Hey all. Snail mail question: Who all has sent me checks for dubbing?
Including yesterday's, I think it's 4--Dawn, JT, Dana, and Chris W. Dubbing
will commence somewhere around December 14th, and should be in the mail two
days later.

Snail mail kiss up of the decade honours to the my mentor JT--MY fave mailing
list administrator--for declaring me "Godess on the mountaintop of Yog!!"
Venus may not be my name, but Amanda thanks you all the same! : )

***************************** (Jason Hare) writes:
Hi everyone,

Anybody know if any songs actually got completed for the aborted Trojan Souls
project? I remember hearing about it many years ago when I was in the fan

(Still sitting in a vault I hear. Allegedly going to be released on the
Fgean label. AG)

Does anybody remember GM doing the Wham! version of Freedom unplugged during
the Cover to Cover tour? I'm pretty sure I heard it at Madison Square Garden
(in my 14th row seats, thanks to the fan club!)..

(I remember it--he played it in Toronto too--and I love it!!! I have a
bootleg of the Garden's gig, and it's the one song I always listen to. AG)

And to lighten things up, I share my first live GM experience with you (mind
you, I've only had two):

It was April of 1988 and I was 12 years old. Tickets had been announced for
George's tour, and my mother had no luck getting tickets. I was depressed
for months, until three days before the concert in August, when my mother
announced that she had gone to a ticket broker, paid an outrageous price and
gotten the two of us tickets on the floor!

(I pay brokers to this very day, right after getting crappy seats for the C2C
tour, and have not sat in the stands since, they're not really bad people.
And yes, I do happen to do a little brokering on the side... AG)

Well, we got to the show, this little 12 year old excited out of his mind to
be seeing GM live. Only one problem...I was a short little kid. Even now,
at 19, I'm only 5'6". So when the concert started (Deon opened, BTW),
everyone stood up...and I freaked out. I couldn't see a thing. (This is still
a problem!).

(OK, you got Deon, I got Johnny Clegg and Savuka... AG)

Luckily, the big guy sitting in the seat next to me had seen me upset (and we
had chatted before the concert), and decided to do me what was the nicest
favor ever: he let me stand on the back of his chair, behind him, with my
hands leaning on top of his shoulders. I was able to see the entire concert
this way, and although it was probably irritating him (my hands and the fact
that this kid was singing all the words to the songs!), he never said a word.

(I made a couple pals before the Wham! gig I saw--I was 10--and that's how I
scored their binoculars, and they helped convince the security guard that he
move my chair into the aisle. AG)

The concert that night was amazing. The opening and closing with "I Want
Your Sex" was amazing, and the lighting was the best. It ranks my #2
favorite concert ever (#1 is the Who's Quadrophenia I saw this summer)- I
will never forget the excitement that I had.

(Faith's second only to Whamamerica in my book. AG)

Just felt like sharing....!

(Anytime! AG)

Here's to GM Touring in '97!

***************************** (Alexandra Sweet) writes:
Hi everyone,
I have a lot of things to say so I'll get right to it. First off, The Europe
MTV awards really sucked, except for George. As far as him lip synching, it
most likely wasn't his choice. When you produce an awards show like that,
it's usually up to the director or producer to decide if they want the talent
to lip synch or go live, and you'll notice that (at least the acts I could
sit through) were all lipsynched. It helps cut down on the stress for the
director to have to tell the audio person which microphones turned on and
with the timing of the show. However, the whole show seemed to be a big mess

(I'm sure they'll get the hang of it soon. But this is #3 isn't it? AG)

Next, Amanda, I do remember the Club MTV tour and when Milli Vanilli
performed with them (in Milwaukee,WI) I had eighth row center and and they
started the music and Milli Vanilli comes running out on stage and the music
went dead, so they ran off stage
and started the music and lyrics over again!! It was a hilarious sight with
really bad lipsynching.

(I didn't see Club MTV, but I did catch Milli Vanilli once. I was 5 feet
away from the Engineering pit, and you honestly couldn't tell! I spent more
time watching the engineers than I did Rob and Fab. AG)


And finally, I know I told you guys I have the CTC live tour on tape with
lots of extra songs (a great a capella version of Freedom 84 and the awesome
Victims), but I also found a live faith tour from Rotterdam. If anyone wants
me to dub them just let me
know, I don't charge as long as you provide the tapes and pre-addressed
padded envelope. Ok, that's all. Buh-bye now.

(Can you send me your snail mail address? AG)

***************************** (Nikki) writes:
The MTV Europe Awards show was shown here in the US on the 14th and they'll
probably show it again this weekend sometime, I'm not sure. He performed I
can't remember the name of the song--I was pulling a massive all-nighter for
2 exams--the s song with the line "maybe your daddy didn't love you enough".
The car from STW was on stage along with about 500 dancers in various
costumes. He also won an award for best male I think and made a very snide
comment about Nick Cave.

(It was Star People he "sang". AG)
***************************** (Nikolaj Recke) writes:
Please Help.

Dear Amanda:

Please help a man from Denmark.

(I'll certainly try... AG)

Can you tell me or in any way give me information where to get help of this
little tiny FAQ. In Wham Rap from first wham record the chorus sings in the
back of the record...D.H.S.S. What does that means. What does dhss stands
for??? Hope to hear from You.

(We head this question a while back. And as they told me in the UK: It
stands for Department of Health and Social Security. AG)

Yours sincerely,
Nikolaj Recke
cxl13-at-po.CWRU.Edu (Joo) writes:
Thank you for such a wonderful site. I've been in love with him since '84. I
have a copy of BARE. I got it from my country 4 years ago. If that bookstore
still have it, I may be able to get it for you guys. It's a pocket book
thought not a hard cover one. Oh, it has to be next summer too 'cause I won't
be able to go home 'til next summer.

***************************** (Kevin) writes:
Hi All

MTV's George Michael unplugged will be shown on 2nd December at 9.00pm

Also the radio one session will be on dec 8th 12.00 noon.

(Might I ask who I can inconvenience to tape this for me? AG)

Hope this is of some help to you all.

A huge GM fan
dawnhunt-at-phoenix.Princeton.EDU (Dawn V. Hunt) writes:
Hi Amanda!
Hi Everybody!

Personally speaking, I was just so excited to see GM on TV that I didn't even
notice that he was lip-synching. It wasn't until Bryan Adams mentioned it in
a post-show interview, that I was made aware of it. Besides, if you're
watching it on TV does it really matter that it was a lip-synch? Anyway, he
was alot of fun to watch and he looked great.

I was concerned by his acceptance speech, though. He was wearing those damn
dark shades again (which he wasn't wearing when he performed) and he kept
fidgeting with his face (glasses, nose, etc.). That plus the fact that his
speaking voice sounded different (kind of deeper or something) made me wonder
about what's really going on with him. But I have no complaints about the

(I noticed the deeper speaking voice as soon as I heard the clip of the
interview with MTV. It's gotten a lot deeper, and I thought his accent was
kinda starting to fade a bit. It could be age, but it could also be the fact
that he's now smoking--pot and cigarettes--a lot more regularly now. AG)

Can anyone explain the Nick Cave joke?

(Haven't heard it yet... AG)

***************************** (Shonda Taylor) writes:
Hi! First of all thanks for all you do. I've been getting Yogmail since the
very beginning, but this is the first time I have been compelled to write.
I've been a fan of George's music since "Fantastic", and I would have been
surprized if he didn't do drugs.

All of us have to realize when and where George grew up. In the 1970's drugs
were like candy. Everyone did them. It was no big deal. In many places in
Europe some drugs are legal. I don't know if any of you remember an article
in Detail Magazine around the time "Too Funky" came out. The author of that
article said george drank gallons of red wine. Did any of you think less of
him then. Probably not, it was just alcohol, but that is a mind altering
substance, too.

Secondly, George has also admitted to doing "Loads and loads of Ecstasy".
Why didn't
anyone loose respect for him then? Ecstasy is a more powerful substance than

pot. Most people our age (I'm just 11 days younger than George) smoke pot
regularly. It's nothing. It's as accepted amoung our age group as liquor in
your age group. I don't hear any of you complaining because he smokes
cigarettes. They are much more addictive than grass. Before you go off, any
addictive substance alters your state of mind. Besides that he'll grow out
of it everyone does. Let him be human, he is not a god. Okay, I'll climb
down. This soapbox is way too high, anyway. Thanks for letting me vent.

(You raise valid points. But I can think of a handful of 30 year
olds--pretty much all those I know--who don't smoke up regularly, so I
question "most". And I doubt they're hiding it from me. Vent anytime. AG)
***************************** (AKONG) writes:
Hi Amanda
My name is Roxanne and I am from the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago in
the West Indies.

I am new to the list. It is wonderful to hear from other GM fans and
to get up-to-date info on him. Keep up the good work.


As shocked as I was after reading the excerpts from The Big Issue
interview you wrote, I don't think his sexuality is anybody's business but
his own and it does not affect his music in any way.

His pot smoking on the other hand does affect is music and I cannot
understand why he needs it. Why can't he use his God given talents in it's
natural state.

I saw the MTV European Music Awards and was diappointed that he sang
Star People and not Fastlove and that he lipsinc'd. Also I didn't understand
why he wore shades to accept the award when, if I'm not mistaken, he did not
have them on when he was performing.

(It's all image... AG)

I am anxiously waiting for the MTV unplugged and interview. Does
anyone know the dates of the these shows?

Well this is it for now until next time take care

Bye Roxanne
***************************** (mmitchell) writes:

Hi, Amanda.....
Just feel like "venting" a little, I have been really down ever since the
info on The Big Issue article. I just am so upset that GM would use drugs!!!
I too have been in "utter awe" of his talent for so long that I'm totally
bummed that he would have to write his stuff with the help of drugs. It does
explain the lyrics to "It Doesn't Really Matter", though! I have joking said
that that song was composed with the lyrics that were cut out of the other
songs he wrote for "Older".

(That song doesn't make much sense does it? I get the general idea, but you
know... Also, if you go looking for them, there are a hell of a lot of drug
references contained therein. AG)

I just got my Spinning The Wheel EP in the mail, so I am happy about
something these
days! I think everybody should buy that single, btw. Well, nothing more to
say. Later, Jen
***************************** (paul (p.j.) crossey) writes:
I have seen GM sing live on many an ocassion in person and on TV and there is
noboby better.

It is will known that artists in order to improve performance will us backing
tracks as well.

So same GM did lipsync at MTV awards whats the big deal. He obviously had a
good reason since if anyone say him last year perform Jesus to a Child live
would know
since he sang live and was super.

(There was some reason behind it, but just "what" is the enigma that we have
gotten used to being George fans. AG)
blakete-at-muss.CIS.McMaster.CA (T.E. Blake) writes:
I'm a 21 year old fan who listened to GM's Faith OVER AND OVER in Grade 7
when it came out. Now I'm into the retro, and I love all his stuff.

LWP was a great album
***************************** (Anita Patel) writes:


My thoughts on George's recent Interview:

I just hope that he is not hurting himself and finds a way to stop the
hurt he's feeling inside. One big bear hug from me to him if it
helps even in the slightest. What a person does with their own life
is their own business. He's an adult who can take care of himself and
his personal life is none of our business. We all have things about
ourselves that are less than perfect and we don't have to disclose or
justify them to anyone. So let's just enjoy George's music and
support his career. Our love and support does mean alot to him.
Let's keep it at that. Hugs and kisses to all.

(I support his career, but I question just what we mean to him... AG)

***************************** (Brent Pearson) writes:
Hello all,
Ok I guess I too will give my two or three cents worth on this Big Issue
debate. Ok well I guess I dont see the big deal with GM being gay or
straight or whatever I mean he is a nice guy so what the hell does it matter?
I mean really that is the main thing to me that he is a nice guy and not an
asshole like some of these singers or stars and having
met him I dont see what is wrong here. As long as he is kind and a nice guy
and is not going around shooting anyone or anything what is the big deal?

Ok well the drug issue is simply this if he is doing pot or any other drugs
he should not be encouraging others. If he wants to do it well that is his
choice to make he should just keep that to himself because others may get the
wrong impression and think it is cool or whatever which it is not because it
can lead to other drugs and addiction seen it
happen with other people.

(But when a great songwriter like George all but says he needs grass as a
writer, I think we're treading upon dangerous territory... AG)

well that is my thoughts on it.
Cheers! Brent
***************************** (Debbie) writes:
Hi all!

I have original VHS tapes of the recent MTV Euro Awards up for grabs if
anyone is interested.

Please e-mail me at with your request and snail-mail

I made two tapes (both originals) -- so, take advantage of it!!

(One of which I've already snagged... AG)

In light of the recent hullabaloo over "The Big Issue" interview:

Try to Listen Without Prejudice --


Debbie (aka DSMiller)
***************************** (George Bielinski) writes:

Do you have yourself, or do you know anyone with a HiFi video recorders and a
copy of MTV Europe awards? I would really like to get a good quality copy in

(My hi fi VCR has been broken for a while, and you need the Aussie speed
anyway. Sorry. AG)

As somebody mentioned in Yogmail, Australian "A Current Affair" will screen
an interview with GM next month. The only problem is that I don't know when
it will be screened, so I would really like to find out about that from other
Australian Yogmail subscribers.

(Can someone help out our friend with the great name? AG)

***************************** (Barney Hamilton) writes:
Just thought you would like to know about an advert in this week's issue of
Music Week, the UK music trade publication (our equivalent of US Billboard).
In it I found a two page spread for

"a new media and record company with big ideas (and we mean big).

The name of the company is called Fgean, with the "F" symbol very much in the

style of George's. And at the bottom of the page, it gives an E-Mail address
and internet site.

(Fgean is indeed George's company. He owns it, and Andros helps him run it.

Now, if you visit the internet site ( you are are
presented with George's picture from the Older album, and a chance to
register. It will begin transmitting in 1997, it says.

(I checked it out and registered. The opening screen says: "A new media and
record company with new ideas (and they're big)." Once you register it says:
"Thank you for registering. We'll get back to you soon." I'm waiting...

It is obviously an official GM company (they refer to him at the bottom of
their ad, and use his AE logo), but I don't know its purpose. I don't know
whether it is going to be a sub-label of Virgin (like Maverick for Madonna).
But more information can be obtained from the company's phone number: 0171
(London) 436 3633.

By the way, can we move on from George's sexuality. JTAC gave us as many
clues as we have now, anyway. We haven't move on - George has just said in
prose what before he was saying lyrically. Its nothing new, and anyone who
thinks that it is must have had their head in the clouds. I don't think STW
is necessarily about a gay relationship, though it has obvious references to
AIDs. Anyway, the songs haven't changed since everyone was adoring them a
week and a half ago. Just because George is anywhere between 10 to 100% gay
doesn't change them; nor, in truth how he wrote them (with or without pot...)

No one has picked up on the fact that George admitted to being a Tony
Blair/Labour party fan, which has won him many many gold stars in my book,
and the fact that he doesn't mind paying more tax as long as its a left wing

government that is spending his money. And that he hated Thatcher. Three
cheers to a pop star who thinks more about social issues and what is right
and wrong, than his own wallet.

(I knew someone in the UK would pick up on this. AG)

I will find out more about Aegean when I get the chance, but I'm sending this
E-mail from work, and kind of busy right now.

(Nice to hear you're being productive... AG)

Music Week also said that MTV Europe would be devoting 2 Decemeber to George,

including videos, the MTV interview, and the unplugged session. All I need do
now is find someone who can record it all for me....

Whatever happened to George's Trojan Souls album (where he was writing songs
for other artists, but not singing them himself). I thought it had all been
going well, but I haven't heard anything about it for at least a year.

(Fgean will release it. AG)

Keep up the good work, Amanda

(I'll try. Don't get yourself fired though for being caught with YOGMAIL on
the screen when the boss walks by... AG)

***************************** writes:

Please include this in your next YOG MAIL...

I was wondering when will the MTV EURO AWARDS
be shown in Australia? I can't wait to see
George Michael sing live. If anyone knows

(Anyone know? AG)

Also, I would like to know if George Michael
will tour AUSTRALIA? I saw him in 1988
(FAITH TOUR) and he was fantastic.....I can't
wait until he tours....

(You'll know when I know... AG)

Have Faith

Christal T
***************************** (Nancy) writes:
Here's the weekly posting:

* Cover To Cover tour t-shirt. White with large facial photo of George on
front, says " Tokyo, Rio de Janiero, London" on the back. Size 38-40.

* 12" vinyl single from Mixmasters includes Young Guns and Bad Boys

* Wham! 250 piece puzzle from 1986

* 7" Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go single from Japan with completely different

cover than any other release

* Older special presentation box set

For further details e mail me!
***************************** (Nancy) also writes:
I wanted to thank a fan out there who is one of the most unselfish people I
know - Alan Hart. Alan gladly shares information with the fans and seldom
asks for anything in return! You are one in a million!

(I don't call Alan my guru for nothing. He is THE one in a million. AG)

To Wrap it Up:

To those who have been asking me:

0}+> stands for "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince". Tilt it like a
smiley and there you have the symbol.

Listen without prejudice...


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