Greetings all. There's a lot of stuff to post, so I'll get down to it
quickly, but I just have to say a special hi and cheer up to Jason, who seems
to not be getting enough YOGMAEL...Hi Jason, this list is especially in honor
of you!

*************************** (Kamala) writes:
Hi Amanda,
This is my first message to you. I have been lurking for a while. I
just like to thank you for the Yogmael and really enjoy reading Yogmael and
look forward for receiving it. You are doing a fantastic job with Yogmael.

(Why thank you. AG)

Sometime back there was one hour program about George in Norwegian TV. I have
written down little bit of what he spoke in the program. I have already
posted this extract in the "Different Corner"music board, but as I thought as
there are few fans across the world who might not have access to Internet, it
might be interest to them. Anyway,I
leave the decision to you to include it in the Yogmael or not.

(For fear of backlash if I don't, here it is with my thanks to you for taking
to time! AG)

Here it goes!

ON 24th of December, there was one hour program about G on Norwegian TV
called "George Michael Unplugged". This program was a combination of clips of
the MTV interview by John Norris and together with people like Tony
Parsons,Dick Leahy,Harvey Goldsmith and June Montana (his fellow singer and
friend) speaking about George.
Here there were shown small clips of George practising for his Unplugged
concert and in the end there 3 songs from the Unplugged concert. It was a
MTV Unplugged footage written and naratted by Roberts Elms and was a Virgin
Record Ltd production with Partzan Midi Minirt

I have seen the previous MTV interview done by G for the European MTV,and in
this program I saw few of the clips which were edited out of the European
MTV interview.

I thought I will share little bit of that I feel is different.

G talking about his private life and "You have been loved"
"I will never talk publically about things that are incrediablly personal to
the public in any other way than in record. The only thing I would say about
"You have been loved" is a picture of a mother who has lost her child.And I
think we all look at the idea of a parent loosing a child is the ultimate
pain, because it is not supposed to happen that way,yet,it
is the most unfair of the pains,I suppose ! And looking at some one who has
lost a child and still manages to retain a awful lot of faith and is actually
carried by their faith and I think that is probably the ultimate test of
faith.And really that`s more than anything what that song is about! And I
think there are so many things in life to test our faith, to test all these
rigid ideas about religion and to me the idea of someone being able to retain
faith who has lost a child for no apparant reason is almost inconceivable to

George continues with the interview
"When I looked up at the end of it(You have been loved) and there was a girl
crying where I sat in front of me..and at that point I found a little bit
upsetting. Actually until then,you get a song that you have sung even it is just in the studio that it
becomes .......hmmmmm(the above line is exactly as he spoke in the interview,he just breaks
up in the middle and continue with the sentence below) Quite often,people
have said to me during my career "I can`t believe you can sing it...that how
can you sing that.....without breaking down or whatever".Eventually the song
becomes a series of notes and words that you are trying to hit at the right
time and right tuning. When I am singing live, I am concentrating so much in
that....that may be the emotion is bit lost i recording with him, he was producing for me and he reduced me to
tear,just because he expects you to have same standard as he has! I mean I do
not sing the way he does! Everything has to be perfect and I think that`s why
he does not perform live as much as he should, because his voice has to be
absolutly perfect,every note has to be perfect,otherwise he is not happy!"

Then there was small video footage where GM is waiting for the interview to
start and asks impatiently "what are we waiting for? Or is this what you do?
Just roll the tape for about 10 mts before, don`t you? So that we can get in before I know
that it is gettin down! So,anyway I have this terrible venereal problem..."
(G gives a huge grin after this)

I wish MTV releases the Unplugged Concert as a video and cd. I saw a small
clip of George singing "Older" for the MTV unplugged and his voice sounded so
powerful and beautiful.Shame, it was edited out!

The segment below was also shown in MTV Europe with slight variation,
perhaps it was shown in USA too, but so this is for the fans who have not
seen the interview.

Here G is talking about himself and things that are usually written about him

"Things that are written about me normally revolves about 3 things- either my
sexuality, my beard and my dog...right? then gives a small laugh,kind of
sarcastic laugh. (Then there is a small clip of G rehearsing for "One More
Try" for Unplugged and G joking and laughing with his fellow singers)

G continues
"I have a dog...I have a dog that if I was doing interviews every 5 mts,no
one will notice! I have a beard and that if I was doing interviews every 5
mts no one will notice. Because I don`t talk to people,the things that can
write about me is fairly limited .So it ends up being what shape is his beard
this year and Oh! and the other thing is how much money I have got? I manage
to crew about an extra 20 million dollars every year.I do not know where it
comes from, but apparantly I do,just by being FAMOUS!(Here there is a
clip of G rehearsing for "The Strangest Thing").And the other thing is my
sexuality amd ultimatly there is not a person in my life that I care about
and cares about me does not know who I am or what my life is but outside the
people in my life, I mean who I am clearing up for,why I am clearing up for
them? I mean I have absolutly NO problems about people speculating about my
sexuality he gay? Is he straight? Is he wahtever? Everyone
does it! We all do it about each other. I have real problem with people who
think that somehow it is STRANGE that they are not given an answer.
People are surprised when they do not hear some response to that kind of you are supposed to deny or you are supposed to
confirm,whatever the rumour is! I do not know when it became a part of the
job that you have to give your entire life. Everybody knows that when you
become a public figure, you give up a lot of your life. But in the 1990`s it
is like that, don`t do it if you don`t want everything raked over and if you
have got anything to hide, don`t do it!"

About writing music
I think it is really important just to keep writing and not to think that I
have done the album, it took me one and half years to write, now I can take 3
years off or 2 years off and then write the next album. I think it is good to
be constantly writing. I think there will
be lots of B sides I guess!" [Which is a good news of us...his fans..:-)]

(George, if you make us wait another bloody five years for an album... AG)

About doing Unplugged
"I always wanted to do an Unplugged, it was just a matter of when I will do
it, so this is as good as a time as any and that it means album will get a
second shot in America and it is great for around the world for it says
"Thank You" to everybody and it kind of rounds off the year really nicely, so
it is really why it is now! Because Heaven". But
lately (2 years) there has been to much going on with Sony, the press, etc. I
say just leave the man alone to make his music. His arrangement on the
"Older" album is suffering. Too many changes in his influences. I have a
chance to audition for a very good music school, and I'm thinking of using
one of YOG's songs, any ideas (watch the high-notes).

(Jesus to a Child or One More Try. They allow the most emotion. High notes
are a state of mind, although my friends have cringed at my state of mind on
several occasions... AG)

Any news regarding "Unplugged" going on CD?

(It ain't. AG)


*************************** (Jeff McGary) writes:
I have always believed that I was one of the few people in New York City that
like GM. He is never played on the radio, and he never comes up in
conversation as do people like the Fugees, Alanis, Hootie, etc.

However the end of the year sales totals for two of the top three (I've
haven't seen Tower's list yet) chains in NYC have him in the top 20. Virgin
Megastore lists Older at #12, while J&R Musicworld has "the flop" at #16.
So, why do I hear Hootie & the hayseeds (who were behind GM in each list)

(Mr Michael is no longer as allegedly radio friendly as he once was, but that
doesn't stop people from buying his stuff. I hear a George or Wham! song
almost daily on the radio, but it's almost always stuff from Faith or Make it
Big. AG)

Maybe someone will remember who He is.

*************************** (Joy Frascinella) writes:
It was maddening to see USA Today announce that Older was "among the most
disappointing releases for 1996." Ironic too, because I was in Europe when
it was released and Europeans couldn't get enough of it. The American music
scene doesn't seem to appreciate anyone over 21. (Unless it's to hype the
old boys like Mick, David, et al). What strikes me the most when I listen to
Older is the arrangements. There are few people who can put instruments
together the way George can. I have a CD ROM drive at work and am always
playing GM. I get teased a lot but w7ho cares--the person down the hall from
me is an ABBA fan. Need I say more? Actually, one of my colleagues came by
the other day to listen to Older and he said, "hm, George Michael, haven't
heard from him in a long time. And he was astonished with how different
Older was from previous GM recordings. It's exciting to see a talented
artist grow and mature--none of us should be standing still. Hope all of you
have a wonderful New Year. Here's to a tour in 1997. By the way, does
anyone have definite into on when greatest hits is due to be released? And
does anyone have a copy of November's Arena magazine? Heard there was a GM
article in it. Thanks!

(It just goes to show how ego-maniacal America really is... As for the GH,
he has to submit the tracks by June, and from previous George Fony/CBS
releases, expect late September (as was LWP) or October (Faith) release to
cash in on Christmas, I know I'll buy a dozen as gifts... Arena: The one
written by Gary Barlow you mean? AG)
*************************** (AKONG) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Hope you did well in your exams. Happy New Year to you and the rest of the
Yogmael gang.

I enjoyed the MTV interview; it was interesting. The Unplugged was
fantastic. George sounded great and looked absolutely gorgeous. I went to
sleep that night with a smile on my face.

My brother taped the interview and unplugged for me. I have watched it about
five times so far. I have about five hundred more times to go.


brother dubbed Wham The Final and Older from his CDs and a friend dubbed
Faith from a record album. I also have some early Wham songs that I taped
from the radio.

Well I think I've said enough for now, hope I didn't rattle on too much.
Until my next posting, take care.

I will end with a toast that 1997 will be GM's year. CHEERS

Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies
Land of the Calypso, Steelband and Carnival
*************************** (Nicole Cherie Jones) writes:
Hi Amanda,
I have just come back on line after the holidays and was so excited to see
the Chris Evans interview, so thanks for all your hard work over the

Also, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a copy of the unplugged. I
would really love a copy but have been waiting out to see if it is going to
be played in Australia. The record company told me that it would definately
be played in December and we are still waiting. So if anybody could help me
out I would really appreciate it. I will call the
record company this afternoon and ask them if they know if and when it will
be played. I will keep you posted.

(I am sending a copy down to George Bielinski, per chance you can help our
friend out once it arrives George? AG)

Thanks again.
To Wrap it Up:

I hear Rolling Stone's mail box is full... I hope they empty it soon, I have
6 e mail addresses to play with...

In the next issue, a few questions about Jo Bryant.

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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