Hi all. Well, my vacation has reached it's last day, and I got very little
done. The YM files are still unorganized, I have a stack of school stuff to
go through, my room looks like a pack of wolves has torn through it...

*************************** (Evgenya Borisenko) writes:
Hi Amanda and Yog fans.
I've just read an articla in Isreali paper that tells that GM runs a romance
with model Elle McPherson ( not sure about spelling ), someone heard
something about it ?

(I know that George and Elle are friends, but I don't know if it is more than
that...anyone else know anything? AG)

Also I beg the guys who have GM adress to send it to me, I'd love to get
unplugged violin notes ( 7 years of violin playing have their effects ).

(I just got my hands on the vocal/guitar/piano notes for Older--whole album.
The wonderful 77 page book--with photographs--came my way thanks to the
wonderful Alicia. I will not be photocopying, but there are a number of
worldwide distributers listed, e mail me if you're interested with your
location and I'll send you the address nearest you. AG)

P.S. Amanda, I've got Evita soundtrack too, and I think thats just GREAT.

(I have been listening to it for days, and I now totally love it, and can't
wait until the movie opens locally Friday. AG)
*************************** (Rich) writes:
Amanda - You're doing a great job and I know that everyone appreciates it as
much as I do. The Unplugged concert just wasn't enough. Out of a 2 1/2 hour
show, we only got about 40 minutes less commercial breaks. I taped it and
will enjoy what I have, but am disappointed that it will not be released on
video or disc in it's entirety. But we can hope, can't we.

("Hanging on to hope, when there is no hope to speak of..." AG)

Happy New Year to you and all the folks out there.

G.M. you just keep on doing what you're doing.

*************************** (Bianca) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Thanks for all the good work you've been doing for us with Yogmael...guess we
can't say that enough!!! I've been a fan ever since the beginning of Wham and
it's so good to hear i'm not the only "crazy" person in the world :)

(No, there are a lot of us crazy people... AG)

I loved reading the Big Issue interview, and the Radio one interview...things
like that. I never would have known without you guys!!

(I would never have known about those either, had I not gotten bored one
night and thought, "hey, what the hell..."

Anyway... i'm going to keep this short, as it's my first posting...I just
wanted to give everybody my best wishes for the new year, and like all of
you, I hope that George is going to do a tour in 1997!!
Keep up the good work :)

*************************** (Anita Patel) writes:

Hello to the YogMael Family and Happy 1997!

I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone the best of health and
happiness for the new year and to give my opinion on a place that I
believe was important in George's life that was not given the adequate
credit due it in the last issue of YogMael.

(Uh oh... AG)

Dave R. wrote that his brother had described George's Dad's restaurant
as being in not-so-glam area and being not-so-glam of a dining

To the contrary, it is a VERY CLASSY place and in a nice suburban
setting. I was in London for my favorite cousin's wedding last summer
and we took her (I'll call her "Shelly") out for her Bridal
shower/bachelorette party - or "Hen Night" as they call it in England.

We wanted to go to Downtown London to all of the hot clubs but having
the overly protective parents we do, we were asked not to. We obeyed
and decided to go to a club recommended by our uncles. Well, needless
to say but we should've known better because that club turned out to
be a COMPLETE DIVE! So instead we walked across the street, found a
very nice pub and sat down for drinks. Well in a matter of an hour or
two, we had Shelly completely sloshed out of her mind. Now that's the
purpose of "hen night" to show the bride-to-be a really good time on
her last singles night out.

Needless to say, SHELLEY was Feeling really good by the time we were
ready to call it a night and we were walking out of the pub when we -
the three brilliant Americans realized that the only British person
with us who knew how to drive in London and who had the British
driver's license and the keys to her car and who was the only one who
knew the route to get home was in no condition to walk - let along

(Hmmm...crawl behind your fearless leader Shelley perhaps... AG)

So we decided to try to sober Shelly up by walking her around the
block and trying to find her some coffee. We started walking, turned
the corner and my heart just stopped!!! THERE IT WAS - RIGHT THERE IN
we were going to get Shelly some coffee!!!

We walked in and the place was BEAUTIFUL!!! If my memory serves me
correct, everything was cherry wood, and deep red upholstry -
ABSOLUTELY CLASSY and there was a couple in there having a romantic

The four of us sat down for and hour, had two scrumptious desserts
among us and coffee, chatted, and took pictures of one another pigging
out (you know calories associated with George are non-fattening).

Anyway, It was the best time ever in the classiest restaurant ever -
so if anyone has an opinion otherwise, I'd really like to know what
"fine dining" really is... because George's dad's place (which by the
way he sold a few years ago) was exquisite!!!

(Dave, was your brother up to no good? AG)

Wishing you all the Best!!

*************************** writes:
I just want to say that I am new to yogmail and I think that you are doing a
fantastic job !!!! Many thanks... Mandy120

(Welcome! AG)
*************************** (Sandra de la Vega Anderson) writes:
Hi everyone and a very happy new year for all members of Yogmael :)

I just watched Absolute GM in MTV and I think he was great, telling his truth
to the public.

But I can't help to feel a kind of upset about not to sing some Wham! songs
anymore. I mean, what's wrong with them? Ok, they're not him anymore, they
don't fit with his attitude nowadays, but, he was talking about "Wake me up
before you go-go" or "Careless Whisper" as he would like to forget them
forever!. I understand it about "Careless.." It was overexposed in the 80's,
but "Wake me up.." is a very good song, very fresh, it has some good
influence of old good black music. It's a nice song! Why should he feel
ashamed of it or any other from that era? I just can't understand. I hope he
doesn't feel the same about other ones like "Freedom" or "Last Christmas". I
just love those songs.

(I would just as soon see him drop Wake Me Up... but I really wish he'd
reconsider about Careless Whispser. Somehow I just can't see the current
George start jitterbugging... AG)

I'm not saying at this point of his life he should be still "shaking his
ass" on stage, but it hurts me when he's unkind with his own work, which I
used to love very, very much when I was a teenager.Just my thoughts.What do
you think?

"You look for your dreams in heaven...but what the hell are
you supposed to do when they come true?..." (GM)

Sandra de la Vega A.
*************************** (Faith) writes:
We have set up George/wham chatrooms on irc,everything you need to know about
downloading and setting irc up,the times everyone will mostly be there,and
the servers is on Devilish's Homepage,the link is on th GM board,but here is
the address as well

we have had in the first day a dozen people at different times,myself and
devilish have been there 4 hours each a day. We want more regulars if this
is to work,its great fun,and eventually if it works we can also setup powwow
and send each other music files,and play each other songs like Devlish has
Desafinado :) hope to see you all there,lets make this work
my email is
devilish's is
luv faith

(My thanks for finally setting this up! AOL gang take note, I think we may
all need to know how to IRC chat if AOL keeps up with all the problems...
*************************** (Sam) writes:
Hey, Amanda !

Thanks for taking the time to put out the RadioOne interview. It was
absolutely terrific!! Just wish that those of us in the US could have been
lucky enough to hear it on the radio. Oh, well.


Here are a couple of tidbits I've picked up reading end-of-year wrap-ups. If
you haven't seen or heard, thought you and the gang might enjoy. First, the
WorldCharts here on the net have declared Older to be the #17 album for 1996
based upon all votes received during the year. Fastlove was the #12 single,
with STW coming in at #65. They remind us that songs/albums released later
in the year will not have had time to "accumulate" votes to the same extent
as ones released earlier in the year. I would (and did when I voted) place
them higher, but I thought it was respectable considering the fact that the
US basically ignored the music (*sigh*).

The other info comes from CyberSleaze (yes, I must admit to reading this
electronic tabloid at times) - Best of CyberSleaze 1996 (and I quote):
Successful comeback of the year award: Goes to the always-delicious, velvet
voiced George Michael who finally emerged from his bitter court battle with
old record label Sony Music to sign a ridiculously lucrative contract with
Dreamworks/SKG and release an excellent album, OLDER. The album spawned
three number one hits in England, including Fastlove and Jesus to a Child,
and went on to become the fastest-selling album in the UK's history. Michael
also emerged from his self-imposed press silence long enough to admit that he
was a committed pothead and an uncommitted heterosexual. Speaking about his
sexuality flip-flops, Michael said, "I've wondered what my sexuality might
be, but I've never wondered whether it was acceptable or not." You go, girl.

(HA HA HA HA!!! I do so love that "committed pothead/uncommitted
heterosexual" line!!! AG)

I love the "always-delicious, velvet voiced" part. I think that describes
him sooooo well, but it deteriorates from there. Enjoy. I got a laugh out
of it.

(I have a tip for you all, laugh the loudest at the George slags, it confuses
people to see a true fan laughing at such things, and they quickly stop! AG)

Thanks again for all your "labors of love", we all benefit.

*************************** (Brent Pearson) writes:
Hello Amanda & Everyone!!
Ok I am wondering if any of you smart GM fans out there can tell me
something about Pepsi & Shirlie. Ok I know they were the backup singers from
Wham! and did have some club success in American and UK and I even have the
CD they first put out "All Right Now" but after that was released in 1987 I
really dont know anything more about them except in 1991 they had a single
released called "Someday" that was written and produced by GM!!!! I think it
is a great song also features guest vocals
on the chorus by Peter COX of Go West. So does anyone know how many albums
P&S put out?? Also did they have any success in the UK with there album
"Change" and was "Change" there 2nd album or ? Hmmmm dont really know any
more about them other than that. Oh one funny thing is on the CD single for
Someday which GM wrote I noticed that on the CD single printed is also giving
GM credit for the B-side of that CD for a song called "Everything Changes"
but on the CD sleeve it says G.Skinner wrote that "Everything Changes" song.
SO who knows did GM write E.C as well
as "Someday" for them??? Hmmmmm Hope everyone had a good New Years and here
is hoping GM tours America or at least somewhere this Year!!

(The only thing I know about Pepsi and Shirlie is that one of my Hungarian
cousins was gushing about "Someday" when he came to visit in 1991, he had it
on a tape he had made from Hungarian radio. I was summoned to listen to it
when my mom thought she recognized George's voice. I also know that Shirlie
married Spandau Ballet's bass player Martin Kemp and they have a daughter,
whom I guess would now be about 8, named Harley Moon. AG)

Cheers! Brent
*************************** (Geoffrey) writes:
Greetings from Los Angeles,

Just a quick comment and then a question.

I was born and raised in North London in a town called Hatfield. Hatfield is
rather close to where George grew up. George is a few years older than I am
so we sort of missed each other. From what I understand his sister is a hair
stylist in the same area. In 1986 I was living back in London and
experienced a little bit of history. One evening during the summer of 86 I
was in the Westend of London (mostly clubs and restuarants). As I was
approaching the Hippodrome Disco the police stopped traffic and two white
limo's pulled up to the club. Out of the first limo climbed George and out of
the second Andy. They had just finished Whams fairwell concert at Wembley
Stadium (The Final) and were having the after party at the Hippodrome. We all
had a fabulous time. I ended up dating one of the girls in Georges group. It
really is a small world.

(Wow, you partied at the Hippodrome after the Final! I am just so in awe of
you now... AG)

I just got my copies of the Spinning The Wheel CD single from the UK and also
the STW dance mixes CD. I would appreciate any info on the Cover 2 Cover

*************************** (James Robinson) writes:
I spent some time with some Scottish friends over New Years, and had a
"greeaat" time.

It was actually the first New Years in a long time that I didn't have a must have been the early breakfast that saved me from having
a bad day.

(I just plain didn't drink, but my latest advice on how to avoid a hangover
is simply to have a beer with breakfast the next morning. I did that on a
great Canadian cottage weekend, and I was the only one who wasn't hungover, I
think it was the result still being drunk... AG)

I even managed to make another George convert at the party. We had been
talking about concerts and eventually the subject came around to George. At
this point this girl says,"Well, I did manage to see the Unplugged thing last
weekend, and was fairly impressed by how much he has matured since last being
seen in public." (6 years ago for most casual music fans) I agreed and went
on to ask her if she had heard either LWP or Older. Of course the answer was
"no, but the new stuff he did seemed very
good and I would love to hear the whole album."(yes, she said
"album"...another one of those thirtysomething crowd).

(Hey, the result of me studying too many awards shows has me calling any full
length release an album. The really old fogies call them LP's... AG)

Well I said, "tell you what, I'll give you a copy that I have on cassette if
you buy it once you've found out if you do like it." So maybe another yogfan
is born...I hope so...

(I once forced someone into a used record shop, picked out the Older CD, put
it on the counter and said "you really have to buy this." She did, and yes,
we have another conversion! AG)

Gotta go Amanda, take care........James............
*************************** writes:
Remember a while back I mentioned a major USA interview George was planning?
It turns out that he was going to do Prime Time Live with Dianne Sawyer, but
they couldn't get their schedules worked out, so it didn't happen. :(

(Oh well... AG)

*************************** writes:
I heard sometime ago from unconfirmed source that George and his manger are
looking for a flim script. Just thought I let you know.

(Must be very unconfirmed. George hates cameras. Not that I wouldn't love
to see him act, but I wouldn't bet on it. AG)
*************************** (sarah bananastein mager) writes:
Hiya yog fans

I have a November 1982 NME magazine for sale if anyone is interested. Its
got Wham! on the cover, and a two page (A3 size) spread which includes a
large picture and interview. Its a very early interview and in good
condition. I will take the highest offer that I receive before the 15th of

To Wrap it Up:

Welcome back to some of the university brigade.

Next issue is due out Tuesday.

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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