Hi all! Sorry to have left you hanging the last couple of days, but I'm in
the process of making up for 3 months of not studying...

Some notes:

1. I have 2 exams to write in the next week, so I'm going on a little break
from YOGMAIL. It won't be 5 years, but it will be a bit over 5 days. I will
still be receiving mail, so feel free to post away, I'll post it all as soon
as I can. I was going to hand the reins over to Alicia, but she's even
busier than I am. YOGMAIL will be back in session on Saturday the 14th, I'll
rush home from my exam to get the issue out by 3pm EST.

2. For those of you taking off for Christmas, please let me know when to
stop sending, and for convenience, drop me a line to let me know when to sign
you back up. Because most of you are gone for the same days, mass
re-sendings for the 3 weeks won't be too tough, but they will have to be
staggered so as to not clog your mailboxes.

3. The BI pyramid has begun.

4. I am so organized that the CD I've been looking for like mad has been in
it's rightful place in the CD carousel the whole time...

5. Whilst wandering in the used record shops, I came across Fantastic. For
a whole 114 pennies, I had a couple new pictures to ogle. I think some
colour copying will result in a few new wallet shots...

5. Since this may be the last issue some of you read before the holidays:
Seasons's Greetings, and all the best wishes for a great '97--like maybe
with George on tour...

hare-at-ACSU.Buffalo.EDU (Jason Hare) writes:
Hi Amanda and friends,

Amanda, you wrote:

>.I'm still ogling my new Wham! books, in a vain attempt to find a truly
> bad picture of Andrew. None exist.

Hmm. In my book Wham! Confidential- The Breakup of a Supergroup by Johnny
Rogan, there's a shot of Andrew looking up and smiling with his hands down
his pants. I kind of think this is a bad picture. I don't understand how,
in 1983, some photographer said, "Yeah, Andrew, this will be GREAT publicity.
Stick your hands in your pants."

(Hmmm...Andrew with his hands in his pants, I reserve comment since my mind
is off in the depths of the sewer. AG)

Anyway, your talk about various Wham! vids got me reminiscing about all my
videos. Which, by the way, Dana has right now. Anyway, I remember seeing
Wham! In China at the video store..and on the back it had a listing of all
the songs played. I ASSUMED this meant live- and it mentioned songs like
"Runaway" which really pissed me off to find out that it was only a
rehearsal. Furthermore, other songs were listed, like "Ray of Sunshine" (I
think), yet it was only the studio versions! URGH!!

Two other questions that always bothered me. One, why are the lyrics in the
video to Wham! Rap different? Is this the "Unsocial Mix?" Second off, how
come Young Guns isn't on any compilations?

(No, regrettably, the Unsocial Mix is not the video version. I have no idea
why they went with different versions. My fave is the video version though.
I have no idea why the Young Guns video is no where to be found. I have
seen it but once, some 11 years ago... AG)

Thanks folks..

*************************** (Meg) writes:

I live in the U.S. and via the internet I am able to listen to Radio 1. Have
you ever checked this out? All this week I have listened to the GM interview
parts and they play a song from the Radio 1 concert afterwards. And I will
definitely be tuning in on Sunday!

Radio 1 - http//

(Academic duty will see me buried in my texts on Sunday. I'll be patient and
wait for my copy out of the UK. I've recently been engrossed in the Rock in
Rio concert anyway. AG)

*************************** (Anita Patel) writes:
Is there anyone in the U.K. who would be willing to tape the Radio One
interview for me (Original preferred, copies o.k.)? I will pay for it
in British currency if you like.

Please e-mail me at,

Also, does anyone have any info on when the "Unplugged" Cd and "Wham's
Greatest Hits CD" and George's next single will be out (prefereably in
the states - but if someone could buy them for me overseas, I will pay
you for them).

Thank You!

I just have to vent a bit here because I am getting so sick of
reading people criticizing George for miming. FOr God's sake people,
He's a performer....He did a choreographed number, he didn't stand
still in one position and sing - He was all over the stage - this was

being broadcast around the world - and this was one of his first,
public appearances in ages - He GAVE A POLISHED AND PROFESSIONAL
Performance. Any real fan know that he blows the mike away in concert
- he's beyond fabulous live - his concerts are unbelievable....but
this wasn't a concert, it was a performance for an award show - it was
entertainment - it was a performance .... for an awards show. Get
Bryan Adams, Bjork, Smashing Pumpkins...etc. out there dancing and
putting on a stage show completely live and see how much respect you
have left for their talents.

George is a performer by profession when he isin front of an audience,
he is an artist in the studio and above all, he is human in this game
called life.

I think everyone needs to back off and just let him make his music and
not worry about how he looks, whose company he favors, or how he
delivers his performance. He's not holding anyone to the fire making
you buy his records or watch his videos/performances. If you don't
like it ...DON'T BUY IT or TURN IT OFF...

I honestly wish he could just walk around in his khakis and t-shirts
and enjoy life, insteading of primping and prepping and maintaining
"images" etc..etc..etc..but he can't because someone always has
something to criticize him for...and now his fans are doing the
same...that's even more disappointing.

I mean so what if he's smoking pot..Most of my friends in medical
school do the same...and they're going to be doctors doing surgery and
handling people's lives. I mean if you drink Diet Coke or anything
with Nutra Sweet in it, you're doing yourself far more harm than pot
will ever do. I go through 3 or 4 cans of Diet coke a day...that's
alumin, which cause Alzheimers, and Nutra Sweet which breaks into
three componets, including methanol which totally PIZZLES your Brain
cells...So Cheers!

Please just remember...he breathes the same air we do, drinks the same
water and cries the same tears...

Guys...just love him..or let him go...he's got enough grief from the
rest of the world as it is...and now from "The Faithful"??? That's not

(Granted, but as one of his devoted fans, I can also see why the rest of the
world goes off on him as they do. Quite frankly, if you distance yourself
from him, George Michael is quite the cartoon. But for that matter, I'm
becoming guilty of being a bit of a cliche of myself too, so I guess he's
influenced me a fair bit. And for that reason, I understand why he does it,
quite frankly, it's fun. You can be as eccentric as you want, say what you
want, and no one takes you deadly serious, even when you are. You have your
public personnae, you have your private one. My close friends laugh off my
delusions of grandeur, casual acquaintances marvel at my confidence. I think
everyone should try it some time... AG)

*************************** (Stefan Kirchfeld) writes:
In one of the last Yogmail editions Sonia wrote:

>In my opinion, if George and his crew, had any common sense, they
>would understand that if George wants a commercial comeback in the US
>he doesnt need a Lenin look, nor hesitant statements on sexuality, but
>rather something more mainstream- like a commercial single, may be
>even a soundtrack or a duet with somebody equally famous, and a more
>regular, less cynical persona. But I guess this would be below their
>high level of "artistry"...

Unfortunately i totally agree to that. I really love George Michael4s music
but i think he isolates himself too much to ever be very successful again. He
has to to the things he does not like to really have a comeback. Since he
won4t do that because he doesn4t
really care he will never have a really huge success like he had with Faith
again unless, like Sonia put it , he does a duet (as he did with Elton John )
or makes a soundtrack for example, more popular stuff.

(Granted, but who's gonna use him now? Gee, maybe him and Paula Abdul can
jump start each other's careers? Let's see the lad get onto the dance floor
with his former dance teacher! But, please George, don't let her help you
write the song. George also should have campaigned for the role of Che in
Evita. I listened to the broadway cast recording all summer--a friend was in
a production of it, and that's all she would let me listen to...--and he'd a
done a great job. AG)

Did it also occur to you that in the MTV Interview he always just talks
about his personal crises and all that stuff but almost never gives
objectively informative answers.
For example when John Norris asked him if he could say anything more precise

about the shows next year he just said something like that he hated to tour
and things like that but he did not really answer the question.

But it is not only George4s fault: John Norris is simply a very bad
journalist. Because he added to the question for the shows the remark that
those shows won4t probably as big as the faith tour for the popular reasons.
This was again a perfect opportunity for George to change the topic and to
talk again about his personality. - I mean this kinda journalism really
sucks. Either one sticks to a question or one does not ask it, but to give
alternatives to the person one interviews is just bad style. If he hadn4t
done that George would have had to say something about the shows next year
which would have
been much more interesting than to hear him again talk about his personality.

(I haven't seen the interview yet, but from what you say, the man who doesn't
want to talk about his personal life, won't seem to shut up about it. Would
that be fair to say? AG)

I also consider it hypocrisy to say that one does not care about George4s
sexuality because this is his private thing but then on the other hand to
complain about him taking drugs, like some people did. That is his personal
thing too, isn4t it ?. And it is just ridiculous and silly to say that only
because he has done this one will not listen to his music for a certain time.
- I mean COME ON, you are not married to him, you just
listen to his music and as long you like that it does not matter what this
man does in his private life.

(Sexuality is not the same as drug use. I defy any person on here to tell
me that sexuality is a choice. And for the record, I'm still listening to
Older, maybe once a week, as I always have. Quite frankly, I was never
enamoured by the album. Right when it was first released, everyone I talked
to asked me how it was, and all were shocked that I didn't immediately gush.
It's a good album, and it does contain my favourite song--FastLove--but I
know most of my friends listen to the album to fall asleep. In fact, one of
my best friends has yet to hear the whole album in one listening, everytime
she puts in on, she's asleep by the 5th track. AG)

That4s all for now
Take Care
snailmail: Stefan Kirchfeld, Burgstrasse 42, 31134 Hildesheim, Germany
Tel.: +49 5121 132726
*************************** writes:
Hi Everyone I can't wait to see the unplugged on MUCHMUSIC :) I was at the
local Karoke Bar and saw Fastlove on Karoke CD. I usally do Father Figure,
Kissing a Fool and Careless Whisper. But im getting ready to try FastLove.
Wish me luck.

(The last time I got drunk I decided to attempt FastLove, I think it was one
of my better performances...The hardest part of the song to nail is end of
that final verse. My tip, distance yourself from the mike and just belt it
out, it seems like that's what George does. My singing buddies and I
agonized over that part for a couple weeks. GOOD LUCK! AG)
*************************** (Dana) writes:
I'm seeing posts on Dec 8's Radio One date. Is this US or Europe? I don't
know anything about Radio One. How can you find out where it's being
broadcast in your area?

(It's a UK thing. Copies will likely soon be floating around in the YOGMAIL
gang, so be patient. AG)

*************************** writes:
To the person who wanted to know about the Unplugged air time, it is 9pm EST,
on Dec. 11. The interview will air at 8:30 EST just before it.

Amanda ( and anyone else ),
Pulse! magazine is a music magazine published by Tower Records. It's
available in most book stores.

The GM UK Interview disc release date has been postponed until early next

(Wow a George release date has been postponed. That's got to be a first...

*************************** (Tiffany Ferrell) writes:
Finals are almost over!!!(Isn't it so nice!!!!!) Are yours over yet?

(Next Saturday... AG)

Well, I read a few days ago that you know of a Madonna emailing list. I have
been a big fan of hers as well for a long time (Since I was eight) and was
wondering if it was similar to YOGMAIL. Also, I wanted to know the address
of it.

(I'm not a subscriber, but from what my Donna DeLory cohorts tell me, it is
not a friendly place. A lot of flaming, and personal attacks in general.
I've only read excerpts from a number of issues, never the whole thing. I
don't have the address, but I will get it for you and post it soon. AG)

Thanks so much!
*************************** (Josh D'Lioncourt) writes:

Hey guys,
MTV GM night...Dec 11...8PM to 9PM is an interview. 9PM to 10PM is the
unplugged. THe time will vary by an hour only in the central time zone I
believe. Otherwise those times are correct for both EST, PST, and MST. Take

P.S. Saw Freedom90 from the unplugged today it was awesome.


Looking for some affirmation,
I made my way into the sun--George Michael
*************************** (Sharon Dunn) writes:
Hello Amanda
I've just been catching up on all my mail I don't seem to have issue 54 could
you send it to me when you get a moment? Thanks.

(I will soon. AG)

I've been listening to Chris Evans all this week playing out-takes from his
interview with George , it seems as if they got on really well together which
surprises me not a little bit because Evans has never been a GM fan and has
slagged him off on more than one occasion, but he's been completely won over.
It should be a very interesting interview.It sounds very relaxed, but then if
I'd polished off a couple of bottles of wine and god knows how many fags I'd
be relaxed too....

(Are you sure we're merely talking fags... AG)

He also played I CAN'T MAKE YOU LOVE ME which I think will be released in the
new year as part of the OLDER e.p. I think. It's gorgeous,gorgeous,gorgeous,I
can't get it out of my head and George's voice sounds just perfect.I'll have
to go out and buy it, which I realise will be only the second time I've ever
bought a single ( the first being GHOST TOWN by the Specials - that dates me.

(As a rule, I adore George's voice, and everytime he does a cover, I can
never listen to the original again--which can be tough at an Elton John
concert... I don't think I've ever bought a non-George single. AG)

You know I have a copy of the B.I. let me know what you want me to do .

(Indeed you do. Thanks again for providing Alicia and I with copies! Anyone
in Europe need a copy? Let me know. AG)

One last thing: I read that Jarvis Cocker said that he is no longer going to
talk because he's nothing left to say. Why is it that the ones with
something to say shut up while the ones who have absolutely bugger all to say
just go on and on and on???

(The great mystery of life...well that and how did Andrew Ridgeley know which
song to colaborate on to set him up for life financially? AG)

That's my cue.

*************************** (Shawn Light) writes:
Oh, I almost completely forgot. I have a George related story.

Here goes:
I hardly ever go to the bar, let alone a dance club, but I went out a few
weekends ago after a few stressful weeks of school. Ok, I was at this club,
if you can call it that, and I was dancing with a few of my lady friends and
I asked one of them if the DJ took requests. I think she said yes, but I
didn't do anything about it. So anyway after a few songs they played the
Macarena. No offense to anyone who likes it, but I just had to get off the

(I like to call it Vogueing for idiots... AG)

So then they played some decent music and I was back out there. All of a
sudden they played FastLove. I've never heard a GM song in a club, ever. I
never cut a rug like I did just then either. The video was played too, but
it didn't seem to be the US version. I'm thinking it was the uncut version
w/the Fony headphones, but I wasn't watching the screen the whole time.
George's vocals seemed to have been sped up, but the rest of the song was in
normal speed. I had so much more fun, just because of that song.

(I have had two such experiences in dance clubs, for a real experience try it
in a gay gay male escort assured me that it always gets the place
rocking! I hate the club mix, George sounds like he's been sucking back
helium. AG)

Too bad they didn't play STW Remix. That would have been really cool because
that song isn't really known in US and I'm sure that club never plays it.

Who cares, right?

I just bored you with the details, baby
now, "I just want to have some fun."

*************************** (Nicole Cherie Jones) writes:
Hi Amanda,
I read in a magazine that GM's close friend and personal driver has been
seriously injured in a car accident and was wondering if anyone has heard
anything about it.

(We heard about it a couple weeks ago. Any new details anyone? Is he OK?

Thanks for all your hard work.

(Thanks for posting! AG)

*************************** (Christie) writes:
Hello Amanda, and all of you in Yogland!!


Guess what I saw on MTV (USA)???? Freedom 90 unplugged!!!! It was fabulous,
and George looked soooooooo fine!

(Well he just can't help himself you realize... AG)

Amanda, I was watching some ice skating and not only did Victor Petrinko
skate to JTAC, a pair team Kouarikova / Novonty skated to One More Try! This
was from a few days ago.

Anyway, I have the Wham videos, The Final (not the concert), Wham In China,
Faith, and George Michael. My dual deck VCR will descramble these, so I can
dub them for anyone. They are all store bought videos.

(I figured if anyone had one, you would. You're missing "Wham: The Video"
though. AG)

You are doing a great job Amanda, keep it up!!!

(Thanks, and thanks for everything to you too! I'm looking very forward to
my copy of the Unplugged! AG)

*************************** (Pete) writes:
Dear Amanda,

I think you may already have addressed this in an earlier issue of YM, but I
can't remember. Yesterday I was at Best Buy (a big CD/Stereo store if you
are unfamiliar with it) and I checked the Wham! section. I was surprised to
see an Australian import of apparant Wham! remixes called "Dance Into the
Beat." I could not find a production or release date anywhere on the visible
areas of the sealed package, and I also did not recognize the record label.
Is this CD really a remix of actual Wham! songs, or is this the notorious CD
of another group performing substandard renditions of our Wham! favorites?
Please let me know. I am sure there are other YM readers who are interested
in finding out about this.

(It's not Wham!, it's a George wanna-be. According to the YM gang, it's
either passable or amusing. AG)

Let me not sign off without saying that you are doing a great job. It is
wonderful to have such a great resource as YM at our fingertips for questions
like my present one, as well as for all the other great reasons.

(FAQ Interactive lives to serve. AG)

Thanks again, your great work does not go unnoticed.

(I know. If you guys weren't so supportive, I'd have switched to LISTSERV
long ago... AG)

*************************** (Debra Sue Miller) writes:

In case anyone needs the specifics on GM unplugged:

MTV will air the following on Wednesday, December 11, 1996

8:00pm eastern time
"Inside Unplugged" (I don't know if this relates to this particular
unplugged, or "unplugged" in general).

8:30pm eastern time
"Absolute George Michael" - interview

9:00pm eastern time
"George Michael Unplugged" (60 minute concert)

I hope all who sees it will enjoy every single moment -- I know I will!!

(Thanks. AG)

Debbie Miller (
To Wrap it Up:

I think that's long enough for today....

Must go off and set to work on the first issue of Donna's Secret Unknown. My
astrologer assures me it will a success, though not quite the amazing
phenomenon she predicted YOGMAIL would become.

ENJOY THE UNPLUGGED ALL! Feel free to nail me with postings right after you
see it! Even though I'll be busy studying, I can spare a George break.

Listen without prejudice...


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