So I just got home from seeing Evita--actually stood in line for 2 hours to
make sure I was one of the first, and I can tell you that I got one of the
first 5 tickets sold--and what can I say but WOW! I fully take back anything
negative I ever said about Antonio Banderas! I highly recommend this film to
anyone, even the non-Madonna fans, if for no other reason than "Goodnight and
ThankYou" and "Oh What a Circus".

But from Evita I move onto George. Over the last couple weeks a bunch of
Georgely matter has found its way into my snail mail box, and I apprecitate
it all, and as soon as I have a chance to listen to it, I will thank everyone
individually. I did however take a couple minutes to give a package from New
Zealand that I think I have been waiting for since the beginning of
time...just kidding Sarah. So I have now heard the Metropolis mixes of
Bananarama's Tripping on Your Love, and regarding trying to "mix the
shittiness out of it", I'm not sure if George did any better, but of all the
great Nana tracks, that's the only one he liked? Gee, I was just going to
ask "George what have you been smoking?" but I think we all know.... "It's
brutal and inexcusable." But bloody addictive just like any Nana track.

Also, who can tell me how many re-mixes of Hard Day Shep Pettibone did? I
got a copy today, and it's not the same one on Faith.

Oh, I should tell you, I almost decked someone in honour of George and YM
today. I was with some friends of a friend, and for some reason, the fact
that I run YM came up, and this wanker--who's into Marilyn Manson so what the
hell do you expect right?--says something along the lines of "George Michael
has fans?" But I decided to show some tact and just not even justify his
boorishness with a word.

*************************** (Anita Patel) writes:



(I was just discussing Jo with a friend the other day, we were watching a
bunch of videos and noticed she's in FastLove and Spinning the Wheel. But we
were discussing how in a choral sense, she's got a fairly coveted spot behind
George in the Unplugged. I don't know what's going on with Jo, but I hope we
find out soon. I assume that once George has wrapped up the Older
promotion--as in doing the Star People vid--he may set to work on getting
Ęgean's first non-George release in order. I know I am looking forward to
hearing her solo. AG)


*************************** (Ted) writes:
Hi Amanda! Hi all GM fans! I have some questions to ask. In the Unplugged,
the backup singer on the far right is Jo Bryant right (Correct me I'm
wrong)?? In the last page on the Older sleeve, it said that "Jo" sang the
Forget me nots in Fastlove. Is she the same Jo as in the Unplugged?? If so,
is she also the one in the Fastlove video singing the Forget me nots?? Just


(To make it real easy for you Ted, she's the only caucasian singing besides
George. And yes, it's the same Jo. AG)
*************************** (Carina) writes:
hi yogmembers!

did you know that according to a member of the diana ross management george
contacted diana several times a couple of years ago. he wanted to do a duet
with her, but she turned him down(!!!) all this according to a friend of mine
who is close to a person at emi london. well, what do you say about that?!?

(George, it's one thing to have a spliff before writing a song, but don't
make business discussions while "High-igh-igh-igh". Apologies for all the
pot references, but I blame Tripping on Your Love. AG)

thanks for all the answers after my last posting,i'll get back to you asap.

btw i've seen the new video (older) on mtv. the best yet from the older cd!

(I have to e Much to see if they plan to ever run it, we did get STW
afterall, and failing that, I may be begging for a copy for a copy out of
Europe. AG)

talk to you soon
carina , stockholm,sweden
*************************** (Shawn Light) writes:


I'm still not all caught up on my reading, but I did see a couple of times
where you said that George played the Summer Mix at the Unplugged. The
Summer Mix does not include the last verse beginning with "In the absence of
security ..." If I recall correctly, he did sing this verse in the Unplugged.
So he really sang the Fully Extended Summer Mix. If I'm wrong feel free to
shoot me.

(BANG! Not for being wrong, but for trying to catch me on a technicality.
Lyrically, it was the standard lyrics--NOT the Fully Extended, in which we
should hear such gems as "I'll give you something to remember", "everybody
needs a little FastLove" and "yeah yeah, I got me some". Musically however,
it was the Summer Mix. AG)


I'm hoping someone could help me out. Was there ever a CD single released
anywhere for "Kissing A Fool"? A catalog I have called Record Collector says
there was a US CD single with remixes. I've never heard of this. They also
said there was a CD single of Monkey commerically released. I've never heard
or seen this either. I've only heard about the promo version. By the way.
If anyone is willing to part with either of these singles on CD, I'd be
willing to take them off your hands. Compensation provided, naturally.

(OK, I don't know about Kissing a Fool, but if there had been one available
in my neck of the woods, I would have grabbed it. Yes, there was a CD single
of Monkey, but back in those days I was only buying tapes. The Monkey single
contains the Extended Mix, an Acappela, and the Extra Beats. AG)

Maybe with the Gr. Hits, Sony will reissue some of the Faith singles on CD.
It would be nice for the fans, but I'm not sure if George would like this.

(I doubt it will happen, but who knows. AG)

I've been quite the prolific poster today haven't I. I just keep remembering
all of these things.

(Through the wonders of editing, 3 posts become 1. AG)

Freedomfest, aka The Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute, was released
commercially on video. I didn't know that until recently when I was reading
yogmael, of course.

My sister-in-law is a manager at a video chain called Suncoast and she
ordered it for me. I think she said it's still in print, so anyone who
didn't know about it (or who did) and who wants one, I would encourage you to
try to contact your local video store and have them order one for you.

(Funny, didn't you try to order one of these from BlockBuster Alicia, only to
be told it was out of print? AG)

BTW, in case anyone doesn't know, George sang three songs at this concert: If
You Were My Woman, Village Ghettoland, and Sexual Healing. I'm not positive
that all three are on the video release, but I think they are.

(They are. I have an original, but for some unknown reason, the audio track
is gone. I went to give it a listen one afternoon, and it had no audio! I
was more than a wee bit pissed, but thanks to a great friend who had no idea
that I needed it, it found itself onto a video of George at the 1989 MTV
awards. AG)

Hope this helps.

*************************** (Bea Alison Rumpelt) writes:
> (Faith) writes:
>We have set up George/wham chatrooms on irc

Great! Apart from the servers, what are the channels? It would help to
provide names as well; that way they are easier to find than searching the
entire data base.

Not that I am likely to eer show up there ... I suffer from insomnia
occasionally, but there is no way I stay up til 2 a.m. to chat ...

But I wish everybody from the other side of the globe a lot of fun there!

*************************** (Sara) writes:
Hi Amanda:

I saw a little review on the Older Album in People magazine that really
ticked me off. The review appears in Dec 30/Jan 6 issue. It says:

"The Whamster hauls out a lumbering concoction (and Mephistophelian new
look) that leaves you crying, "Younger! Younger!"

I did write to People about my opinion of the review. However, I thought
the other fans may want to write a letter of response to the reviewer. The
name of the reviewer was not published in the magazine.

(Had I not been leading the cry of "YOUNGER! YOUNGER!" I would...

People has a web site. WWW.PEOPLE.COM

I writing back to the reviewer will be a good show of support from GM fans.

*************************** (MR ANGELO A ALEXOPOULOS) writes:
Hello Amanda,

Just a small line to remind everyone. This year marks the 10 Year
Anniversary of FAITH. WOW! It is so weird to think that ten years
have passed already.

(Wow is right. I came across a picture of me from the summer of 1987

recently, and the first thing I thought was "This was taken just before Faith
came out!"

*************************** (Rose) writes:
Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to let you know I put my vote in for GM to be on the next cover
of rollingstone. Of course I also had to add my two cents worth about how
he's not getting the credit he rightly deserves in the U.S. Maybe this will

I'm listening to the Live Five CD. Wow, I bet this performance was out of
this world!
Was it ever aired? Any copies anywhere?

(Somebody to Love and These are the Days of Our Life did. George performed
them at the Freddie Mercury Tribute. While dubbing a couple weeks ago, I
came across the video for Somebody to Love, and I got chills down my spine.
George stole the show that day! AG)

Well to all those that are getting back to the books, I wish you well!

(I think I'll need it... AG)

Amanda, thanks for your labor of love. I look forward to each issue!

(Great to hear it! AG)

*************************** (Sarah Mager) writes:
Hi Yogfans,

I was wandering through my old vinyl and I saw "Forget me not" by Randy
Crawford - CHrist! I go thats the song that george sampled for "Fastlove" I
always WANTED to hear the original and here I had it all the time (for at
least 3 years...) that was one quick jump to the record player I couldn't
believe it, the vocals are almost identical and the bass line is almost been
entirely lifted for "fastlove".

(Sarah? Is there any 45 or 12" that you don't own? AG)

*************************** (Cheers! Brent) writes:
Hello all,
Ok here is yet another voting thing for us to do.

(And one more time that Brent jumped the 2 day queue to post... AG)

Ok I was watching MTV this morning and they announced that MTV & Yahoo are
giving out awards for Music related Web Sites on the web and you can either
vote from there list (which does not contain any GM sites) or you can write
in a vote for your favorite web site. Ok I say there are lot of different
selections so lets try to vote for all the GM web sites we can and see if Bo,
or Tim, or Different Corner page gets any awards because they all deserve
some award for there awesome sites. Also anyone else
you think has a good site. I dont know when the voting ends but lets all
vote in the different selections for the great GM sites!! Would love to see
some awards given out. I wish there was some way to vote for YM to give
Amanda her props for all the hard work but it looks like they are only
accepting URL's.

(The archives sit on Tim's site. But I think a "" may
become a reality one of these days... For now, I happily take my props from
my loving YOGMAEL family. AG)

Ok here is the address to go to: then to actually vote: Happy Voting ALL!!!!
Cheers! Brent
To Wrap it Up:

I try to keep these of readable length, so that's all for today. See ya

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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