Hey all! I had a great Monday and hope you all did too. Someone tell Geldof
Monday's aren't all that bad! I'm happy for a bunch of reasons really, and
just simply must share them with you:

1. Donna's Secret Unknown--the Unofficial Donna DeLory E Mail Mailing List
will be launched on December 8th. It's motto? "Really Donna, I don't mean
what the name implies...but Tammie forced me into it!" Speaking of which,
hey Mike Devery, I noticed your name on the initial mass mailing, such
impeccible taste. A number of things excite me about a new mailing list, not
the least of which is that fellow Donna fan Alicia will be signed on, yes,
yet another forum to mock her on...

2. All the assignments for the year have been submitted, only 2 exams lie
between me and freedom! Well at least until the new year...

3. I got a letter from a pen pal I've had since I was 14 years old
today--the first in a long while!!!! I must convince her to get e mail, she
lives in Australia, and who wants to wait for snail mail...

4. I've read some excerpts from the Madonna mailing lists, they are all so
mean to each other! Heaps of flaming, a closed minded administrator who
doesn't let anyone talk about anything but Madonna. I'm glad we're not like
that gang. I feel a lot of love on this list...

OK, I'm done blissing, time to get to all things YOGic...but one thing: I
BLOODY HATE ERROR MESSAGES!!! Keep your mail boxes clean people. 3 strikes
and you're out, and back issues are sent out by special request only.

I talked to my sister last night, told her what George has been up to. "He
wrote Older while high," I admitted. "Oh, well that explains it," Jeanne

******************************* (Richard Shoucair) writes:
i have a questions, when is the actual date for the MTV unplugged. I have
seen three different dates. Is it possible to find out what the exact date
is or does MTV keep changing the air time.

(According to Rolling Stone magazine, and George guru Alan, the confirmed air
date is December 11th at 9pm. I still need to confirm someone to dub this
show, will pay for tape and postage for an original recording. PLEASE!!!???

Also is it the American MTV showing this unplugged session.

(That is the America MTV air date, MTV Europe aired it yesterday--the 2nd.
******************************* (Jordi) writes:
Any news regarding george michael tour to spain?

(No word as yet. Sorry. AG)

best rgds...jordi
******************************* (George Bielinski) writes:

Amanda and GM fans,

I just got home, and the very first thing that I decided to do, is to get to
the keyboard and let everyone know about what happened to me. Please don't
get me wrong, I don't want to lecture anyone. I just want to get things off
my chest in hope that it will make me feel better, and that it will give some
people out there something to think about; to give them a different
perspective to life.

Today, someone whom I love very dearly told me that two weeks ago she was
diagnosed with a fatal form of cancer. She has got only about six to eight
months to live. And I know that there are many people with this terrible
disease, but she is only 24 and I am only 22. It is a time when you think
that you're invincible. But you're not. This news has really hit me. Firstly,
it was impossible for me to comprehend it. Apart from her doctor, I am the
only person who knows about that.

She asked me not to give her any preferential treatment and to not feel sorry
for her; she wants to spend the rest o has done, because he
can express all peoples' emotions, especially as most of us
cannot express them ourselves. And whether he takes dope, whether he is gay,
bisexual, transsexual, nut or just anything else - please just leave him
alone. That's none of our problems. Just treasure his talent as a songwriter
and singer. That is the BIG ISSUE, not his private life.

And soon, I think the song "Jesus to a Child" will have a completely new
feeling again. And as usual, there will be GM's songs there to lift me up, as
they did so many times during my life. The only thing they cannot do is to
bring happiness to my life.

(To say anything other than, I am so sorry to hear about you friend George
would be out of line. I thank you for sharing your story with us. AG)


Sorry to everyone who feels bored because of my letter, but this are my
feelings and emotions and I had to express them somehow.

(Anyone who feels bored is a jerk. AG)

We have decided to go to Europe sometime next year ( I hope it won't be to
late), and we just dream of seeing GM at a concert (I guess his music gets us
closer to each other). So if there are any news of any concerts, PLEASE let
me know. Thanks.

(No news as yet, but I'll be sure to share as soon as I find out anything.
******************************* (Aidan Padden) writes:
Hi Amanda, how are you?

I've just read the last couple of days Yogmails, and in answer to a couple of
questions, a digipak, is simply the name of the CD case. Instead of the CD
coming in a slimline plastic case, the Digipak is a folded cardboard case, as
used on all of GM's UK singles this year. I think it's actually written
somewhere on the plastic section. These digipaks are usually used for
singles, although I've got a few albums in that format.

(FastLove was released in standard jewel boxes. AG)

As for Damon Albarn, unfortunately for you, he's not the most 'shaggable' man
in the UK, since he's still with Justine from Elastica. As for any news on
them, there's not much going round, since everythigns about Oasis nowadays,
but Blur should be releasing some new material next year. I don't know if
you've got The Great Escape,
but you should be able to find more information on them at, along with on Usenet, and you
should be able to get details on the Blur mailing list from
ADVERT-L-REQUEST-at-NETCOM.COM. Damon was reported as saying that Britpop is now
pretty dead, and that it is different from what it was when
they started. If I hear anything else I'll let you know.

(A girlfriend does not make him any less shaggable...nor does it cut down on
his action from what I've heard... AG)

Also, on that Capital competition I told you about a while ago, it was a good
job no one won it from this list, since GM and a lot of other stars failed to
turn up. They reckon it was only a success thanks to the surprise visit from
the guys from Friends, Matt Le Blanc, David Schwimmer, and Matthew Perry.
It's a good job no-one from Yogmail won
it, they'd have probably killed me.

(I wouldn't have minded meeting the guys from Friends though... AG)

Anyway, that's about it for now, so take care,

See you later,

******************************* (Meeta) writes:

cud u plz fwd me the list of all the songs by GM in Wham! ? i no it'll take u
a lot of time but u'll b helpin me in a big big way:)

(Do you want all the remixes or just the song titles themselves? AG)
******************************* (Johanna) writes:
Hi Amanda, how's it going?
So I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only one who k

(I keep meaning to run up a list. Here you go:
* Tim's George Michael News:
* Bo's Fantastic George Site:
- This is the Photo Gallery, but hit the index page.
* The Different Corner Homepage:
* Ęgean:
Josh, I don't have yours handy. Can someone please run the address? AG)
******************************* (Alexandra Sweet) writes:
Hi all! I have a lot to ask/say so here it is:

1) I would love to get the entire Big Issue article photocopied if anyone has
it can they
e-mail me and let me know the cost and how they are going about doing it?

(OK, Alicia was going to take care of this, but it has occurred to me that
would still have only one person breaking the law...we must all fry for this
ladies and gentlemen. I'll start the pyramid, here's how it works, you'll
receive a copy of the interview, what you do is photocopy it, and send *the
original* to the next person on the list--you will be informed by e mail
who's next. Does this make sense? Anyone who wants a copy, please contact
me so I can put you on the pyramid. Alex it's starting with you. Once
Alicia gets her copy, she's going to help me out, and if Nancy could please
do the same I'd really appreciate it. Internationally, a number of copies
are kicking around in the UK, so let's work something out there too OK? AG)

2) In Bananarama, I know Andrew Ridgeley is married to Keren, but which one
is she? is she the one with the black hair? I saw the lovely "Venus" video
this weekend and I cou'dn't remember which one Keren is.

(Andrew and Keren are not married, but as Sara (Mager not Dallin) is prone to
calling them "de facto". They are merely shacked up. But yes, Keren's the
attractive dark haired lass. AG)

3) I have the Cover To Cover tour live on tape (audio) from Chicago's
Rosemont Horizon, the Faith tour live from Rotterdamm, and the Concert of
Hope. I will dub these for anyone who wants them. Here's what you do:Send
me two 90 minute tapes if you just want the CTC tour or else four tapes if
you want it all in a preaddressed/stamped padded envelope to:
Alexandra Sweet
801 Henry Clay Ave. #214
New Orleans, LA. 70118
I will be doing all of the dubbing after my law school finals are done and
over with which will be around the 17th of Dec. If you are planning on
sending the tapes, please e-mail me so I can be on the lookout for them in
the mail. I do not charge for this service, that is why you provide the
tapes and SASE! take care all and have a happy holiday!

******************************* (Angel Hernandez) writes:
"I've seen things I've never wanted to see...."

I couldn't believe it, but last night on the local radio station I heard
"Last Christmas" playing. But I was shocked because it wasn't being sung by
George. It was sung by a group called Colague. Has anyone else heard this
yet? It's more of a club mix. The singer reminds me of Stevie B.

(On the NanaNews, I heard Whigfield--gasp--had covered it. God kill me
now... AG)

******************************* (Kelly) writes:
Hi, Amanda-

I've noticed a lot of comments lately about George's personality, and wanted
to add my own two cents worth (or defend him as the case my be).

I've noticed the words "mean", "nasty" and the like over the past few days
and have gone back and watched the EMA's, his acceptance, and the MTV excerpt
from the interview.

He's not coming across like that to me. Yes, he is 'in rare for biscuits, for Pete's sake?! I don't
think he's any different. Just our perceptions have changed somewhat due to

Knobby's new hobby. I started dissecting every song on the album and looking
for clues in the recently taped stuff and realized that I would just be
driving myself crazy with all of that. So, I've decided to just accept
him as he is.

Just something to ponder.
Thanks for letting me spout off . . .

Kel :)
******************************* (REHAN FARRUKH) writes:
Dearest Amanda, and GM fans,

I just want you to know that MTV Asia just announce The Artist of the Month
(December) is GEORGE MICHAEL

(Way to go MTV Asia!!! AG)

They also announced the 1996 top 5 fans of GEORGE MICHAEL in Asia. They
counted the No. of reqested letters, phone call, and Emails. MTV Asia VJ
Nadya announced my name that I won the MTV special prize and the CD of GEORGE
MICHAEL's Album "Older". As soon as I heard that I'm the No.1 fan of GEORGE
MICHAEL,with maximum no. of request, my tears run down from my eyes and the
whole night i was crying with happy tears. Oh Thanks God for this Great

(Way to Rehan!!!! Congratulations!!!! AG)

Praying for Time
Rehan Farrukh
blakete-at-muss.CIS.McMaster.CA (T.E. Blake) writes:

You asked if George would have renegotiated his contract in 1988 when sony
bought the company owning his contract......the answer is no. It's just a big
fish being eaten by a bigger fish, and George's contract is the property of
the fish inside the bigger fishes stomach..... the contract still woudl have
been valid.

Can you imagine if after a takeover/merger the hostile company having to
renogiate all of the smaller firms contracts? It's cost many many millions in
legal fees!

(According to Billboard, there was a certain degree of renegotiation when CBS
was eaten by the Fony monster. I can't recall exact details, when I find
them, I'll post them. AG)
******************************* (Alicia--the Xeroxing Queen) writes:
AG, et. al--
Hello my fellow Yogmailers! I'd like to say what a kick my family and I have
gotten out of the mileage my father's "dictator/Lenin" comments!:) Too

(Glad to hear it Alicia. I know the Aguirre household has had many the laugh
at my expense... Seriously though, thanks again to Dad for giving us a
laugh. AG)
******************************* (Dan) writes:
I was under the impression the person escorting GM to the podium was

(That wasn't Andros, but it did look a lot like him. AG)

and Ronnie is bald(ing) and older looking and I am now assuming shorter than
GM... as I have read...

(Ronnie looks a lot like my cousin Steve, I shall have to exploit that at the
next concert, they're about the same ago too. AG)

******************************* (Nicole Cherie Jones) writes:
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I some how missed your message,
that combined with uni exams has meant that I haven't been on the computer
much. I would really love to hear goss on GM and what he is up to.

(I added you a while back, but looking at the records, I was sending them to
wrong address...oops. AG)

I haven't heard much lately, except the Big Issue article. There was an
article in a Melbourne paper about two weeks ago, adding fuel to the gay
debate yet again. A friend of mine in London also sent me a similar article
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