In this issue we keep on discussing the Big Issue, and may even get around to
the MTV Europe Awards, we'll see...

Anyone catch Elton on the Rosie O'Donnell show Friday? The diva was in fine
form, in a suit he obviously borrowed from Andrew Ridgeley... Rosie even
sang a little clip of Wrap Her Up. Thanks to Adrianna for enlightening me
with the news in AOL George chat last week. But a note to Rosie: It's not
nice to call the west coast at 11am EST, especially when you're calling and
waking up Madonna and Lourdes... And speaking of Madonna, only she would
DEMAND that the Dutchess of York send her a free copy of her new book.
Anyone else notice Sarah looked a little star struck during that phone call?

BTW, it's 2am, I have an essay due in 8 hours, and I'm about half done,
dontcha just love university....

******************************* (lyle...) writes:
I don't understand why everyone feels George came out in the BI interview.
I think what actually happened was that he was asked about his sexuality,
and just started bumbling around, not making any real sense. He knew before
hand that he will never reveal his sexuality, and I think he responded the
best possible way he could. I still think George is 90% straight, but has
had occasional gay experiences... As for his
relationship with Anselmo, it is entirely possible that they were just pals.
Even if you want to factor in the JTAC lyrics, they still can make sense if
Anselmo was just a close male friend.

(I'm going to have to say Anselmo and George were more than close pals...

As for pot? Well he's been very open about his boozing, and no one seemed
to object to his use of that drug. What is wrong with pot? It's just
another drug, except in this case, the government deems it illegal. Should we
allow the government to tell us which drugs to use?

(Woah, there Lyle, don't think I'd be any more impressed if George said he
had written the album whilst drunk out of his tree. It's one thing to loosen
up a bit to dance, God knows I become a less inhibited dancer after a drink
or two, so I gladly grant him the FastLove shower scene. I mean,
gay/straight/bi, no one has ever looked better in wet leather... AG)

******************************* (Zoe Salonitides) writes:
Hello all!

I (among hundreds!) have decided to air my opinion about the interview. I
have to start off by saying that I wasn't at all surprised. When I discovered
JTAC was written for Anselmo there was no doubt that they were lovers! Listen
to the lyrics... it isn't a song about a platonic friendship - it was much,
much more. And having finally heard it from the big manhimself, I'm quite
relieved in a way (strange, aren't I?) I don't see him in a different light,
or listen to his music any differently (I always imagined STW was about a
guy... and the Fastlove video shows constant bisexual images/references). And
even though his sexuality has become even more ambiguous now, I think it was
quite brave of him to say ANYTHING, considering he blatantly refused in the

("Looking for some publicity, I agreed to do an interview...." AG)

George a pothead... hmmm... well let's not forget that he had a slight
"addiction" with ecstasy after Wham! broke up and before he got back on track
with Faith. It seems he's always needed something to keep him going. I'm not
making any excuses for George, but come on guys, it could be something much
worse. George is a smart guy... it just seems like at particular moments (his
failed relationship, Wham break-up and the court case) he needs some sort of
"crutch" to help him get by. Do you honestly think he'll remain a pothead?
Social "spliff" smoker maybe, but not a constant pothead.

(We'll see. But was he writing on ecstasy? AG)

And Amanda - rockstars have never asked to be taken as role models. I think
they'd be the last ones to promote the kind of lifestyle they lead - it's
definitely not for everyone! But I understand your point about teenagers
being impressionable (didn't we all go through the go-go phase?)

(OK, I know they don't ask to be, but there is a certain thing in the teenage
psyche that can justify doing anything by saying "well--insert celebrity name
here--did/does it!" As for ecstasy, while I didn't follow through on the
notion, at one point when I had told a friend about George's use--I think I
was 16 at the time--and they said they knew where to get me some, I will
admit I did check my wallet to see how much cash I had on me... AG)

Disco Diva
******************************* (Elizabeth) writes:

Hi, Amanda, great work you are doing. I hope the stress of anxious fans
writing for support is not getting too much for you.

(No, this is my way of unwinding. Cheap therapy I suppose you could say.

Anyway, I was going to keep quiet, but now feel I must admit to being a
totally superficial person.

(Welcome to the club! AG)

I only noticed GM this year, because I read a review which suggested he was
gay. Before then, I'd thought he was the most boring, arrogant Mr. Hetero
around. Of course, if his music was rubbish I wouldn't still be interested

It's really surprising to me how many people did not think there was a lot of
speculation. And also, he hasn't really come out either, the media is just
assuming that, I think.

(Look, there was indeed a lot of speculation, but people chose to block out
things they do not want to know. AG)

And someone asked about the model in the Fastlove video - well, not very
helpful this, but if you mean the strange blonde-haired man with a large
nose, he was in "attitude" magazine (that's a gay men's magazine) a few
months ago (the same issue that Robbie Williams was in). I only noticed it
'cos it said he was 'GM's muse in the fastlove video', sorry I cannot
remember his name but he was also in Madonna's 'Justify My Love' video, I

(Tony Ward. I read the interview. He and Ms. Ciccone were a couple for a
while. He was a Bday present from one of her brother's years ago. He's done
a couple other videos too, in one he plays a male prostitute. AG)

Well, thanks for listening/reading,

******************************* (Debbie) writes:
I have a copy of the MTV EuroAwards aired on Thursday, Nov. 14th. in the U.S.
If you want it -- e-mail me at

(Got the FEDEX Debbie. I went to the shop to pick up the Q for you, but I
recalled a disrepency: I flicked throught the October issue a while back,
and saw no George. But I recall something about the issue we want being the
one with the 100 greatest gigs of all time--which was September, which I can
******************************* (Manuel Roumain) writes:
I just would like to know where he lives in London. Thanks.

(Hampstead Heath. Look for the one with the XK8 in the drive... AG)
******************************* (Tina Stem) writes:
Hi Amanda,

This is just a quick note to you. I have just had a thought about the
George issue.

(I have decided to post this, please don't hate me. AG)

You have mentioned that you are a Madonna fan, I love her too. Well, Madonna
done some pretty bizarre things to keep her name on the tips of everyone s
maybe George has taken a few lessons.

(Read above--my lyrics to FastPress, which I will maybe write in it's
occurred to me too... AG)

Think about it, he never came out and said that he was gay. He has left us
all wondering and talking about HIM. His name is definitely being tossed
around now. Madonna has done the exact same thing. We have all heard of her
romps with women but she has never said that she was gay. I think this is an
idea she has played with, but we all have seen her with several different men
and now the baby.

(I once saw her say in print something along the lines of that she's not into
women, but if that's what people like to think, then she won't correct
them... AG)

I wouldn t be honest if I said that I thought George had NEVER been with a
man. Like in my last letter, I hope that it was just an experiment in trying
to find out who he is.

Yes, I guess I am sort of in denial, but I can t totally eat every word of
defense that I have given everyone over the years about George. (I would end
up weighing a zillion pounds) To me, having to admit that George is gay to my
husband would actually be worse than finding out that George has been gay all
along! Jeff would love nothing better than to say "I told you all along he
was gay".

(I can only imagine what my brother-in-law will say to my sister, he's been
known to go off on discourses on George's sexuality, pure and simple
jealousy. But he really should be nicer, it was Jeanne's love of George's
beard that caused her to give Steve that second look... AG)

You know what is going to happen don t you? (Crossing my fingers) The next
BIG thing we are going to read is that he is going to be a father!

(No, George won't crack under this particular aspect of "peer" pressure, even

though it is his turn... AG)

Hey, stranger things have happened. I just heard (Thursday 14th) that
Michael Jackson is about to marry the woman that is carrying his child in a
matter of hours in Australia. It has been a big deal about announcing that
she got pregnant in the usual manner.

(As Elton said all the loonies go to Australia to get married, himself
included... AG)

If you get this in time today let me know if anyone is sending you a tape of
the awards. I have two VCRs and am planning on taping on both. If you need
one of them let me

(Taken care of, but thanks though. AG)

Thanks for your ear (eyes),
Tina Stem
******************************* (Nitika Steverson) writes:
Hey guys! Hey Amanda!

Just wanted to let you guys know that I just finished reading all the
archives of yogmail and I'm all cought up. You guys could probably care less
but I wanted to share anyway...I got 3 issues that had no date or issue
numbers. I couldn't figure out an order for them but the last number issued
that I received and read was #47 part two.

(Forward them to me and I'll figure it out for you OK? AG)

Are you feling better about George Amanda?

(I am indeed. AG)

I've been thinking alot about why I am a fan because I was feeling alittle
disenchanted myself. But I had to remind myself that he is just a person with
faults and shortcomings like the rest of us. We fan create images of what we
want and think our favorite celebreties are like. And when they don't live up
to our expectations we become very judgemental. I think I felt like you being
more upset about the weed thing than anything else. He's smoked for ages now
and even though I think smoking is a disgusting habit I didn't let that make
me like him any less.

(OK. I'm currently listening to the Bangles, and the track now playing is
Hero Takes a Fall, just by luck I swear. And I don't feel bad at all now
that the hero's taken a slight fall, I just take solace that I can go about
my work the hard way. AG)

I know people don't want to talk about his sexuality but I just wanna make a
few comments:

(I think it's safe to say we do...George brought it up, and so discuss it we
shall. AG)

I defended him about not being gay when I first became a Whammy! As a young
teenaged girl I couldn't image someone I adored wasn't straight. I think I've
always thought in the back of mind that he was gay but I didn't ever allow
myself to say it to anyone until recently. Peolple would always try to say
that he confessed in some article or interview that he was but they could
never quote or reveal their source, so I held my ground on that issue. It
wasn't until "Older" that I just said okay I give up, it's his life not mine.
I just sat down and read the lyrics without playing the CD and for some
reason they came across in a much different light. Even "Blue" and "A
Different Corner" have a different meaning to me now. But basically I asked
myself why I love George. I came to the conclusion that its not for his
sexuality(and regardless of what anybody thinks about him, no one can deny
that he's not SEXY!!)it's because I think he is a gifted artist and musician
with an incredible voice. I guess during his hiatus from the music scene I
adopted the notion of "outta sight outta mind". I almost felt like I was
"outgrowing" him, maybe because in my heart I felt like I couldn't honestly
defend his sexuality. But as a fan I realise that that is not my job. I can
only defend the intergrity and creativity of his music. Alot of people are
very critical of George now and I would ask all of those people: First, have
you walked in Georges's shoes? and second, can you do what he does as an
artist and musician? I think I would get a resounding NO for both of those

(I know that during that hiatus I was getting over the George thing. I think
that's when I became the utter Madonna freak... AG)

Since I've become a member of Yogmail it's renewed the feeling of being a
"fan" again and that was something I have truly missed. Now I'm off to budget
my income until the end of the year so I can stuff my stockings with as much
Wham! and George! stuff as possible.

(I keep getting these subtle little hints from Alicia about what I should be
getting her for XMas. I can only assume the next step is going to be a
highlighted Record Runner catalogue... AG)

Oh, Amanda thanks for JTAC translation! I'm like DUUUHH butthead! For some
reason my brain must have been fried that day because for the life of me
Jesus to a Child never entered my mind!! Thanks again.

(No worries, the NanaNews abbreviations confuse me daily. AG)

Listen Without Prejudice.....does it have a new meaning...?

(I think it might for some people... AG)
To Wrap it Up:

OK, this is a part of the missing e mail that my computer chose to eat, I've

spent hours trying to retrieve it, I think I would have saved time by just
re-typing the whole bloody that's all for now.

More on the Big Issue tomorrow, yes, we're pretty much back to daily--the
issues are already done and sitting as text files ready for sending. And
some comments on George's evening with the Star People of course.

Also, there have been some problems with people getting their YOGMAIL. If
you're missing issues, please let me know. I need to know the problem
addresses, because the people who are complaining are not the addresses that
are sending me error messages. If you're at a university, you have to keep
your mail box clean, or else YOGMAIL may be rejected, and I don't resend
issues unless you ask for them, you can even ask Alicia...

Listen without prejudice...


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