Hello hello all. 'Tis I. Feeling somewhat calmer than a couple days ago. Having spent a couple days discussing "creativity" and bearing the brunt of heaps of jokes from one of my best friends on the matter of joints, I am still alive. I do have this unexplicable urge to go and colour my hair or something extreme though...

Anyway, this is going to be a long one, I plan to totally catch up. But having tried to do that, I found the file to be too long, so this is part one of Issue #47 of YOGMAIL.

Notes: 1. I dropped a line to Dick Leahy Music telling them of YOGMAIL on Sunday. 2. While I am not overly impressed with George right now, I'll get over it, and YOGMAIL will live on.

********************************** (Aidan Padden) writes:
'George Michael opens his heart to 'The Big Issue':
Pop superstar George Michael has spoken for the first time of his secret torment over his sexuality. In an amazingly candid talk with The Big Issue, the singer admitted: "I've wondered what my sexuality might be but I've never wondered whether it was aceptable or not."

The comment, made in his first interview for six years, suggests he has had bisexual relationships. George, 33 - who also confessed to being a regular cannabis smoker - said he has a 'big neon question mark' hanging over his sex life.

And he admitted: '" think everything about me has always been ambiguous."
Opening his heart to the magazine sold by the homeless, he added: "Even though my sexuality hasn't always been completely clear to me, it was never a moral question." "I've never thought of my sexuality as being right or wrong. To me it has always been about finding the right person." "The only moral involved is sex is whether it's consenting or not.' George whose hits include Faith, Fastlove and Jesus to a Child, went on defiantly: "Anyway, who really cares whether I'm gay or straight? Do they really think they have got a serious chance of shagging me or something?"

(OK, having heard it from George, I accept it, and just wish him happiness. Besides, I always wanted Andrew more anyway... This topic now stands open for discussion. AG)

Until now George, who has homes in London, Los Angeles and St Tropez, has been fiercely protective of his privacy. But he talked frankly about his views on politics, money and stardom.

He told interviewer Adrian Deevoy: "I feel more human now."

And he described his sex life as "absolutely fantastic." He added: "I've got everything I want at the moment, which is quite a scary position to be in."

"You automatically start to look for something to go wrong." Asked if his sex life had improved as he got older, George replied, "Oh God, yeah. It's a matter of me finally knowing what it's about and being with the right people."

George revealed he always uses a condom in bed - but insists his regualr partners have AIDS tests. He said, "I don't think condoms are enough. They're not reliable enough. They break."

George insisted he would NEVER publicly clarify his sexuality. And he added, "If every gay pop star and actor in the world came out it wouldn't make any difference to the gay community. You get this whole game where you're trying to work out who is gay and who is straight. Someone like me, who sits there with this big neon question mark above my head and openly invites those questions, is therefore a thing of fascination. I talk to both gay men who want me to be gay and straight women who want me to be straight, and there are a lot of people who are not too sure about their sexuality. All the biggest pop stars have unanswered questions about their sexuality. It's what draws people to them. I think everything about me has always been ambiguous. From the way I look to the tone of my voice. I mean, let's face it, I'm not exactly Bruce Springsteen."

(Always had a good head for business. AG)

George said he uses cannabis to boost his creativity. And it helped him "get through" the making of his longawaited album Older.

(Oh really? AG)

The star added, "I started smoking grass because it was either that or some kind of medication which I didn't want to take. This time last year I was a complete and utter pothead. I know it's lunacy but the whole truth is that the grass really helped me with the lyrics. I'd know there was something I really wanted to say but I wouldn't know how to say it. So I'd have a few drags and stand behind the mike and in a few minutes I'd be there. It's bad because I don't want to smoke but I can't see myself giving up grass as a writer."

(So what you're saying is that this great personal album was written in a literal haze? I'm just so f***ing impressed George. Just out of curiosity though George, do you think your accountants will let you write off the grass expense? AG)

George's cannabis habit has led to him being hooked on normal cigarettes as well. He said, "When you couldn't get a joint you lit up a cigarette and that was that."

(He's been smoking cigarettes since the Wham! days. AG)

Agony at gay pal's death.

Grieving George Michael has told how he needed bereavement therapy to cope with the death of a man he called "someone I truly loved." His close friend Anselmo Fellepa, 33, was killed by a brain haemorrhage in 1993.

George, 33, turned to a counsellor to come to terms with the tragedy, and dedicated his smash-hit No 1 album Older to the gay Brazilian. George met Anselmo in 1991 when he was on tour in Rio and the pair travelled the world together for two years. George, who lives alone with his labrador Hippy, says, "After Anselmo died I went through bereavement counselling which helped a lot. I'm not naturally depressive. I mean I've suffered from depression in depressive circumstances but I don't have a tendancy towards it. I'm not very good at wallowing. If I'm going to feel bad I distract myself."

(OK, George not good at wallowing? AG)

Two tracks on Older, Jesus To A Child and You Have Been Loved, are about his friend's death. George went on, "It was the most enlightening experience I've ever had. The minute someone you really love is irretrievably lost you understand life in a different way. Your perspective changes. You understand how short life is, how incredibly painful it can be. But once you've seen the worst of things then you can see the best of things. So that experience was very painful at the time but very positive in its outcome. It was a terrible shock. The grief is always there and sometimes it comes back. You feel it every bit as painfully as if it were yesterday and other times you think of the person and how fantastic the experience of knowing them was."

The singer adds, "The really puzzling question that it leaves you with is 'What's more important - to have a long and healthy life or to enjoy every day as it happens?' I've always obsessively invested in the future. But now I wonder if I should spend so much time worrying about it - there might not be a future."

(I think I can understand this. AG)

`````````````````````````````````````````````````````` George tells why he gives so much of his millions to charity. He says "I've given such a huge proportion of it away. The reason is simple, there are a lot of people who need money and don't have it and I have a lot of money I've got no particular use for. Take this house. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out this isn't a huge extravagance. I've got houses in LA and St Tropez but the three combined would fit comfortably into the average rock star's house. I can give away large amounts without it having any effect on my life so you can do a lot of good at arms length."

George did not make a record for five years as he battled to escape his contract with music giant Sony. The row ended in court and was finally settled when George's contract was bought out for #10million. George was regularly called by pop idol Prince, who was fighting to leave Warners. He says, "The only time I spoke to him we had a 45-minute conversation about God. Maybe I got him on an off day."

George admits he feels the pressure of stardom, and says he came close to a breakdown on the Faith tour in 1988. He said, "I genuinely thought, ' This is what happens when you lose it. I spent almost that entire year in suglasses. I jut couldn't make eye contact with strangers. I think I even went to bed in them."

He added, "My celebrity is something I don't like, it limits me a lot. I don't do a lot of things I would do if I were anonymous. I live a smaller life in a way because I don't put myself in a lot of public situations. My consolation for that is that I've got this great career. And the money's pretty good, too."

George is a Tony Blair fan and would be ready to pay 50 per cent income tax to a Labour government, or even 60 per cent. But he would feel 'enormously unhappy' giving the same amount to the Tories. He said he was "incredibly ambitious" in the 80s, but was never a "fucking Thatcherite."

He added, "Thatcherism was based on that trickle down idea that everyone would eventually get some. That was bullshit."

Well, thats all for now. Hope you find it interesting. Keep up the great work everyone, especially you Amanda, and take care for now.

(Well George, the popular music press in the UK should have a field day with this piece...if they slammed you before, God help you now. AG)

From Amanda:
OK, so I wasn't as harsh as I thought I might be, but I was hardly open and accepting on the drug issue as one might expect such a die-hard to be. Now I've had a couple days to get used to the idea, and while I personally think it's a bit of a cop out, as one of my friends said "Sometimes you just need that little boost to get you going." I also gave a couple tracks on Older a re-listen, and think that "To Be Forgiven" may just have a little something to do with George's admitted lunacy. I'm dealing with it, and I want to hear what you have to say about it gang.
Immediately upon getting this on Saturday morning, I forwarded a copy to Alicia with a slightly harsh comment about the drug issue, and asked her what she thought. Here's how she responded: (Alicia) writes:
Thanks for forwarding the BIG article--I tend to totally agree w/you...He just sounds like a lost soul! I mean, I understand pressure to churn out a great record--but if he didn't need it when he was a starving artist, and he was able to come up w/Careless Whisper--what the hell's his excuse now!?!?

(Good question my friend, good question. AG)
********************************** (Sharon Dunn) writes:
Dear Amanda

Just a couple of points:

#1. Well it looks like you've seen the extracts of the Big Issue interview [the wonders of modern technology] What did you think? It seems as if our Mr. Michael has got himself together and is genuinely happy these days. As far as his sexuality goes - I was relieved to read that he's finally sorted it all out.

(Me too. AG)

But I was more than a little upset at his revelations about the pot taking. As he says himself "It is lunacy" so why the hell does he do it?? The stupid sod. AND he still smokes cigerettes as well. He practices safe sex but is quite happy to take the risks of cancer and drug addiction???!! I would hate him to become yet another celeb with a drugs problem-at the very least it's such a bloody cliche.

(That's what I was thinking... AG)

#2. This is trivial. Re. that picture of George in drag. Paula Yeates used to [briefly] have a column in a newspaper in which she said that the picture was not taken at his 33rd birthday party {96} but in fact at his 31st [94]. She should know, she was there!
(The caption on the picture said and I quote:
"Wigged out pop star George Michael was a gender-bending eyeful at his 33rd birthday bash in London. The outrageous singer arrived all dolled up as a gal--platinum blonde Agnetha of the Swedish pop group ABBA! Word is gorgeous George even waxed his legs to play the part and wowed the crowd with a sexy sendition of ABBA's hit song Dancing Queen." It was given to me by Carolyn ( Perhaps she can tell us more? Publication date and source? AG)

Looking at it, it makes sense-because since the latter part of 94 GM has sported either his goatee or that pointy number [on the cover of Older ]. The goatee first appeared [as far as I can remember] at the European MTV awards in Nov. 94 [when he sang Jesus to a Child] Am I right in the that the picture shows him with his more usual full beard? I don't think I've seen him with that face-do for a long while.

(It's pretty much a profile shot, so all you can see it the goatee, especially with the way the wig falls. AG)

Trivial stuff, I know, but I've nothing better to do at the moment.

(Anytime! AG)
********************************** (Dana) writes:
Hi Y'all.
Just had a few questions.

(Ask away. AG)

First off, does anyone have an audio recording of the Cover-to-Cover tour? I know the set list changed a bit, but the concerts still rocked, and I'd love to get my hands on a copy.

(I have a total show from NYC, but I'm not sure how it will copy. AG)

And I'm sorry, but I gotta bring this up.

(Doesn't seem to matter so much anymore... AG)

George is gay, isn't he? I guess it's something I've just always assumed. I thought he'd come out publicly sometime this year (just a wacky prediction, some of the songs on Older made me wonder), but seeing how he is a private guy, perhaps he never will. Just wondering what other people's feelings on the subject are.

(I too began to wonder with Older, but a part of me said "Nahh." Like I said, George decided to open the debate, so let's hear it! AG)

Oh, and I just watched the GM interview video that came out right before Listen W/O Prejudice. It's really good. The man is hot. Thanks to fellow Yogmailer Jay for letting me borrow it. And the 2 Wham videos.

(Which interview would this be? AG)


"I'm never gonna dance again, the way I danced with you..."
********************************** (Marti Blesa) writes:
Hi Amanda, how's everything?

(Fine thanks, and you? AG)

I've a question, does anyone know who's the man that appears in the Fastlove video? I don't think he's just a model it appears as if he was someone place there for a purpose.

(Which guy? There are a couple... AG)

********************************** (Mike) writes (via snail mail):
I hope the CD has arrived in one piece! Enjoy the "new" tracks...I wonder why they did these instrumentals?? They bear up quite well considering it's almost 15 years ago now...Gosh, that must make me old...!

(I have been enjoying them, thanks again! As for feeling old, I have cute moments like this regularly, and I'm only 21! I met an 18 year old last night, and asked my immediate OK, can I see havng an intelligent convero with you question: "Do you know who George Michael is?" The answer was no, and that was pretty much the end of our conversation. I was perusing through an old book with the music charts of the last 40 years, and found that Fantastic was topping the charts in the summer of 1983, and I actually recall that summer--being holed up in the house having broken my ankle in mid July. Too bad I didn't know who Wham! really was then, it could have made that Cruel Summer Fantastic... AG)
********************************** (Nitika Steverson) writes:
Hey You guys
I cannot believe all the stuff I have missed and/or do not know about George! As a Whammy! from the heart I feel like I have really let George(and Randy Andy of course :)) down. I just subscribed and my first issue was #42 on Nov. 2nd. I am committed to reading EVERY Yogmail that I have missed. I've not read the 4 or so Issues I've gotten because I've been trying to catch up! I'm almost half way through! :) Some of my comments/questions for this issue(and for some in the near future) may be very old and redundant but I must ask. Remember guys be gentle, I'm like a baby learning how to walk. And here I go....

(Nothing is ever redundant. AG)

1. In reference to issue #12 what does JTAC stand for in reference to George's beard?

(Jesus to a Child. AG)

2. I'm so devistated!!! I waited 4ever for LWP Vol II!! how can I get a copy? If I need to make conversions for American dollars let me know...

3. A Different Corner. Does anyone know who the song was written about? At the time the song came out the press tried to say it was about Brooke Sheilds because supposedly at the time they had been introduced by mutual friends and were supposedly dating. I never believed that but can anyone set the record straight? I've always wanted to know.

(Brooke and George dated for a week, after she begged to meet him on an appearance on the Joan Rivers show in 1985. Who it was written for? Good question. There are those who say it was for Andrew, but I contest this. George admittedly can still burst into tears when he sings it, and if this is the truth, then how could he and Andrew have remained friends--which according to Bananarama, they still are. It was written for the person who broke up Wham! AG)

4. I missed the hair poll! I know it's over but I wanna vote anyway...I

personally like it not as long as "Everything She Wants" but not quiteas short as Faith (with subtle higlights). I think it brings out his eyes.

(Is it just my imagination, but is he back to dying the new do jet black? I picked up the latest Rolling Stone today having read on here that George was in it--the article on 0}+> is pretty good too!--and his hair was the same colour as his suit. But I think I recall in the interview it was lighter, so it could have just been the lighting. AG)

I also adored the two hoops. He and Andy got ragged for but its such a fad now for guys to have two rings. I'm not saying they did it first but they kinda started something doncha think? :)

(I think so too. AG)

5. I'm totally floored by the F symbol!! You learn something new everyday! Or at least that's what they say...:) Does anyone have a complete listing of the characters and/or symbols that can be created this way, I'd luv to have it.

(My computer has a special Character Map window that gives all the symbols. One more for you: the f is created by pressing the ALT key and then typing ON THE NUMBER PAD 0230. AG)

I'm not a computer buff but I work for an ISP and I work on computers/ the net everyday at work and when I'm not busy I catch up on my Yogmail! At least NOW I do!:) I'll let you guys know when I'm all caught up. And if any of my questions are not answered in the archives I'll be sure to ask my fellow Yog luvers!:) Just didn't want you guys to think I was a nubbie(even though I kinda am). I think I'm gonna be broke for a long time...buying bootleg(he he he :))That's it for now guys. It's 25 minutes past my cut off time and I'm outta look for some "Fast Love" of course.....:) know that I'm not serious when I say that...

(Ask anytime, there are heaps of us with noggins full of George trivia. AG) ********************************** (Nancy) writes:
Hi Amanda:

Here's a posting for Yogmail:

I have been promised a copy of the Radio One concert to air next month. If anyone is interested, please write.

(OK, this is what we need, fans sharing with one another, this is the point of YM. AG)
********************************** writes:
Hi Amanda,

Just a bit more interesting GM news that fans may (or may not) want to know.

(The Big Issue article which Aidan submitted first follows, but this was from a newsgroup so there was more. AG)

Tonight, the editor-in-chief of The Big Issue, John Bird, claimed The Sun had "stolen" the magazine's interview with Michael. Mr Bird said the 33-year-old pop idol had chosen to break a long media silence to talk only to The Big Issue, which is sold by the homeless to raise money for themselves and others in a similar plight. He said the interview was more than 2,200 words and added: "We did not concentrate on his sexuality." A spokesman for The Sun said: "We did not obtain the interview by dishonest means. "We reprinted extracts from it which we considered to be of interest to a wider audience, as we would with any such material. "We also gave considerable credit to The Big Issue, leaving no one in any doubt whatsoever that it was their interview and a great scoop. "As we said in The Sun this morning, The Sun will be making a large donation to The Big Issue." :: Big Issue vendors will be selling the magazine on Monday. pa NEWS

(Sleazy tactics by the UK press? NO?? AG)
********************************** (Nancy) writes:
Here's my weekly ad for the special items for sale:

* Careless Whisper, I'm Your Man, Freedom (84), and Bad Boys pictures discs

* Faith tour programs, and Elizabeth Taylor Aids benefit concert programs (contains George)

* Jesus To A Child 2 track US promo CD with embossed black slip cover

* Older Special Presentation Promo Box Set, Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me Promo Box Set

* One More Try limited edition picture disc CD

* Older promotional 8 X 10 photos

* George puzzle, assortment of backstage passes, postcards, buttons

For more information, please write to Nancy at
OLDERFAITH (BMW Babe) writes:
I recently acquired a genuine GM autograph on his Faith poster. Unfortunately, it was through a purchase and not in person. That's ok. Hopefully, his fingerprints are on it.
********************************** (Jen) writes:
Hi, Amanda!!!
I'm in major crisis here. I keep trying to get to the Different Corner Page, and my computer keeps telling me that it is unable to locate the server. I have no idea what this means. Please don't tell me the page has been discontinued! This has happened for the last 3 days. I know this isn't your thing, but do you know what is going on?

(I tried to connect right after I got this note, and it didn't work. I even tried to connect from a link page, and it didn't work either. But I'm on AOL, and have had a lot of WEB problems lately. Regrettably, this is the only GM WEBmaster who's not on YOGMAIL, so I can't think of anything. Anyone else?

Also, I want to say that I really like getting Yogmail. Thanks so much for going to the trouble.

(A girl needs a hobby. AG)

I have been a fan for 12 years and it really makes me feel good to know that there are others who are, too. My friends and even my husband think I am insane to even listen to George, but I don't let it stop me. I don't understand what it is about George that people don't like. In my opinion, he has no equal. Who else puts their heart and soul into the songs and the way they are sung like he does? I don't know of anyone else, or I would listen to them as much. Stuff on the radio anymore is just a bunch of commercialized copycats with not enough spontanaity. What I love about hearing a cover by GM is that you can not sing along with it the first time. He changes it, not by changing the music or the words, but by singing it with his own style. Don't Let the Sun... is a perfect example of this. I can't wait to hear "I Can't Make You Love Me". Anyway, ta ta for now.

(I have to admit that I do think 0}+> does come pretty close. AG)
********************************** (Marek Unt) writes:
I'm a 15 year old guy from Estonia. I'd like to know about George's fanclubs in Europe if you have some information, 'cause we don't have a local funclub around here (perhaps I'll just have to make one).

(I don't know of any. There are no official clubs ANYWHERE! We could start up a few though. AG)

Also I'd like to know about the Older tour - what countries in Northern Europe are included and when does the tour start? I'm bothering you beacuse I didn't know where to ask. I hope that you don't mind me asking and that you have the answers for my question.

(Nothing official as yet. AG)

PS When does the MTV European Music Awards gala take place? I don't have MTV and I'll probably have to ask my friend to record it.

(Takes place on November 14th in London. Europe air time? Not sure, check local listings. AG)

Best wishes from the east side of Europe.
********************************** (Maurizio) writes:
I can't wait for the next time to see to sing you on stage in Milan. Do you remember your last show here? It was fantastic. When is that you come in Italy for the tour? We have waited six years for your album, now I don't want to wait as many years to see you live. A regard from one Italian fan of yours.

********************************** (Debbie) writes:

Just a comment on those subscribers who found Yogmail to contain "irrelevant stuff" -- Boo Hiss. Personally, I find your ramblings to be the heart and soul of Yogmail and look forward to each and every one!! Ramble on, girl!!

(And so I shall, thanks for your support Debbie!!! AG)

You mentioned that you know of a store with 2 copies of the Oct. issue of Q Magazine -- PLEASE, please tell me where!!! I'll be your best friend !!

(It's a local store here in Hamilton. Send me $11--for mag and postage and you've got it. Same offer to Kinga. BUT DO IT SOON. AG)

Lastly, I would, once again, like to say how much I appreciate your dedication to Yogmail. I've never seen a newsletter as well put together and informative as yours. Many kudos to you on your efforts. I sympathize with you re: lack of sleep, as a new mom -- I can relate and Yogmail is like your baby. Keep up the great work. (by the way, I want to send you some $$ to help ease your workload but I didn't know if US$ currency was OK - I live in NY. Please advise).

(YM is indeed a lot like a baby. Interesting analogy. US money is fine, a quick trip to the bank gets me Canuck bucks. AG)

Your pal and fellow GM admirer (OK -- I admit it, fanatic!)
********************************** (Bahar Zaker) writes:
hi to amanda and all the other yoggers out there!

first of all, thank you amanda, for doing an amazing job with this list.

(You're welcome as always. AG)

and second of all thanks to all the fans who post all the information.

(Pat yourselves on the back gang! AG)

before internet, i used to get so frustrated knowing there's gm things

happening everywhere in the world without my knowledge! now, all the people from all the countries can share information.

(The heart and soul of the YM family. AG)

i have a question. i have a tape of the melvyn bragg south bank show but i know it's edited from the origingal thing, so what are we american video consumers missing? also, there's an old article about the interview entitled "pass the pims george" about how george michael aspires to lounge lizardom but could never beat bryan ferry...first of all, what is a pim, and do you think george is really aspiring to lounge lizarddom secretely? (move on...) sorry to ramble, but again, thanks a lot for yogmail!

(I think a part of him may want to play Vegas--I mean check out the STW vid. OOPS, I guess most of America can't do that... AG)

cheers, bahar
********************************** writes:

I posted on AOL that I should be getting a copy of the Big Issue with the GM interview. If anyone wants me to make them a copy it shouldn' t cost much. Just a dollar or two for postage and cost of copies. But if anyone wants one email me, or just send me your address and money and I'll get it to you as soon as possible.

Adrianna Rangel
8041 Orange Street
Downey, CA 90242

I'm also going to be making portfollios of past and present GM articles. As many as I could include. Pictures, interviews....etc.etc. If you want to contribute articles or pics I would appreciate it. You could send them to the address above. Don't worry you'll get them back if you want them. Just drop me an email and we will work out the details. I'll also take any Gifs. Bitmaps. or Jpegs. Hopefully it wont cost much to do. That way all you yog fans could get one. I'll have to figure out the price. I'm sure it wont be to much. I'm thinking $10 at the most. So far I've got over a hundred things to go in it. Including George and Andy in drag. Those who contribute get a discount. Amanda...yours will be free of course. Donations would be greatly appreciated and helpful. (hint hint :) ) They would also lower the cost.

(Sounds great and thanks! AG)

If you have any questions or ideas feel free to tell me. I wont be able to get back to you too soon. I'll be in Palm Springs for the week.

********************************** (Frank Reyes) writes:

(Who has 2 VCR's? I'm looking for an original right off TV for best quality--so I can tend to some of the dubbing for my fellow Canucks. AG)


(He does indeed, and not overly impressed either. Rob looks a bit stoned though. AG)


(How much is enough? OK, so that's not overly original, but I am listening to Star People, so it's to be expected. AG)
To Wrap it Up:

Feeling pretty confident that the Big Issue would generate a hell of a lot of postings I had to get caught up. SO LET'S HERE IT PEOPLE!!!!!

Listen without prejudice...(or at least try to...)


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