Hey all! Hope you all had a great Christmas. Once more, my thanks to those
of you who sent cards.

You know what Santa gave me for Christmas? 15 new YM subscribers!

*************************** (Kinga) writes:
Hi There dears!!!

This is a little message for all those who I probably won't get to see or
talk to anytime soon...
Just wanted to wish you all a very, very Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays,
if any of you don't celebrate Christmas) and a super-duper awesome NEW YEAR
1997!!! I hope you will be blessed with your dreams and hopes over the next
year. Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you all during this
special time of the year!

Loads and loads of hugs!
Kinga (aka DRS)
Elaine: He sounds like he's really good-looking.
Jerry: You're going by sound??? What are we? Whales?

(I once fell for a guy by voice, let me tell you, he was not all I had
hoped... AG)
"If I was weak, forgive me
but I was terrified
you brushed my eyes with angels wings, full of love
the kind that makes devils cry"
-George Michael in "You Have Been Loved"
*************************** (Mark Lam) writes:
I have met George on numerous occasions between 1984-89. I would like to
think that there would be some form of recognition if introduced again.

If you have any information which would prove of interest to me I would be

(Fair warning, YM doesn't always prove of interest to all... AG)

Yours faithfully,
Mark A Lam
*************************** (Adrian Tout) writes:
I was wondering if anyone knows where abouts in England George lives? Anyone
got any clues?

(We know that he does reside in North London's Hampstead Heath, but that's as
specific as I can get. AG)

103053.627-at-CompuServe.COM (Sabastian) writes:
Do you know when GM new single will be released in the US?

(OH sure, now I have to check the archives...hang on a minute. Well , no
luck, which leads me to believe that Alan would be my hero if he could
forward me a list of release dates that I could put on my calender... AG)

If anyone is interested in getting the STW E.P. you might want to check
because yesterday I saw a copy in the "import" section.
Take CAre
*************************** (Ricky) writes:

I just want to thank you for your quick response of the mailing list. As a
new member it sure is great to see that there are others out there who can
appreciate a "REAL" musician. I know I will enjoy being a part of this
group. I wish I would have known about this 'Last Christmas', but I guess
better late than never.

(We weren't around "Last Christmas", but I'm looking forward to wishing you
all a Happy Christmas for many years to come. Once again, welcome! AG)

Happy Christmas,
Ricky in Texas
*************************** writes:
Is it possible for someone to send me a HI-FI VHS recording of George
Michael's unplugged session on MTV? I did not get a chance to see it when it
was on MTV. I would gladly pay for a copy. Thanks.................E-MAIL me

(I don't have a spare original in hi fi, but maybe someone else does. I do
have a spare or to Careless Whisper. The tussle with Sony left his talent in
aspic, neither diminished nor updated. Still, that's what happens when you
spend six years wrestling with men in white wigs."

Not exactly praising him to the sky, are they? Oh, well...they still
included him, so that's a bonus.

(IT may not be praise, but IT IS RESPECT! And that's a bloody rarity. AG)

Overheard last Christmas eve:
"I don't care who you are, Fatso. Get the reindeer off my roof!" *lol*
________________________________________________________________________I I
had a life I have a computer and a modem

(Well, I think that's what my family and non-cyber friends are going to start
hearing. AG)
*************************** (Carolyn) writes:
Well at last - this side of the world comes to its senses. Of course I did
have something to do with it as I voted for GM but will never tell how often.
Maybr he'll even show and we'll have something to look forward to in March.
Love and peace and have a wonderful Christmas eve, Christmas and I'll type
at ya later - Carolyn

Millions expected to vote for their favorite film and music artists at
Blockbuster stores across the country
FORT LAUDERDALE, Dec. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Blockbuster today
nominees for the Third Annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. The Awards,
which are the largest publicly-voted honors in the movie and music
will air live from the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday, March 11,
1997, on UPN, from 8-1O p.m. EST. The show will again be produced by a team
led by Award-winning veteran television producer Ken Ehrlich (Grammy Awards,
Emmy Awards, VH-l Honors).
Last year more than 10 million people cast their votes. This
numbers are expected to be even higher, as people can vote as many times as
they choose at any of the more than 5,000 participating Blockbuster video and
music stores, and Planet Hollywood locations across the U.S. and Canada from
December 27, 1996, to January 10, 1997. Fans can also vote on the Internet
through January l7, 1997, at In addition to Planet
Hollywood, other sponsors of this year's program include AT&T, Sony,
and Buick.
"The Blockbuster Entertainment Awards truly reflect what the
people like in entertainment, and do so more than any other award show," said
Michelle Wilkinson, Blockbuster Vice President. "If it's new and it's the
best, you'll see it honored on our program."
As an added incentive to participate in the national voting, people
be able to register to win trips to the show. Five first-prize winners will
be selected to travel with a guest to Los Angeles to see the Awards program.
Sweepstakes winners will enjoy a first-hand view of some of this year's
hottest musical talent slated to perform at the Awards. Full details of
performers and major film stars scheduled to appear will be released closer
the date of the Awards.


Favorite Male - Pop Kenny G The Moment
George Michael Older
Sting Mercury Falling

(VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AG)
*************************** (Rehan) writes:
Dearest Sweetie Amanda and GM fans,

Hi!!! I'm Rehan Farrukh from Karachi, Pakistan. How are you? I'm fine and
Praying for my GEO Looking for some affirmation

*************************** (Bahar) writes:
dear everybody,

i just want to thank everybody a happy christmas!!
i'm having such a gm christmas, it's's to a great 1997,
and remember, he NEVER said he WOULDN'T be touring this year so there's hope.


(Let's all keep the faith! AG)
*************************** (Dave) writes:
Here's a last minute Holiday Wish to you and all the George Fans! Have a
Merry Holiday and watch out for erratic sleigh drivers! (I hear old Santa
has a nip or two of the old bottle about the time he passes over Ontario...
just to keep him and Rudolph warm, you know...!)

(Hey Dave, let me just say this, I was up late Christmas Eve, and I'm quite
sure he needed it! At least we got our white Christmas! AG)

Much Love!
*************************** (George Bielinski) writes:

I just heard on the radio the new version of "Last Christmas" by some
"funkies". Please... what have I done to deserve this!!! Singers this
hopeless shouldn't be allowed to live! It's just another testimony that GM is
light years apart from majority of other performers.

(Here, here! I managed to survive Xmas 96 without hearing it! My friends,
have not been so lucky, I keep getting this tortured voices on my answering
machine telling me about the trauma they endured... AG)
Rose Wagner writes:
Hi all George Michael fans in germany, please write me because I don't have e
mail. I want to do something like a fan-club in germany. My address:
Rose Wagner
D - 83395
Freilassing, Fichtenstrasse

I love GM as a brillant singer/song-writer and performer. I love his voice,
music and lyrics. He is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please contact me. Is there any autogram-address from George Michael?

Rose Wagner
*************************** (L. Lowrie) writes:
Hi, I'm looking for the Monkey CD Single or Promo. Will pay big for it.
*************************** (Debra Sue Miller) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Hope you are enjoying the holidays.

I know this is "old hat" already and you probably have seen this, but just in
case.... I saw this at the "CD Now" website in Music.News.Bytes

"Bryan Adams reportedly took backstage pot shots at George Michael during the
MTV European Music Awards held last week. According to the MSN Totally Live
News online wire, Adams was having a fit of "sour grapes" after losing the
Best Male Artist category to Michael, who lip-synched his hit "Star People"
during the show. Adams performed "The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me is
You" live with his band. TLN reports that Adams did not keep his discontent
to himself; instead he muttered "in an audible
voice" about Michael "miming the words" and allegedly made disparaging
remarks about Michael's sexuality. The service also reported a rumor that
Michael attempted to take a swing at the mouthy Adams, but was restrained by
bodyguards. Calls to Bruce Allen Talent Productions, the management firm
for Adams, were not returned. -- S.S. "

(George, I hope this is true. I think he deserved to be knocked into line.

Please feel free to trash this if it has already been posted or if you have
already seen this. I just thought that it would be very unyoggly of me not
to forward it!!!

(We've heard a bit, but this has some new info. Thanks for ...)


"So this is Christmas
And what have you done
Another year older
And a new one just begun...
Have a very Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one

Without any tears"
John Lennon
To Wrap it Up:

Issue #74 will contain THE FULL Chris Evans/George chat. Courtesy of Aidan.

"Never state, what you can't imply."


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