George Michael. She wasn't much over 30, I
thought she might know who he is. She looked kind of puzzled, and I said, He
did an album called Faith in the 80's. Then she remembered. At least someone
around here knows who he is!

(I'll be on the look out, THANKS!! I remember doing a session of copying for
Alicia once, and the in her 20's copier lady said "So, I'm thinking you like
George Michael?" The 2 friends I was with looked at me, and we pretty much
in unison said "Kinda". AG)

I was at a wedding last weekend and I was sitting at a table with two
girls,actually they are about my age, about 21, we were talking about music.
I had come to the conclusion that absolutely nobody likes GM around here, I
decided to test out my theory. So I asked them, actually, I said," You
probably hate George Michael, if you even know who he is, right?" They just
looked at me blankly. I told them he sang Careless Whisper and they knew the
song. But, everybody does. They didn't even remember Faith. Well, they
probably would have if I had sung it to them but I wasn't in the mood.

(It's moments like that you just want to crawl into bed and and curl up with
a good printout of YM isn't it? AG)

It's such a shame what the long absence did to his careeer. I am not sure now
whether the US is indifferent to his songs or him, or they are just not
exposed to it enough to even make any kind of impression. It reminds me of
how G said in the MTV interview, "hello?!"

(As Mr. Michael once said, "Obscure is good." AG)

It makes me frustrated because if they would just play his songs on the
radio, I think he would be popular. "Older" did not get the chance it
deserved, I hope the new songs on the Greatest Hits album are really good.

(The GH will get his name out there again. A number of casual fans who have
known me for years often tell me they'd love to grab his GH and ask what it's
called. AG)

Does anybody know what a CD3 and CD5 are? I wish the online music places
would give some explanation of their codes. It's very confusing! Well I gotta

(Now, I'm no pro, but I assume that a standard CD is 5 inches long, and I
know there are also the 3" mini CD's, so assume that to put it into vinyl
language, a CD5 is the eqivilent of a 12", while a CD3 is a 45. If I'm
wrong, feel free to corect me. AG)

Later, Jen
*************************** (George Bielinski) writes:


<I would really love a copy but have been waiting out to see if it is going to
be played in Australia....

(I am sending a copy down to George Bielinski, per chance you can help our
friend out once it arrives George? AG)>>

Yes, she's getting a copy as soon as I get it.

(My thanks to you George, as soon as I'm well enough to leave the house, per
chance tomorrow, I'll pop by a post office and send it on down. AG)

*************************** (Frank Reyes) writes:

It has been awhile since I posted or even bugged you for that
matter. (SMILE) But I do have good reason to post you today and should
have actually did it a couple of days ago. Anyway, they are selling
the George Michael Interview Picture CD at Tower Records in Hollywood
for $9.99 and that is a really good price. They started selling them
on January 6th and the interview is great. It is a definite must have
for all of us GM and Wham! fans. It is neat hearing his voice again at
a very young age P.O. BOX 3061
South El Monte

California 91733-0061


(You can also feel free to post your list to YM if you'd like. AG)
*************************** (lebois) writes:

Dear Amanda,

I have problems with my Emails, so I don't know if I'm already in your
YOGMAIL list. Now I'm sure I can send Emails but I can't do "Get Mail" for
the moment (only
connected since 1 week... but YM reader since October). I resend you my first
Email with first a little "update" about the french TV show of last week. I
hope I'll solve my technical problems & be able to hear from you soon.


Aired on TF1 on Jan 4th:

MTV Unplugged:
Everything she wants 4'48''
Father Figure 3'25''
I can't make you love me 5'20''
Star People 5'50''
Older 50'' (extracts)
You have been loved 30'' (extracts)

MTV Unplugged Rehearsals:
Fast Love 4'30''
Older 30'' (extracts)
Star People 1'30'' (extracts)
You have been loved 30'' (extracts)
Kissing a Fool 38'' (extracts)

Live in Dec 93 (Wembley?):
Freedom90 4'54''
Kissing a Fool 1'30'' (extracts)
Killer + Papa... 6'11''

French Interview of the MTV Unplugged
(in about 10 parts,
George enven speeks french during 2'' !!!)

Press Conf. (1992) 30''

(So have you got this on tape? AG)
*************************** (Nancy) writes:
I am moving out the following items from my personal collection:

1. Original black and white negative of George. Picture is similar to the

cover of Jesus To A Child, size is nearly 8 X 10, and is protected in
Can make posters out of this negative!

2. Original color transparency artwork for the Jesus To A Child counter
display. Very large in size. Can make posters/lithographs out of this

3. The new George Michael interview picture disc CD with 120+ page

4. Older box set

5. Don't Let The SUn Go Down on Me promo poster

Please write for more details on prices, etc.

I have an extra copy of the new George Michael interview picture disc CD that

comes with a 120+ page color book. If anyone is intersted, please let me

*************************** (Alexandra Sweet) writes:
Hi everyone!
I too put in my vote to Rolling Stone for George to be on the cover. I
reminded them of all of his accomplishments and of his awesome Unplugged and
that he has earned a spot on the cover. I also told them to go look at their
issue #518 from January 8th of 1988 with you-know-who on the cover, and if
they put him on there once, they can sure do it again!
Take care!!
*************************** (MARTY LINDMAN) writes:
here i am again. how do you like my capitals? i am a fan fan fan of George
Michael......two days ago, the "normal" reaction occurred. At work, I walked
into work with a G.M. key chain...{my daughter had one custom made for me
for Christmas.)

(Hey, I know someone else with a Georgely key chain, something about a BMW...

The you said was the guessable. The co-worker
said......this and that and this and that, and then, this and that.....I said
" St....., you are not even making a dent". `he conti
*************************** (Jeffrey Leypoldt) writes:

Hi...Names Jeff

Just heard that radio station 94WKTI in Milwaukee, WI had added Star People
to their playlist..........YES! It sounded great!

(Great to hear it! AG)

Any word on the Unplugged CD/Video arrival in the States?

(Don't hold your breath. DreamWorks and Virgin have chosen not to release

it. It would count as George's second release, and thereby fulfill his
contract, and they don't want to let him go so fast. AG)

*************************** (Keli) writes:

Why do you use YOGMAEL instead of YOGMAIL?

(Hmmm, good question. It was a while ago during an AOL George chat and a
handful of us got to talking about the forthcoming YOGMAEL Weekend--August
1-3/97--in Los Angeles, and got to thinking we needed a logo for baseball
caps or T shirts so we can look like a right bunch of geezers, and it was
proposed that we use the merged AE, , so we could appear to be a part of
Aegean. Well I thought maybe we should change the name of this list to take
into account this little GM trademark. 5 of us voted, and since issue 70,
it's been YOGMAEL.

To Wrap it Up:

I have decided that I will indeed run the full Big Issue interview in issue
#85. We are a group of diehard fans, and there is no profit to be had in it.
I can respect he feels America is a bit of a lost cause, but I know we still
managed to buy a million copies of Older, so you ladies and gents deserve it.
If JT can type up interviews for us on the Nana news, I can do the same for
you. If George has a problem with it, I'm listed in the Hamilton white
pages, his lawyer can call me. I'm home most nights after 6pm.

"Never state, what you can't imply."


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