So being stuck in the Great White North, I did not get a chance to catch the
Euro Awards, but I did run home and log on to UK chat to find out what
happened. All I managed to find out from some nice Oasis fan was that he
thought George had one the award for best male artist. And of course I know
he "sang" Star People. But more on these in future YOGMAIL's. For now, my
congrats to George, and I'm proud he chose that song to perform!

OK, more of your comments on The Big Issue.

***************************** writes:
Amanda and everyone.

Well I must say I am pretty upset about Georges revelations regarding the
I am 26 years old and am very anti drugs. I also hate cigarettes and don't
drink. I accept that drinking is a part of many peoples lives but I have
always thought people who feel the need to smoke pot and or cig's were pretty
pathetic. You don't need drugs to be happy!

(I'm fairly anti-drug too, I smoke maybe one cigarette every 3 months, and
even though I do drink, I rarely have more than one or two. AG)

I have been a huge George fan for 12 years and now I honestly have to wonder!
I'll always love the music of course but I always admired George so much as
a person and I don't think I can any longer. No wonder Older isn't nearly as
good as everything else he's done (IMOPO). Sorry George, I don't think the
pot helped you. I always thought he was so intelligent but intelligent
people dont smoke!

(I would be inclined to agree that some of the songs sound a touch
disjointed. AG)

Obviously he is screwed up emotionally whether he thinks so or not. That he
to having been a pothead makes me physically ill!!! I f***ing hate potheads
and here a man I have loved and looked up to for so long admits to being one.
I do not know
how I am going to handle this! I agree w/everything you said Amanda.

(It's kinda hard to deal with George the pot head. AG)

Think I'll go listen to the Pet Shop Boys instead of George for a while.
Stephanie :(

(I took a while off too--and listened to a lot of Duran Duran, especially
White Lines, and Too Much Information--but don't reject him totally. AG)
***************************** (shelly renee andrews) writes:

Okay. I've been quiet for a while so Amanda could catch up a little. To those
who left, It's okay, we all get pissy sometimes.

The drugs, the drugs, the drugs! For all of you who don't remember or if
you're new...I like Bob Dylan A LOT. So pot smoking does not cause me to
abandon an artist. Good for George. I was pretty confident before, what with
Clinton and the upcoming generation, but now... Legalization in our
lifetimes, kidos. Three cheers! It isn't a bad drug, paper, rate of
photosynthesis, medicine,'ve all heard the spiel.

I am now wondering...what this self-declared pot head's favorite episode of
Beavis and Butthead is. Also, he once spoke of Dylan as a person being "what
a waste" (if you can believe what you read in the Times) but said "he writes
good lyrics still though"... Perhaps they are too close to one another to
appreciate each other? (As Dylan has picked on George before...during the
celebrity loathing period)

To those of you enraged, enough with this puritan attitude. So you know
people who have suffered mercilessly at the hands of drugs? I know people who
have lived an enriched life of moderation. It is the law, but what was it
that the great philosopher Thoreau said about laws we don't like? And for
those of you who will never be convinced, that's okay, your entitled... do
try to remember that piece about it being his preferred medicinal option?

A final tribute to altered consciousness:

"Take me on a trip upon your magic swirlin' ship,
My senses have been stripped, my hands can't feel to grip,
My toes too numb to step, wait only for my boot heels to be wanderin'.
I'm ready to go anywhere, I'm ready for to fade
Into my own parade, cast your dancing spell my way, I promise to go under

Then take me disappearin' through the smoke rings of my mind,
Down the foggy ruins of time, far past the frozen leaves,
The haunted, frightened trees, out to the windy beach,
Far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow.
Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free,
Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus sands,
With all memory and fate driven deep beneath the waves,
Let me forget about today until tomorrow.

Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me,
I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to.
Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me,
In the jingle jangle morning I'll come followin' you" room for the full brilliance here... everybody has their own
Tambourine Man, I'm glad George found one appropriate for is a
great link to get more Dylan. If you should have any questions about which
songs are drug influenced, and which are not... a good rule of thumb is: the
good metaphorical ones are. Or you can email me. Send all hate mail to me at :) (tambourine man)
complete index here:

What is an email family without a little loving abuse?
CU (Matt) writes:

I have to ask you a question. I want to know why you and others seem so
concerned with the sexual preference of George. Number one: when I listen to
his music, I'm not concerned with who he is sleeping with. I like his voice
not his sex organs, so where and into whom he puts them is not important. He
should be able to have a private life. As far as drugs go, believe me he
could do much worse than pot. If it helps him with his music, FINE, LET HIM

(OK, so on behalf of the women here, a lot of us have that deluded dream of
shagging the man, it's as simple as that. I guess we had a little concrete
proof it wouldn't happen. AG)

Maybe George has worked out his demons in an attempt to clear his head, at
which point I'm sure his music will become more upbeat and optimistic.
Regardless, we all
have bought his music anyway so in the end I'm sure George does not care what
OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel justified in making these comments due to the fact that as of tommorow
I will be 30, and even though I'm not world famous, I've still dealt with
many issues simular
to George. It takes a true fan to LET HIM BE.

Matt Ward Washington D.C. USA
***************************** (Kinga Pawlaczyk) writes:
Hi Everyone....

I'm wondering at this point if your inbox is bursting with comments, Amanda.

(It's a touch filled, yeah... AG)

I found out the news during the weekend and was quite shocked by his honesty.
I really found that to be the most shocking thing: here we have Mr.
Privacy, who gives away nothing, who does not give interviews for ages and
ages, and who all of a sudden goes..."Hey, here's all I have been keeping
inside of me since about 1985 or so!". He's just soooo...HONEST! I was
really not expecting this from him...I expected another fluff piece of the
usual sort (You know: you said you wouldn't give interviews, why are you in
your own videos again, what's it really like to be free...etc...). The
sexuality bit does not bother never really did and I think most of us
knew that he was not 100%

(He's only been holding back since about 1988 I think, but yeah, the sudden
about face to Mr. Honesty was a shock. AG)

Yes, the pot smoking is something I was not expecting. Not something I
necessarily approve of, but having had friends who partake in such "hobbies",
I can accept it. I wish he hadn't used it to write "Older" cause I love the
record. I really do. The lyrics, the music and the atmosphere is brilliant.
It's rather disappointing that he felt he had to smoke pot. But he is
human. If anything, this interview brings that fact out into the open. He
does what he wants, he is free, he is an adult and he can make whatever
choices he wants to. He has no responsibilities; he's got no kids, no
wife/husband, nothing as concrete as that. Sure, he's got Hippy, but it's a
little bit different. So, he
smokes pot. Such is life and it's a part of him that's there...whether we
accept it or not. I'm still a little surprised, but what really makes my
eyes pop wide open is the openess with which he spoke. Maybe it was the
pot...>;>. (Kidding!) But I really think he's wrong in stating that he
does not wallow...please, he seemed to wallow in his "drunken
stupor year" following Wham!'s split and the heartbreak that the suffered. I
think he's a "wallower". :)

(The wallowing comment caught my eye too, and I ended up cutting an initial
response to it, along the lines of "OK stop, George doesn't like to wallow?
Hmmm...." AG)

Anyhow, so that's my 2 cents in. Sorry if it was too long, but I couldn't
resists the chance... If you want to discuss this further with me, feel free
to e-mail me (although, don't expect an e-mail back very quickly :)).

(This is too big of a news item, even if we only consider it's his first
interview in a while, to limit opinion on, don't worry about it. AG)

He did provide us with one heck of a great quote..."I spent almost an entire

year in sunglasses...I think I even went to bed with them." Almost as great
as the "I had the earring surgically removed" from the MTV interview! ;)

(The man is developing--or at least showing that he has--one hell of a sense
of humour. AG)

I hope the press will be nice to him...
***************************** (Rene') writes:
Hi Amanda,

Just thought that I would drop you a note (like you would get lonesome only
receiving 100 emails/day!). Hope that you are well.

(Well, let me say that I have been getting my mail every two hours, and
there's at least 4 each time. AG)

My anxiety quotient is growing by the minute: the EMAs will be airing in just
short of 48 hours (Am I a fan or what?!!). I had some pangs of conscience
recently. I keep telling myself "at least I will always have Yogmail." The
follow-up being: "God am I selfish or what? Would I really have Amanda work
herself to death just because I insist on having my daily George-Fix? Am I
_really_ that far gone?"

(I run YM, so I'm pretty sure I am that far gone... AG)

Well, it's quiet and I've thought about it.. _Never_ would I want you to
risk your grades, friends, or health JUST so I can get the latest news on
George! I think it's great what you've done, but remember..we aren't all
*That* important! So, take some time out for yourself.

(My grades are fine, my friends have begun to embrace George like never so
before, and as for my health, well, I'm still young... AG)

--- That being said, I will ramble on about something else..*smile*. Just
spent the last few hours catching up on all my Yogmail since Oct. [Hey, I
have a life!..I just like to savour some things..]. Besides, I've learned
some important things since Oct. 1: Calculus professors _really_ don't like
it when you read your Yogmail during lectures!

(Got caught have you? I think I wrote ANGEMAIL during a sociology lecture.

I can say that I will attribute my next two sigs to you {excerpts from
previous Yogmail editions}:
There's sanity in numbers (?!)

(Whose was this again? AG)

SLEEP is for Wimps!

(True credit to MuchMusic VJ Steve Anthony. AG)

Two questions:
1. What happened to the lyric quotes in Yogmail? You know, the ones before
each person's letter to you. (I would send in my own, but my memory is only
great when people remind me :)

(I stopped using them to expediate catching up on old postings. And now that
I'm caught up, I'm being bombarded by the Big Issue. But don't worry, I'll
get back to them in a while. AG)

2. Did you say that the male-model the Fastlove video had "Mr. Ward" tattooed
on his chest? Is this the guy with the blow dryer and blond spiked hair?

(That's him. AG)

A Short Rant:
I agree with your comments about George and drugs from his interview in "The
Big Issue". I sort of wish that Yogmail parts 1 & 2 were switched: I was so
disappointed in George's comments, I had to pull myself together! We're all
adults here, but the fact that George would take the "easy way out" when the
lyrics come sparingly was hard to take.

(In retrospect, I should have reversed them, but I just thought I'd get right
to it. AG)

Of course, we all do what we must when our backs are against the wall, But I
assumed he'd take the higher road {excuse the pun; I'm a bit punchy }
Still, I love him just the same. Sometimes I _swear_ that he's testing his
fan's loyalty .

(Hmmm...George TEST us? You think? AG)

O.K., Now something for the kiddies...
*Hello All!

For anyone who wants to see the videos for Fastlove or Spinning the Wheel
yet, here are some movies you can download. Note that the Fastlove clip shows
the "Fony" trademark on the headphones!

Also, you can view a movie of the remake of George's Freedom

Take care!
Amanda, you can split this LONG note up as you see fit! I just thought that
only the last bit (about video) would be of interest to anyone but yourself.

Again, you are appreciated! Thanks for being here!

(Anytime. AG)

***************************** writes:
I don't feel George's sexuality is an issue, at least not for me. I'm more
concerned with his pot smoking. I certainly don't begrudge his use of
recreational drugs, but I'm concerned that he feels it makes him more
creative. I personally think that's a load of crap...nothing more than an
excuse to rationalize him overusing it. He's basicly saying that he can't
write well without it, and that scares me. What's next? Heroin? Just think

how creative he could get on that.

(I had similar thoughts on that myself. AG)

Are we to believe that he was also high when he wrote Faith and LWP? If he
was, then perhaps his creative argument might hold true; but if he wasn't,
the great songs on those two albums are proof that he doesn't need pot to be

And it makes me furious that he cares so little about preserving his great
voice that he also smokes cigarettes. Is he fooloish enough to think it's
cool? or that it isn't harmful? or that it won't affect his voice? If
that's the way he thinks, then perhaps he needs to go back for more

(I think we can now understand why the vocals on Older are so "breathy". AG)

My final thoughts? He can smoke pot until his throat is eaten up with
cancer, if that's what he chooses, but don't endow it with magic qualities by
using it as a creative crutch. It may have loosened him up enough to get him
under the shower in the "Fastlove" video, but I will never believe it made
the difference between his writing a good song versus a bad one.

(My thoughts exactly. AG)

***************************** (Kelly) writes:
Hi, Guys-

My head is still spinning from all this 'enlightenment' on the part of
George's. You mentioned that the subject was open for discussion concerning
his sexual preference. I'm fine with that. As long as he's happy and
careful. That's all that matters on that front.

(Agreed. AG)

What I'm upset about - and I'm sure there are plenty others - is the drug
angle. Let me get this straight. The same man that stated that he wanted to
leave something behind and felt he could with his songwriting has admitted
that he sits down and smokes a joint before writing a song. AND that he
doesn't see himself giving this practice up.

What happened to his strive for credibility? Doesn't he care what the people
out there think anymore? Isn't he worried about what the press - and his
critics - are going to do with this lovely bit of info?

(Open season on Yog. AG)

I am very disappointed. I really like Older, and thought it his best work.
I really feel foolish right now.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I've never experienced drugs. Call me what you
will. Just explain to me what the 'stimulation' does for him. Is it still
George? The Control Freak himself?

(That has always been the one reason I've never gone near drugs, and always
get incredibly mad at myself when I realize I have gone and gotten myself
drunk...I'm too much of a control freak to not want total control of my mind.
But truth be told, the last time I got drunk was because of George--recall
the infamous MTV Awards party... AG)

Please forgive my rantings.

***************************** (Margarette Connor) writes:
Hi Amanda--

I'm a relatively new reader of YOGMAIL, and I must say it's my favorite piece
of mail. You do an amazing job--keep of the good work! I'm an American fan
from waaaay back (I'm technically older than George, but lie and say I'm 28)
currently living in Taipei, Taiwan so I'm out of the loop. Little
English-language Press, and MTV in Chinese (and I don't have it anyway). You
keep my curiosity sated.

(Glad I can help. AG)

And while I don't have anything pressing to say, I just had to comment about
"The Big Issue" (in more than one sense--eh?). It seemed to me that George
did not say he's gay--he said he had a struggle with his sexuality. He
sounds bisexual to me. Speaking as one who knows, this is a lot harder to
admit in our society because gays tend to thing we're cowards and they tend
to think we're experimenting. He says, "To me it
has always been about finding the right person." Gender, either way, doesn't
seem to be one of the requirements for "right" So females needn't despair.
Besides, as the man himself points out, it's just fantasy. I know there's
no serious chance of shagging him, but it beats thinking about bills.

And I agree with you about the pot thing, but how did you know he didn't need
it when writing "Careless Whispers"? He didn't say that this was a new
thing. I hate seeing artists rely on drugs, but as it's nothing new I can
just shake my head and mutter.

And one little business point. I'd like to send a contribution, but at the
moment I'm fresh out of US or Canadian dollars--does your local bank exchange
New Taiwanese dollars? If not, I'll bug a friend in the states to get a few

(I have no idea. Maybe you should bug a US pal. And thanks in advance. AG)

Thanks a lot for all your hard work. Wish I had something fun to share, but
as I live on the fringes of civilization so to speak I'm empty-handed.

(Then we'll just have to keep her informed won't we gang? AG)


***************************** (Alexandra Sweet) writes:
Regarding the Big Issue....well it's very nice to finally hear George utter
something about the subject we all seemed so interested in..his sexuality!!
As long as he is finally happy with his life and the direction it's going,
then good for him.

I wish he didn't have to light up the spliff's to get some stimulation
(ahem!), because it only seems to lessen the ability of his real talents. I
know we all know he is the most
talented man on earth, but it would be nice to know that it comes naturally,
without any extracurricular help!

(My thoughts exactly. AG)

and his sexuality is probably something we all really knew, but just didn't
want to believe because we have hopes of someday "shagging" the man!! I know
I did and I occasionly joke with my friends saying he is just playing around
with the boys to get it out of his system so he can settle down with ME!!
ahhh, it's nice to dream isn't it? well, that's all I have to say. I'm
shutting up now.

(I can name a handfull of people who have said the same thing. AG)

actually no, I'm not, I have the CTC tour tape from the Chicago concert at
the Rosemont Horizon if anyone wants me to dub it for them, as I saw someone
was interested in it. Take care and keep up the good work!!
***************************** (Drew&Chase) writes:
Just a bizzare question in regards to Nitika Steverson in issue #47. What's
a nubbie?

(I believe she was referring to the term we have previously spelled as
Newbie, in that she's new to the family here. AG)

I have never cared what George's sexuality was, but now that a definition
appears to have surfaced, I think back to a little advice a well cherished
friend of mine gave me in high school...

"Bi's are the best lays". Forgive the bluntness, but that's a quote.

(I'll have to bear that in mind for future reference, I suppose... AG)

wubba wubba wubba.

"And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor

Shall be lifted-nevermore!" E.A. Poe
***************************** (Nitika Steverson) writes:
Hey Amanda!

How's school? Good I hope. So are we making the Dean's List?

(Oh sure... AG)

I'm still catching up on Yogmail....I saw in Issue #33 your list of remixes
and B-sides. I want all of it because I have none of it!

(Sure. AG)

When I saw "Nikita" it made me laugh. Back in highschool everyone would say
"Hey Tika George is singing your song." My name is Nitika and but everyone
calls me Tika for short. I've gotten Nikita formost of my life because people
see my name and just somehow transpose the t and the k. I had almost
forgotten about that song...

(I initially thought your name was Nikita when I looked up and saw it. BTW,
did I ever tell you guys about the Andrew Ridgeley clone I knew? His last
name was Nika. Confession time 4 years later: I had a massive crush on the
guy, and during a party, my then best friend and I put on a Wham! video and
forced him to do Andrew's guitar dance...Woah, that was a tangent...but such
a nice memory...Thanks for reminding me Tika! AG)

I almost forgot about "Wrap Her Up"... I'm sure you have it but I didn't see
it listed but if you need "I Knew You Were Waiting" I have it.

(I thought that was on the list? Oops... Oh well, I've got in on a various
tape and Aretha's recent Greatest Hits. George got me into Lady Soul... AG)

My mom's favorite singer is Aretha Fraklin so I owe that George single to
her. She likes George too. Her favorite Yog songs are "A Different Corner"
and "Last Christmas".

(My mum is quite the George fan, and while only slightly cyber, she has
requested that I adding her comments on The Big Issue. She regularly sings
the praises of George to her friends, telling them how they just MUST hear
Careless Whisper, Kissing a Fool, and Cowboys and Angels. She also enjoys
the occasional listening of Older, especially Move On. And is the first
person to sing along with "Wake Me Up..." AG)

"A Different Corner" is my favorite Yog video!

(That whole song depresses me, to the extent I honestly can't watch the vid,
or hear the song without tearing up a bit. I guess I relate a bit to well to
that track. AG)

I didn't mean to ramble but let me know If I need to purchase more than two
cassetes for the recording and if you prefer 60min or 90min and the cost of
course in US dollars. I didn't mean for this to be a posting but you can post
if you want.

(OK, I assume that whole list will eat 2 90 minute tapes. If you send the
tapes, send me $5 for postage and padded mailer. I do have a preference for

Maxell XL II's though--I'm just used to them and know the best recording
levels. If I provide the tapes, send $12. This is general info for
everyone. Anyone who wants anything, the best way to really get results is
just snail mail me with the $ and a list of what you want. AG)
***************************** (Amanda's Mum) writes:

(Yes mummy, of course it is... AG)

YM family:
Regarding George and Drugs:
Tsk Tsk Georgios. What must your mother think? I trust you got a slap round
the head...

Regarding George and Sexuality:
It's OK girls, you can stop saving yourself now. Move on!

(So now you know where I get it from... AG)
***************************** (Debbie) writes:
I absolutely agree with your comments/feelings/concerns re: the BIG ISSUE
interview. I was a little disheartened by the admission about his marijuana
usage. I, too, am a "say no to drugs" gal.

I was not surprised about his sexuality, though. I had a feeling that he
"went both ways". That's ok with me, as long as I can still dream!!!

(As I once said in a play I did regarding the wonderful world of dreams we
called Wonderland--just before slinking offstage with an attractive gent in a
"Honey, this is wonderland, and and you can have ANYTHING you want!" Now
really, could you make your final exit any better? AG)

Love and Kisses -- Debbie
***************************** (Carolyn) writes:
(Regarding George in drag at his birthday party)

The picture was from one of the gossip mags: I read
Enquirer/Star/Globe/Examiner every week (and take the heat). Don't know
which one as I cut out the picture and not the header or date. DUMB - I
promised never to do that after I did it once before.

(No worries. We were just wondering. AG)

Also those three doinks who quit are missing the point. It is the rambling,
uninhibited exchange of ideas that makes this so much fun. I am getting a
real flavor of you and the other fans - and let's face it = people are
fascinating! Why else do I buy and read the rags?

(Doinks? I hadn't thought to use that term. I guess you all are indeed
getting to know me, scary aren't I??? We lost someone else today, no reason
given, I hope it had nothing to do with the interview... AG)

I am a great fan of the Little River Band and if any of our Aussie members
know what they're up to I'd sure like to know. They were to appear here at
our fair last year but cancelled. WISH I KNEW WHERE THEY WERE! Don't you
just hate it when your favs disappear?

(The Australia gang's at about 20, so I'm sure someone can help you. And
yeah, I do kinda miss Andrew...something about those eyes...Keren you lucky
lady you! AG)

Nuff. Love ya - thank you - THERE ARE THINGS I DON'T WANT TO LEARN!
***************************** (anna k chalamidas) writes:
Dear Amanda hi,
I didn't know what to think when I read the interview, I felt so sorry and
upset.All the day I was lost in my world speaking to my self. I thought that
he had faith in himself, in life , in God...but...I wish we could do
something!!! The only thing I know is that I stll care.

(I know I still care too, it seems we all do, and are just concerned for his
best interests. AG)
To Wrap it Up:

More More More to post on The Big Issue in forthcoming editions...

Listen without prejudice...


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