Lots to post, and so

******************************** (Kelly) writes:
Hi, Amanda-

What is Arena? And what were the comments made by Gary Barlow about George?
minds want to know . . .

(Arena is a British Magazine. I think it's basically one of those male
lifestyle mags, kinda like "Details" in America. I can't recall exactly what
Gary Barlow said, can someone remind me? I just know I thought "Little twerp
is shooting off his mouth..."

> Thanks Amanda for your countless and sleepless hours creating,
> maintaining and expanding YOGMAIL...VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!

Same goes for me . . . :)

(And as always, you're welcome, and thanks to all the posters. AG)
******************************** (Beth Ann Filiano under duress...) writes:
Hi! My name is Maria and I want to suscribe to your newsletter;considering
the fact that I consider myself to be devoted to the INCREDIBLE GEORGE!!!!!!
Why haven't I found you sooner? Because I haven't had access to the
internet...I am playing with my friend's computer(Who comes to mind first
when searching the web? GEORGE of course!!!)

(I know that was the very first thing I went looking for... AG)

Anyway right now I've got my friend in a choke hold forcing her to agree to
let me give you her address. It's ok you can torture her and send mail
everyday...She's agreed--yes I let go.

(Welcome Maria! And thanks Beth Ann! AG)

Hope to hear from you soon.

P.S. Have you heard about or read the article in the London "Homeless
Paper"(I don't remember the actual name) regarding George's comments on, his

(You are referring to the Big Issue, and should already have received the
Sun's article on the interview. It now goes out to all new members. AG)
******************************** (Evgenya Borisenko) writes:
I think that all that stuff about George's sexuality is just a garbage. We
love him for his music, don't we? So what to we care if he's a gay or
straight. We don't have a single chance of talking to him, I'm not talking
about sleeping with him. His sexuality ain't our
business anyway. We don't love him 'bout being gay or straight but we love
his music, lyrics, his appearence. Our discussions won't help him but they
won't help us too.

(I find it amusing that George talks about his sex life for a while, and then
ends the discussion with "Anyway, my sexuality is no one's fucking business."
Then why are you discussing it yourself George? If my sex life is not
someone's business, then call me crazy, I won't even discuss it with them!

Stefan ( ) wrote here some dates in which
George'll be shown in MTV europe, I wanted to add one more date: on december
2 there'll George Michael's unplugged.


******************************** writes:
There is a radio station in London called Capital Radio and they opened a new
cafe/bar in Leicester Square (Monday or Tuesday) of this week. I'd heard
that George was going to be appearing, and read in the paper the next morning
that he didn't turn up. He was apparently going along as a guest - one of
many celebrities - to join in the celebrations, have a few drinks etc. On
his way there in his limousine he heard on the radio that he had elevated to
the position of cutting the red tape, performing and doing the opening
ceremony! He told his driver to turn the car around and went home!!

(I guess I'd be a bit pissed if I heard over the radio an hour before hand
that I was doing more than gracing the place with my presence too. AG)

In the end they had to make do with a very minor, minor, socialite to open
the place.

Another thing, further to the interview I told you about a few weeks ago - it
has happened (Monday of this week). Chris Evans went to George's house with
one of his sidekicks called Dan and they interviewed him. Chris said George
let them ask whatever they wanted and Chris Evans is not known for shying
away from awkward questions - so it should be an interesting interview. Dan
who is a sound engineer was invited into George's recording studio to listen
to some unheard new songs for his thoughts on them!! Apparently Dan was
walking on air after that. Don't know when the interview will be broadcast -
will let you know when I hear anything.

(Please keep us posted!!!! AG)

Can't wait to hear your news on the acknowledgement of Yogmail - you tease us

too much sometimes!!!

(That's because I can... Anyway, I'm just hoping that once Fgean gets'll hear from someone... AG)

PS. Just read in today's paper that George is currently keeping vigil at the
hospital bedside of his chauffeur Makis Pittortou, 31, who is fighting for
life after chasing a car that had deliberately sideswipped his Jaguar.
(George wasn't with him).

Makis had to be cut from the wreckage. George is paying all the medical
bills and has had Makis transferred to a top private hospital in London. He
has also cancelled all non-essential work commitments.

"George is extremely upset. Makis is the most trusted member of his team and
George is doing everything he can to help. It's a terribly difficult time
for him, but he wants Makis to have the best possible treatment."

George's spokeswoman said last night. "George is a generous man but has no
wish to comment about this private matter."

That's about it - will follow up with anything else.

(Please do. My best wishes go out to Makis. AG)

******************************** (Jeff McGary) writes:
OK, I know that everyone is getting tired of this stuff, but after most
people have sounded off, I thought that I would throw my opinion into the

(Feel free. AG)

1. I have sampled an illegal substance or two, but do not use anything
regularly (it's been a couple of years), and do not really condone their use.
Nevertheless, I think that GM pointed out "when you thought your future was
on prescription" from Safe and in the interview when he said "it's either
marijuana or some other man-made drug that he would take for the rest of his
life" that he has needed something for some time (probably since Kathy). This
does show that he is a weak person, but I think that he was deeply hurt and
depressed and needed somehting. Also, THC is organic and fairly harmless,
although not in the eyes of the General Public (the populus, not the band).
In many eyes the mighty old spliff is better than Prozac. So, the guy is
still affected by some things that hurt him (and still haunt him) dearly. I
hope that he does whatever it takes to get himself better, so that he
continues to write incredible songs.

(The term "on prescription" I have been told is actually the same as saying
"on hold." In other words, with the whole Fony thing, his future was on
hold. 'Course George could have been going for a play on words too... AG)

2. Twelve or Thirteen years ago, when all of my girlfriends were in love
with this guy dancing around in a CHOOSE LIFE t-shirt I came to a conclusion.
If I could be him, I would have any woman I wanted. I must say that I
patterned my appearance after him quite a bit (the cross!) and did better
with the ladies. So, it is strange for a heterosexual male to think that the
person he dearly wanted to be is gay, even though it is none of my business
what he does. Although we have always wondered, we now know. As for the
music, in those 12 or 13 years I have fallen in love with his music over and
over and when things did not turn out well with the women that I had fallen
in love with, the music was always there. Some of his songs still bring out
a pain in me (because of things in my life) that I believe can only be
rivaled by the pain felt within him. Knowing how painful these things can
be, I am glad that he can sing about any man or woman he chooses. Although I
should not be concerned with his personal life, I must say that I was
relieved that he actually came out an sang about IT in Safe:

somebody loves me
loves me
loves me

(MY GOD! You are correct! I just listened, and HE did indeed tell us. AG)

Let's just hope that he straightens out (no pun intended) the only thing that
WE can personally touch from him: HIS MUSIC.

******************************** (Brent Pearson) writes:
Hello Amanda,
Thought you may all want to know that Prince is also covering the Bonnie
Raitt song here is a excerpt from USA Toaday review: "He reinvents four
diverse songs popularized by other artists, including a playful cover of the
1972 Stylistics hit Betcha By Golly Wow! and a loving (Eye) Can't Make U Love
Me, the Mike Reid tune Bonnie Raitt made famous." Hmmmm I hope Prince does
not release his version before GM. I was kind of hoping that GM would
release that song as a single and if Prince releases it first if he does,
then people will say "GM is just hopping on the bandwagon copying Prince".

(Well, 0}+> is sporting a very Georgely goatee, but I really don't think
George gives a damn what people say about him and The Artist. Recall how he
kept calling George to offer advice? George didn't bother to return the
phone calls... George also kinda mocks him in Star People. Who can tell me
where? No prize on this, but there will be a contest coming up soon with a
STW EP as the prize. AG)

Cheers! Brent (any thoughts on this anyone?)
******************************** (Rehan) writes:
Sweet Amanda, and YOG fans,

Looking for some information

* Favorite food & drink

(I hear he's very big on red wine and diet Coke. AG)

* Weight and height

(I'm guessing between 150 and 160 lbs. Despite all the naysayers who
disagree on this, I'm fairly confident he's 6 feet tall. AG)

* Favorite perfume

(Good question. AG)

* new car

(Dark blue Jaguar XK8. Also a black Range Rover. AG)

* Home address

(Even if I had, I wouldn't share publicly. AG)

* Fan Club Email and Address

(NO longer in existance. AG)

* Personal Phone numbers / Fax no.

(What business is that of yours? AG)

* bodyguard(s) name

(Ronnie. He's like 3 inches shorter than George, go figure. AG)

Amanda I want to become his bodyguard without salary, how can I apply for

(You don't. Paid help is the way to go for protection, not an obsessed fan.

Please help me. I want to spent my whole life doing protection of George
Michael. I can do anything for George Michael.

Waiting for that day

******************************** (ruffus1) writes:
Hi Amanda,

I just wanted to start off by saying I really enjoy Yogmail. I have been a
fan of George's since early Wham! days through Faith and then LWP and finally
Older. And I always stood by him and his music even through the lean years
when nobody had a very good opinion of him. The Big Issue and the MTV
interview has kind of broken the image people had of him. If you think about
it, he has always tried to do that at almost every stage of his adult life.
After Wham! he was Mr Macho and was always in the spot light then LWP he
almost became someone else. No interviews no cameras. Then Older he's kind
of in between. A few interviews and videos but can't be called a "household"
name like with Faith. I think that everyone goes through stages in their
lives but we aren't on the front page of a newspaper when we do it. He's
human and most fans have this image inside their head of him but it's only
from videos,concerts, or interviews, we don't know him enough to say this is
such a surprise he uses pot or he may be gay. I don't think that when
someone signs on to be a musician or actor that their private
lives are supposed to be an open book to us. Anyway that's my little
opinion.Sorry to rattle on so much. But basically I'm saying is George
doesn't need anyone's permission to live his life his way and people need to
judge his music on their own merits not whether he sleeps with man,woman or
dog and if he wants a "spliff" while doing who cares. I listen to music not
analyse it and I only care if it sounds good not whether the man who wrote it
was on pot or whatever while he wrote it. Sorry if I offend anyone that is
not my intention. I'm estatic to talk to other Yog fans. woman, or dog

(True, but the less he talks to people, the less his albums sell, do the
math... AG)
******************************** (Camille) writes:
AG, thanks for being so deligent in keeping the YOGMAIL coming. It's been a
great help for me to keep up since I don't have alot of time to read the
message boards on AOL. I use to post to the boards regularly, but I've been
busy the past several months with a whole list of reasons.

(I spend less and less time on the AOL boards now too. AG)

Anyway, I've been studying German since high school (I'm a senior in college
now) but it would take me a while to translate the selections that you shared
with us. For the most part, however, the articles speak briefly about GMs
history (Wham! and his growing up with Andrew). Then they discuss his
"mega-stardum" during the late eighties due to the success of Faith and they
compare Faith with LWP. Then they explain, in great detail, about his fight
with Sony and how SKG and Virgin now distributes him. Lastly, the article
describes Older as an album with soul, jazz and swing sounds, etc.

If I find any other article in the German press about GM I will definately
share parts of the articles with brief translations if you like. It is
always interesting to see how fans, press and critics from other countries
(outside of the US) feel about GM.

(Thanks a lot! AG)

Ms. Missing in Action
******************************** (Carolyn) writes:
I got the Oct issue of Q and only found a small picture of GM and AR with a
brief paragraph so it must be Sept I guess. Hope someone responds to you.
Also got the November issue of Arena and there is an ad for a cd called
Arena - Sex Power and Travel with a tract by GM. Says available exclusively
in HMV stores throughout Britain.

(What track is on it? AG)

Thanks for all the hard work - who else you writing for - Madonna?

(Let Madonna have LISTSERV, some people are just special enough for the
personal touch. Aside from the amazing George, I will soon be devoting some
of my free time to the amazing Miss Donna DeLory--former Madonna backing
vocalist and dancer. AG)
dawnhunt-at-phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Dawn V. Hunt) writes:
The US airdate for the MTV Unplugged special is December 11, 9 pm. Saw it in
an ad in Rolling Stone so this should be THE official date and time.

(Thanks for sharing. AG)
******************************** (Yuri Fernandez) writes:
Hey all,

It seems that the topic of conversation is on GM's decision to disclose his
use of pot and his homosexuality. No one ever said that to be human means
being pure of heart and soul, though it would be nice if we all were. George
is a human who at times can be stressed out, sad and depressed and even
angry. Although I do not condone his use of drugs... No One has the right to
judge him and George should not have mentioned to anyone his using of the
drug or even for that matter the reasons behind his useage of it. NOT one of
the smartest things he has done over the years. What he should have done is
keep this information to himself. He has always professed to being extremely
private and yet he chose to disclose this information. Go figure.

(In other words, you too think--as do a lot of people on here--that he should
have kept his bloody mouth shut? AG)

Does this mean that we should dismiss the good qualities that exist in him. I
think not! What ever is eating at GM I hope to GOD he is able to sort it
out... SOON.

And if anyone has a hangup with GM being Gay... ask yourselves this
question... "Why does it really matter to you or anyone if he is gay"? If
any of you can answer that question then maybe you can answer this
question... "Why did some of you decide to be Heterosexual?

(While someone's sexual orientation is not of any real consequence to me, I
do have to take issue with one thing you said, and I'm sure I won't be the
only one. OK, so you believe sexuality is a choice? I will have to disagree
with you on this one. I didn't have to decide to he heterosexual, it just
kinda came naturally. I used to have a gay guy friend, who, whenever he came
across the idea of homosexuality as a choice would respond "Why would I chose
to live a life where I'm not accepted? This isn't a choice, if it were, this
isn't the one I would have made." AG)

Otherwise... may you all stay well.

Yuri Fernandez
******************************** (Nikki) writes:
The joke went, "And thanks to Nick Cave for giving the rest of us a chance."
He was one of the nominees.

(And the humour in this lies where? I mean aside from the fact I can't see
Nick cave giving George any real competition... AG)
******************************** (Jeff) writes:




(OK, so having seen and read the Sex book, but not buying one, I can
guarantee I would not want to see George's Sex... I can just see it now, I'd
offer jokes, but they'd be a little raunchy to publish publicly. Feel free
to e me for them....over 21 only please... ; p AG)


(George did offer at the 1989 American Music Awards. Right after he was
introduced as "The Diva Himself". AG)


(I've heard this one before. AG)

******************************** (Bea Alison Rumpelt) writes:

In issue #54 you included a few German articles. I have not seen any

translation so far. Is anyone interested in them? I'd be willing to start -
how far I get will depend on how much time I can find - it might take a
while the way my schedule looks right now.

(Whenever you get some free time maybe. Perhaps those who can translate
German can split them up? AG)

Sorry to be a bit late with this question, I just returned from a holiday and
am desperatly trying to catch up with all this stuff that has flooded my
mailbox while I was away.

(I know the feeling. AG)

<<(I remember it--he played it in Toronto too--and I love it!!! I have a bootleg of the Garden's gig, and it's the one song I always listen to. AG)>>

That wouldn't by any chance be the one labeled "I'm your man"? Speaking of
bootlegs, I have a few of them but was wondering how many there are around.
Anybody has any idea?

(Not sure what this one was labelled. It's just a standard dub of a fan
recorded bootleg that Alicia gave me for my BDay. AG)

Shonda Taylor writes:
< your age group.>>

I have gone through life for 31 years now and have met only a handful of
persons who were actually admitting to smoking pot. Even with several more
who might not have admitted it(after all I am not running around asking
everybody)I cannot see even a good part of people much less most of them
doing it. Of course, a lot of people smoke and drink accasionally which are
drugs as well, but that statement sheds new light on the claim of a "lost

< number: 0171 (London) 436 3633.>>

Has anybody called to find out yet? I am tempted, but my phonebill is
staggering without long distance calls.

(I'm not going to bother. We'll find out in 1997 when it goes online. AG)

To Wrap it Up:

Ever tried to write an essay with a major athletic championship being played
1000 yards from your house? It's not an easy task...

I know I promised to run the rarity list, but it'll have to wait for a couple
days. I'm also taking a few days off to get caught up on my real job, so see
ya on Thursday.

Listen without prejudice...


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