Hello all. Sorry for the delay, but a friend unearthed a copy of the West End (London) cast highlights recording of Evita, and we spent a couple hours comparing versions last night. I have a question BTW for anyone who can help: Does anyone own that cast recording? The copy we were listening to didn't have liner notes, and I just have to know who was croaking their way through the score... AND AWAY WE GO... *************************** (Cheers!) writes a note of such high priority I skipped though days of mail to run it immediately: ------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone!!, Ok here is our chance to be heard!! There is a site on the internet where we can vote for who we want on the cover of the next Rolling Stone Magazine so lets all freak out Rollingstone Magazine and all vote for George!! Ok you can either go to the site and click on the vote for next cover at: or just simply e-mail to: (even if you go to the site when you clik on "Who do you think should be on the next cover?" you still just get the e-mail address there is no form to fill out) SO everyone lets all vote for GM and see what happens!!! (There are close to 400 of us on here, let's all vote!!! OK, he won't grant an interview to them--and rightly so, they are total tossers...--but still, Brent's right, let's see what happens. I also know that a lot of you have multiple e mail get creative... AG) Cheers! Brent *************************** (Sergio) writes: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Amanda! I“m a new spanish in this group (helped by my wife, a great GM fan) with the intention of have more information about GM. Spain is a very difficult place for get quality GM information about.It“s very nice to be online with all of the GM friends. (Welcome, and it's nice to meet another friend in Yog. AG) *************************** (Rehan) writes: ------------------------------------------------------ Hello Amanda and George Michael lovers, Yesterday I was reading BYTE magazine of May 1994 (it's a computer magazine)
and in this magazine there's an advertisement of CD
Titled: RULING "The biggest case that music business has ever seen" includes Graphically designed photographs of court room Bonus Track " Crazy Man Dance" $ 11.99 And when I read the details oh my God it's all about George Michael's case against Fony, so I need more information about that CD just E-mail me as soon as possible. BTW I just got the demonstration CD of RULING in which there's conversation b/w George Michael, his lawyers, press reporters, journalists whoever, and I'm also sending his comments after loosing his battle against Fony in WAVE file but this conversation is very very long I just have demonstration CD of 17 minutes it's not complete When George Michael was in court BBC radio was broadcasting live conversation between George Michael, his lawyers, and, comments of different singers, lawyers, journalists, e.g. David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Sting, someone called Paul Gambachinee., Jonathan King, he is publisher in record company, Manager of Dire Straits. Legal expert Robert I.?, Tony Parson etc. In short I just have 17 Minutes conversation. But I will send you only George Michael's comments in pieces of 1 or 2 minutes by email. OKAY??? (The files would not load into my wav player correctly Rehan. Omega--my loving computer--kept telling me the file was compressed. Anyone know what's wrong? AG) In BYTE, they just write:
In November 1992 George Michael sued Epic (and its parent company Fony), with whom he was signed until 2003. For the second time his career, he claimed that his contract his contract was "unfair, restrictive and financially inadequate". Michael's lawyer Charles Gray issued a writ alleging that the distribution of profits from his two solo albums was 'deficient'. They also challenged Fony's right to reject his work as being 'unreasonable'. George then added fuel to the fire in a written statement to the music press in which he declared that "my relationship with Fony was an arranged marriage that `had not worked' ". Michael said " but when the Fony Corporation bought my contract (along with everyone and everything else at CBS), I saw the great American music company that I proudly signed to as a teenager become part of the production line of a giant electronics company, who quite frankly have little understanding of the creative process." "With CBS, I felt I was believed in as a long-term artist, whereas Fony seemed to see artists as little more than software." But George Michael was to lose the first round of the battle when it was announced that the earliest date the impending court case could be heard would be October 1994. That means that the long-awaited follow up to Prejudice might not appear before early 1995 or 1996 - always supposing, of course, that he emerges victorious, if he doesn't he has threatened never to record again. (And we see how rumours get started... AG)
Less than a week after the court date was set, George Michael and Andrew Ridgely also filed suit against Fony for alleged unpaid royalties totally $1.5m. A statement by Michael's representatives said that the writs 'were in no way connected' with his efforts to free himself from his contract with Fony Supposing George Michael does become embroiled in a legal wrangle that could keep his records from shops for the forseeable future, what happens then? The pop world won't give up the chase just yet. And neither will George... :| Tata
Rehan *************************** (KOH) writes: ------------------------------------------------ Hi All GM fans!!!!! Just writing to know if anyone is intersted in exchanging cd singles of GM with other singles. Well I doubt so since u guys are such fans of GM, but I'm not selling myself short by not trying, cos I am his biggest fan! I just started collecting GM singles last year, the first being Jesus To A Child. I would really love to get his past singles like Praying For Time, Father Figure , Too Funky etc. Cos I've been searching all over but just can't find them! So if any of u has got any GM or Wham singles which u don't want anymore, tell me please..... I have a pile of albums and singles by various artists(eg, Open Arms- Mariah Carey, Before- Pet Shop Boys, Spinning The Wheel Dance Mixes,Freedom- Robbie Williams, Friends- The Rembrandts etc etc, and albums like Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits, Neil Diamond, Madonna, Eagles etc) which I only listen to once or twice afterbuying... which is something i regret a lot cos I spend all my time listening to GM's Older and Faith. I am an addict! (:-J I am really starting to get really addicted to GM's music.. so pleaseee help!
I need them more than the air that I breathe!
Ps. and just when is the next single coming out?! I can't wait any longer!!!
(In England, very soon, if not already. AG) *************************** (Andrea) writes: --------------------------------------------------------- Hi Amanda, Just got caught up on Yogmael. It's one of my new year's resolutions to keep up with this! I am a true fan, and I would love a copy of the this interview!! No hurry, I know you are very busy! If you can do this , let me know the price and all of that info. (I'm still awaiting mine, I'll let you know. AG) Hey, what about "OLder"? Will it ever be released? I have not heard anything on this single, except it was supposed to be released. It's been a whole year since George has been back in our lives--WOW!!! A year ago "Jesus to a Child" was brand new! I hope we get more from him in 1997. Sorry--I should change that to "I hope he gets more from America in 1997, and we will be sure to hear more of George Michael". :) (As I know it, Older will not be released here. And yeah, it has been a whole year since I paid $20 for 4 different UK newspapers with "The Return of George Michael" articles...all in all, it's been a pretty good year though, you must admit. AG) Andrea *************************** (DL) writes: ----------------------------------------- Paris - France - Jan 5th Dear Amanda,
I've read about it in Tim's pages and I love it ! great job ! I first discovered the YOGMAIL in october while I was working in Madrid, alone and depressed. Reading YOGMAIL was a good therapy ...! thanks ;)Now I'm back home in France and I would like to receive the YOGMAIL regulary. (And so you shall. AG)
Yesterday, TF1 (major french TV chanel) aired 2 or 3 songs of the MTV unplugged + 2 or 3 live songs from CTC tour in 93 + THE FRENCH INTERVIEW FROM THE MTV UNPLUGGED !!! great and unexpected !!! I can make you a good copy if you need it (but only in SECAM system, I guess reading it with a PAL VCR would give you a B/W picture). (What tracks did they show? If I need them, let's work out a deal for a dub.
I also have the NTSC videodisc "Wham! in China". It's impossible to read it in France (I'm getting frustrated!) but I could make a good copy of the soundtrack (interviews + live songs). Can someone help me? I'd be interested by making exchanges. I'm presently making a (long) list of materials. To be followed... Keep doing this great job !
David ( *************************** (Zoe Salonitides) writes: --------------------------------------------------------------- Howdy Yogmaelers I can't quite remember who asked for the sheet music to Listen Without
Prejudice in Australia (er... someone *did* ask for it, didn't they???),
'cause I have a bit of info. When the album was first released, I saw the sheet music for it in Brashs Pitt St (Sydney) for $40... I didn't have the money at the time, so I skipped buying it... and I'm extremely peeved at myself for not going back. But anyway, I haven't seen it recently, but I'm sure all you'd have to do is order it in or something like that (if it's still in print). Actually, a friend of mine has a copy, but isn't willing to part with it! And I just thought I'd share with you the fact that I bought the GM calender as a Xmas present for myself :). Very groovy, very hip... very George. I absolutely LOVE the May photo... he looks so angelic... methinks I'll have to get it framed. And I'd like to join everyone in thanking Aidan for the Chris Evans interview (and you too Amanda!)... it reminded me how funny George can be. But I wonder if he realises red wine is actually more healthy for you???? (This is true for the masses, but having consulted a few singing pals, that's
not the case for a vocalist. AG)
Anyway... I had a few more things to say, but my mind's gone blank for the moment... typical. I hope everyone's hol's were great! And start saving up some money for the '97 tour... it's gonna be huge. :) Zoe *************************** (M. Smith) writes: --------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Amanda, Sorry this is sooooooo long. Now before I get publicly chastised again ; )

(Uh, oh, what have I said in the past? AG)
please let me say that I *do not* condone Audio Piracy. I do not support the destructive pastime of copying others hard work that they are entitled to sell and distributing it free of charge (or God forbid illegally selling another's work). I would always purchase any material if it became available after I had obtained a copy from another source. I want the original! That being said I have a proposal to help all internet GM fans get copies of those "impossible to find" tracks. (Oh sure, make me feel bad for providing the masses with no longer available
at a humane price product... AG)
Until recently it was impractical (if not impossible) to send "CD quality" audio over the internet. However, that was before the advent of MPEG Layer 3 Audio (mp3). Now anyone with a Mac/IBM PC can send/receive 16 bit 41 kHz stereo CD quality audio via the net. The best part is the mp3 player is free! see:
Check out the following site once you get your player.
So we can PLAY mp3 but can we encode our own mp3 files? Yes! Anyone with DOS, Linux, Sun or NeXt can go to: for an mp3 encoder/decoder. This site also has some great mp3 info that is not specific to platform. For any Mac users out there (like me) I would be happy to provide step by step instructions for encoding mp3 upon request. So here is the low down: You must have at least a MacPPC or a 586 IBM PC to use the highest quality recordings. The encoding process takes a long time. I'm using a 75 mHz PPC and it took me over an hour and a half to encode "Waiting for That Day" 4:48. I choose Waiting because I am very familiar with it and I needed a good studio track to test the codec on. I was curious to see if I would find any audible compression artifacts. The original CD audio data for this track was 48.8 MB! (Ouch) After the mp3 compression, the file was only 5.5 MB! Isn't the Netscape Navigator download getting bigger then that now? : ) I used the highest quality setting which is 160 kBit/sec for the conversion. So how was the sound quality? Outstanding! I consider myself to be a hobby audiophile and these ears could not hear the difference from the original at the 160 kBit/sec rate. However, at some of the lower rates I could hear the compression effects easily. CDs are the easiest to convert (since most of us have CD-ROM drives in our machines) but tapes and LPs can also be copied and converted via the input on the back of your computer/sound card. If the conversion is done correctly (and at the highest rate available) the copies should be awesome (and no more shipping!) Once you download these files from the net you can keep them and play them on your hard drive/removable cartridges or transfer them to tape or CD-R. Now, I will only copy tracks that are not currently (or to my knowledge ever will be) available for retail sale. I do have the entire Mtv Unplugged on CD-R and I would be happy to encode all the tracks if there is anyone who would like them. I would be interested in getting stuff like "Jive Talkin", the Cover to Cover tour or anything else that is hard to get! Anyone who is interested in this please email me at: and we can get something set up. Sincerely, M. Smith - LaserNut *************************** (Alex) writes: ---------------------------------------------------------- Amanda: How are you? Hope you enjoyed your break and good luck with school next semester. I would love to have a video dubbing of some of those videos you mentioned (I believe there were 8 that you mentioned) and my question is, how many of those eight will fit on a two hour tape? I would like them all, but realistically can't afford a whole bunch of tapes, so if you can tell me about how many will fit on the two hour tape I will choose the ones I really want the most. (I think most will fit on one tape, and since we're such good pals, if not, I'll eat the extra cost for an 8 hour tape if I have to. Just send me $10. AG) Thanks!! Also I think a while back in December Jeff I believe his name is, asked for my address so here it is: Alexandra Sweet 801 Henry Clay Ave. #214 New Orleans, LA. 70118 Thanks and HAPPY 1997 to all...may it be filled with a tour by George!!
(BTW, I have once more Donnęd--flaked--and hence I lost your school e mail address, can you send it to me please? *************************** TO Wrap it Up: The next issue will go out Thursday afternoon.
Amongst it's contents? Further George interview transcripts....
"Never state, what you can't imply."

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