Hey all!!!!

Let me tell you about my day:
Started with dreaded alarm going off at 8am, I readied myself for the
day--I've noticed my very 1980's hair do is starting to grow back in, I'm
tempted to go and throw in some blonde highlights and go completely
retro--and went off to my 9:30am Sociological Theory lecture. Did my damnest
to stay awake, and then left campus for my 5 hour break between classes, to
go home. Decided to run a couple errands downtown first though, "yeah so we
really all care" you guys are thinking. Wait, it gets better!

I went to grab a bunch of Maxells for dubbing, but they had moved them, so I
had to wander around the store hunting for them. In the process I came
across the used tape section, and I came across a few interesting items:
1. The Monkey cassette maxi single. I already own one, but I bought it
2. The I'm Your Man extended 12'' single on cassette. I have this one
buried somewhere I think too, but I bought it also.
3. Whilst perusing the racks looking for more treasures, the name
"Slam/Slam" caught my eye. Thinking Madonna dancer Slam, I grabbed it. Slam
is was not, but of all people it was former Wham!ette Dee C. Lee!!!! Bought
it too.

Then I decide to pop into the little rock memorabilia shop down the road to
see if they had anything good. I was 2 feet in the door when I saw exactly
what I wanted! TWO WHAM! BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Young and Gunning"
by Barry Grant, and "WHAM!" by Bruno Hizer. Within seconds I was $20
poorer...But DAMN! There are some killer pictures of Andrew in there!! I
had forgotten just how down right amazing he was! (Note to Alicia: You
bring the blunt object, I'll bring the Bananarama album cover OK?)

Later I got to thinking, the guys were pretty much my age when they started
to really make it big. Where do I sit, am I contented with my life thus far?
Do I have all I want in life? Well, no, but I honestly think I'm getting
what I deserve--even though sometimes I think I'm being punished for my past
lives too... My favorite non George song--Donna DeLory's "Think it
Over"--contains a lyric I used to use to laugh at the futility of a
situation: "You're wondering is there something more, is this what you were
put here for?" My answer used to be "F*** me NO!!!" Today I answered that
question a little differently. "Yeah, as a matter of fact, I think it is."
As George once said "I think I'm very balanced at the moment."

Can't help but wonder when the cruel hand of fate is going to swoop down and
slap me upside the head though...

*************************** (Jen) writes:
Hi Amanda, How's life?

(Fantastic! And you? AG)

It's me again, I thought I probably would not post when I joined Yogmail but
it is so much fun! I guess I just like the sound of my own "voice".

(I have learned there is a core of posters, and you are beginning to be a
major part of it. AG)

I was just listening to some Wham! concert from 1985 today and just now I
found my long lost Wham! booklet that I got from a mail order thing in a
magazine about 1985. It is called The Wonder of Wham! The Complete Story By
Bop's Slam Bam- an unauthorized biography. If you don't have one I would be
happy to send you copies. It's just a bunch of fluff and pictures.

(I'd love one!!! I have just totally reverted back to being 11 years old
again!!! AG)

I think Wham! is so funny, for some reason I just have to laugh when I think
about it. It was the center of my life when I was 12-13. Anyway, I was
listening to all of Andrew's little comments between songs at the concert and
so today I WANT WHAM! BACK! Remember when George used to smile?

(I have a couple books that actually show him laughing! But yeah, I really
wish the guys would have done a little something for the 10th
anniversary...oh well, maybe at 15? AG)

Someone was saying earlier that there are rumours of a tour this summer. I
certainly hope so, but I had a horrible dream that I could not go because of
my cousin's wedding which is in October. Please oh please oh please do not
let that happen! I don't know what I would choose. I guess if worst comes to
worst I could talk her into going to the concert with me instead.....

(I have to be at a wedding in October too, and love my friend though I do,
George would win! Hey, I'd still send a gift... AG)

Later, Jen
*************************** (Tina Stem) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I am sending you and everyone else the words to "Safe". I am taking them
directly from The "Spinning The Wheel" E.P. import that I received from the
UK. I know that George changes the words lots of times when he sings the

songs, but here is a stab at the "He" question:

(I'd correct any changes, but I can't find the EP right now. In fact, I
really can't find the floor right now, I really should do some laundry and
take the recycling out... AG)


sweet thing
I know how strong I can appear
but your don t know the days
since somebody loved me

you came
and led me through that door again
you say you want to stay
but you don t know me (no you don t know)

you make me feel safe .

my darkest fears will find their way .
after all
somebody loves me

all day
my heart tells strangers how I feel
and it s hard not to feel this way
when you thought your future was on prescription

you make me feel safe .

Take care,
Tina Stem

(Thanks Tina. AG)
*************************** (Kevin) writes:
Hi Amanda

I would just like to say hi, to you and all the other GM fans out there.

(Hello to you too! AG)

I came a cross a couple of messages in the yogmail for recording from the
boot cd's. Well I have a couple.

I have a boot of the live concert he did in Italy & the cover to cover tour.

I can't lay my hands on them right now. But the quality of the first is 1st
class, The second is a live board recording. But still it's very good.

Just give my email address to anyone who is interested. I'm just thankful I
have found other GM fans at last.

(They've got it now. AG)

People think I am sad, I am such a huge follower of George, I think I have
most of, if not all his recordings. I never stop playing his music. Oh well
there is bound to be other people like me.

(You're not sad! As we say here on YOGMAIL--"There's sanity in numbers!"

I also read that someone is looking for Bare? I have one of the first Hard
Backed copies of the book which is someone really wants it I think I would
let it go....

Anyway please will you lit me know if you get this message, I am not sure
what address to use, to get in touch with you.

(This is the one. But I may switich it back to the sometime
soon. I'll let you guys know when. AG)

Arrr just one more thing. I would love to treat my self to one of those
Framed CD/LP's of George's. I have heard that sometimes people want to sell

(Try Nancy at AG)

Did I read somewhere also that you have quite a collection of Tape (Video) Of
George performing. Could you do me any?

(I have a couple of things. Let me know what you're looking for. I may run
a full video listing sometime soon. AG)

I really look forward to hearing from you

"If you look for your dreams in heaven
what are you supposed to do when they Come True "

GM 1990
*************************** (Bahar Zaker) writes:
hello, yoggers and amanda!

i have some random postings that sorta apply to recent ym topics. the first
one actually doesn't: -damon is shaggable enough, but jarvis cocker gets my
vote any day. jarvis. mmmm.

(Jarvis vs. Damon? NO CONTEST!!! AG)

-second of all, i had a rather sobering world aids day yesterday, helped out
in a small kitchen in nyc that feeds people with aids and it wasn't as
depressing as i feared it would be...the conversation was about gm for a few
minutes, just discussing the differences in popularity in america and
everywhere else. we agreed america just has bad taste(can i say michael
bolton, hootie and the blowfish, etc??) and watched all sorts of documentries
on pbs, including one about a girl named eve who died of aids at 11 which
served to further open my eyes to the scope of the disease

-i think i agree with george if he has any socialist leanings, if i were rich
i wouldn't mind paying high taxes either...there should be a limit to how low
people are able to sink in a society, and usa doesn't have one

(George has fairly socialist leanings, but said a few things in the Big Issue
that reveal how pure his socialist tendencies are... AG)

-also, at the risk of being flamed, some peoples' reactions to drugs come off
as kind of ... reactionary. i mean, i don't think they're the end of the
world, and i'm sure there's others who agree, so why do some people get
offended at the mention of the word?

(Drugs are an escape, I don't have that luxury. That's why I get offended.

as you can see, i'm just shooting off at the mouth so feel free to edit this
posting any way you see fit, amanda.

(As the rule goes, I only edit Alicia for the most part. AG)
*************************** (Mahesh Ramakrishnan) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Hope you are well. Keep up the great work.

I'm also very very interested in buying either the paperback or hardback copy

of Bare if you are willing to sell (Dan (boy1derz) sold out on me). Price is
no object.

(Those are dangerous words to say to a part time ticket scalper...I once sold
tickets with a $25 face value to someone for $200 a piece, just because he
told me price was no object... Seriously though, I'll let you know when I
decide. AG)

Also if you can dub / get a copy of the 'Wham Videos' (Last christmas etc)
I'd really like a copy. I will pay for materials, time and effort of

(I have Wham! videos, but they're commercial releases that have tape guard.
I don't have access to a descrambler. Maybe someone on here does and could
help you out though? I do have a spare copy of Wham! The Final--NOT THE
CONCERT, the last handful of videos. The tape is a dodgy, it jumps around
sometimes. I have heard though, that these are still available by special
order. Can anyone confirm this? AG)

Please let me know

All the best
Take Care


PS I'm working on a really cool animated .gif of GM which I'll send to you
as soon as
I'm done. It'll take some time but it'll be really good.

(Waiting for that day... AG)
*************************** (anna k chalamidas) writes:
Amanda hi,
I was wondering if you ever heard of a George Michael's song called "Hello
James" and were to find it? I think it was from the Wham days .

(Sorry, never heard of this one. Anyone? AG)

*************************** (Stefan Kirchfeld) writes:
Hi AG, Hi Everybody,

I just saw the Unplugged and it was.........................BRILLIANT,
AMAZING, MIGHTY, whatever you want to call it. George was definately at his
absolute BEST!!!!!!!!

Since everyone knows that he covered "I can't make you love me " by Bonnie
Raitt i can say that this was one of his sweetest and most beautiful
performances ever. Apart from that he changed the key and the tone of most
of the songs so that they sounded even more brilliant and beautiful ( at
least for my ears ).

He even played a WHAM track : Everything She Wants ! - That was amazing
because to hear this song Unplugged and with this change of the tone it
sounded much better and much "older" and much more mature than the original.

(I've heard part of Everything... done acoustic. AG)

But the most interesting thing is this : There are rumours that George did
sang playback on the MTV EMA's . I can definately say that unfortunately it
is true because he sang "Star People" on the Unplugged too and his voice-line
was exactly the one of the EMA's. That means that at the EMA's he sang
playback and used the playback-tape of the previously recorded Unplugged
show. I did not want to believe it either but if you listen to both
performances carefully and compare the two voice-lines then there is no doubt
about that. Because it is impossible to sing exactly the same on two
different performances ! Honestly I don4t understand why he did that
but..............anyway. Maybe he did not feel well at the evening of the
EMA4s or something.

(I was wondering where he got the vocals for the EMA's. I knew they were
re-recorded. AG)

But the Unplugged show makes IT ALL forgiven. Since i never saw him in
concert this was the longest live show of him i ever saw and it was, i repeat

Don4t miss it in no case - even if the earth goes down, DO NOT MISS IT !

Since i don4t want to take away the surprise i will NOT tell you who have not
yet seen it which songs he played.

(Thanks for letting us keep the element of surprise! Us Canucks will not get
this luxury, because I just know all the Americans will bombard us. AG)

The only things that disappointed me was the crowd and that he did not sang
"Spinning the Wheel ". Well, one cannot have everything. But i liked his
little jokes very much.

(He's joking is he? Glad to hear it! AG)

Enough for now,
Keep on the good work AG (is this the first time i say this to you?)

(No Stefan, you've fed my ego before, but thank as always! AG)

Take Care Everybody
*************************** (Sonia) writes:
I think its a mistake to release any other single from Older (incl. Star
People) along the MTV Unplugged album in the USA. If Fast LOVE which is so
pop-soundind and commercial could barely hang on to the Top Ten, I think it
would be a miracle for Star People to make it big.

(Done right, lots of mocking in the video--as in HIRE SOME
LOOK-ALIKES!!!--some good remixes, it would still be a song everybody knows.
It may not have charted so well, but almost everybody starts singing along
when I joke about someone "looking for FastLove..." It was a hit despite
poor sales. If I may theorize, you have to put the single in stores

immediately, a person will only wait so long until they lose interest, and
not want it. I've seen it fill a dance floor many the night! AG)

In my opinion, if George and his crew, had any common sense, they would
understand that if George wants a commercial comeback in the US he doesnt
need a Lenin look, nor hesitant statements on sexuality, but rather something
more mainstream- like a commercial single, may be even a soundtrack or a duet
with somebody equally famous, and a more regular, less cynical persona. But
I guess this would be below their high level of "artistry"...

(You're asking him to sell out. I'm not even that desperate. As for the
hesitant statements help him actually, I recently found this line in an
article online: "But Michael, a heart-throb for women and also an icon in
the gay community, insisted he would never publicly declare his sexuality."
As for his looks, he's 33 years old, to see him with the blonde highlights
and bouffant hair would be a little out of date. AG)
*************************** (Shawn Light) writes:
A special on the Red Hot + Rio album aired on Bravo last night (Sun, Dec. 1).
They used part of George's MTV interview and played his duet with Astrud
Gilberto over the credits. I was expecting more of George. The hour long
show was O.K. otherwise.

(I got a phone call telling me to turn it on, but I had already missed
George. I did hear his lovely voice over the end credits. AG)

*************************** (Andrea) writes:
I saw the name Carla Workman. Do you live in Ohio? Have you ever lived
in Ohio? I used to know someone by that name--just curious if you are the
same person.

Can't wait for that "Unplugged"!! December 11th? I'm there!! :)

*************************** writes:
From the Daily Mirror

George Michael has hit back at rocker Bryan Adams, who criticised him for
miming at the MTV Awards:
"Had Bryan Adams picked up the Best Male award instead of me he wouldn't have
talked about the fact I mimed," he tells Radio 1's Chris Evans. "As if
anybody cares. It was not a concert."

(WAY TO GO GEORGE!!! Nice to know he didn't take it personally, I think it
was pretty evident why Bryan was so upset... AG)
*************************** (Jason Chan) writes:
Hi Amanda,

in case you didn't know, Muchmusic will be airing the unplugged on Dec 21!
Please double check it on the muchmusic webpage (Big Ticket) before posting
this info.

(I'll trust you. If you're mistaken I'll correct it. WAY TO GO MUCH!!! But
to Christine who offered me a copy from the US, I'll take it anyway!! Thanks
again! AG)

*************************** (vcufalo) writes:

Hi Amanda & fellow Georgers,

I've heard the Whigfield cover of Last Christmas... and I saw the

VIDEO....It was scary... I've never wanted to be temporarily deaf
before I heard that song... and it happened again when Robbie Williams
covered Freedom.

Talentless stars should not mess with perfection - JUST LEAVE GEORGE'S

Anyone agree????

(I haven't heard either, but I'm admittedly afraid to... AG)
*************************** (Anita Patel) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Just a note to add to "Wallet Pixes" of George...

I was at a very nice Thai restaurant with an old friend two weeks ago
and my friend was telling me and our waiter (a real cutie!) about her
new boyfriend. She then whipped out a picture of her new boyfriend
from her wallet, then our waiter whipped out a picture of his
ex-girlfriend, then another waiter walking by whipped out a picture of
his fiancee' being the person always seeking the laugh that I am,
whipped out my wallet announcing my "someone special"...of course it
was four pictures (really they are stickers) of George from the
"Different Corner - look" days. Of course they were all great
pictures, but what was funny was the others were commenting on how
"sincere," "reflective," and good-looking my someone special
gave me a chuckle that they didn't recognize him until I let the cat
out of the bag....but let me tell you, those pictures light up my day
- everyday - and in rare occasions like I just recounted, they come in
handy conversationally...

(My wallet pic is a cropped actual photo--shot it from a calender I had
hanging on my wall--and while people know it's George, they always ask how I
met him to get the actual photo... AG)

Happy Holidays and "Happy Christmas...."
To Wrap it Up:

That's all for today.

I have one question for anyone who owns the Evita soundtrack though. I'm not
buying it until I have seen the movie, not because I think it'll suck, but
because I want the full effect of audio and visual. A friend of mine heard a
bit of it, she wanted to know who's doing backing vocals on the album,
specificially on "Another Suitcase in Another Hall". If someone could help
me out, I'd really appreciate it.

Listen without prejudice...


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