I guess I should warn you that AOL is having a world of problems, so the
sending times of your YOGMAEL will likely be erratic for the next couple of
months. I may well transfer to another server for a while, I'll keep you

I hope everyone got both parts of the Chris Evans interview, if not, please
let me know.

*************************** (Arianna Benigno) writes:
I am new on this list, and I am very happy!!!
Now, I must ask you something, because unfortunately I haven't it yet... My
video recoreded didn't start when on Mtv there was the fantastic GM
I don't want Hi-Fi version ( !) ... I will be very very very happy with this
tape. I will send you back the tape, because I can dub it. If you like I can
recorder for you some Mtv programs, ( where were trasmitted everything you
want) and an italian program, ( but it is in italian!). Thanks in advance
for all the things you will do for me!!!! this list is great!

(IF anyone in Italy or Europe can help you, it might be easier than having to
deal with converting a tape. But if no one can, I can arrange to loan you
one of my extras. Please let me know. I'm glad you like the list. AG)

-It really really could happen,
When the days seems to fall trough you, just let them go
The Universal -
/ \
/ 0 \
/0 0 \
| |
*************************** (Ann Hamilton) writes:
Hi, Amanda, I am sitting here reading People Magazine's year-end issue and
they had the nerve to put "Older" in their "Worst Of Song" category. Here's
what they say: "The Whamster hauls out a lumbering concoction (and a
Mephistophelian new look) that leave you crying 'Younger! Younger!'" There's
a terrible picture of G with the caption "His long-awaited comeback is
boring, with a bossa nova beat." My only consolation is that People Mag also
trashed Bryan Adams, saying "the eternal adolsescent shtick is getting old;
please, Bryan, grow up." Anyone else see a contradiction between those
two reviews? Happy New Year! Regards, Ann H.

(Well, I have since seen the picture my friend called "good", I'll be
slapping her upside the head for her stupidity when next I see her. It's
from the Jesus to a Child shoot. I did find the contradiction most amusing,
in fact, I have noticed Mr. Adams is starting to look more and more like
Alanis Morissette everyday...hmmm... AG)
*************************** (Bernard) writes:
I'm looking for Japanese Cd (promo & common release) & Good address where I
can find cheap promo stuff on GM ,Pet shop Boys. If you have some infos
e-mail me.


PS If you need something from Europe ,just tell what you want.

(I'll keep you in mind. AG)
*************************** (L. Lowrie) writes:
Living in Canada, we only get Much Music. Well, they only broadcast 1 hour of
the unplugged. I managed to get this on HI FI BEST quality video tape. I am
interested in getting the other hour... But it must also be in HI Fi and be a
very good reproduction.
Please email me if you have a copy and I will pay you for your trouble...
Thanks in advance.

(I too am residing in the land of free health care--and you thought I'd never
use that one again didn't you Alicia...--but I have friends everywhere. The
other hour is only a 30 minute interview. I have it on a Maxell Gold in SP
Hi Fi, and it's an original, maybe I can work out a loan, e me with your
location. AG)

PS. Still looking for the Monkey Extended on CD... Any idea who or where I
can find this single / promo??

If anyone is interested, I have a duplicate item in my collection:
Last Christmas, 3" CD Single (Aus), includes Last Christmas (remix),
Extended, and Everything She Wants (Extended, 5:07)

Email privately if you want it. It is in MINT condition, Lance

*************************** writes:
hi guys thanks for the newsletter if is really cool. just one question....
does anyone know if GM will be touring in Australia soon? please help i am
desperate to see him again.

(He's not officially announcing anything, there are rumours of a world tour

in '97, but no confirmation. AG)
*************************** (Rehan) writes:
Dear Friends,

Hi, I'm very sorry for delay. It is just that i'm so damn busy in my thesis
and time it really running out. Yes I'm doing MS in Computer Science and
this is my last semester. Please give me 1 week and I will send you more
details about postage cost, CD cost, of George Michael Unplugged. Actually I
record WAV file on CD so you can play only in any wave player on your PC. You
can record it on audio tape from cd. If you interested to get that unplugged
in wav files just drop me a line then i can make a copy for you.

(If anyone just wants on cassette, there is a far easier way. Hook your
stereo up to your stereo TV set or VCR, if you need further instructions, e
mail me. I did mine the first time I watched it. I'm still looking for a CD
though... AG)

Looking for your response

*************************** (Nancy) writes:
For sale/trade:

* Rio de Janiero, New York, and London Cover To Cover video concerts

* Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me promo poster

* Bill Thierry lithograph

* Faith gold commemorative record award

* Five Live 7" single on rare Parlaphone release

Hi everyone - have the Australian interview on video available. Please write

if interested.


I know of someone who has one of George's Grammy Awards for sale, and am
writing to ask if there is anyone at there who may be interested in
it. I would love to obtain this item myself, but because I am getting
soon, I simply can't afford it. I have actually seen and held this item
so I can attest that it does exist. The person who is selling it has done a
lot of nice things for me George wise, so I thought I would do him the favor
posting this ad for him. If anyone is intersted, please write. The award it

not inexpensive, but the price is certainly very fair.

(Which Grammy is it? AG)


Wham! and George:
* Praying For Time/If You Were My Woman US promo RARE! (no picture sleeve)
* Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go/Instrumental UK with different cover than US
* Bad Boys/Instrumenal Japanese promo with completely different cover than
other release
* Freedom/Instrumental - set of 2 square picture discs - one of George, one
Andy in platic wallet protector and sticker
* Jesus To A Child/One More Try US (no picture sleeve)
* Bad Boys/Instrumental UK on original Innervision label
* Club Tropicana/Blue Armed Withh Love UK picture disc
* Bad Boys/Instrumenal UK picture disc
* Careless Whisper/Instrumenal Japanese with completely different cover than
any other release
* Wham! Rap (Enjoy What You Do)Parts 1,2 UK
* Faith/Hand To Mount Japanese with symbol "Faith Creates a Sexy Night"
* Last Christmas 85/Blue UK

* Shake/Hangin UK limited edition poster sleeve
* Red Dress UK red vinyl

Pepsi and Shirlie:
* Heartache/Surrender UK

* Superslick by the US Wham! band

*************************** (Dave) writes:
Hi Amanda!

(Hi Dave. AG)

Recently I asked my brother who travels extensively and has made several
trips to London if he was familiar at all with Hampstead Heath and Edgeware.
Those two areas in London being, respectively, where Mr. Michael makes his
home and where his father formerly owned his family's restraunt. He did have
a few small details to pass on. He writes:

"I know the Edgeware area well. There is an area of antique markets on
Church street just a few blocks north of the Edgeware tube stop. It is NOT a
nice area. Most of the local population is of immigrant background and the
area is full of ethnic-cuisine restraurants. If that is where George's
father's restaurant is, it is probably authentic cuisine, undoubtably
delicious, but probably doesn't have very clean table cloths , if you know
what mean!"

(OH, mocking ethnic restaurants are we...oh well, we just sold ours
anyway...yes, I'm unempolyed again... AG)

"Hampstead Heath is a ways outside of the city (north) and is known as one of
the most beautiful parks in the city. It is a ritzy neighborhood. The rich
live in victorian row houses for the most part. The heath is getting some
press right now because there are some bashings and muggings going on at
night, which is uncharacteristic for the area. It is also well known for the
Sunday classical music concerts in the park."

My brother promises more details in the future as he is spending the holidays
in London and will try to check out the areas further.

Your George foreign correspondent signing off...


Dave R.

(Thank you Dave. Now I really promise I'll share that bottle of fine red
wine with you... AG)

"If you are the desert, I'll be the sea.."
"If you ever hunger, hunger for me..."
"Whatever you ask for, that's what I'll be..."
*************************** (John Vitsas) writes:
I was wondering if you can find out any information on the release of the MTV
unplugged performance on CD or VIDEO.

(No plans for a formal release. Lots of pirates kicking around though...
*************************** (Meg) writes:

Once again, I am quite impressed by you knowledge of GM.

(Years of study... AG)

For all of us who are not as knowledgeable as you & Kinga, would you give us
a run down on the back-up singers (who's-who) at the Unplugged performance?

(OH boy, sounds like I may have to watch the show again...oh the injustice of
the world...I will be glad to give you a full run down in issue #76.


*************************** (Carolyn) writes:
Got em - I seem to have a lot of luck finding imports at Circuit City - and
got the STW 1&2 singles here yesterday. First time I had ever heard dance
mixes and they are really fun.

(So I guess I can delete them from your dubs...oh well, I'll add those Donna
DeLory tracks you asked about. AG)

Was taping Unplugged again on Christmas day when my Dad sat down and after
about 10 minutes said "I'd rather see Burl Ives" I said Dad he's dead, and
he said "Well, I'd rather hear him". Well - not to say that "A Little Bitty
Tear Got ME Down" isn't in the same league as "You Have Been Loved", and not
to say that I can't appreciate "I'm too old for toys and too young for women"
but let's face it - music has changed over the generations (Dad's 78) and
emotion is IN - ditties are OUT. Guess now we have more time - not having to
bring in the crops, etc. But the old stuff is kinda refreshing and light
hearted and I do have to admit old Burl has his charm and I can listen
without prejudice! Happy New Year - Carolyn Snapped-back

(Being 21, the only thing I know about Mr. Ives is that he narrated a
Christmas special...says your wholesome narrator having some milk and cookies
before bed and listening to the Lion King soundtrack...and just had my
stairway light flicked to tell me to turn the music down...God I just love
living with Mom and Dad... AG)
*************************** (DeAnna) writes:
Hi Amanda,
Not sure I'm sending this right but here it is anyway. I've spent 2 fun
days catching up on pre-Christmas-rushYOGMAEL. Your wit continues to amazes
me. Keep it up.

(On some nights, it amazes me too, on others, I wonder where the hell it
is... AG)

I've not written before because it seems someone else says it better than I
would have. But then I thought, what the .... give it a try. Use this or
not I'll leave it up to you.

(De, don't be so hard on yourself. EXPRESS YOURSELF!!!!! AG)

After reading the responses to 'Absolute George' I have to say I think we
are being a little hard on John Norris. IMO (for which no one asked :)
George asked that John to do the interview for the same reasons we didn't
like John doing it. Being the control person our man is, he also either gave
the questions asked or at the very least OK'd them. Now 'Bare' in mind, this
is only my opinion .
I've gotta say one more thing here. The drug thing...I wonder if it's
what he would have us believe. It's kind of like with 'Bare'. He wanted to
shock us and having nothing really of shock value he gave us the M chapter.
Real shocker. I'm not so naive as to think he doesn't use drugs, etc. but I
question the extent. Also while we are talking about his use we are not
talking about his sex life. Or so he might think . However, if it was
drugs talking on 'Older' find a happier one for the next album, George!!
You can all tell me I'm full of 'bull****' if you want .

(Ha ha ha ha! That's right George, revert back to good old E! Hmmm, wonder
if that had anything to do with Faith... AG)

Back to reading. Take care. And thanks for the fun!! De

(Post anytime! AG)
*************************** (Barney Hamilton) writes:
You probably know this already, but George is releasing "Older" on January
6th with Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me" on the B-Side (not a live
version, but studio recorded). I'd never heard the song until recently, but
now its popping up all over the place - a version of it is also on TAFNA
Prince's recent Emancipation Triple-Lp. George's version is much better

(I had heard it was the Unplugged version. And before the barrage of
questions hits, Barney is writing from the UK, so no North America, we're not
getting this one either... AG)
*************************** (Bijan) writes:
When and where is his live concert In U.S.A--California? I've been a fan for
many years. I have found out lately that I have lukemia and I was wondering
if i could in any way get in contact with him or see a concert in california

(There are no plans for any CA dates at this time. As for contacting him, I
have no idea, sorry. AG)

TO those who sent $ for videos: Here's a list of what I'm willing to dub:

1. Spinning the Wheel Video
2. FastLove video
3. Jesus to a Child Video
4. Absolute George Michael
5. Star People live (from 2 different camera angles)
6. Freddie Mercury Tribute (different camera angles from commericial
7. Concert For Hope
8. George at LiveAid

So, Boy1derz, CCoreyMe, SNAPPING, BScorese, Christie, and OneFASTone, send me
a list of what you want NOW! I plan to dub on Wednesday or Thursday. If
anyone else sent me $, please let me know who you are, maybe I just forgot to
give you a place on the wall of post it notes...
To Wrap it Up:

"Never state, what you can't imply."


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