Hey all. It's December the first, which makes is World AIDS Day. Say a
prayer for those suffering, and root for those living with it.

I'm still behind in postings, so I shall jump right to it.

***************************** writes:
From MTV news
KURT: And finally, a closing note on slaves of the music industry.
You may recall that singer George Michael was so upset with the company to
which he was signed, Sony Music, that he went to court to protest what he saw
as his creative enslavement. He lost his suit, but managed, in traditional
slave fashion, to get himself sold to the new "Dreamworks" label. Then there
was Prince, who blamed his plummeting record sales on his long-time label,
Warner Brothers, and for a while went about with the word "slave" drawn on
his cheek, sometimes backwards. Prince, too, has finally found emancipation,
with EMI. While it's unusual to find two pop millionaires claiming oppression
at the hands of their corporate masters, George Michael recently told us that
the two cases actually had very little in common.

GEORGE MICHAEL: I have to be really honest. As much as I'm a great admirer of
Prince's I was kind of pissed off about that, because we had two totally
different situations going on. I had a situation where I was bound to a piece
of paper I signed when I was 18. I was never in a position to walk away from
them ever, ever, ever. Now Prince's contract came to its end, and he chose to
re-sign with them, and he got a deal that gave him however many millions of
dollars, whatever they said, and it was optional, whatever. He wasn't in my
position. So to have Prince call himself a slave when he, when he had
actually re-signed, was a totally different thing and I, even, you know, even
though I thought it was quite funny, I didn't really think that his case did
anything to back mine up.

KURT: By the way, coming up on December 11th is an MTV News Special called,
"Absolute George Michael" to be followed by "George Michael Unplugged."

(OK, but didn't George get to renegotiate his contract when Sony
International bought out CBS Records in 1988? AG)
***************************** (George Bielinski) writes:

Can anyone please tell me anything about the Australian TV interview?
Nobody replied to me about that yet, but that is not surprising at all. I
contacted the TV network myself, and nobody there was able to help me. The
problem is that the guy that conducted the interview is an independent
producer, and it is really up to him when the interview will be on. And as
you can imagine, contacting him is not easy at all. But I'll be trying until
I get an answer. Maybe there is someone in Australia better informed than
Channel Nine staff.

(Can anyone help please??? AG)
***************************** (Nancy) writes:
I have an autographed 8X10 promotional photo of Andrew Ridgeley available.
was signed in 1990 at the record company, and is signed in black pen. Price
$20. If you are interested, please write to Thanks!

I thought maybe the Yogmail subscribers may be able to help me out with an
item have been in seach of for years now. The item is a bootleg video concert
from the Cover To Cover Los Angeles show from October 5, 1991. I do know
that a copy exists as I over heard the security taking about it. If anyone
can help me locate a copy, I would be eternally grateful.

***************************** (Angel Hernandez) writes:
Hi All...

I just have a few replies to give to some of the responses to the past


Regarding Yog saying "he..." in one of my fave songs "Safe", not only does
he states hints about his preferences of sexual correspondence, but he
clearly states in another one of my fave songs "Do you really want to know"
that he swings in either direction. Or at least at the time he did.

"If you knew every woman and I knew every man
We wouldn't have made it past holding hands"

I think that either most of us have been in denial or just plain oblivious to
what he has been trying to tell us all along. I either case, I will remain a
true and die hard fan even past my grave, whatever his sexual preference is.

(If you want to find them, they're there. Ambiguity is good. AG)

I have to admit that I am getting a bit fed up with some of the postings that
I read from not just this newsletter, but with all that is posted on the net.
We really have to stop hounding at George, but take a good look at

ourselves and listen to what we write about Him. He is a normal human being
like anyone one of us, and we have to remember that we all have stages in
life that we may not be able to get thru alone. I am not condoning the use
of any drug, but it is his life and we were NOT put on this earth to be
looking over his shoulder like his mother. He already has one. besides, he
won't listen to us in the way that he listens to his friends. Well... I will
have to mock that, because his friends who he only really deals with should
be pointing him into the right direction. So much for true friendship...
Anyhow, it still nice to know that there are most us fans to back him up
with what he chooses to do with his CAREER..

Sorry to babble and have a great Thanksgiving to all!

Faithfully a fan of 12 years,
***************************** (Camille) writes:
Hi Amanda,

Just reread my message, I don't want too sound too alarmist or full of doom
and gloom. I just thought you should be aware that it is likely to end up as
a high profile legal case in the UK. TBI seem to be indicating very strongly
that this is a matter of principle. I think your priority should be to
protect yourself, and your future legal career! I've checked the magazine
and there is a very clear copyright warning on it.

(I have since decided we're all going to have to break the law to get it out.
Xeroxing pyramid to start soon. AG)

On a lighter note, would you like me to make you a copy of the radio
broadcast in December? It seems fair enough to give something back to you.

(I'd love one, thanks so much. AG)
***************************** (Christian Elm) writes:
Is he gay?

(No one's totally sure, he's not confessing, but we're about to the point of
assuming he indeed is. AG)

What is the "cover to cover tour" when did this take place? Is he touring
again next year?

(The Cover to Cover Tour--C2C as it's often referred to--was George's 1991
tour in support of Listen Without Prejudice. There is rumour of a tour next
year, but that's it. AG)
***************************** (Elizabeth) writes:
Hi Amanda,
obligatory introductory compliment (every good home should have one!) -
Yogmail is brilliant, it's the best list I've ever been on, it must be due to
your calming influence Amanda, cos discussing G could easily descend into

(My calming influence? I think I've been the one starting the fights
lately...but thanks all the same. AG)

But anyway, first I wanted to say about that bit in 'Safe' - surely the part
you think is 'he' is just a continuation of the 'eeee' sound from 'me', it's
just a meaningless word like 'la', isn't it? What'd be the point of putting
'he' on the end - it makes no sense (not that G's lyrics make a lot of sense,
but anyway). There are still loads of lyrics you could use as coming out
thigs though, like 'Move On' - 'and then some angel called me up, he told me
I was sleeping', or JTAC, or You Have Been Loved, or Lisa Moorish's I'm Your
Man where G sings 'won't you be my man'.

(As I said to Angel, George lets us see what we want to see. AG)

And I'd also like to ask you about aol. You talk a lot about how you chat
there, is there an aol chatboard for G? It's just that there are the
Different Corner chatboards on the web which all fans of G could use, and
that way we could all share our info together, cos sometimes I feel like
people who don't use aol are missing out - I want to know all about G's
misadventures as soon as they happen! And also, the different corner boards
are getting a bit quiet and some more people would spice 'em up a bit
(especially British people, there's only about three who ever post anything!)

(I like the AOL boards because I can be on and off them in 5 minutes. With
the Different Corner boards, it takes me 5 minutes to get to them. It's all
about convenience for me. The AOL boards get a lot of good info, just like
some people double post to AOL and YM, some must do the same with the DC
page. AG)

***************************** (Carla Workman) writes:

Dear Amanda & the Yog Peeps:

In reference to " YOGMAIL--Nov. 23/96--Issue #56"
**************************** (Anita Patel) writes:

This is a resend because I haven't seen this message posted yet.

(I never got this one... AG)

I have been looking for a dear friend whom I have seemed to have lost
over the course of time and travel. Her name is Carla W. and if she

is reading this, could you PLEASE let me know how you are and where I
can reach you.

(Would you per chance be referring to Carla Workman? As I recall, she's in
the Philadelphia area. If so, she's a part of the family. AG)

ANITA, It's me!!!!! :-}

I was so happy when I saw that Anita Patel was reading and commenting on
Yogmail!! I haven't seen her in so long! In my heart she's always been like
a sister to me, we did have some of the greatest "George M. Fan Experiences"
together. And not once did we argue (seriously) over who would _actually_
marry him.... we agreed I would of course! (wink!)

No.. but seriously, If I may I'd like to tell you what a special person Anita
Patel is, and why I feel extremely blessed to have seen her post on Yogmail:

On Aug 9,1988 (the day after my Bday! The best gift I could have gotten that
year was seeing this day!) I and a high school friend arrived early for the
Faith Tour and decided to try ou luck spotting George entering the stadium at
the rear of the building. Quite a few people had the same idea... Anita and
(I think her sister Heena) were among them. As any fan knows the majority of
'job' is waiting for "so-n-so" to show up

(OK, so this note seems to have been cut off, are you going to serialize it?
MORE MORE MORE PLEASE??? But I'm ecstatic to hear YM has done some good!
***************************** (Jen) writes:
Hi, Amanda...
I was just reading some of the Yogmail archives on Tim's page, and in issue
12, there is an interview from January 1991 in which George makes comments
about his sexuality, very similar to what he just said in the BI interview. I
had always had a suspicion that, no matter if he's gay or bi or whatever,
that he just made comments like that to have some fun with the press, get
publicity, etc. I can't help but think that some interviews he has given were
nothing to him. I've thought this ever since I read the following in the book
by Todd Gold :
Later, George and Andrew shared a laugh, imagining how the headlines would
read if they staged a fistfight in a local nightclub. It would be fun, they
agreed, a great goof on the nosy press, which they kept in mind. .........

In July, the front page of the Sun ran a picture of Andrew with his nose
heavily bandaged, just his eyes and impish smile peering out from behind a
blotter's worth of white cloth covering his face. The story explained how at
a party Austin (David) and Andrew had gotten into a minor scuffle, with
Austin throwing a champagne bucket that caught Andrew square in the
schnozola. The alleged fight coincidentally took place the same week Austin
released his first single,but soon enough the real story was leaked: Andrew
had had a nose job.

So, I don't think that G came out in this interview any more than he did in
1991. He is just using the press to his advantage, trying to keep the
interest of his gay and his straight fans by dancing around the issue. By
dropping enough questionable comments without really saying anything, the
gay/bi fans are convinced that they "have a chance of shagging him" and the
straight fans can convince themselves that he didn't really admit anything.
He has the best of both worlds here. I think he's just saying what people
want to hear, nothing more.

(This would confirm my "FastPress" theory, I must complete the lyrics...
Also, I found this interesting quote, which of course I cannot locate now.
Due to it's nature, I want to make a direct quote, and not paraphrase. I'll
find it and share. AG)

Later, Jen
***************************** (Christie) writes:
Hi Amanda!
For you info.... MTV announced today that the George Michael interview will
take place on 12-11-96 at 8:30PM PST with unplugged to follow the interview.
See Ya!

Hi, Amanda, first of all thanks for all the issues, they're great.

(You're welcome and I'm glad you enjoy. AG)

I just want to say some words. Everybody here (or almost) is wondering about
George's sexuality like if it was the most important thing about him. When i
was a tennager i used to dream about him everynight (as probably most of the
girls of my age). But now i look at him in a completly diferent way. Hei, we
are no kids anymore, we must believe in him as a singer and as a composer. No
one as the right to question his sexuality, we have nothing to do with it.
Let him be whoever he wants to be And let just wish that he nevers stops
singing anymore.

And, even the drug thing, almost every singers, writes, poets and comom
people consume it, thats another things thats not our business. Of course

that i would prefer him not to take those kinds of things,'s not a
big deal.

As someone usualy says: "Listen without prejudice", nothing else
simmontl-at-muss.CIS.McMaster.CA (T.L. Simmons) writes:

Hello fellow yogsters and you too Amanda!!!!!

I have been so busy lately they i haven't been able to post and i have a
class right now so i should be quick: i just have a question. I know that
George did work on Deon Estus' album "spell" and in the song 'Heaven help me"
i noticed that they music at the end of the song is almost exactly the some
as the music at the end of "i want your sex" a last request. am i the only
one that heard this or could it be true?

(I've never thought about it I guess. I shall have to give them a listen.

***************************** (Bea Alison Rumpelt) writes:
Hi Amanda!

> (Not sure what this one was labelled. It's just a standard dub of a fan
> recorded bootleg that Alicia gave me for my BDay. AG)

Are we talking tapes? I am sure there are thousands of those around. I was
referring to cds - there can't be that many of them, even if some of them
seem to be fan recordings ... Has anybody got any idea how many there are?

(Yes I was talking tapes. AG)

I can add a few recordings to your list:

1. Whispers of George
(cd, label: Lost Cause,#LC001, total running time 77:59)
-I want your sex (monogamy mix)
-Love's in need of love today (live on Capital radio 1/4/87)
-If you were my woman (Nelson Mandela tribute)
-Hard Day (remix)
-Crazyman dance (previously unavailable)
-Careless Whisper (extended mix)
-Too Jazzy (Happy mix DJ promo)
-Too Funky (US mix DJ promo)
-Do you really want to know (US mix DJ promo)
-Careless Whisper (Jerry Wexler remix)
-Everything she wants (remix)
-Last Christmas (pudding mix)

I would not recommend asking for that cd at your local dealer. I have a
few more cds of that kind, I will add them eventually if you like.

If anyone is interested I am willing to make copies too - next year!

It says on the cd "All rights of the manufacturer & of the owner of the
recorded work reserved etc.", "GM Music Copyright 1994. All rights
protected. Made EEC" Think they will came after me for distributing it?

(If they go after you then I'm spending the rest of life behind bars for all
the illegal dubbing I've done over the years.... AG)

I'd just love to get my hands on a copy of The Big Issue - or a copy of a
copy, a copy of a copy's copy ...

(Alicia is hard at work figuring out the master plan. She'll get back to us.

***************************** (Deepak) writes:
Hi Amanda,

My calender has most of the pictures from the Older CD sleeve. There are
couple of pictures from the fastlove video (the shower scene). What about

(Cover--Older cover art
Jan--Spinning the Wheel EP cover art
Feb--modifed Star People CD liner notes photo
March--in long overcoat by a railroad crossing
April--in shower, in a prayer like position
May--in a black sweater, face shoulders shot, looking down to the left
June--from Jesus to a Child shoot, colourized to give him blue eyes
July--in long overcoat, full body shot, looking off the left in profile
Aug--under the shower, wearing white trainers
Sept--from the CD liner notes, laughing by the train tracks
Oct--In black, cross legged on that black and silver lounger, laughing--looks
a lot like Paul Reiser.
Nov--FastLove single cover art
Dec--JTAC single cover art.
Let's hear about yours. AG)

***************************** (Shawn Light) writes:

Someone asked what a digipak is. A digipak is the type of jewel box some cds
come in. The JTAC cd is a digipak, so is the UK version of FastLove, and so
are the STW singles. Basically, the flap is cardboard instead of plastic.

(So the same way JTAC was formatted? AG)

***************************** (Lakshmi Sundaram) writes:

Hi Amanda.

I don't know if you already know this, but the Bravo channel is
showing the "Red Hot and Rio" concert on Sunday, December 1 night (for World
AIDS Day) at 9pm-10pm (Eastern Standard Time).
Also, you're doing a great job with Yogmail. I really enjoy being
back on the subscription list,reading other people's opinions and info, and
your comments. Thanks a lot -- I don't feel so cut off now!

(Great to have you back! Can't have you stranded in paradise cut off from

George! AG)

To Wrap it up:

All caught up, just leaving a few for tomorrow's edition.

Listen without prejudice.


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