Hello hello all:

This issue is the first of many that will largely consist of your reactions
to The Big Issue--BTW, could George have picked a better named publication?
I got all caught up on old business so you all could post your comments, and
post you did! The responses thus far have run the gamut. Some of you are
saying many of the same things I have thought over the last few days. I also
had 2 interesting phone conversations Tuesday night: One was with a die hard
who accused me of "tossing soft balls" in YM, and another with a moderate fan
who reamed me for being so harsh! Who's right?

I guess there was a real good reason that I didn't post Adrian's contribution
sooner, I knew you'd expect comments and I didn't want to hit you with my
initial reaction. But in retrospect, you all are being so open with me,
down to writing me personally and requesting I not post it in YOGMAIL, I owe
you utter honesty. So here it is, my intital reaction: A gutteral scream
followed by a voice in the back of my head laughing at me and saying "Oh by
the way, everything you know is wrong. Your dream man is gay and all the
great music you love didn't come from the heart, but a haze! ha ha ha!! So
much for having faith!" I KNOW that a lot of you felt the same way, and a
bunch of you think "Oh please Whatever!" Well, deal with it is all I can
say. Just for a second, I was a teenybopper again, and everything my
brothers and dad mocked me for had just come true.

You have a perception of what someone is like for 12 years, and then in a
moment, it shatters. The same thing happened when I met Duran Duran. John
looked like shit, Simon had gotten fat, and Nick was wearing too much make
up, (and the new guy Warren gave me a dirty look cuz all I did was shake his
hand and not kiss his cheek like I had the other 3.) But then you realize
that you're now all grown up, and there are more important things in your
life than music--now there's something I never thought I'd say...

The point is, for me to say "No really, this interview hasn't affected me in
any way" is a total lie. It has to an extent. Although I must admit, the
unconditional love thing kicked back in Tuesday at around 10am--I was so
shocked I checked my watch. And my
$3-bought-while-on-vacation-and-found-it-totally-by-accident "faith" dogtag
remains around my neck, with plans to have it recreated in 14 carat gold and
have the Faith symbols embossed too.

I guess I must still have Faith, so take heart all, it comes back...and you
remember to listen without prejudice and that we're all a bit older. (Gee,
could that have been any cornier?)

'Course I should have known something like this would happen. Years ago I
got a pair of kittens. Without thinking they were named George and Andrew.
Andrew died at just over a year old--in cat years that's age 23, think about
it Wham! fans... But Georgie lives on. He's got big broad shoulders and a
trim little waist, is not fond of strangers, photographs with green
eyes--Alicia has the photo to prove it--has homosexual tendencies (he
"chases" little Freddie (Mercury) around the house--yeah I was asking for it
with that one I know...) and will go to any length necessary to get his cat

**************************** (Dan) writes:
A Different Corner....

is also (besides a WEB SITE) a no longer published fanzine.... from 1991 to
1993... back issues are available by writing to

po box 269
anaheim, california 92815...

and I think the BARE copies are pretty much sold out except for YOURS AG!

(Why thank you Dan! AG)

All I can say about the article and George is two (three, four, five)

the homosexuals on this board knew from it from the beginning... and you know
what.. .NOBODY's perfect (about knowing)... and praise the man who has
finally come forward, finally come out and finally can move what's
really important... the music- because you all know now what has been hidden
for so long.

good night gracie...

p.s.- and the next comment is going to be "he's bisexual" oh, yeah, so am
I... I have been with a girl before.


GM-like performance on November 18 at Universal City Walk... what shall I
perform... who can help me out? email it's me mum's b-day
that day too : )

(I can't make it--I have to study --but I hope anyone who can, goes and
checks it out and shows support for one of the family AG)
**************************** writes:

Hi, Amanda...Still reeling from The Big Issue article.... I think I liked it
better when George didn't talk so much!

(I said the same thing at some point... AG)

But it helps me to put my obsession aside somewhat. It always has bothered me

that I liked him so much when really I did not know the first thing about
him. Now I find
that I probably would not like him if I knew him. I felt the same way after
reading the Todd Gold book about him. But, I still really do like his music
and it will always be important to me. He is very talented musically and
that's what is important, isn't it?

(Very much agreed. So is this like what they call adulthood? AG)
hare-at-ACSU.Buffalo.EDU (Jason Hare) writes:
Hi folks and Amanda (not that Amanda's separate, she just gets special
mention because she's so cool!),

(Are you kissing up? AG)

Well, Amanda, you asked for some reaction to the interview. Well, first off,
thanks for posting it. It was definitely interesting reading.

(How could I not post it? But one thing has occured to me, I am breaking so
many laws with YOGMAIL that it's unbelievable... AG)

Regarding Pot:
I've never been a pot smoker, if George wants to do it, that's his business.
Maybe I'm in the minority here but I simply don't like OLDER as much as LWP
or FAITH, so maybe he should lay off a bit :-) I think the bad thing is that
our good buddy Yog has an addiction of some sort and it will probably haunt
him some time in the future.

(Well listening to Older as I compile, and at the end of STW, he's lighting
something, which I had previously figured to just be a Marlboro, guess not
huh? Then there's that picture, and to anyone who has the vinyl, what is the
ONE shot he chose to include? It's more a part of his life than he may admit
to... AG)

Regarding his sexuality:
By the way, I'm the one that Dana mentioned in the last Yogmail. She asked
the question about GM being gay. I personally would guess that he is, but I
would also personally guess that I don't care too much. He's never gonna
come out and say it. He's been saying that way back since '88, I think.
Some people come out and announce their sexuality. If people think I'm
gay/bisexual/straight/narrow/whatever, no problem. Let 'em think what they

Regarding Anselmo:
The minute I heard Jesus to A Child, I knew it was about him. I just felt
it. George's comments, though- about losing something, realizing how short
life is, appreciating the good really hit home with me.

I think that's it for me. Hope this helps out a bit!


"there's no comfort in the truth..."

(No kidding.... AG)
****** Jason Hare :-) ******
We're not ageless, but we're pretending. - Penn Jilette
**************************** (Enza) writes:

I have to tell you something else about the "big" interview...

"THE SUN" Newspaper (gutter press) STOLE this interview from the BIG
ISSUE - and printed it 2 days before it was being printed by the BI,
They also "edited and added" bits, such as the charity donations and
who knows what else?

(So I hear. I'm expecting a copy of the Big Issue in the mail soon--Yes
Alicia, I got one for you too...--so maybe that will shed a little light on
the Sun. Now isn't that poetic? AG)

The chairman of the BI is very upset and who knows? Maybe he'll sue!!

(He does like to keep his lawyers busy... AG)

As for GM in drag, this isnt the first time for these rumours... When
"I want your sex" first came out, he did an interview with Jonathan
Ross, and he mentioned another story in THE SUN (!) about GM buying a
dress etc... all crap of course!

(I have seen gay men in drag, I have straight men in drag, it's just
clothing. I wear pants all of the time, does that make me any less of a
woman? Besides, I think all men should be forced to wear a bra and a pair of
high heels at some point in their lives to better appreciate what we go
through don't you ladies? AG)

I agree with you about the P/head stuff by the way...

Seeya, Enza
**************************** (Marek Unt) writes:
Hi ya people!

Well, the GM interview...
I read the Yogmail #47 Part I and I can't say I wasn't surprised, because I
didn't know anything about the interview. Actually, I sat there silently for
a few minutes and gave it a thought.

(I almost rolled over my jaw with my chair... AG)

So this is what I think.The bisexual-thing is not a surprise, and it's all
the same to me. It's excactly like George said, we start to wonder about
peoples sexualities and so forget everything else. I don't think it changes
his music, or does it. Of course we start to look at the songs in a different
view, but that's even interesting, if you could say so.


(His sexuality does't change my opinions on the songs any. My perception?
Yes. AG)

And the cannabis-thing...I don't know what to say about that, except
maybe...Everybody has darker sides, we can't think of George as a God (even
if we often do). Was John
Lennon clean? Or Frank Sinatra? Of course you excpect people you like not to
do things you don't like, but isn't that a little selfish. Actually, I didn't
like George coming up with all sorts of excuses about his cannabis-addiction,
but I think that if he said out the reasons, then they really were true. And
after all, wasn't it George himself, who said:
"Listen Without Prejudice.."

(The only thing that really floored me was that "creativity" arguement. AG)

I've been searching desperatly in the Internet Book Shop
( but I haven't found the "George Michael: 7 Songs
for Piano Vocal with Guitar Boxes". Does anyone have a suggestion?

(Sorry no, but if you do find one, please let me know. I'm getting the urge
to play my guitar again, you know, feeling suddenly creative.... These are
the kinds of jokes I have been cracking lately, and I know they're bad, but
oh well, I have told worse... AG)
**************************** (Brent Pearson) writes:
Hello all,
Amanda yes nice chatting with you and the gang on aol. Ok here is the
scoop...... Anyone interested in a rare rare rare bootleg cd of Gm songs
e-mail me because the CD has songs on it such as
the following:
I knew you were waiting REMIX, Monkey REMIX & Extended remix, Club Fantastic
Meagamix, Jive Talkin, and more. A friend is getting me some extra copies
and I will ask for as many as I can so all who are interested just e-mail me
and I will see what I can all get. They are however $60.00 which is kind of
expensive but very rare so all who need a copy let me know and I will see how
many copies I can get.

(Too rich for my blood, especially when neither George nor his labels are
getting a penny off of them. AG)

Cheers! Brent
**************************** (Carla Workman) writes:
Dear Amanda, et al:

My goodness...I guess I feel like someone who just wrecked her car and got up
and walked away ...sort of dazed but not seriously injured (at least from the
appearance) . That article did something, but what?

(As I keep putting it, "It rocked your world.) AG)

I think I remeber defending George's sexuality (haha! Like I'm his
'barrister') to my friendsfrom as far back as high school to as recently as
after the "Fastlove" video came out. After listening to older all the way
through and seeing the "fastlove" video..I felt like he was trying to express
some other sexuality than what I was used to seeing.

Spiritually< I know George doesn't owe me any explanation and his choices
don't change that I admire his music and his personality. But, emotionally I
feel like I was punched in the stomach.

BTW, I thought Different Corner was written for "Pat Fernandez?"

(Nope. The song was written for someone who George got only moderately
involved with, and then dumped him due to his fame. AG)
**************************** (Anne Bolen) writes:
Amanda, By far issue 47 part 1 is the most informative yet!!! I feel like I
have caught up on so much. I never expected George to be that open.

(Neither did I. AG)

But then again maybe he was in a "literal haze".

(Who knows anything anymore? AG)

As far as his sexual prefernece goes he leaves me with a "big neon question
mark" over
my head. Altough I believe it is becoming dimmer as I get the bigger
picture. I think it just adds more mystery to him which is a big part of his
appeal. That and his music of course. Keep up the great work

(Let's face it, a blatant "coming out" would cause some problems for the man
who built his career--in the early days--as a sex symbol. AG)

**************************** (Tina Stem) writes:
Hi Amanda!

Well you opened up the flood gates (with George s help, of course) so I ve
got to put my two cents worth in. (Southern expression)

(Don't forget Adrian's contribution, he typed the bloody thing out. AG)

In my opinion Mr. Michfl isn t gay. I do believe that he may have played
around with the idea at one time. From listening to his songs you can almost
hear that he did a little bit of experimenting. I think that that is ALL
that he did. I believe it was one of those; tried it, its not for me, but I
can t damn anyone that says that it is for them.

(There are those who will accuse you of being in denial... But let me defend

you on your behalf--if I may--right now: THIS IS THE POINT OF AMBIGUITY!
People see what they want to see so that everyone is happy. AG)

I want to believe that this is the reason for his close friendships with gays
and all of his WONDERFUL contributions to AIDS benefits. I have a few gay
friends myself, although I am 110% straight, and I have listened to them talk
about how they have struggled with their sexuality. I believe that Mr.
Michfl feels that he can relate to his friend s situations, and therefore
does not judge them (people) because of their sexuality, he sees them for the
people that they actually are.

(One night a couple years ago a bunch of us had gone out to celebrate the 1
year anniversary of our high school graduation, I had a close male friend
come out. We joke he chose me because of the Elton John factor--I'm a great
fan of Elton's too, which I owe to George... Since then, I have known a
couple more gay guys, and I have considered them to be nothing short of "my
adopted little brothers". AG)

Thanks for this opportunity Amanda. I am sure you are going to be sooooo
bombarded with everyone s remarks, but I think it will be great to read
everyone s opinions. Of course, opinions is all that we are going to get
because no one knows for sure. Maybe too many toes won t get damaged along
the way.

(NO, there will always be someone out there with a pair of hiking
boots--which I own a pair of, but I tend to work at my desk barefoot, so
please be kind --and there will always be someone in bare feet. Some
people will be hurt, it can't be helped, but let's keep this in mind, don't
attack anyone on this list for their opinions! If it's getting personal,
it's not getting printed. Let's discuss this like adults please, and to the
couple of teenagers out there, I know you think no one cares what you think,
but in this case, I'm honestly sure we really do, so let's hear it!! AG)

Oh, one last thing, sorry. I totally agree about the pot thing. How dumb
can you be!!! (George) Here we are in a time when everyone is preaching
"Say No To Drugs" and he comes along and lets someone quote him about how it
helps him to write his songs. I truly wish that he hadn t shared that
information with the public. I would hate to know
that some child read this article and uses the same excuse. "I had to smoke
it in order to do my homework, the answers just wouldn t come until I did.
Don t you know that this is how George Michfl writes his songs, they come to
him easier. I tried it, and he was right!"

(My one fear too. Now once more young teenagers, we're not treating you like
children, but keep this in mind: ROCK STARS ARE NOT APPROPRIATE ROLE MODELS!
Whatever you do, and I've been drinking since I was about 14, YOU make the
decison, not anyone else. AG)

Sorry to have run on and on.

(No, that's fine, never apolgize! AG)

Tina Stem
**************************** (Rehan) writes:
I saw many people saying that they don't care about GM's sexuality, they just
concentrate on his music. Are they being honest? Am I the only one who is
shocked and depressed? I just can't take it so easily. His music, his
pictures doesn't feel the same as before. I wish he did not mention about
his sexuality.

(I understand how you feel, but we have to accept it and move on I guess.
As i told you before, i'm Portuguese and i'm here in England just for 6
months. Anyway i loved to see your web page and i joined the "club" since i'm
a Yog's fan for 13 years. I heard back home (Portugal) that George is going
to make a new album singing in Portuguese, some musics from Brasilians
musicians (Like Vinicius de Moraes), does
anyone Knows something about that. I think that it would be a extraordinary
idea. Love from, Cristina

(Likely they are discussing Red Hot and Rio, which was just released. But
there may be something else in the works, who knows. George does have that
fondness for Brazilians afterall. AG)
**************************** writes:
George will be performing "Star People" at the Euro MTV VMA's.

(Only George would do that...but WAY TO GO GEORGE!!!! AG)

**************************** (Tina Stem) writes:
Hello Everybody!

I just checked the MTV European Awards schedule here in the United States; it
airs at 2:00pm Central and 3:00pm Eastern on Thursday November 14. Make a

(Live from London I reckon. AG)

Tina Stem
To Wrap it Up:

OK, that's but a drop in the bucket for what you all have to say, but space

is limited, so more to follow in forthcoming issues.

EVERYONE WATCH THE EURO AWARDS IF YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I
have a feeling there will be a lot to celebrate...

Listen without prejudice...


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