Hi all! My eyes are a bit tired from camping out at the computer trying to
go through 3 months of mail, so I shall ramble very little.

Just a note, if you're leaving cyber space, drop me a line and tell me to
unsubscribe you. If you cease to get YOGMAIL for more than 3 days, there are
2 possibilites, you have fallen victim to the three strikes and you're out
rule, or your mail server is screwing up. Either way, let me know, and I'll
see what I can do. I decided to mix up the membership roster a bit to get
certain accounts working again, which is why today's issue was delayed.

*************************** (Nancy) writes:
Hi Amanda:

You had asked what kind of car GM drives in the states? Well, he has two
cars that I have seen him in. They are both Mercedes, in the color black,
and one has a personalized lisence plate. There were a couple of times that
I saw him in a Range Rover, but have not seen that car in about 2 years.

(Thank you. AG)

I was delighted to here Anita's story (hope I'm remembering correctly), about
having GM's hat! What a treasure! I have a treasure of my own to share - I
was given the towel that GM used on stage by his limo driver Jay. I still
have it to this day!

I also wanted to let any GM fans know that missed the Unplugged or could not
tape it that I would be happy to make anyone a copy who is interested since I
have two VCR's hooked up. If anyone is interested, please just drop me a

bellaj-at-BIOMED.MED.YALE.EDU (april) writes:

I just read what everyone has said about the Unplugged. I loved it. I guess
it's just weird because I had a very depressing week. Then, I saw the
Unplugged and it just made me feel so good. Of course, now I want to see GM
in a live performance.

The Unplugged has reminded me of why I am a fan. It prompted me to look
through my GM collection and just look back and reflect on life. It felt
really good.

Anyway, about the remixes and other songs that I don't have...I haven't been
able to find the STW EP. Can someone help me? Also, I'd like to get a copy
of "You Know That I Want to." I've never heard of it before, but if it is a
GM song, I want it.

(YM's gonna run a contest offering the EP as a prize soon, you can enter
that. Failing that, who still knows where to get them? AG)

Thanks, Amanda, for all you do,

(You are most welcome! AG)
*************************** (James Robinson) writes:
Hello Amanda, nice to here from you again.

I've missed yogmail and your offhanded sense of humour.

(Offhanded, and sometimes offensive... AG)

Although I received Issue#66 Part2 this afternoon, I don't have Part1. Do you
think it could be re-sent? At your conveinience of course.

(Just a note to explain to everyone affected. What happened was that one of
the lists failed to send because of an "unknown" AOL subscriber. It happens
sometimes. AG)

Shelly Andrews comments on George were very moving and down to earth. All of
George's fans should strive for this level of understanding in regards to his
music and life. Finally his fans are starting to clue in.

Thanks Amanda. Talk to you soon.......James.......
103053.627-at-CompuServe.COM (Juan Carlos Tonazzi) writes:
Could you please tell me the release date of the Older single (USA),

(I don't know if there is a US one. Alan? And if you've already told me, I
have to confess, I rarely read completed YOGMAIL's. AG)
*************************** (Carolyn) writes:
Glad your studies are over and you can concentrate on the Holidays and

I read where Frank Sinatra is giving away a lot of his money and assets
before he dies and taxes take it. One of those listed was stock in Sony = no
wonder he wrote that stupid comment about GM. I never could understand how
he could sing and phrase like an angel and be such a jerk.

(Practice? AG)

I'm drinking wine, eating divinity and just finished watching Unplugged again
and will tape another tomorrow morning. In pondering the butterflies I
always get when listening to him sing I realized that the lyrics make me
think - "ya - been there done that". If I could sing I would want to sing
like him. If I were rich, handsome and famous I would probably handle it
much like he does - honestly and logically. I was thinking of what song I

would really like to hear him cover - some of Johnny Mathis' stuff came to
mind. Wonder what everyone else would like to hear - finally decided on My
Way. That'd really show Frankie. A girl sang it at my friend's funeral last
week and she sang so sweetly it was refreshing to hear it that way.

(There are a number of tracks I'd love to see George attempt. One of which
is Can You Feel the Love Tonight, but I guess that's about as likely as
Madonna going off to the convent...failing that, he could try pain from Made
In England. AG)

Another good thing - I was talking to a friend at work and told her (and
everyone I came in contact with) to watch Unplugged. She screamed and told
me she was a Wham Groupie and had tons of memorabilia (sic) - gave her some
copies of Yogmail and told her to sign up. We are going to get together and
look at all the stuff. Can't wait. Will be sending copies of Unplugged to
my sons (they are musicians) and daughter for Christmas. They WILL become

(I have been known to convert a few people in my day... AG)

Love ya and thanks for being you.

(Love you too, and you're welcome. AG)

Been looking for a copy of Wham - the video, any ideas? Can't be ordered.

( a copy and a descrambler on her VCR's. If
you want an original, a friend of mine--one of my conversions--is considering
parting with hers. She wants big bucks though. AG)

Carolyn Unsnapped
*************************** writes:
For those interested, the Interview CD does not contain a recent interview,
rather an old one with Andrew and George. It does have a nice color booklet

(Which one would this be? AG)

The Greatest Hits CD is tentatively planned for late next year. George must
have the three new tracks turned over to Sony by June.

(I'm guessing George Michael's Greatest Hits will be Fony's XMas '97 big
item. AG)

There are no plans to release an Unplugged CD or video in the US. ( I'm still
waiting on confirmation from the UK.) My guess as to why not is because
George's contract was only for two albums, and an Unplugged CD would be the
2nd. He would then be free to sign with another company. I don't believe
Geffen/DreamWorks would want that to happen so soon, especially since they
haven't recooped their investment in him.

(I was thinking George did the Unplugged for that very reason, to get out
within 18 months, I guess the bosses said no. I don't think he will sign
with another company, he'll just find a distributer for Fgean--possibly MCA
in NorthAmerica. And realistically, DreamWorks will never get their money
back. He was just the biggest name they could get to lauch their label.
Right it off as "building costs" I reckon. AG)

Although an Unplugged CD would probably be more successful than Older in the
USA, they would probably make more money if they wait until after the
Greatest Hits is released to release another album, since the GH will
probably be very successful and bring George back into the limelight.

(If people have to wait 2 years for the Unplugged, it's not going to sell.
Oh well, as someone once said, that's what friends are for, right Bo? AG)

And lastly, I'm going to have to eat my words. When just reading the text of
the John Norris interview, I felt George was being a real ass. But seeing
him as he was speaking those words made all the difference. I think he was
being genuine and I must apologize to George! Forgive me,

(The difference between being arrogant and being an asshole is very minute,
and I guess maybe in text, without those little raised brows and sly smirks,
stuff can be taken out of context. I still don't think you're totally wrong,
but I have been looking within myself lately and come to the realization that
I can come across the wrong way sometimes too. AG)

dawnhunt-at-phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Dawn V. Hunt) writes:
Hi All,

The Unplugged was AMAZING!!! I am sitting here watching it for the umpteenth
time already. I am in awe. Doing this Unplugged was an excellent idea and I
think that he came off very well in the interview. I agree with his "piss
off" comment, he has as much right to a private, personal life as anyone
else. I really hope he releases an unplugged
album (and soon), it's something of a hassle to play the videotape everytime
I want to listen to one of the songs. The advantage to that, though, is I
get to watch him as well. I'm just dying to go to a concert, now more than
ever. A friend of mine here at school (also a huge GM fan) insisted that if
he gives a concert in our area, that the two of us must go together.

As great as Yogmail is, it's also nice to have fellow fans around in everyday

life as well. You'll be happy to know that I'm discovering that more and
more friends of mine are fans of GM. We might have to start a fan club on

(I think McMaster will be starting one soon. Right Tracy and Tom? AG)

Keep the faith,
*************************** (MR ANGELO A ALEXOPOULOS) writes:
Hello Amanda,

First and again, great job. I have to say that the Unplugged was FANTASTIC!!!
Somebody had asked what were the other songs George had performed. The other
songs were Hand to Mouth, Older, Waiting for that Day, might be the reprise,
One More Try and The Strangest Thing, If the Unplugged is officially released
they will probably be added to the set.

(Thanks for saving me some work! AG)

Looks as though Deon has moved on but Shirly Lewis is still with him. She was
with him from the last of the Wham! days and through the solo years. She has
also worked with other artists.

(I have seen her with Elton many the time. AG)

Just wanted to add a little GM story of my own. I have seen him four times
live. Once for the Faith Tour and twice for the Cover to Cover tour. The last
time was in 1993 for Sting's Rainforest Concert. That was really cool because
aside from singing Waiting for That Day and Freedom 84, unplugged, he sang
three songs with Sting. He sang backup on Sting's song 'Fragile' and then
they sang together 'We can work it Out' by The Beatles and 'Every Breath You
Take' . Awesome evening. George and Sting would occasionally talk to each
other while some of the other artists were singing. At the end of the evening
they were all on stage singing 'River Deep Mountain High' Lead vocals were by
Tina Turner, and at George's mike was...........Bryan Adams.......kinda weird

(Bryan, the great bitter Canuck... AG)

*************************** (Henrik Linnart) writes:
Do any of you know where and when GM will give a gig?

(Regrettably, no. AG)
To Wrap It Up:

I'm going to switch to every second day for the time being again. I'm all
caught up, and I think we've all got a lot of things to do this time of year

Listen without prejudice....


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