Hi all! Well, it has happened, it is officially the Christmas season! Yes,
I have finally heard "Do They Know it's Christmas" on the radio! There I
was, innocently in a queue at the post office, waiting to mail some audio's I
had dubbed--Paola's, Michael's, Denise's, and Tiffany's--when I heard the
familiar strains. And I will have you know that I stood there lip syching,
for all the store to see!

Speaking of audio's, I think my Deon Estus tape is ready to retire. I now
recall why I went though 4 Faith cassettes...

I also received a lovely Christmas card from Dave ( who calls
himself one of my "Yogmail disciples"--Alicia, I thought we agreed not to
tell everyone what I call my faithful subcribers! In it, he asks "Maybe you
could give us details in a future column as to how George spends his
holidays?" I would be glad to if I knew! He's a bit of a mama's boy I
reckon--which is good really--so I would assume with his parents and sisters.
I do know he once went carolling--not sure what year, but he was already a
star--anonymously, sporting a hippy wig, and he and his mates made I think
about 30 quid. Anyone know anything more?

BTW, we never really did settle on a Christmas gift for him did we? I have
had a couple ideas, among my faves was a pound of grass, hoping he might give
us co-writing credit on the next album. Failing that, I will give him the
same thing I give him every year, my love and admiration, and I think YOGMAIL
ain't too shabby of a gift either... I say that for Christmas 1996 we all
try to convince one person to buy a copy of Older, that's the best gift we
can give him!

Lastly, I never did share my thoughts on the MTV Awards performance, this is
taken from an e mail to Alicia:

Now because I was watching it on only 3 hours sleep, the third such night in
a row, I honestly had to ask myself "How did they get all those people into
that little car?" I did figure it out before the song was over, so stop
laughing at me please. I think the fact that he was sporting an over coat
was symbolic of the attitude he is trying to present right now "I'm only
doing this for a minute, to humour you, then I really have to go do something
more serious, like smoke a joint and write some new songs..." The huge
spectacle? Obviously mocking all the fuss superstars like to make. Just
watch a Prince or Madonna concert... IT was all very self-depricating
really, but he did it for a reason, to please the fans, and I for one am
grateful he did it.

To remind the Canadian fans: MuchMusic is airing:
1. The MTV Euro Awards Thursday -at- 8pm EST
2. The Unplugged Saturday the 21st -at- 9:30pm EST

*************************** (NarneyMager) writes:
oh and in case i have been negligent in reading my yog mail recently there is
a George Michael rock-docu called "Older" that was filmed in a interview
after the MTV unplugged. It showed here last night at an atrociously bad
time of 11pm on a sunday night and it goes for about an hour (with a few ads)
and features lots of the MTV footage and he sung a song that i didnt
recognise. (has this been mentioned on yog mail???) it was great! he
butchered everything she wants though. Sorry george this wham fan HATED it.

(Who knows more about this? Is this that interview George was talking about?
And don't worry Sarah, I didn't really dig the new Everything... either.
*************************** (RoadRunner) writes:
Hello, I don't think I have actually ever posted as I have been lucky to find
the time to

(I know the feeling... AG)

However, I just wanted to know if anyone got the 2 hr radio interview from
England? I guess I have a copy coming from a friend in London who was kind
enough to tape it for me. He just said he hoped I was not too shocked by
it...? I am not sure if they are
on the way or not yet. But when I get it I will be happy to dub for those
who may want it.

(I have been told that mine will be in the mail soon. I have also heard it's
bit shocking... AG)

He is also going to try to get a copy of the Big Issue for me from London. I
am not sure about that one yet...Anyhow. I must run now as it is 6am and I
have a final in, oh, a few hours...I have unfortunately been up all
night...Sigh. After today I will be done until Jan. How wonderful it is...

(I wrote my last final on 3 hours sleep. AG)

Oh, in Minneapolis they still play the original Last Christmas every year.
However, I was the victim of Wham fraud when I purchased an imported cd that
was supposed to be
Wham! dance mixes...Well, they were Wham songs that were completely destroyed

by some european band. I was pretty ticked off...Oh well...Be careful...Ok,
gotta run for now...

(They play the original in Hamilton too, friends are always calling to say
they just heard it and thought of me. And I have heard all about "Dance to
the Beat". AG)

Oh, one more question...I recall reading that the Yog man lived in a place
called Hampstead Heath. Is that correct? My friend says he knows this
place... Also, I had read about the restaraunt that his father owns. What
was it called again? My roommated threw out the paper with that
info...Thanks...Sorry I rambled so...:)

(Yes, it's Hampstead Heath. And Mr. Panayiotou's restaurant is called Mr.
Jack's and is located in Edgeware. AG)

The Strangest Thing is my new theme song....Stacie(meep)
*************************** (Rose) writes:
Hi Amanda ...
Thanks for the issues... I do have a lot of catching up to do.

I also watched the MTV Unplugged. It was incredible. I have been
anticipating it for months and I was not disappointed. It has become a daily
ritual. GM gives me inspiration. The sound of his voice is like listening
to angels sing. I have been a fan of his since the first time I heard the
song, 'One More Try'. Oh, the memories that song brings back. I have
never seen him in concert, but I would surely like to change that. One day.

(It's an experience that should not be missed! AG)

Jason Hare... you make mention of sheet music for Praying for Time... I have
it and many more from GM's Listen Without Prejudice. Drop me a line and I
will be happy to send it to you!

I want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!!!

Amanda, you are doing a great job!! Thanks!

(You're welcome, and thank you to you for posting! AG)
*************************** (Jen) writes:
Just have to say that I loved the Unplugged special. Hve you seen it yet?

(Heard it, and seen clips, hopefully the tape will arrive before Much airs
it. AG)

I think the best part is Praying For Time, when he looks into the camera and
sings, " Do you think we have time?" The expression on his face! Well, Gotta
go, Later, Jen
*************************** (Bea Alison Rumpelt) writes:
Hi everyone!

> bellaj-at-BIOMED.MED.YALE.EDU (april) writes:
> Anyway, about the remixes and other songs that I don't have...I haven't
> been able to find the STW EP. Can someone help me? Also, I'd like to
> get a copy of "You Know That I Want to." I've never heard of it before,
> but if it is a GM song, I want it.
> (YM's gonna run a contest offering the EP as a prize soon, you can enter
> that. Failing that, who still knows where to get them? AG)

I have still seen copies last weekend in a local store here in Germany.

*************************** (Jeff McGary) writes:
So the Unplugged from MTV and the Radio One concert were supposedly recorded
seperately huh? If you have both of them on tape, listen (without prejudice)
to Freedom '90 (which actually should be called Freedom '96) on each
recording. George makes the exact same mistake on both of them. This leads
me to believe that the Radio One show was actually the Unplugged taping.

(They did two separate recording sessions, but who knows. George does tend
to blow identical lines on occasion. Maybe he was less than impressed with
the version he did for the Unplugged and made a substitution of the Radio One
version. I don't know though, I haven't heard the Radio One tape yet. AG)

I back home got a brand new face...


we had every big shot, good time band on the run boy; a kick, just a
buddy and me...

He must have been fairly stoned, nervous, or both. I don't think that many
people would make that mistake and of course his back up singers knew that it
was a kick just a buddy and me.

(Well, I have also heard the backing vocalists blow lines George nailed. I
laughed when I heard the mistakes though. Alicia failed to notice... AG)

Also, I moved offices and computers and have lost a few of the Yoggers email
addresses. Alexandra, I need your snailmail please, and Christina please
email me with your address. I didn't see them in this issue of YM, so I'm
assuming that you have separate lists Amanda.

(Out of sheer logistics, this runs on 4 separate lists, with 8 membership
rosters. Since it's almost the end of the year and I'm all for end of the
year disclosure, read below for the full membership listing. AG)

Happy Christmas to all!!!

*************************** (Anne Bolen) writes:

Merry Christmas ans Happy New year to everyone.
I have just two things to ask.

First being in a mental haze from exams I have misplaced the agean address
for the new newsletter or whatever it may be. Could you please send it out

(You can find Fgean online at --It's not currently
doing anything, but is due to start transmitting in the new year. AG)

Second, After hearing everyone talk about Unplugged I feel that I have missed
out on a lifetime deal. I also feel increadably resentful to the university
for not including MTV in their cable package for the dorms. Could anyone
please help me? I want to be able to experience what everyone else is!
Please feel free to write me at:

(OK, I can arrange to get multiple original copies of the Unplugged off
MuchMusic--I'll just call in some favours I guess, I'm demanding all my
friends watch it--but I need to know who really needs one by Friday night so
I can get the tapes to friends on Saturday. AG)

thanks Anne
*************************** (James Robinson) writes:
Hello Amanda, How are you this evening?

(My eyes are tired from a night at the computer, this is what happens when
you let your e mail in box fill for 3 months... AG)

I was just surfing some yog sites and ran across this interesting little item
located at

What do you make of this? Surely it is not the real thing? I have my doubts.
Just trying to pick your brain.

(I went and checked it out, and I too have my doubts. It seems inconsistant
with George's speech patterns. And the mention of Prince is peculiar
considering what he said in the Big Issue. Who knows. Check it out y'all,
and let me hear what you think. AG)

Thanks Amanda, Bye for now, James.
*************************** (Andy Mangels) writes:
>(Thanks for the long awaited Metro mixes. Did everyone on here know that
>George did some remixes for the lovely ladies of Bananarama? AG)

>By the way: i thought i should share my find of the month: on a timelife CD
>compilation series 1983 there is the single/video 7" version of "wham Rap"
>(the one with the unusual lyrics!)

Could you please give some more info on the Bananarama remixes? Were they
credited? Which album? Singles? 12"s? It's not fair to tease with a
little information, then hold back. ;>

(Sure it is... I defer to the Nana brigade on this though. JT, Catherine,
Mike, Sarah? AG)

And regarding the Wham Rap on Time Life, is this the video version? Since
there are about 4-5 different versions, it would be helpful to explain what's

(Yes, it's the video version. AG)

Glad to see the work you're doing with YogMail. I mainly lurk for now, but
will have substantial contributions eventually.

(Lurk no more! I have plently of room in the old noggin for the regular
poster's names and addresses. AG)

Andy Mangels

Andy Mangels

Visit the website for IN UNIFORM The Magazine
*************************** (Bruce Colero) writes:
Okay, after reading all the listings re his big interview, i finally have to
put my two cents in. On his "bisexuality" i feel a little bit cheated on this
respect. It sort of feels that someone i respected during my 17-23 age comes
out and says that whatever you believed me to be....psyche!!

(I know that exact feeling Bruce... AG)

I took alot from george, learned to dance from him. did the whole cross
earing, unshaven look thing ( even though i still sport two earrings and the
unshaven look). I feel sort of lied to, he presented himself in this sexual
manner, he made the image, he presented himself to us, and then he turns
around and says, sorry people thats not me. He also go's off on saying he
wants people to recognize him for his talent and not his lifestyle or his
image. Well, hate to break it to you george, but the music industry, is not
only a narrcisistic industry but a visual one. And thats just the way it is.
Granted, he has amazing talent (i regard him as my fave) but you can have the
best product in the world, if people dont know about it, and people dont buy
it, your outta luck.

One other point, i wish he would lighten the f*ck up. I long for the days, of
"edge of heaven", "im your man" that type, the faith album was great, LWP was
also good, but heading towards somber territories. I mean i like softer music
and thoughful ballads as well, but im a showoff, and i like to "shake my ass"
more often than not, I just wish OLDER had a little more of this.


RE his pot smoking, well...though im not a pot head myself,my understanding
is that your more relaxed when your high. So if the undue stress of your
lifestyle requires you to "chill" using pot, well, i think its a cop
out...but if you need it. Just remember what happened to Elvis. Dead with his
pants down in his bathroom.

Finally. On a side note there are a few videos id appreciate getting from
you, If your up for it....let me know.

(Sure Bruce, I'll be running a full list of my dubbable videos in a day or
two. 2 hours of tape--Maxell Silver--with postage will run you $10--Canadian
for you. AG)
TO Wrap it Up:

Lots more to post, but I have to keep these of readable length.

Listen without prejudice...


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