Hi all! Firstly, apologies to anyone who's server can't accept Æ as a
character in the subject line of e mail. For that reason, I am doing a mass
re-send of issue 70, the first of the YOGMÆL's.

Second, sorry for the delay today, but an old high school friend dropped by
last night and we got to goofing around, and by the time she left I was too
tired to run up a list.

Lastly, I completed my Christmas shopping Saturday, and even managed on my
meager budget a little something for George. Now I know I said that for this
year his gift was to keep his fans contented and keep sending them YOGMÆL,
but then something caught my eye--s small table by a Christmas tree full of
paper angels. Reaching into my pocket for a donation for a bereavement
counselling group, I knew I could now cross George off my list. I chose the
only gold trimmed angel they had and simply wrote "ANSELMO FELEPPA". On each
occasion when I've had to deal with the loss of a loved one, the one thing I
turned to was George's music, so it just seemed so natural when I saw the
tree to donate to that particular cause and honour Anselmo. Happy Christmas

*************************** (Bea Alison Rumpelt) writes:
Hi everybody!

> (Jason) writes:
> ...also, can i get a copy of david frost interview.....
> (What David Frost interview? Jog my overworked mind please... AG)

I have an idea what he might be talking about ... I have read in a German tv
guide announcing the Unplugged that George did a total of 5 interviews with
different selected journalists. One of those was aired last night on German
tv. It was done by German talkshow host Arabella Kiesbauer. The 90 minute
special was cut together from the
Unplugged, some old video clip scenes, a manic Arabella running around London
and the MTV studios trying to find George (which she eventually did because
at the end you see her interviewing him).

(This isn't one of those, this was from the Fony days. But as for the 5
interviews, did he really? John Norris, Richard Wilkins, hmmmm... AG)

I haven't seen it all yet but it is all on tape. (Give me a quiet weekend to
enjoy the rare
occasion! ) I looked a bit weird. She asked a question, he answered, then
you saw a scene from a clip, then he answers a question - which was never
asked. What bothered me most about it was the German translation which of
course runs over the original voice of George. What a waste. Oh well, I guess
it was German tv after all ...

( AG)

If that story was true (the 5 jounalists) there are two more to go. Who are
they? I think it also calls for some copying, there might be a few more
interviews floating around than I originally thought. I will have to talk my
dad to give me his VCR for a few days. Anybody interested?

(I might be...I've got the J. Norris, I'm expecting a R.Wilkins, so I guess I
really should finish the collection. AG)

*************************** (Sharon Dunn) writes:
Dear Amanda and everyone

I thought I'd send in a little snippet of the Radio One interview with Chris
Evans. It was really an interesting conversation (rather than an interview)
and it really put into sharp focus the difference between George Michael the
person and George Michael the performer for me. So this is a bit about his
public persona v. the private person and I
think it basically says what yourself and others have said before; to know
the man you should listen to the music, the rest is just packaging. It's as
simple as that.

On a personal note, he strikes me as a genuine guy and I think he would be
quite good company at the dinner table. Yo answered that in what you thought I would think

of you?

G.M:. Yeah I think so. I think most people probably think I'm a bit of
an arsehole.

EVANS: What about the people who buy your records though, they don't
think that?

G.M: No, I think probably not because I think alot of my character is
very evident in the way that I write and if you're a fan of the
way somebody writes you listen to the lyrics and the lyrics say
alot about their character. I think... I don't write like an
arsehole I just perform like one, ( laughs) thats kinda what I
I have a very,very bad physical self-image, I always have and
have never made any bones about it - that I really don't like the
way I look in general, I'm not comfortable with it, so I do
everything I can to be as groomed as I can for people cause I
have this ridiculous desire to live up to their expectations on
that level because I'm still so insecure about it. On every other
level I think I've dragged my self esteem up to a point where I'm
perfectly capable of dealing with being a celebrity but on the
level of being looked at I'm still not pleased.

A little further on in the interview...

G.M: The truth is, what do most people, when you see somebody
famous on the street, or in a restaurant, and you're with people,
what's the FIRST thing people talk about- because there's nothing
else, because you didn't speak to them or whatever-you talk about
how they LOOKED. Those people all go home to their own lives, to
their own friends and they talk about the fact they met George
Michael today, whatever. Which is nice for them, a bit of
entertainment for them in the evening, BUT you can be absolutely
sure if you looked shit that day thats the the first thing
they'll say.

EVANS: But why do you care about that?

G.M: I don't, I don't.On a rational level I don't at all,you know.
Thats the point. I've actually managed to realise that its not
rational, that I shouldn't spend any time worrying about it, but
it doesn't stop the fact that I still, when I'm getting ready to
leave the house, I STILL feel that I've got do to my best before
I leave the house.

EVANS: Because when you were on the MTV awards last arrived
in the biggest seqinned limosine I've ever seen, and you come

G.M: Mirror tiled, mirror tiled, it wasn't sequinned.

EVANS: Sorry, whatever. And you come out - and this is the guy I went
out for dinner with the night before- literally the night
before right, and you come out and you've got the shades on, and
you've got this, I don't know , this kind of waistcoat/
dresscoat/ outfit on, and it's like.......

G.M: It's like, there he is, there's the arsehole,there's the

EVANS: Why do you do that?

G.M: Because people love it. At the same time it's great
entertainment, you know.

EVANS: But surely, ultimately, you've got to draw them in,and they've
got to KNOW you,they HAVE to know you.

G.M: But don't you think they do by now?

EVANS: Well no, because the facade that you're talking about isn't you
in this interview.,

G.M: No, that's true. But that's one of the reasons for doing this
interview. You see, what I'm trying to tell people is, look, you
know you actually quite ENJOY me being an arsehole up there, and
being.... people enjoy me looking that self absorbed and that
full of confidence - THAT is perfomance, you know.
To me, it's a career I never expected to get into,performance is
never something I expected to get into, but the fact is it's one
of those things that I do quite well. I can work it out and I can
do it well and people enjoy it so I should have the freedom to do
it and not worry about the people that don't care about the music
anyway- they just think,"What an arsehole here in the U.S. The
only way he is going to make a comeback is if people start listening to his
music again. He is the most talented musician/songwriter of the planet and
he can easily sell millions of copies in the U.S. if he really wants to. If
GM doesn't release his singles in the US, he will lose lots of fans, since he
is showing that he doesn't care about the American followers. I would really

appreciate if you can inform me if there are any release dates later this
year. " Older", in my opinion, has three really great songs that can become
#1 hits in the US, they are "Star People", "Older" and "You have Been loved".
George, if you are listening, how about showing some respect for your fans.
George is the greatest singer, but without us, his fans, he wouldn't be
where he is right now.

(Of the 3 tracks you suggested for release, I think only one will chart in
North America, and George agrees, because Star People will be released in the
new year. AG)

Take care.
*************************** (Dana) writes:


i'd like to get a copy of jive talking...can u help?>>

Try Brent Pearson.
Nice guy. ;)
Can't remember his emial offhand.
It's in almost every issue, though.

(It is isn't it? AG)

*************************** (Lisa Marie Plasek) writes:

Hi Amanda:
I just received the new Time magazine(December 23, 1996), and was extremely
disappointed in a column that was run. The article is under the worst of 96
music releases:
Megadeals Record companies, like their movie-studio brethren, have been
signing superstars to pacts worth tens of millions of dollars only to see the
resultant product-George Michael's recent album, say, or R.E.M.'s-stiff in
the marketplace. Hmmm, is there a correlation between ill-advised deals and
rising CD prices?

I e-mailed Time magazine and told them what I thought about the review, I
basically told them that "Older" is a very personal album, everyone needs to
watch MTV Unplugged, and then they need to go and buy "Older" and hear what
real music is supposed to sound like!! I would like to ask, if some other
fans would e-mail Time and tell them what you think of their views!! The
e-mail address is: Thanks!!

Also, MTV is repeating the Unplugged show on December 22, *Best of the Year*
, at 9:30 a.m. I think this is great because a larger audience will be able
to see it, mainly everyone who is out on school holidays!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!
Lisa Marie Plasek
*************************** (Christina Bueno) writes:
Dear Amanda, and hello everybody!!!!
I wish you a great Merry Christimas and a Happy New Year!!!!
All the best for you sweetheart!!!!
I hope that God brings you everything you want and desire, guess you bring us
happiness and respect in each line you type!!!
Thank you Amanda to be so care and lovely for us.
You are a really cute and a wonderful person.
I wish I could colored your dreams ,so that I would be able to see your face
smiling for everybody in the world!!! Like you do for us:))))
I hope life treats you well, and all your dreams comes true.
Love George Michael!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I can have a LONG LIFE to be the sort
to listen your musics more and more!!!!!!
All the best for you to, my piece of Gold anf light!!!!!!!
You are like a DIAMOND!!!!!
1997 will be the begining of your paradise!!!!!!!!!
All my love,
Chris -at-}--;--;--

(Thanks for the kind words Chris, my best to you too. AG)
*************************** (Sarah Mager) writes:
Japan, and USA).

(I've never heard that track, but really, trying to mix of the shittiness out
of it? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!! AG)

George volunteered to do additional production on the track which
culminated as the metropolitan mixes. The Metropolitan mix has a full

version which to the best of my knowledge appears solely on the US 12" double
promo and standard US 12". The editted version of the metropolitian mix
appears on the UK 7" as the b-side track,
and also appears on a US 5" CD single promo as well. Since I adore the song
so much I happily provide dubs for all who ask. Email me at for details if interested.

(from trackography listing):
5. Metroplis version 3:37 [114BPM]
6. Metropolis edit 3:20 [114BPM]

(from singles listing):
Tripping On Your Love
12": US 1991 (London 869-547-1)
[silky seventies][silky dub][E. smooth chant mix][maurice's
wicked mix][euro trance][metropolis]
12": US 1991 (London PRO-958) [double promo]
[silky sevenites][silky dub][smoove mix][maurice's wicked]
[maurice's dub][sturm][metropolis][euro trance][we're all
doved up dub][sweet exorcist][sweet exorccist dub]
5": US 1991 (Polygram CDP-568) [promo]
[metropolis (edit)][euro trance 7"][silky seventies]
[euro trance 7"][euro trance][the loveable love-dove caper]
7": UK 1991 (FFRR NANA22)
[euro trance 7"][metropolis (edit)]/Only Your Love
[hardcore instrumental (edit)]

Regards, Sarah
*************************** (Marek Unt) writes:
If I'll hear one more stupid cover of "Last Christmas" on the radio, I'll go

(Knock on wood, I've been spared thus far... AG)
king-at-ariel.ucs.unimelb.EDU.AU (Khanh Nguyen) writes:

Hey there!!!

Just wanna know if anyone knows when if ever the Unplugged will be shown in
AUSTRALIA?????????????...i am sooo angry that stupid australia didn't show
it:(...weep...or did it show and i have missed it???... Pleaseeee...let me
*************************** (Anita Patel) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I just wanted to wish you and all of the members of the YogMail Family
a very "Happy Christmas." Best Wishes to all for Health, Happiness
and Success in all you do throughout the New Year!

AND HEY YOU GUYS...IT'S ALMOST 1997 which means, hopefully,
in these next 365, we may get to see George perform live here on this
side of the pond!!!!!

(YAY!!! AG)

As for the best gift to give George for X-Mas, a big thick soft pair
of blue and white Ralph Lauren socks to protect those gorgeous toes
from the chill of that brisk British winter they're experiencing over
there and a pack of RICOLA to soothe his throat!!!

Oh, and I was thinking, MAYBE...if everyone wanted to, we could all
write him a poem together by everyone writing one line or verse each..

>> Line 1: "A song He sung into the night
and in his eyes a thoughtful smile...


*************************** (chassagne) writes:
Enjoy your time off from school, I know I will! And I hope you enjoy the
holidays! Hope you get what you want for Christmas! I know its not George,
because that's what I asked my parents
composers... AG)

2. This is far from funny in my book. They were listing the best music of 96
and in the bottom conor it said and the worst... "megadeals Record
companies, like their movie-studio brethern have been signing superstars to
pacts worth tens of millions of dollars only to see resultant product, George
Michael's recent album say." Some people just
don't seem to realize that you don't have to be a number one hit to be good.
Besides GM is doing pretty well Who cares if the US doesn't like it as long
as they carry the CD's in the stores! I'd best go for now


Thought everyone might enjoy thoses little bits.
*************************** (Gil Siman tov) writes:
Hi amanda,
It's my first time writing to you instead reading and enjoying. As many tell
you already you're doing a great job!

(Thanks. Glad to see you posting. AG)

In the last issue two things caught my eyes, first i would really really like
a copy of "Wham Rap" if it's possible. It was Wham's first single and i still
love it. I never saw it, so if you can help let me know.

(Are you looking for a 45"? AG)

Second, I would like to have the music sheets for "Listen w/o prejudice. So
keep me posted.

I loved the unplugged, personaly i don't care about all the stuff that he
says or people guess, he is a great singer and musician, i hope he gets back
on the road very soon, because he is a great performer. I saw him few times,
and on the last tour two nights back to back....No words to describe the
Take care.....Bye
bellaj-at-BIOMED.MED.YALE.EDU (april) writes:
Hi, everyone,

Once again, I need help. I didn't see GM's performance on the MTV Europe
Awards. I would like to. If anyone can dub me a copy of the performance, I
would be forever grateful.

Muchas gracias,
To Wrap it Up:

I'll be putting out an issue tomorrow as well, have a bunch of the YM family
wishing each other happy holidays postings that I have to make sure you see.

"Never state, what you can't imply."

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