Hey all! OK, so I caved, I bought the Evita soundtrack prior to seeing the
movie...and I made the mistake of giving it a first listen with a couple of
people involved with musical theatre, both of whom were in a production of
Evita this past summer. Now you know I have questioned the worthiness of the
chosen Che. And the verdict is: Antonio, what the hell were you thinking!?
Well now wait, to be fair, his voice is actually pretty good but his accent
tends to make certain lines laughable...

But this is George's forum, so allow me to say HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! 1997
should be a tour year, so here's to George taking to the stage once more!
And failing that, there's always YOGMAEL weekend '97 in Los Angeles,
tentatively set for the first weekend of August.

*************************** (Evgenya Borisenko) writes:
Hi to Amanda and all of you out there !!!

I had some free time and I made a GM page
in the near future there gonna be more pics and chatroom.
BTW I wanted to ask how YOG is connected to GM.

(Yog is the most popular of George's nicknames, a play on his legal name
Georgios, which in Greek is pronounced Yorgos. George's mum and sisters
called him "Yorg", Andrew was round the house and found it funny, further
shortening to it "Yog". AG)

Bye to all and Happy Holydays :)
*************************** (David Lang) writes:
Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone in Australia (or otherwise) knows of a shop
that sells the sheet music to LWP?!?

Secondly, i was told in November that Australia would be able to screen
the Unplugged performance by GM in December....yet i am still waiting for
news on its broadcast. When is this going to be on someone..or am i just
retarded and have missed it!!?!

(I don't think you've missed it, because the general Australia consensus
seems to be "When the hell is it going to be on!?" But does anyone have any
new news? AG)

Thanks heaps,

- Dave
*************************** (Carina) writes:
Hello everybody!

My name is Carina, I've been a member of Yogmail for quite some time now, but
this is my first posting. First of all I'd like to say hello and thanks to
Amanda for a great job!!

(Nice to see you posting! And you're welcome! AG)

Secondly, on ZTV, a Swedish entertainment TV channel, they said that George
will be
touring Europe next year (1997)! Let's hope this is true, and that he will
also tour the rest of the world! (Except Canada!) (JUST KIDDING!!!)

(I should say so... AG)

By the way, I'm looking for George Michael friends from all over the world.
We can talk George and trade cd's!! If anyone is interested, email me.

Happy New Year!!!
Carina in Stockholm, Sweden.
*************************** (Lakshmi Sundaram) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Thanks to both you and Aidan for the Radio One interview. Enjoyed reading
it. Just wanted to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year and best wishes for

(I live to serve... AG)

Here's something I read on the newswire:

From the Los Angeles Daily News:

Kenny G (for Gorelick) said his favourite album of 1996 was George
Michael's "Older."
"People just didn't get a chance to hear it," the G-man said. "It's
a fabulous piece of work. Maybe he just didn't get the promotion."

(It's nice to know he at least has some taste in the music he listens to...

Take care and Happy New Year!
*************************** (Christina Bueno) writes:
Hummm Amanda Thank you.

Hi amanda and Yog friends??

How are you?

I am in love with it!!!!

Nice interview!!! George Michael and Chris Evans!!!!!!!!!Wonderful!!! What A

He is too much, isn't him ?

The more I know him, the more I want to know!!!!!

The more I have care for him, the more I want to respect him.

Hummm I loved the part he asked him if he could slap him.


SAY ohh..........HA HA HA I almost die of emotion here!!!


WHY MY NAMES ISN'T Chris Evans??? haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!:))))))


Lucky man!!!! Isn't he??

And Aidan was GREAT and very kind!!!

Cute boy!!!

Thank you Aidan.


Thank you Amanda.

Thank you Chris for your lovely interview!!!!!!!

Thank you George Michael, to brings us littles stars inside our hearts and
Hummmmmmmmmm, You are the best my dearest!!!!!!!!!!!

A magic world for you honey, today and forever!!!

Bye Amanda!!!!!!! And please all the best for you too in 1997!!! You deserve

Chris -at-}--;--;--
*************************** (Joy Frascinella) writes:
I'm delighted to be receiving Yogmail. Here's a tip for all the GM spotters
out there: I was in London last month, in a cab on my way to Paddington station,
and started chatting with the driver. Somehow, we got onto the subject of GM and
the cab driver said, "he's one of my favorites because aside from being a
great talent, he also gives a lot of money to charity. And he's a great tipper."
At which point I said, "you mean you had him in your cab?" And this guy Mike
said, "oh yeah, a few months ago actually, and he gave me 20 pounds for a a 5 pound
cab ride and said keep the change." And now for the really important part:
When GM is in London, he walks his black lab on Sundays in Hampstead Heath.
It's a great place for walking dogs and GM apparently just joins the throng.
Mike has seen him there several times. And, in true British tradition, no
one ever bothers him or asks for autographs. I admire the Brits for that but
don't think I would have that much self-control. I'm going back to London in
February, and guess where I'll be spending my Sundays? Happy New Year to all
the GM fans out there and special thanks to Amanda for all her hard work.

(Hippie is a golden lab actually. And you are of course welcome. AG)
*************************** writes:
It's great to see more George Michael fans in North America. But I do wish
that he would realize it and tour here.

(He knows we exist, but he's tour shy in general... AG)
*************************** (Mark) writes:
My friends and I have eaten at George's fathers restaurant a couple of
times and have found the cuisine to be of a a very high standard. We were
occasionally served by George's mother, of whom comes accross as being a
very friendly person.

His sister Melanie was too very nice and appeared to enjoy the lifestyle
which came with having such a famous and talented brother, his sister
Yioda on the other hand preferred to keep a low profile. His father I
haven't met before.

We have met George and Andrew many times, especially when George was
living in Knightsbridge, Kensington, and Hampstead and know of the
adresses well. He does not appreciate visitors, as obviously this
interferes with his private life. He appears to be a very quiet person as
apposed to his public persona, and due to this we have respected his

We were frequent visitors to his old management "Nomis" and were freinds
with Connie his old PR as well as others. We were often asked to preview
his shows while he was rehearsing for America at the Brixton Academy.

I have many stories which span four years relating to this subject, as
well as information and experiences.

*************************** (Sandra de la Vega) writes:

Hi Amanda & everyone:

I'm new in the list and, as far as I've seen, the first from Southamerica.
My name is Sandra and I'm from Peru. Hi everybody and sorry for my poor

(Never apologize for poor English, especially since yours is really good.
But no, there are several people from South America, including Brazil,
Argentina--oh great, now I've just broken into a chorus of "A New
Argentina"--and Chile. AG)

I'm really really happy for yog`s comeback. I've been a fan since 1984.
On Dec.28 I watched the MTV Unplugged which was a big surprise for me as far
I didn't know anything about it. They just aired it but didn`t say when it
was recorded. Can anybody give me a light? I got 45 minutes in my VHS. Was
that all or there's more?

(It was recorded October 12th at Three Mills Studio in London. I think it
only ran about 45 minutes without commercials. There was more, but they only
aired about half of it. AG)

BTW, I was so happy with the concert I was all the time telling to my
brother: Isn`t he wonderful? Look at that! Oh my God! Listen!, and
so..Later, my brother said to me: "You have a stupid smile on you face.
Better take it off soon"...Ha!

(I have been told many the time to wipe that "George smile" off my face. AG)

*************************** (Aidan Padden) writes:

Hi there Amanda, how are you?

(First New Year's Day without a hangover in way too many years, so pretty
good really... AG)

I'm sorry about that last interview I sent you, I never thought you'd have to
reformat it all.

(It was no big deal, but it ran 21 pages, and wouldn't fit into a standard
text file all at once. It was well worth the effort! AG)

I found this in yesterdays paper, and as it contains 'our George', as it
were, I thought i'd send you a quick copy.

Bizarre predictions for 1997

Here are some of my (Andy Coulson's) offbeat showbiz predictions for

1. Liam and Noel Gallagher shave off their newly-shorn locks
completely to become Buddhist monks. Liam takes a vow of silence.
2. The Spice Girls' new political party wins the General Election.
3. After hours in the gym, Peter Andre is signed up as new Gladiator
4. Gary, Robbie, Mary, Jason and Howard look at their solo careers and
dwindling dosh, and reform Take That.
5. Prodigy frontman Keith Flint is voted Britain's Best Looking Man
(by readers of the Addams Family fanzine.)
6. Jacko invades the stage during Pulp's Brits performance, moons at
the audience, and ends up in jail.
7. Hugh Grant visits schools to give pupils sex education lectures.
8. George Michael decides to marry and have a family.
9. Loiuse dates someone who isn't a footballer.
10. Gazza wins the Nobel Peace prize but is too drunk to collect it.


(George marrying and having children huh? Well, it's his turn to have kids
afterall, but I think we can all safely say "HA HA HA HA HA! Not bloody
likely". But Liam the Monk would be a most pleasant idea...and I can say
that as an Oasis fan. AG)

Anyway, have a great new year, and all the best for '97. Take care for now.


To Wrap it Up:

My predictions for 1997:

1. George will tour.
2. Greatest Hits will debut in the Top 5.
3. YM Weekend '97 will teach the Shriners a few things about parties.
4. YOGMAEL will have 500 members.
5. Fgean will have a non-George #1 record.


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