What to ramble about? Hmmmm... Can't think of anything. Well there is
this: Did anyone else see any of 0}+> 's Emancipation Day show from Paisley
Park? Nice goatee, wonder where I've seen that before?

And one more thing: I was in cyber chat with Alicia the other night "getting
help with my homework" and I needed an abbreviation for The Big Issue, and
guess what I came up with? I swear, George should write a comedy book...

One last thing: I seem to have lost an issue of YOGMAIL somewhere in Omega,
I'm working on retrieiving it. For the time being, the issues are going to
be a bit short so I don't lose any more....

******************************* (Michael Barley) writes
Hi there Amanda! I just wanted to add some of my own thoughts to the
discussion on GM's sexuality. By the way, you're doing a fine job, and I
realize that my best hope for finding out George Michael tour dates in North
America and Europe will be through you and your wealth of GM inside

(As soon as I get so much as a strong rumour, you'll know! AG)

Here are my feeling on the matter. If you have been a longtime fan of George
Michael, you know that you have often needed to defend him against the
remarks of others, especially schoolmates. I remember first seesing him in
the Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go video at the age of 14, and thinking it was a
woman. Of course at that time I didn't understand why guys wore earrings.
In Faith he wore a string of pearls and an earring just in his right ear (in
school that supposedly meant that you were gay, and no one dared to wear it
in the right ear, dumb, right?).

(No, the left ear was the "right ear" as they used to joke. I recall when
one of my brother's got his ear pierced, he took me along, and when he asked
which ear to have done, concerned about being wrong, I was of no use to him,
I had to remind him that I was a Wham! fan... As for the right ear and Faith
vid, George was going for an optical illusion there. He's a lefty, and plays
guitar accordingly, and I guess he wanted to fool us into thinking he played
right. But I have seen recent shots of him with a huge hoop in the right
ear. The right ear is the clear sign of one's sexual preference I have been
told, and for proof, take a look at Elton... AG)

So the interview didn't shock me in the least. George Michael loves to
remain ambiguous, and I truly think he feels it adds to his appeal! I think
he is bisexual, but so what? It is his own life, and if you really think of
it, he doesn't openly advertise it in his songs. If you truly want to hear
an album that openly speaks of sexuality, listen to the Pet Shop Boys 1993
album `Very'. It is an incredible album, and I remember reading a review of
it that positively praised it. Of course, I also heard that MTV refused to
play new PSB videos anymore, and that may be why it didn't get any video
airplay. I am a total 1980's fan of music, and with the exception of George
Michael's two 1990's albums, a few obscure early 1990 albums from 80's bands,
and the occasional great song like Duran Duran's Come Undone and Ordinary
World, and Richard Marx's Hazard,
there isn't a whole lot to that I like in the 90's.

(I too am an 80's freak!!! I can think of but one 90's artist I truly like.

Many of the great 80's groups contained homosexual members, among my
favorites being the Pet Shop Boys, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Culture
Club. Of course, there are probably those that will say the same about Duran
Duran, Spandau Ballet, and ABC (and Wham of course!). George Michael is
truly immensely talented, and I feel he is the best musician ever, and that
will include into the future. If I go could go back into time just once, I
would love to spend a month in 1985 London, with the opportunity to attend
the concerts of four or five of the above mentioned groups. Of course it can
never be, but that is why it is going to be so great to have the opportunity
to see the Older tour (hopefully)!

(You should talk to Alicia, I know she regresses back to the summer of 1985
once in a while. I too would have liked to catch a few of those bands in
their heydey. Well wait, I did got to see Wham!... I did see Duran in 1993,
but it wasn't quite the same I don't think. AG)

Anyway, I also agree that he should quit the marijuana and the cigarettes,
because we don't want it to prevent many more great years of albums.

One question to end it, `Did George Michael ever record LWP 2, and was it
ever released anywhere?' A long time ago (1990), I rembered hearing that LWP
2 would be out within a year, and that it contained more fast tracks. I just

assumed it was shelved, and that maybe some of the songs were released
independetly, such as Too Funky. But I thought I recently read someone
talking about LWP 2. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work! (Feel
free to edit if you think it rambled!)

(OK LWPII: It's said to exist, but I doubt it. From what I can figure,
we've gotten most of it as B sides. Side 1 was to be studio tracks, side 2
live stuff from the C2C tour. AG)
******************************* (Max) writes:
Hi Amanda !
Hi all GM fans!!!!

Thanks for all informations that previously I read.

(You're very welcome. AG)

I'm very glad to see in mailing list, many other GM italian fans.

(Yes, there are a few of you indeed. AG)

There are two questions.

1)In reference to issue #47 Part 2, (Jen) writes: "I
can't wait to hear 'I CANT'T MAKE YOU LOVE ME' ... ". I don't know any GM
song with this title, can you give me some informations about it ?

(It's actually a Bonnie Raitt song, George covered it for the Unplugged. AG)

2)If possible, can I have all official GM & WHAM! cd list, released in U.K. ?

(Who's WEB page has this? AG)

Thanks again, Max.
OK, so this has nothing to do with George, but there's enough university
students on here to make it worthwhile to run all the same: Workman) forwards:
>Here's a good one.
> >One year, at Duke, there were these two guys who were taking Chemistry and
>who did pretty well on all of the quizzes and the midterms and labs, etc.,
>such that going into the final they had a solid A. These two friends were
>confident going into the final that the weekend before finals week (even
>though the Chemistry final was on Monday), they decided to go up to
>and party with some friends up there. So they did this and had a great
> >However, with their hangovers and everything, they overslept all day Sunday
>and didn't make it back to Duke until early Monday morning. Rather than
>taking the final then, what they did was to find Professor Bonk after the
>final and explain to him why they missed the final.
> >They told him that they went up to UV for the weekend, and had planned to
>come back in time to study, but that they had a flat tire on the way back
>didn't have a spare and couldn't get help for a long time and so were late
>getting back to campus.
> >Bonk thought this over and then agreed that they could make up the final on
>the following day. The two guys were elated and relieved.
> >So, they studied that night and went in the next day at the time that Bonk
>had told them. He placed them in separate rooms and handed each of them a
>test booklet and told them to begin. They looked at the first problem,
>was something simple about molarity and solutions and was worth 5 points.
> >"Cool" they thought, "this is going to be easy." They did that problem and
>then turned the page. They were unprepared, however, for what they saw on
>the next page. It said:
> > (95 points) Which tire?

(And the moral of this story is, REALLY REALLY plan your alibi!!!! aG)
******************************* (Scott) writes:
I feel that no matter what, George will never be able to escape his gay or
bisexual image leftover from the WHAM days. Reguardless of his sexuality I
still greatly admire and respect him and his music. It's foolish to label
one or more of his songs "gay" because, most are masculine orientated and all
could easily apply to both sexes.

(This is true. AG)

It's also foolish to lose respect for George because he smokes up. When
you're in that scene, pot is most the minor substance you could come across.
Like many artists out there i'm sure that he is just looking for another way
to expand his limitations. Soundgarden admits to writing all thier songs on
heroin. Some of you out there would be suprised to learn who is doing pot
nowadays and who isn't.

(And that's why I work on YOGMAIL and not "Fresh From the Garden". But,
honestly, I'm just getting sick of all that "creativity" bullshit. AG)

I think that he is not gay. Unless he comes staight out and says, "Hey
world i'm gay," then i'll believe, but I agree with what someone said about
that issue: It's the ambiguity that makes his music so appealing to
everyone, and we shouldn't label him "gay" or "straight" because that
overlooks the importance of his music.

(He started this one, so he must think it does have something to do with his
music... AG)

Just a few thoughts.
******************************* (Susie) writes:

> George admits he feels the pressure of stardom, and says he came close to a

> breakdown on the Faith tour in 1988. He said, "I genuinely thought, ' This

> is what happens when you lose it. I spent almost that entire year in
> suglasses. I jut couldn't make eye contact with strangers. I think I even
> went to bed in them

I always felt he was hiding his most secret self behind those
a diamond encased under can look but don't would be
nice to know he has finally opened his eyes...who knows maybe closer to
heaven....then the deep blue sea :) I hope him and 0+> do a duet
together...whether it's about God or transformation...

(I recall that during a press conference he was asked to remove him glasses,
and refused, basically saying if I did that then you'd know I was "lying
through my teeth". George and 0}+> should get together and rework Free I
think... AG)

Luv n duvs (Christie) writes:
I can send you original of Europe Awards video tape. I have a couple of
VCR's, also one has duel decks so I can help you with dubs.

(That would be great!!! AG)

I also have access to a CD ROM burner so I can dub CD's for you or anyone

(I think you're my hero now... AG)

Let me know if I can help. As for THE INTERVIEW!!!!!! I'm still thinking
about it.

Reno Nevada
simmontl-at-muss.CIS.McMaster.CA (T.L. Simmons) writes:
From what i read of the article in issue 47 part 1 the Big Issue, i am
somewhat disappointed. i think any die hard GM fam wanted to believe that he
is perfect, we put him on a petestal and don't want to ever let him come
down. i am one of these people. but i realized that George is human too. I
would be lying if i said i wasn't upset that he smokes pot and might be
bisexual or gay or whatever (because all of us die hard girls were praying
that he was straight) but he is still a very talented and intelligent
recording artist whose music i have admired for 14 years and i'm not going to
stop just because i found out, surprize, he's not perfect!!!! he has done
things that i don't like or approve of. even our closest friends do things
we don't like but we are still friends with them, i works the same for
George. i never profeeses to know him on a personal level and maybe i
wouldn't like him if i did, but i love his music and that's not going to
change. i didn't get to read all of the article (but i would love to) even
if i did, i would still love his music and everyone does things that they are
not proud of, like he says "i've been in and out of favour with love because,
i gotta tell ya, i've been things i never wanted to be"

(As soon as my copy comes in, we'll get together for lunch OK? AG)

This may sound stupid but it's how i feel

To Wrap it Up:

Listen without prejudice...


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