Some of you may have noticed I have shaken up the address book a bit, too
many error messages means that they were too long, or too many uncompatible
addresses were together. If anyone has any interest in the full listing
though, just e mail me and I'll send the full address book.

Also, I'm sorry for the delays in sending the last couple of days. I guess
I'm just getting a bit lazy...

**************************** (Anne Bolen) writes:
Greetings everyone,
First off I must say I was in quite a shock when I read were George had his
home in London. Last year I went to school near London and on several
occasion I passed through Hamstead Heath. If only I'd know maybe i'd have
done a little house hunting!

In the last issue someome metioned that madonna never said that she was gay
but if someone said it she was not going to stop them. (That was me. AG)
It made me think back to an article I read in an issue of Rolling Stones
about GM. In it someone metioned his sexuallity and he said quote, I don't
think it is anyones business who I sleep with. If people want to think I
romp in the bed with Arnold S. then let them. He might not be happy about
it but oh well. I can't be sure of the exact words becasue it was from 88 or
89. I also agree with someone who said that George never came out and really
said anything concrete. I think I have to agree. He did do an awful lot of
creative dancing around the subject. But of course the truth is spun up
somewhere in there.

(I brought up the Arnie quote on AOL a while back, I thought it was a howl.

JTAC can be interperted in many ways (in reference to his sexuality) but
whatever it may be I can strongly sense the true feelings in that song. It
makes me want to cry everytime I hear it. I think every girl dreams of that
kind of love and devotion.

(We do indeed... AG)

Well I really must go for now because I am working and my boss could appear
at any moment. So long for now

(Risking getting in trouble for YOGMAIL, now that's committment... AG)
**************************** (Anita Patel) writes:

This is a resend because I haven't seen this message posted yet.

(I never got this one... AG)

I have been looking for a dear friend whom I have seemed to have lost
over the course of time and travel. Her name is Carla W. and if she
is reading this, could you PLEASE let me know how you are and where I
can reach you.

(Would you per chance be referring to Carla Workman? As I recall, she's in
the Philadelphia area. If so, she's a part of the family. AG)

This dear friend Carla and I met at the Faith Concert in Philadephia
on August 9, 1988 briefly. A month later, I started my first day of
college at Temple University and was scared out of my pants being
there, but who ended up in the first college class I ever walked into
but Carla - and all was better. We became friends and she played my
body guard, as well as one of my best friends, while in that section
of Philly.

We had fun for two years and had the time of our lives at the filming
of George's Diet Coke commercial in New York - great memories.

But since 1990, we've lost touch - I moved, she transferred to a
different university - but I've never forgotten her. I know she's
still a faithful fan of George's - that's how we met, tht's what we
shared and that's what turned into a great friendship.

If she's on this board - or if anyone knows of her -please email me at

I miss you Carla!! Yes, I'm now on my 10,874th can of Diet Coke - can
you say "cheers!"

(I hope she's the right one...and if she is, I think I may be forced to cry
tears of joy at such a great story! AG)

What do you think George would like for X-mas? I've thought of a few
things but am not happy with them, any ideas? Since there's only a
few weeks left.

I had an awesome idea - one which would get George something really
nice as well as create a whole lot of publicity for him at the same

Here goes...If we could get all George Michael fans to contribute $10
each we could collectively be the "people who have paid for a new
sports car." Just the shock value would be worth it!!

(Hmmm, let me think, we pay for his $100, 000 sportscar whilst I beg for
rides to survive a bus strike here in Hamilton... AG)

Or be the sponsors of one major concert venue for him - like Wembley

(Hmmm, let me think, he plays a special show in London that we've sponsored,
and I'm stuck here working on YOGMAIL and sharing the details of the gig that
I didn't get to see... AG)

Just a thought...but I'm serious about trying to get him a nice big
collective present if we can get it together...

(Despite my smart ass comments, I think you may be onto something here. Any
suggestions YOGMAIL crew? AG)

Love always,

**************************** (Alexandra Sweet) writes:
Hello! I would love to get ahold of some George "Wallpaper" for my 'puter.
Can you e-mail me some or how would I go about getting some? Thanks for
your time!

(Hit Tim's website for some of Brent's, or else I can send you a couple I've
made up. There's the "George Live"--a shot originally of him and Elton, I
cropped Elton and added some text--and the "Faith"--black with FAITH and the
symbols in gold. Let me know if you--or anyone one else--would like them.
Also, I've got this amazing morph shot you might be interested in. AG)

**************************** (Marek Unt) writes:
Well, I'm a bit depressed here. Excuse my ignorant question, but I missed out
the MTV EMA and haven't been able to even get the results so I hope you could
help me a little. A kind of got a hint that he got the Best Male Artist, tell
me that it's true!

(Yes, Best Male Artist! Was there ever a doubt? AG)

And I 've heard a weird rumor that he got married?! Sounds stupid, I guess...

(Not that I've heard... He's a touch anti-marriage--read the Faith Tour
programme. AG)
**************************** wrote on the AOL MMC:
MTV UNPLUGGED" Presents George Michael Premieres Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 9:00
p.m. (ET/PT)

"MTV Unplugged," the acclaimed music series, presents a performance with one
of the top performers of all time -- singer, songwriter and producer, George
Michael. Taped in London in October of 1996, George Michael delivers an
unforgettable evening with some of his greatest hits from all three solo
albums Faith, Listen Without Prejudice: Vol. 1 and Older. Michael's stellar
performance includes such favorites as "Father Figure," "Fast Love" and
"Freedom '90." "MTV Unplugged" Presents George Michael will be preceded by
the debut of "Absolute George Michael," a 30-minute exclusive interview with
Michael conducted by MTV News reporter John Norris in London.

(So there you have it! Now one question: Who's willing to tape me an
original off the TV? Will pay for tape and postage of course. Hi Fi stereo
would be even better... AG)
**************************** (Ann Hamilton) writes:
Hi, Amanda, people have been asking what Adams said backstage about George.
Here it is (courtesy of the AP newswire):

"I don't care that I lost. I came to play. We all came here to play live,
except for George Michael, who lip-synched. I think he's a great singer, but
what's he doing here if he's miming? It's a live show." (Meow!) No mention of a fight between them,

(OK, last time I checked, people went to awards shows to win awards. But of
course you don't care that you lost Bryan... AG)

Regards, Ann H.

(Thanks for clearing this up Ann. AG)
**************************** writes:
Ya know...when I hear the way George is speaking in the J. Norris interview,
I get a little pissed. It seems pretty clear that George doesn't really
care what ANYONE wants except himself. I completely understand the "I don't
belong to you, and you don't belong to me" stuff, but he came off like a
complete asshole, as if he felt he was somehow above having to do this stupid
interview for his "fans." I think it just cemented the ideas I had
previously had of his attitude....that he never cared enough about his fans
to take an interest in his fanclub (hence, no more fan club) , and he doesn't
care what any of his fans think (hence, his reluctance to check out his web
sites, or to create an official site). He acts like a spoiled rock star, no
matter how much he wants to deny that he is. The more I get to "know" him,
the less I "like" about him, except his music, of course. I think I'd be
better off not caring what HE wants, says, does, etc., and then we'd be in
agreement with each other.

(I honestly applaud you for having the nerve to say this Alan. It calls to
mind a quote I used a while back in which he said "I don't believe I deserve
loyal support without working for it." Well let me be the second to say, I'm
sorry George, you're not getting loyal suppport anymore because you're sure
as hell not working for it. The people who see you in concert, buy your
singles etc. are the fans who would appreciate the occasional interview, and
a fan club. We're the ones paying your bills George, why don't you show a
little interest in us? In other words "Talk (to) the people who have made
you what you are." The fans giveth and the fans can taketh away... AG)

**************************** (Dan) writes:
Hey... i know when in los angeles.. gm frequents LA EYEWORKS on Melrose for
his eyewear... (he wore their brand for the COVER TO COVER tour and FREDDIE
MERCURY TRIBUTE, $330.00, I have a pair, George back then bought 6 pair,
every color, silver, gold, bronze... and who knows what else... )

(A man after my own heart...I too have walked into stores found something I
liked and said--back in the days when I used to have money, back before
university....--"Right, give me that shirt in 6 colours." The salespeople
love it when you do that. AG)

and I have a feeling as well the glasses he wears are prescription also....
(he use to wear contacts) however since he wears the glasses so much I have a
feeling they are prescription glasses...

(I figure the same thing. He usually wears only very slightly tinted lenses,
so he must have prescription lenses. He's also been spotted in regular
eyeglasses a lot more, you can only wear contacts so much. AG)

**************************** (Marti Blesa) writes:
Hello all (and specially you Amanda):

(Hi Marti! AG)

One short thing about this BIG ISSUE affair. I know many people got shocked
about Yog's sexual habits, but we must take something into consideration, why
we all like him? We like the way he sings, performs, composes,... Most of the
people that liked Yog because he is handsome or cool or something but taking
the music into a second stage leaved Yog after the six years lapse. What
keeps fans together is that he sings gorgeously and he's the best composer and performer. Are we going to hate
Careless Whispers, Praying for time, ... from now only because he's gay and
most of the fans are "straight"? What what's exactly "straight"? everyone
(and nobody can deny it) has sometime or another had homosexual thoughts (and
someones even feelings and maybe even experiences). Sexual taste doesn't
change the way people do things, I've gay and lesbian friends but I don't
think on them as being differents, the sexual habits
are private and I don't care about them. George will be my best artist even
if he decided to perform in drag and hazed.

(Hey, I'd pay twice the regular ticket fee to see him go on in drag!
Musically, his sex life won't affect the way I listen to his music. If
anything, I like JTAC more, now knowing just how much George meant that song.

BTW, some years ago, during the Faith era appeared some photos in an Spanish
magazine called Super Pop of George "playing" with a male friend in Ibiza
which were quite explicit, but they were quickly discredited because the
promotional campaign of Faith was developing. I don't think I'll be able to
find them but maybe if you know of any Spanish female fan she might have

About the haze problem, you must think that cannabis always was used a lot
the last century (buy it has been used for the last 4000 years) and it was
first declared illegal on 1937 when the USA government realized that making
alcoholic drinks illegal wasn't successful. The American Medical Association
began a campaign against natural medicine in order to sell expensive chemical
drugs. The problem began in 1943 when the USA government had to obly to
cultivate hemp (the plant that produces cannabis) to fabricate ropes. Another
strike appeared when nylon was produced because hemp ropes weren't necessary
anymore. In fact hemp doesn't create addiction (neither physical nor
psycological) and in 4000 years of use nobody has ever died of a hemp
overdose. I don't smoke hemp myself, maybe because I don't smoke, but I've a
lot of friends who do
and they are completely normal, they aren't addicts nor robbers, some of them
even have superior degrees in Universities (some of them even have a

(There's nothing unnatural about cannabis, I don't use it either, I prefer
the taste of a nice bottle of wine--or a B-52--to smoke. AG)

I'd worry about George (about him and about anyone with the same problem) if
he went into coca or heroin, but not hemp.

(It's just that creativity thing that worries me. Think about it, when you
were younger, one beer and you were table dancing, as you get older you need
a few more to get the same effect. The only think that worries me is what if
the pot doesn't get him creative enough for the next album... AG)


About the pirate look when he performed in Barcelona he was wearing a similar
outfit with a headscarf, the only thing missing was the hook instead of the
hand and the covered eye (in fact most of us didn't recognize him until he
sung because the stage was very very dark).

(I know that the review of the Toronto Faith tour gig called him a "gypsy
rouge" for his headgear...and I had such bad seats that I needed binoculars
just too see the screens...AG)

**************************** (Tiffany Ferrell) writes:
Just like everyone before I want to let you know that your efforts here with
YOGMAIL are very appreciated and something we all look forward to.

(Just tending to George's fans to prove my admiration for him. AG)

Anyway I way surfing the net and came upon a web sight called "Cybersleaze"
or something like that. I scanned it and came upon a artical about GM -
thought everyone would want to read it.

GEORGE MICHAEL is proudly wears a ring on his
engagement finger left to him by a late gay pal. The
FASTLOVE singer, who wears the simple 24 carat gold band on
his engagement finger, was given the jewel by Brazilian
ANSELMO FELEPPA. Feleppa, who became one of Michael's
closest confidants, died from an AIDS-related illness three years
ago at the age of just 33. And Michael, who was devastated by the
loss of his friend, wears the gift to remember him. The pop
millionaire flashed the ring in front of 55 million viewers
during his performance at the MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS. A Michael
aide who attended the star-studded bash revealed, "George wears
the ring all the time. It is a memento which he dearly treasures
as Anselmo was a very good friend."

Seems he was indeed very close to him. Thought I had read in a recent issue
where someone was asking about his rings. Thought I'd pass along this
information and maybe it will be a benefit to someone.

(The engagement finger is which finger again? I know my European grandmother
still bugs me about a gold and diamond band I wear on the ring finger of my
right hand, always asking me who I'm engaged to... You'd think if anything
she'd be mad about the high school graduation ring I wear on my "wedding
finger". More on the ring issue--George's, not mine--to follow in a
forthcoming issue. AG)

Talk to you later,
f Tiffany f
**************************** (Sara) writes:
hi amanda
i just have a few words to say

i dont quite understand all the hype that is going on about this interview.
so what if george is straight, bi, or gay. it shouldnt matter. i mean, yes,
i think he is incredibly sexy and i have always thought so, and i always
will, even if he comes out and says "i am gay". but first and foremost i like
him for his music. i for one appreciate the honesty and openess he displayed
in that interview. it would have been so easy for him to say "i
am straight, and i never do drugs"... but he is strong enough in himself to
tell us what is up, because he knows his true fans won't care. we should be
thankful he told us what is up, because now we will be able to form our
opinions of him based on what he really is, not what we want him to be.

(I agree, but if you read the whole interview he comes across as a bit of a
jerk... AG)
**************************** (Camille) writes:
Dear Amanda:

Just a quick word of warning! I would really think carefully about posting
The Big Issue article. There has been a huge backlash in the UK regarding
The Sun stealing the exclusive and TBI are taking the paper to court. TBI
have never done anything like this before, I'm sure you are aware about the
charitable status they hold. It is likey that if it reaches court it will
get very ugly, and probably bring a lot of attention to the extracts that The
Sun published. As I say, TBI aren't messing around, they are really very
angry about their scoop being pinched. Apparently the deal with George was
the interview could only go ahead if they didn't sell it on to any papers. I
realise that since it had already been published you might think it less of a
problem to post it up, but given the
anger that this underhand piece of journalism has resulted in, I think you
should be careful and protect yourself.

(OK, so I really don't want to go to court. I know there are a few law
students on here, have we got any loopholes to use that could save my ass in
the event TBI people find out? The only thing I can think of is that I'm not
running YOGMAIL for profit, it actually costs me money--it eats a third of my
online hours. I know I thought of this when I told you I wouldn't let you
guys read it guilt free--I'm part Catholic, part Jewish, so I'm big on
guilt...---but now I'm even more concerned. I don't want to be yet another
"internet precedent". Oh well, let's hear it people, any suggestions? AG)

Best wishes
**************************** (Richard Shoucair) writes:
All i have to say is don't believe the hype. Smoke pot is not as bad as the
media has made it out to be. Research has shown that alcohol is now better
or worse the pot. In addition, George is not the first artist to use this
drug and some of the greatest songs were written by so called potheads i.e.
Beetles, Dylan, Jimmy Buffet, Sting and the list goes on.

(I'm not basing my opinions on the media. I've had the "pleasure" of working
for potheads, and have quite a few acquaintances who smoke up on occasion.

This is nothing new and you would be surprise of the number of people who
smoke pot in moderation including professionals such as doctors, proffessors,
lawyers and who are able to perform there jobs just as well as someone who
does not smoke pot. At least George had the courage to admit he does, and he
accepts it for what it is and no more.

(OK, but I sure as hell wouldn't want a doctor who had a joint to relax to
operate on me, or a lawyer who smokes up to ready himself for closing
arguments... AG)

Basically what i am saying is, that is not a tragedy and should not be
treated as such. Is it funny how most people don't have a problem with his
sexuality, but they do with the pot. Just think a 100 years ago it was
forbidden to be gay and it was okay to smoke pot because it was legal. Keep
in mind with time comes change, so don't be so critical of George he has not
caused harm to anyone and has only brought joy to millions.

(Yes, but you have very little say in your sexuality... AG)
**************************** (Tina Stem) writes:

Just a quick little note, YOU GO GIRL! I just got finished with today s
mail. I love your comments.

(Having read that, I must now go back and see just what I said. Excuse me a
moment...I'm back now...oh my, I was on a bit of a soap box wasn't I? AG)

I just know that the news you are going to share with us is that Mr. Michael
is soooo impressed with Yogmail that he is making sure that everyone on the
list gets a ticket to a concert near them.

(Now that would be lovely... AG)

Seriously though, I hope that he or his people will recognize the wonderful
and hard work that you have put into this.

(We'll see what happens when Ęgean's WEB site starts up. AG)

One last thing, I think that all of us sending money to be contributed to The
Big Issue is a WONDERFUL idea. Just print your address again & the request
again. Like you said this is the season for giving. Surely everyone who
gets Yogmail can spare a couple of dollars. After all, we all have a
computer, a modem and Internet access (luxuries when there are so many people
without a home). We know this to be a fact of all of us or how would we be
able to get Yogmail. I know that the next thing someone will say is I use
all of that stuff at work, well that means you have a job don t you? Surely
we can all rally together for a good cause.

(What does everyone else think? AG)

Tina Stem
To Wrap it Up:

I'm off to the Grey Cup/Santa Claus parade shortly to freeze my ass off. Go

Listen without prejudice....


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