Apologies for the delay in sending, but due to an interesting evening of
illness, I was asleep by 9:30pm last night. What made my evening
interesting? I recieved a jpg of Andrew looking much like he looks now and
less like he did in his Wham! days, and I looked at it, and simultaneously
thought--due to illness I SWEAR!--"I have to throw up!" If AOL ever gets the
upload thing fixed, I'll arrange to post it to one of the WEB pages.

I have a request for anyone who has a YM archive still in their computer. My
sister was is in town at the moment, and I went looking for the issue I
dedicated to her, only to find I seem to have lost my archives from the month
of October. Now I know they will eventually find their way onto a web page,
but if in the mean time, someone could copy and paste me a copy of the
October 25the edition--issue #37I would most appreciate it.

And one last note, to Sara Mager, your evil plot to convert me to a Nana
freak is partially working, although you can ask Alicia about what I spent 6
hellish weeks as a painter singing 12 hours a day. We were beginning to fear
an exorcism was in order, and as Alicia put it, she knew of someone who was
sick and tired of spending 12 hours a day with Keren too, and promised Andrew
would be over shortly...

*************************** (Geoffrey) writes:

I'm looking for someone who has a copy of the "Cover to Cover" tour video.
Please advise.

*************************** (dresse) writes:
I'm looking for japanese records & CD'S ?so if you have address of japanese
records mail order or japanese fan ,please e-mail me
*************************** (Marek Unt) writes:
Hi, Yogfans!

When does the next GM single come out? I'm getting a little impatient here,
and since SPW was not a chart breaker I think we could all use a hit from Yog
just to see it on the top of the charts and smile happily. Correct me if I'm
wrong but wasn't there a promise for a single in December already, "Older" or
"Star People" I believe? Where is it then?
Anyway, I'd like the next single to be "Star People" since I feel it has a
message which could break through to the charts and I just loved it from the

(IN England, today I think, and I assume it's pretty much the same for
anywhere he's covered by Virgin, and it's Older. As for us who fall under
DreamWorks territory, sometime in the next couple months, and it's Star

Marek (not the one from Poland; greetings to you then btw ;) ), Estonia
*************************** (REHAN FARRUKH) writes:

Hello Amanda and GM fans,

I want to know the schedules of Brit. Awards and Grammy Awards also when
George Michael is releasing his new single 'older'.

(The Grammy's are a lost cause unless he chooses to present. There was much
yelling around the Gardonyi household the day the nominees were announced...
I have no idea about the Brits, but I'm confident George will do far better
in those. Anyone? AG)

*************************** (Neda) writes:


My name Neda. I am quite young (under 18) and so I don't know too much about
Mr. Michael's previous work (though I have learned a bit through this and
other info. on the net) Well, to carry on, I recall hearin someone talking
about a Radio One interview with George. I wasn't on this mailing list until
just the last (number 78 I think) and I was wondering, if it weren't too much
of a trouble, if you could e-mail me the interview and anything else of that

(I can send the double issue of #74--Radio One--as well as a part of the Big
Issue interview later today. AG)

If you cannot, I ask of those of you out there who have it and other
interviews to please e-mail it too me, I really wanna know a bit more about
the man I admire so much (that being George Michael of course). Well, other
than that special request, I'd like to say that you are doing a fab job. I
think it's great that someone with such talent (writing, singing, etc.)
finally get's the credit he so deserves. Keep up the great work! Cheers

*************************** (Bea Alison Rumpelt) writes:
Hi everybody

> (Kamala) writes:
> ON 24th of December, there was one hour program about G on Norwegian TV
> called "George Michael Unplugged". ...

From what I have read, it seems that those "differences" on Norwegian tv are
the same ones I have seen on German tv. I have a feeling that the additional
interviews he did might not have taken place as such. Instead just a few
scenes where recorded to show the interviewers with him and the rest was cut
together from the same footage.

Has anybody seen more than one of the European interiews and can confirm

*************************** (Sharon Dunn) writes:
Hello All

I saw the Older video yesterday,while lying in bed in a flu induced haze,so I
wasn't paying as much attention as I should.

G.M's walking around a village ( Central/ South America ?), looking a bit
moody, dressed in black, with a long overcoat, hands in pockets and with
shades on. So nothing new there,then. It was filmed in - I don't know what
you call it -with a black border at the top and bottom of the screen.

(I think the word you're looking for is letterboxed. AG)

There's no real narrative, just various images intercut with George singing
to camera. Plenty of religious imagery, crucifixes,rosary beads,a statue of
the Virgin Mary. Very Catholic.

Does anyone know what religion he he is? I assume it's either Catholic/Greek
Orthodox or Church of England - although I read/heard somewhere that George
believes in God, so that cancels out the Church of England, it's a
contradiction in terms.

(He never mentioned celebrating XMas at a different time, but I know very few
Greeks who are not Greek Orthodox. And yes, to the best of my knowledge,
George believes in God. AG)

It's an o.k. video, it didn't reach out and grab me.I wish he'd do something
a little more unconventional. Anyone seen the new U2 video? They're all
dresed up as the Village People! The Edge looks great! I'd like to see George
do something along those lines, something with humour and irony. That's a bit
radical, I know, but I just want to see him
SMILE. Call me sentimental!

(I saw this vid a couple hours after I got this e mail--so I was telling my
friends what it was all about hours before Much premiered it...thanks! And
yes, it was very unconventional! AG)

*************************** (Trevor Spradlin) writes:

Hi Amanda:

First, and foremost, Happy New Year. You are doing an
excellent job! I admire your organizational skills
and dedication. Thanks for all your hard work keeping us
informed about George.

(My organizational skills? Spoken like someone who has never stepped foot in
my apartment... AG)

I have a few questions for the group:

1. Where can I find the club remix of "Killer/Papa Was a
Rolling Stone" that was played during the MTV Unplugged

interview with John Norris? The sound bite was played as
background music while George was talking about being on
tour and clips were shown of him performing on stage. I
have the P.M. Dawn 12" remix on vinyl which is very
different. I'd like to find the version MTV played,
preferably on CD;

2. Did anyone tape the entire Radio 1 concert?;

3. What other songs were performed at the Unplugged, and
why weren't they shown?!;

4. What is going on with DreamWorks?

The Unplugged was fantastic -- a very moving performance.

Please let us know when the next EPs will be released on
Virgin and/or DreamWorks. Also, I'd really appreciate the
info on how to get a copy of the "Older" songbook in the

(The US address is:
Warner Bros. Publications Inc.
15800 N.W. 48th Ave.
Miami, Florida

Many Thanks,
*************************** writes:
I read that there is a famous Speedo picture of George Michael, does anyone
know where I might be able to get a copy?

(Find a Wham! book. I have several Wham! books, and several Speedo shots.
There is not just one, they were taken on the set of the Club Tropicana
video. BTW, I got your AOL Instant message last night, but when I tried to
respond, the damn service wouldn't let me! But in response, YOU'RE WELCOME!
*************************** writes:
Dear Amanda,

I truly wish to thank you for keeping all of us fans informed on the
happenings and past information about the truly great Mr. Michael. I have
just been online for a little over a week, [and probaly only 7 or 8 times at
that, I can never get in,] my main reason for getting online was for
information about George or Yog as you call him. You see I am "Older" a
grandmother, who has become obsessed with his songwriting abilities. I have
never heard such great music, even as instrumentals. We are three
generations of George fans, my daughter, [who has seen him live], my
granddaughter, who just turned 4, and is always saying "Gramma find George on
the TV." She thinks he should be on 24 hours a day on MTV or VH1. I
sometimes have to put in the Disney George video to keep her quiet.

(Well, you just tell your granddaughter she is absolutely right, George
should be on 24 hours a day! AG)

I recently read in our paper [St. Paul, MN] an interview with Kenny G. who
when asked, stated that he thought the best album put out in 1996, was
"Older" by George Michael, and couldn't understand why it hadn't been a
bigger seller. I always knew there was a reason I liked Kenny G.

Well so much for this, hope this doesn't read to badly as this is my very
first e-mail transmission. I really appreicate all the work you do, and also
I think Alan is great, I can't believe all the knowledge he possesses.

(I have always proclaimed Alan to be my guru, he's the one I ask for final
confirmation on any Georgely matter. AG)
minawim-at-muss.CIS.McMaster.CA (M. Minawi) writes:

Hi Amanda
First I would like to thank you for your dedication and hard work. I also
want to ask if there is any news about GM touring in 1997.

(Strong rumours, but nothing definite just yet. AG)

And finally I want to send a big HAPPY RAMADAN to all GM fans who will be
fasting with me for the next month... good luck and don't over do it during
Iftar..:) (it is a cultural thing:))

To Wrap it Up:

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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