Hey all!

Reason #88 why I hate my cats: They have been running amok in my room, and a
shoe box full of Wham! buttons was strewn on my floor, as were about 50 video
tapes that they knocked over. I had to clean my room anyway, but this just
added to my work!

I'm still ogling my new Wham! books, in a vain attempt to find a truly bad
picture of Andrew. None exist. Shots that would make our George cringe are
plentiful however. There is this one shot of Andrew that has kinda shaken me
up a bit, not because he looks too good, or for that matter too bad, but
because he looks a hell of a lot like my brother Steve. I think I need to
see a shrink now. But if anyone has Wham! Young and Gunning, look at the
shot of Andrew live with his guitar in the color plates following page 33.
That's what Steve looked like a wife and 2 kids ago...

On a less incestuous note, there are a couple really cute shots of George,
including a 20 year old George with three days stubble, and a 20 year old
George with that challenging expression that graces the cover of Older.

Got to some of the dubbing early, want to hear George cough up a fur ball?
Listen to the Extended Mix of Monkey in high speed dubbing... Speaking of
dubbing, anyone who wants videos done, get the money to me soon, dubbing day
is the 17th, that's the last one until early February. $10 per 2 hours or
part, tape and postage inclusive. A better video list will run soon. Snail
mail to:

email Amanda for the address on
*************************** (shelly renee andrews) writes:

Add me to the triangle, please.

(Send me your snail mail address please. I think I'll get 2 going. One to
Alex, one to you. AG)

I noticed all the refrences to angels on Older too. I wondered if Anselmo
translated into angel in english. It made perfect sense to me. Who speaks
the language to tell me I'm wrong?

(I don't speak Portuguese, but according to volume 3 of my Reader's Digest
Great Encyclopfdic Dictionary, Anselm is Germanic for "god + helmet". AG)

And Kelly, I am the one who said "mean." Your adjective "cocky" is more
appropriate. Also, I kind of wanted to say I like him best that way, becuase
it is fun to watch, and because its always there slightly behind it all that
he is acting that way because he can, not because he believes it. Does that
make sense?

It's just a matter of him making what he is forced to do--(because who
actually believes he wanted to do all this promotion and an Unplugged)--fun,
or amusing.

And to continue on what the world's dads think of George's hair.... Anybody
remember way way back, at the MTV awards where Pee-Wee resurfaced (don't call
it a comeback) ...Arsenio hosted and George and Cindy presented together,
well my dad (having just seen prince's but-tox) said, "Jesus Christ, he looks
like a pencil with the eraser coated in earwax!" and, yeah, maybe he did
need to lay off the crack. (love ya dad)

(Now that you mention it... OK, I think I may have actually cried, but I was
only like 16. The only things my dad ever said about George: After the
first VH1 Fashion Awards: "Where was George? You'd think he'd be there.";
also after Chuck and Di split: "Diana should go after George next." AG)

*************************** (Bahar Zaker) writes:
dear amanda,
could you please include me in the pyramid scheme for the Big Issue...

(Alex will be in touch, she's been told to e you for your address to send it
on after she's copied it. AG)

also, my friend from sweden e-mailed me and told me that emtv dedicated the
whole day to gm yesterday,(the 2nd) was that absolute george michael day or

(For Europe, yes. AG)

thanks for your time,
*************************** (George Bielinski) writes:


Well, yesterday Richard Wilkins (the guy that did the interview with GM for
Australian audience) rang me up personally about the interview, and I taped
it today.

(Way to get to the top George. AG)

It is only a part of the interview (five minutes), and rest of it will be
screened sometimes next week on a morning show.

So when I get the whole thing taped, you'll be the first person to receive it
(two copies, as requested).

(The second copy is yours Ms. Aguirre. Merry Christmas. AG)


The interview is pretty good, actually.
*************************** (Carolyn) writes:

The Tribute to Freddie Mercury video is put out by: Buena Vista Home Video,
PO Box 7089, Burbank, CA 91510-9958. A card states if you have questions
contact Buena Vista Home Video, Consumer Relations, PO Box 908, Lakewood CA
90714-0908. Also enclosed is a small color picture of GM as it appears on
the Five Live album and a promo blurb on the back.

You mean I can't make copies of commercial videos? Makes sense to me -
copyrights and all. But if you can't buy one it's sometimes a necessary
evil. Wham videos (there are only two that I know of - Wham in China and
Wham the Final) can be ordered from Video Finders 800-343-4727 (they're in
California. They were 19.99 each plus shipping.

(They're tape guarded. There's one more BTW "Wham!: The Video." It's
great! AG)

Still love ya - Carolyn
*************************** (DALLAS HORGAN) writes:
Hi Amanda, it's Dallas here from Australia and this morning when I turned on
the T.V, there was George being interviewed by an Australian music journalist
by the name of Richard Wilkins. It was on at about 8:00 this morining and on
Channel 9 Today program. Unfortunately I only got the last 4 or 5 minutes on
tape, but apparently it will air again this month on "A Current Affair" so I
will keep my eyes and ears to the ground.

In the interview George was dressed very similalry to the SPW film clip, and
had on a black suit with black T-shirt. He had his caesar hair cut and full
goatie, and also wore black sunglasses which had clear lenses. George
appeared very open and relaxed, and sat rossed legged. When talking he
constantly used hand gestures to convey his

If interested, here is the remaining portion of the interview which I caught,
I hope you like.

Question: Asked about the Sony case, and what lead to it.

GM: "I fell out very badly with the bosses of the American company...and
Sony's attitude to me in general suffered very badly because of my
relationship with the American executives, and it became a compleately
awkward situation so I decided that I had to try and get out of it, and I
knew it would take time, (smilling) I didn't know it would take this much
time. I didn't know it would be as painfull to get out of that situation,
but I had no choice. I can't work with people who really don't want to work
with me."

Question: Asked about why he stopped making videos.

GM: "I felt very uncomfortable really. Becasuse I felt very confident in my
musical ability, I decided that I was going to stay away, in a visual sense
for a while, and knew that I would loose a lot of my audience, and therfore
obviously a lot of sales. But that
was less dangerous than trying to make another album in the atmosphere that
I'd made Faith, and trying to get through another couple of years living that
lifestyle. I just didn't think it was possible. To be honest, the time that
I came off stage on the last show of the faith tour, I really didn't know if
I would go on stage again. I was so unhappy with what I was doing."

Question: Who is the real George Michael?

GM: "If people listen to what I do, listen to the lyrics, read the lyrics, I
give them myself. If they look at the pictures I don't give them myself.
If they look at the videos I give them an act. I give them something to
sell records. But, in terms of knowing me, I don't think they really need to
know me to enjoy the music. If they want to know me, they just have to read
the lyrics really."

Question: about sexual preferences. Is it just fuelling the situation by not
giving a direct answer to your sexuality, or is it simply nobody elses

GM: "Right, we live in an age where people actually think they have aright to
know about everything about everyone they ever see on television or in the
papers. Like if your a celebrity, automatically you have no right to a
private life, that is, if you wanted a private
life you shouldn't have become a celebrity, and I just don't accept that, do
not acept that. I do my work. I give people music. They choose to buy it
if they want to, that dosen't give them the right, and dosen't give the media
or anyone the right, to narrow every detail out of that persons life...there
are a lot of media personalities who seem to thrive off giving the media
their entire life. I'm just not one of those people you know."

Right thats it, quite deep in parts really. Liked the bit about who the real
GM is, but sounded a bit cynical in parts. Anyway, will keep you posted on
the Current Affair Interview, keep up the great work.

(George sound cyncial? NO? AG)

Gotta have Faith...
*************************** writes:
I've been a fan since the Faith album although my cousins did drive me crazy

with "Careless Whisper" when it first came out.

My question is why do the man's best songs never get recongnition from the
public. For example: "Kissing a Fool", "Cowboys and Angels", and probably in
the near future "The Strangest Thing".

(He chooses not to promote some of his best work. AG)

George Michael = Talent, Talent, Talent passed over. I hope the greatest
hits album in a year or two from now has these on it, with or without
remixes. Maybe people would by-pass the commercialy popular songs this way
and see that the man is truly gifted, regardless of the stupid drug thing.

He should remember though that Elvis had the world on a platter and went out
that way, so for his own sake: STOP THAT CRAP, GEORGE. YOUR TOO GOOD FOR IT.

Anyway thats what I wanted to say.

I also like "You Know That I Want To", STW EP ENGLAND. The most excellent

(One of my faves too, which you just inspired me to put on. AG)

Thank you.
*************************** (Nicole Cherie Jones) writes:
Just thought I would let you all know that GM appeared on A Current Affair in
Melbourne last night. It was the only Australian interview he was doing. I
was so excited to finally see him on the TV but it was rather disappointing
as it only lasted about 5 minutes. They talked about the Sony case and about
the fact that he fuels speculation about his sexuality by not answering
questions. He looked very brown and very sexy. If any
one would like a copy I will happily arrange it for you. You can either pay
for the cost or swap some video footage with me, whatever suits.

Also their is an article of GM in an Australian magazine called TV Week,it is
three pages long and it very good. I think it may be an extract from the Big
Issue but I am not sure. If anyone would like a copy then let me know and I
will buy one for you. Same deal applies as above. However, there is one
catch the article will go off sale at the end of the week so you will need to
let me know before that so I can buy it for you. I will
need to know by lunch time on Friday (Melbourne time).

(Please get me one Nicole!!!! E me with further details. AG)

Anyway better go. Thanks for the last edition of Yogmail.

*************************** (Tammie) writes:
(Just a note, she's helping me set up Donna's Secret Unknown, and I sent her
a YOGMAIL to let her know what a good mailing list looks like and show her my
style. AG)

Hi there!

Just a quick note, I'm running short on time. Thanks for the yogmail, it
looks really good, like such a friendly group!
*************************** (M. Smith) writes:
i have a questions, when is the actual date for the MTV unplugged. I have
seen three different dates. Is it possible to find out what the exact date
is or does MTV keep changing the air time.

(According to Rolling Stone magazine, and George guru Alan, the confirmed air
date is December 11th at 9pm...

Is this 9:00 pm EST or PST? Thanks in advance. I plan to tape this directly
from DSS onto VHS HiFi and then burn a CD-Recordable off of that! I can't
wait. Also, I read about the "Live 93" album that was never released. Is
this available in any form? I'd love to get my hands on it.

(Alan, can you confirm a time for me? A note about bootlegs, I commented on
Bo so as to release myself from any legal issues, here we are telling George
to check out the archives, and he may not like what he sees, especially since
he's probably going to release it as an album anyway. Having said that, Bo,
I'd love a copy when you get them ready, let's work out a trade OK? AG)


M. Smith - LaserNut
*************************** (Anita Patel) writes:

Does anyone have any old/new material from overseas (England, Europe,
Asia, Australia) on Audio, Video or Print on George - that I can get
copies of? Anything from overseas would be great and I will pay the
material and shipping and I will get the converted to US format myself
here. Please e-mail me at

Thanks! We don't get the same promo benefits here in the states that
you lucky folks get elsewhere! Thanks again!!

*************************** writes:

The Radio One George interview is being aired Sunday 8 December from
12.00pm-2.00pm. From what I can gather the first hour is the interview with

Chris Evans, then the following hour is the concert George did a few weeks

Chris has played snippets of the interview this morning on the radio, and it
sounds pretty good - the same stuff about sexuality, Sony, self-image etc.
seem to crop up but I suppose that's not unusual. Chris is saying that they
got through a couple of bottles of red wine and that they started getting
pissed towards the end of it. The worse thing was that Chris played some
bits this morning (a bit on George's self-image) but said that bit wasn't
going to be aired on Sunday. It would be nice to have the whole uncensored
interview wouldn't it? No naughty bits cut out!!

(It would be indeed... AG)

Chris asked him why he is always seen in public in his smart, expensive suits
- the gist of George's answer was that he feels he has to, i.e. that it is
expected of him. Chris said that it is surely up to him what he wears and
why doesn't he dress down on his "days off" and let people see him in casual
gear. George said the bit about the suits then said some like "Do you think
they'll like me in the ra-ra skirt then?"

(We used to be content to see him in his Levi's and leather. He decided on
this image, not us. Not that I'm complaining, but I didn't exactly assume he
walked Hippy in Armani. AG)

George added that because he also doesn't have a brilliant self-image of
himself he feels more confident when dressed up and more like "George
Michael" should look and therefore can act the part and carry it off.

Chris also played some of the tracks from the Radio One concert and they
sound absolutely fantastic, George's voice sounds so clear.

I will be by my radio on Sunday, but can only get hold of 90 or 100 minute
tapes, so will have to use two tapes, unfortunately probably cutting off
mid-chat or mid-song, but will let you know on Monday all about it. I don't
have a tape-to-tape either unfortunately as I hardly ever listen to tapes so
cannot do any more copies. If I can somehow get copies done afterwards I
certainly will and will send you whatever I can. I don't know if it will
eventually come out on a tape or CD though.

(I do believe I have made arrangements already, am I right Camille? AG)

*************************** (Christina Bueno) writes:
Hummm, I love George Michael!!!

I am from Brazil , Rio de Janeiro, and I could be able to listen him all day
long!! you know why?

Because he is UNIQUE!!! Because he sings like an ANGEL!!! What a sweet and
sensual voice!! He talks with his HEART all the time!! I wish I could be his
love!! I wish I could listen that wonderful and lovelys words only for me!

I don't care if he is bi or not!!! He is a wonderful man, and I respect all
kind of true love!! I love him for it!! To be Honest and have the courage to
express his feelings with pure love.I love his love too, because he made
George Michael happy!! What a pitty he died!!! But he is now smiling for God
like Jesus to a child!!! Because everything about him, interest me!!! because
I fell happiness inside my heart when I see the friends I love being Happy!!!
That is the true love!!!! Everybody would be pure like that, we would have a
magic world around us, if everybody fells love inside their hearts.Love is
quimical, is magic, is natural is nice!! God loves it , I am sure!!!! If you
have this kind of feelings inside you, you have a heart so precious like a
diamond!!! George is like that!! I can see his soul!!! Hi is like the
raibow!!! He is like a magnific bird, flying inside our heart!!!
George Michael is really unique!! He is the best!!! He is natural,magic,
sensual, kind and special.Hummmm when I listen him singing, hummmmmm, I go
till the plenitude!!!! I love him very much!

I wish I could e-mail him and tell him everything I feel, and say to him.

George Michael, you have my heart!!!! I am yours!!
Thank you.
Chris -at-}--;--;--

PS: Do you know how I can comunicate by email with him?
Hummmmmm, it is my dream!!!

(He's going to be online soon I imagine. AG)

I wish I could sing with him, JESUS TO A CHILD!!!!! And the love we would
have made I will make it for two.So the words you could not say I will sing
then for you. What a man!!!!!!!!!!!!You smiled at me like jesus to a child!!
Yesssssssssssssssss, this is the most beautiful lyrics I've ever listen all
my life!!!! I wish I could see him making a show again. All the time I
travel to USA, he is in another place!!! But he will be ever with me. And you
know why? His words are like gold for me!! I am fortunate to be able to
listen his beautiful sounds!!!

Bye my friend and thanks for your kindness.
Send me everything you want about my cute love.
Chris -at-}--;--;--
*************************** (Xavier Puig) writes:

Hello all you rock 'n rollers!!!. This is to let you know that Canal + Spain
is going to broadcast the concert on Dec 23 (monday) at 1:30 pm. This
channel is codified, but it will be a non codified emision, so everybody from
Spain, Catalonia, Vasque Region & Galice would be able to watch it :-). It
would be no longer thatn 45 min. :-( so I think that it will be an (very)
edited version.

(Thanks for sharing. AG)

Maintainer Of The Internet Section Of The Official Barcelona Queen Fan Club
|Xavier Puig | |
| | Personal homepage: |
|Barcelona, Catalunya, Europe | |
| | |
| | for QUEEN info. |
*************************** (Jeff) writes:
dear amanda,
hi just a quick note for you all. the radio one show is still on for the 8th
december at 12 noon. the interview with chris evans is to be aired first,and
then the show. the new single is out on the 6th january here in uk.and it is
the older other details of track listings as yet. the unplugged was
excellant by the way.father figure was the steel of the was
till later take care.
*************************** (Hahn Lee) writes:
I was wondering if GM's MTV Unplugged is going to be coming out on CD in the
States. If not, I was going to try to get a copy from Bo(?) who recorded it
on DAT.

(Not for a couple months I assume. Yes it was Bo. AG)
*************************** (Jo G.) writes:
Hi All

It was moving to read George's emotions about his ill friend and the comfort
he found from GM records. I can relate to that also having lost my father
earlier in the year. Also to prove that GM is appealing to all ages my mum
requested the older album after hearing it at the hairdresser's and she
regularly listens to it finding comfort in the tunes and lyrics. My thoughts
are with you George.

Whilst writing I could not miss the opportunity to say an absolutely
brilliant preformance by GM on the MTV unplugged on Monday night. I spent
the entire day glued to MTV video on standby for all the snippets and the
interview. It was interesting to hear that he
didn't seem keen to tour again, referring to it being very lonely and the
days of the concert uncomfortable until the actual performance. He mentioned
not wanted to race around a stage and set hearts pounding. (I don't know
about anyone else, but just seeing him sitting still on a stool does that to

(It's starting to wane as I get older--yes flame me all you want--but I still
get a nice rush. AG)

Anyway, time to go, hope this doesn't seen like old news but it is a relief
to send this stuff to other admirers as my husband thinks I'm mad!

(YOGMAIL seems to be saving a lot of husbands and wines a lot of agro... AG)

Bye for now

Jo G
*************************** writes:
For those interested, my e-mail reply to Pulse! magazine can be read in the
December issue of Pulse! It's on page 10. There's also a full page ad for
Older on page 25 that says "The new album featuring "Star People, "
"Fastlove," and "Jesus to a Child."

(What's Pulse!? AG)

Alan Hart
*************************** (David Lang) writes:
Hi all,
Earlier this week a TV program "A Current Affair" (in Australia) had an
interview with GM. Due to my lack of VCR experience, i failed to tape the
interview. Did anyone see this, and if so...can they let me/us know what was

(Hope the above was helpful. AG)

Thanks heaps,

- Dave
To Wrap it Up:

That's all for today.

Listen without prejudice...


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