Hello hello. I am back from the world of academia, and happily return into
the land of the living. Hope no one suffered withdrawl...

You may notice I have reverted back to using song lyrics as titles for your
postings, well at least I will if one comes to mind...

Heaps of stuff to get to, so without any further ado:

***************************** (Anil Arora) writes:
If i could get George Michael's song lyric of "Jesus to a child", I would
really appreciate it.

(I think Tim's page offers the corrected lyrics to all of Older. Check it
out at
Just why the hell did George change every song before he did the final
vocals? AG)
***************************** (Oteran) writes:
I don't subscribe to the list, so please reply to me directly as you
probably should anyway.

I am desperately looking for the JIVE TALKING cover GM made. If anyone knows
where i can buy it or if anyone is willing to make me a cassette copy,
obviously all your expenses would be reimbursed, please let me know. Thanks
in advance.

Chicago, IL

(I have a copy of a copy, and I almost never agree to dub 3rd generation
copies because they tend to sound way too dodgy. Anyone have an original
they can dub? AG)
***************************** writes:
I would like to get videos of the concerts if there any floating around.


(Any in particular? AG)
"Somebody tell me..." (Jen) writes:
Hi Amanda.

Today I was checking out some online catalogues, looking for rare GM stuff
and things I stupidly did not buy on CD when I had the chance.

Anyway, I was wondering what is a digipack?

(I was wondering the same thing. Must be a CD of some sort. Can anyone be
of any assistance in explaining? AG)

Also, have you heard the Freedom 94 which is on the JTAC single? Is it
different enough from Freedom 90 to be worth getting?

(I have. It's George live, and George live is always worth getting. The boy
sounds better in concert than he does in the studio--quite an accomplishment,
just ask Madonna... But there are a couple of changes made to the song, it's
a bit more acoustic and there's a great choral breakdown that can get stuck
in your brain for days. AG)

Is the next GM single going to be released in the US?

(Apparently there will be another release in the new year. And with the
Unplugged, we can pretty much bet on it. AG)

The last Yogmail I got seemed to suggest that it would not since you gave us
a link for US and Canada to get the single from

(George may and he may not, he changes his mind a lot. Recall, he almost
cancelled the Whamamerica tour when 50% of the dates had already sold out...
The UK releases are usually different from the US ones. In fact, they're
usually better. If you can, get the UK one, and you may not even need the US
one. I have a Jesus to a child I never listen to and could have kept as a
sealed collectors item--first DreamWorks release--had I only seen the UK
import first. AG)

Questions, Questions! I hope you don't mind. Thanks so much.

(Not a problem. Why have a boring FAQ--frequently asked questions--list when
I can be interactive? AG)

Later, Jen
"He's brave, he's tough, Mr. Ridgeley, (just what the hell have you been up
to?).... (Nikolaj von der Recke Beckmann) writes:
------------------------------------------------------ the discussion of sexuality, I always thought that he annonced his
sexuality to his fans in the song Freedom: -"there's something deep inside
of me, there's someone else I've got to be" and further...

(I never thought there to be any sexual connotation there, I took it to mean
he was ready to be serious, my older brother changed the lyrics a bit though
a la "I think there's something you should know, I am a queer but it don't
show". My brother loved to mock George, and would regularly change the
lyrics of Freedom 90 to torment me. AG)

Am I making mistakes or reading to much between the lines of that song???

(I have learned a song can mean anything depending on what you want it to.

Well, he also says/sings: "I just hope YOU understand..." !!!

That's all from a "NKOTL" (New Kid on The List..)

Looking forward to endless mail from you (and your crew?)

Yours sincerely
Nikolaj Recke

Nikolaj Recke
Nxrrebrogade 74, 2th.
2200 KBH N
Fax: +45 353 711 56
***************************** (Nancy) writes:
I have the magazine The Big Issue. Does anyone need a copy? If so, I would
be more than happy to photocopy it for you. Just drop me a note...

(OK, this is how we are going to get the Big Issue read by all. Who all has
one? Alicia--I'm sending yours soon--please let me know, we will then get to
work on some serious xeroxing for anyone who wants one. AG)
***************************** (REHAN FARRUKH) writes:
Dear Amanda

I just want to thankx Anita Patel for her great opinion and thought about
She writes on YogMail Nov 22/96..Issue#55

My thoughts on George's recent Interview:

I just hope that he is not hurting himself and finds a way to stop the
hurt he's feeling inside. One big bear hug from me to him if it
helps even in the slightest. What a person does with their own life
is their own business. He's an adult who can take care of himself and
his personal life is none of our business. We all have things about
ourselves that are less than perfect and we don't have to disclose or
justify them to anyone. So let's just enjoy George's music and
support his career. Our love and support does mean alot to him.
Let's keep it at that. Hugs and kisses to all.

She is great and I love her.


Rehan Farrukh
"Do do do la la la la la..." (Dana) writes:
Hey Amanda. Hey Y'all.

In response to Roxanne's post

> As shocked as I was after reading the excerpts from The Big Issue
> interview you wrote, I don't think his sexuality is anybody's business but
> his own and it does not affect his music in any way.

True, I don't think his esexuality is anyone's business. But for anyone in
the public eye, it comes with the territory. However, I beg to differ that
it does not affect his music. Sexual orientation, especially
non-heterosexual ones, greatly affect someone's biases on how they see the
world. Especially for an artist such as George, whose music really
is a form of his self-expression, I'm sure his experiences with his sexuality
and coming to terms with himself have a great deal to do with what he writes.
ALthough I don't think it matters what orientation George claims, (or none
as the case may be) I do believe it influences him as a musician greatly.

(Very interesting angle. AG)

Oh, on an amusing little sidenote...I have a group of friends (including my
who's favorite pastime is watching Wham! videos while high. I haven't joined
the club yet, but they tell me it is quite entertaini have been asking.

* Too Funky
-Digital Mix

-Single Version
-Too Jazzy (Happy Mix)
(From the Too Funky EP)

* Crazyman Dance
* Do You Really Want to Know
* Happy
(From Red Hot and Dance)

* One More Try (Live Gospel)
* Freedom 90 (Live)
(From the Jesus to a Child UK import Single.)

* I'm Your Man 96
- Lisa Moorish's 7"
- Lisa Morrish's Full Length Phatt Man Remix
(From Lisa Moorish's single)

* I'm Your Man 96
- George's version
* FastLove Summer Mix
(From US FastLove single)

* FastLove Part II Fully Extended Mix ***NEW LISTING***
(From Virgin FastLove single)

* Red Dress
- George doing backing vocals on Andrew's single (whole album is
(From Andrew's Son of Albert album)

* Heaven Help Me
- George doing backing vocals on Deon's single (whole album is available)
(From Deon's Spell Album)

* Monkey
- Extended Remix
- Accapella
- Extra Beats
(From Monkey single)

* Faith intrumental
(From Faith Single)

* Fantasy
(From Freedom '90 single)

* I Believe (When I Fall in Love it Will Be Forever) (Live)
* Freedom 90 (Back to Reality Mix)
* If You Were my Woman
(From Don't let the Sun... EP)

* I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)
- Duet with Aretha
(Originally on Ms. Franklin's Aretha album)

* Nikita
- George does obvious backing vocals on this Elton track.
* Wrap Her Up
- Duet with Elton
(From Elton's Ice on Fire album)

* Tonight (live)
- Elton cover.
(From the Two Rooms tribute album)

* Learn to Say No
- Duet with Jody Watley
(From Jody's Jody Watley album)

* FastLove Part II Fully Extended Mix
(From Virgin FastLove single)

* Spinning the Wheel
- Radio Edit
- Forthright Mix
* You Know that I Want to
* Safe
(From the Spinning the Wheel EP)

Wham! 12" Remixes
* Wham! Rap (Unsocial Mix)
* Young Guns
* Freedom (Long Mix)
* Everything She Wants (Remix)
* I'm Your Man (Extended Stimulation)
- Also known as the infamous "Magic Car" remix (Which I highly
(All from Wham!'s 12" Mixes EP)

Just tell me what you want. Most of these will be coming off of CD's. All
are originals. I use Maxell XL II 90 minute tapes, but I'm not sure how long
all these will take, I'll have to sit down and figure it out. Cost is $6 per
tape. Postage alone is $3. If you're sending me tapes, please send me high
quality ones, your copy will only be as good as your tape. No profit is made
on these--well OK, I might make enough for a Coke to drink while dubbing...

E mail to confirm all requests, and send $ and list of what you'd like done

email Amanda for the address at*****************************
"Won't you tell me..." (Ann Hamilton) writes:
Hi, Amanda, I'm still enjoying Yogmail. Someone asked in the latest issue
about GM's reference to Nick Cave, and you said you hadn't yet heard the
joke. Here it is (my mind is like a steel trap when it comes to such
trivia!): When GM accepted his MTV Europe award, he said, "I quite honestly
don't know what to say . . . other than to thank Nick Cave for giving the
rest of us a chance." I think he was referring to the fact that when the MTV
Europe nominations came out, Nick Cave issued a press release stating that he
was withdrawing his name from consideration because his music was too unique
(or some such bulls**t). I have no idea who Nick Cave is, but I thought George's
remark was rather funny -- since this Nick Cave person didn't stand a chance
in hell of winning against George in the first place.

(Thanks for clearing that up Ann. I have since seen the Awards, THANKS
D six US #1 hits (but
this excludes his Wham! work), and 11 British #1 hits (which INCLUDES his
Wham work). If you count Wham, in the US George has 10, not six #1 hits.

Regarding the sales figures of Older, this is a big question for me.
Billboard or RIAA will be unlikely sources of help- since they care for US
sales only. In the US, the sales are just above a million- very low for a
star of George's magnitude! The figure 6 million, that you mention, must be
worldwide and I can only hope it gets higher. REmember that Make It Big sold
six million in the US alone. Listen without Prejudice sold between seven and
eight million worldwide, may Older at least do that! If anyone has precise
info on current sales figures for Older, please share it!

"I do not count myself among you...." (Tog) writes:
Hey AG and thanks again for all of your hard work.

(You're welcome as always. Thanks for posting. AG)

I just had to respond to the last issue (26) that was posted and personally,
I think some of what people are saying is riduculous. I've always enjoyed
GM's music and most likely will always be a fan of his greatest slower hits
;careless whisper, kissing a fool, etc and I never really knew squat about
him personally. Honestly, I wish now that I didn't know a damn thing about
him. It has tarnished his character in my mind, rather so. I agree with
many people , with the idea that he came of as a complete jerk-off in his
interview-like "ok, here, is this going to satisfy you little peons?". Very
anal, sarcastic and cynical. Rather ironic traits to have for someone who
should be damn grateful that God has blessed him with the riches (not just $)
that he has.

(Maybe he's singing to us in Star People, "I do not count myself among
you..." AG)

And the idea that he is a substance abuser belittles the situation even more.
I think for me, regardless of who you are, if I admire you for your talents,
whether it be music, art, or just your personality, and then find that it was
more of an illusion vs. PURE God-driven talent, of course I'm bound to be
disappointed. And the person(s) who wrote this BS non-sense of being so
accepting of hemp,pot, and the other devious substances there are in this
world, needs to analyze their words. Just because someone FEELS they can't
die from this stuff, or that it "doesn't create addiction", or that people
will not turn into theives and killers because of it's use, doesn't make it
right. I'm really sick of people trying to sugar-coat issues like its' "AOK"
and "there's other substances that are worse". C'MON people! That's a
cop-out and a flat out sorry ass excuse. Visit me one day when I go to work
with people who are abusing 'all kinds' of substances, to see what these
'simple' drugs can do to you, and then come back and tell me of how this
stuff is not that damaging. It's a painful subject that absolutely tears at
my heart. But what hurts me even more so is the seemingly
innocent/ignorant-minded people who condone these drugs and make them seem
less harmful than they are! We can all express our opinions and yes opinions
are just that and a wonderful expression of our souls. But fact is fact, and
substance abuse is detrimental regardless of our opinions!

(Thanks for the perspective. I guess I did kind of come off as condoning
drug use--I know I was shocked when I read back issues. I am very against
the idea of any substance being used to ease problems. I do not subscribe to
the idea of a drink to clam me down, I think that's a sign of a drinking
problem. I no longer smoke because I sat down and thought about how
disgusting a habit it is. Drug wise, they're all cop outs to avoid the real
world, and I actually resent the fact that some people can escape, because I
sure as hell don't have t shop here in
Hamilton. I am not sure if they were professionally made, but they are

(Rock'n'tees per chance? AG)

One has a Club Tropicana George with "WHAM" written in black ink. The other
is just a picture of Andy and George, but it doesn't look like a studio

shot. Lastly, there's one of both of them in swim trunks from the club
tropicana video. It's larger too.

Unfortunantly, I doubt I can wear the last one in public for fear people will
think I'm umm...."attracted to boys."

(I think I have all of these, and I got them only a couple years ago at one
of Hamilton's run down shops. AG)

I also saw a HUGE poster of george with long blond hair that I may have to

(And the Colonel Sanders tie? I have that one. AG)

Collecting is EASY!
To Wrap it Up:

Lots more to post on all sorts of topics, plus a bunch of new ramblings from

Listen without prejudice...

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